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  1. I said this last week but why don’t we give the QB a couple of easy throws to start the game. Just like SMU did to start the game.
  2. I thought the team played fine, but there were a ton of game day issues last night. PA system didn’t work on starting lineup introductions. Announcer was subpar - did not do first down call we are all accustomed to. Stats on the small scoreboard were not updated after the first quarter. All individual stats had our player names as #asdf. How can this not be tested prior to the game? Trash cans were never emptied and were all overflowing at the end of the game. Trash was stacked outside of the trash cans. We can and should do better.
  3. I wish our offense would start the game and give the QB a couple of easy throws to start the game. A swing pass, bubble screen, etc., get the QB a couple of easy completions to get some rhythm.
  4. You were right, that did enrage me...
  5. Watching Zach getting manhandled by a freshman is disheartening.
  6. Rubin Jones is a stud. I love the way he handles and passes the ball.
  7. Because UTSA is not a good or even decent team. This is how you get stuck with a 15 seed even if we win the conference.
  8. What an embarrassment
  9. The fact is we just aren’t very good.
  10. I was screaming to fire him from the club level at the SMU game. He is the worst.
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