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  1. I am happy Bowen finally wised up and stopped pulling Novil on 3rd down like he did the first four games.
  2. This is exciting! Coach Mac is making it happen all around!
  3. This was one of the greatest sporting events I have ever been to, it was phenomenal! The place was loud and the quality of basketball and effort by both teams were top notch!
  4. I thought the students that were there were organized, loud, and into the game. As long as more continue to show up each game, we will continue to improve attendance. We all know Benford killed attendance and that is not going to reverse itself quickly, but we are on the right track. I attended 0 games during the Benford debacle, but have been to about 10 games over the last two years. I will be there today and the last two games.
  5. I was contacted Friday by the ticket office saying they will be offering a four pack for the last four games. I plan on bringing the whole family and maybe two more to all the games which is tough for me on the weekday games with a 5 and 7 year old.
  6. Western Kentucky last year was packed. Over 8k.
  7. His house is in Northwest ISD, I live in the other side of the neighborhood in Argyle ISD. Houses on this side are higher, but still low for Argyle. Most of the houses are substantially higher in the rest of Argyle that they are here.
  8. His tape looks really good and his body is FBS ready.
  9. They live in my neighborhood in Argyle, maybe she was just visiting Washington, but they do live in Argyle. I cannot confirm if they rent or own.
  10. If they are going to play two deep with straight up man underneath, you need to run shallow crossing routes. We ran zero of those.
  11. Every time they don’t catch it it’s pass interference on us.
  12. Really pathetic, 21 yard bubble screen on 3rd and 20 and then Harvey is toast again.
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