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  1. I think we underestimate the quality of the guys Mac is bringing in this year. Jayden Martinez is a stud and a lights out shooter. That will open things up in the middle. Nobody was guarding TBIII on the perimeter last year. Eady is a long, athletic guard than can shoot the three too. Adding another legit big man to backup Abou will serve us well. Overall, this team is bigger, longer and has better shooters.
  2. I just looked and there are about 1,800 tickets left excluding general admission and students. I will go with 27,500.
  3. That was the most North Texas play I have ever seen!
  4. They explained what this is - it is Hardison, but every game since 2019 someone wears the Laufenburg jersey - he died of cancer.
  5. This is good news! I still go there for my gear when I can!
  6. I bought one, maybe I can get a refund…
  7. I’m very excited about the Martinez and Eady signings. Martinez has been an all-conference player and is an excellent three point shooter. He will garner much more attention on the outside than Bell and that should open up Abou. Eady is a great defensive player with good size for a guard at 6’5” and also an excellent three point shooter. Sissoko should be a good backup for Abou ensuring that we can have a big in at all-times if we want. Interested to see who we get with the last scholarship. Hoping for a guard that can drive and finish.
  8. I was called an asshole when I lost it at the UAB game. Luckily, I was on vacation for the Marshall game.
  9. Drez was awesome for us, I’m happy to have had the privilege to watch him play.
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