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  1. I was called an asshole when I lost it at the UAB game. Luckily, I was on vacation for the Marshall game.
  2. Drez was awesome for us, I’m happy to have had the privilege to watch him play.
  3. The first 12 are alphabetical for high majors then 13-44 are alphabetical for mid-majors. I assumed SMU would be listed above Duke, but I guess not everyone agrees.
  4. I’m not saying don’t entertain it, but if he does not go to SMU now the perception will be that he said, “thanks, but no thanks”, despite the chance to triple his salary. That is a terrible look for SMU. If he does leave, for a lateral (at best) job in every facet except for pay, that would be a bad look for UNT.
  5. It’s a bad look for us if he leaves for SMU, and a terrible look for them if he stays.
  6. One of his best assets was his ability to be coached.
  7. He’s on the bench did not start and Stone has seen the floor before him.
  8. We need to schedule as many quad one games in non-conference as possible.
  9. They at least have a 34 NET, 18-13 Rutgers with a 77 NET should never have even been a bubble team.
  10. I just don’t even understand how Rutgers is in the conversation with a NET of 77.
  11. I can’t take this intensity!
  12. Drez has not had a good game today. Now we have to win the conference tournament, there is no chance at an at-large bid now.
  13. Bell is 0-6 on free throws unreal!
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