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No more heckling


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If the students let 10 measly rows stand in the way of a good heckle, then I don't know what to say. I hope they make those 240 seats the visitor section.

Many enter, few leave.

It's not ten rows, only five. the first five rows out of twenty-three in a section.



240 seats doesn't change a thing.

Id also wager the rule is loosely enforced.

The rule was loosely enforced last year, but then Middle Tennessee and Rice heavily complained to the CUSA front office of the students' participation in our games with them and now you have this.

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Heckling became too much for me to hear from the other side. There is a big difference to cheering very loud than being obnoxious using vulgar language. I do not see the appeal. Get loud but had a bit of class even if you are a student.

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this is the most unenforcable rule ever..

what's the worst that can happen?

'hey, you! sitting behind the opposing bench... are you a student???'

'.... uhhhh... no?'

'ok, nevermind, enjoy teh game'

The OP Article:

The compromise to which C-USA agreed prohibits student seating from an area between the 35-yard lines and in the first five rows behind the visitors' bench. This will consume approximately 240 seats at Apogee Stadium, which North Texas will designate as reserved seating for purchase by young alumni (those who graduated from North Texas in the past five years). The area will include chair-back seating and will be ushered by stadium staff.

"Do you have a ticket for this section?"


"These are ticketed seats, you can't sit here, but you can sit over there."

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