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  1. From what I observed in my travels with the team, southern schools (Alabama, LSU, Troy, LaTech, USM, Lafayette and even Monroe) do Homecoming right. UNT??? I guess I was as confused as the most of the "court" was....
  2. BTW...these athletes are athletic football players.
  3. Resident Expert asks this; are they football players running track or track athletes playing football? Unless they are freaks (Herschel Walker / Bo Jackson, NCAA sprint champions ) or a legit Olympic athlete (Michael Carter/ Bob Hayes), track is not the best use of time to develop football "skills" nor vice versa. Not saying that track skills don't help football or football training doesn't help with track. But which sport do you want to be the best in and how do you want to spend the time preparing to achieve success? Resident Expert participated in the State Track Meet three straight years. Never heard track mentioned the whole time he was at Denton.
  4. The last bowl championship seniors were all Dodge boys and Chico coached..
  5. He would have been a DE at ULM if he had stayed with his initial commitment.
  6. Tailgating.... Not important! Ball game.. Important! It's that simple!
  7. If she is dedicated to craft the sky is the limit for a female official in any sport. They are desperately trying to be inclusive. One of the last great bastions of the "boys club".
  8. It is pretty consistent. It is very situational though: They are not going to let a blatant defensive off-sides go on an extra point or a field goal. Defender blocks the kicks and the sh8t show starts. They kill it before it gets started. The defender jumps and induces the nearest o-lineman to react, they will kill it. The defender has a clean shot to the QB, they will kill it. The defender jumps, offense does not react, defender tries to get back and is caught by the snap in the neutral zone, there is you free play. This is 95% of the time in the interior of the line.
  9. FYI Southern Miss lost to Monroe at Home....................
  10. Shouldn't have been that close at the end. 21-3 at one point. Put the foot on the throat and press hard. Turn overs and a missed field goal at the end of the first half killed it.
  11. They are Klobasnik. Kolache are the fruit pastries. Raised in Cameron, Texas. Yak se mas!
  12. But I don't like the possibility of there being another "Alabama"; Not even winning their Division and yet played for and won a NC. Makes any type of division/conference champion irrelevant. "At large" should at least be a Division champion. Granted, a one loss second place finisher in the SEC West would be a Conference Champion in most other P5 Conferences.
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