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  1. Watching Zach getting manhandled by a freshman is disheartening.
  2. Rubin Jones is a stud. I love the way he handles and passes the ball.
  3. Because UTSA is not a good or even decent team. This is how you get stuck with a 15 seed even if we win the conference.
  4. What an embarrassment
  5. The fact is we just aren’t very good.
  6. I was screaming to fire him from the club level at the SMU game. He is the worst.
  7. Our defensive alignment is terrible. Every single time there is a huge run you can just see it. We line three guys over two on the weak side and they run away from that and gash us every time. Every team, every week, every time.
  8. I was surprised to see him be the primary ball handler when Hamlet was out of the game on Tuesday. His ball handling and passing were incredible and it looks like he will excel in that role.
  9. This is another very poor showing so far.
  10. I tried that and it wasn’t working out for me so I switched to the ESPN TV app.
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