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  1. Trying to scout out Seth’s next big transfer portal acquisitions?
  2. The athletic department can celebrate all the consecutive CUSA wins they want to. But we are 0-2 vs AAC teams this year. And I don’t want to go back in time counting how many consecutive losses we have against them. But I’m sure it’s quite a few.
  3. One. One big, giant, dominating bowl win. And even then, this is probably still my reaction…
  4. As my wife likes to remind me... it's not how you start, it's how you finish.
  5. For a team that prefers the run as much as Seth does, this is not a good thing. Means you're spending a lot of time behind on the scoreboard.
  6. Does anyone feel bad for Wren? I mean, he’s in a tough position. We aren’t a university with lots of big donors. So he has to preserve the relationships with the few we have. And he was handed a head football coach who was a friend of one of those few big donors we have. He has to be very careful how he handles the situation. He’s done such a good job with the other sports so I’d like to believe that he can do the same with football. I just don’t envy the position he’s in right now. It can’t be easy.
  7. 12.5? How can I bet my house on this? Easy money!!
  8. Blue guys - A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Green guys with the old guy in Baylor yellow on the sidelines - A little.
  9. I’m sure they would. Hell, if I do it, I’ll bring enough to hand out to anyone who wants to join me. 😂
  10. No need to click. Has us ranked at 108 of 131.
  11. I would have told them that the person that complained can come address it with me themselves. Event staff didn’t need to intervene in anything that didn’t effect the safety and security of anyone in the stadium.
  12. I’d do that. I’d also pitch in some money to fly another banner over the stadium if this doesn’t come to fruition.
  13. I might have a plan to fix this…. I want to put a shock collar on Seth. And every time he makes a boneheaded play call or fails to call a timeout and manage the clock, I get to shock him! On second thought, let’s not do this. Seth would probably die with all the stupid calls and game mismanagement decisions.
  14. I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching a game or two with a paper bag on my head by the end of the season.
  15. Correction: it was a fun 3 years. And it was fun upsetting UTSA last year. The rest of it has sucked big donkey balls.
  16. 1st road game for me outside of the DFW area and bowl games. Loved the experience at the tailgate! Has us already talking about the possibility of going to more road games in the future.
  17. I’m 100% convinced we need to hire a hype man for all the on the field games and stuff. That guy was fun to watch!
  18. He is so damn committed to the first down run it’s frustrating. End of the first half, we’re on the goal line, no timeouts, 17 seconds left and ticking, team is trying to hurry to the line to get lined up and what does he do? Clock the ball and think for a minute to call a decent play? Nope! Why the hell would he do that? It’s first down, he’s going to run the damn ball. Nothing else matters except run the ball on first down. These are the reasons he will never be a P5 head coach. He doesn’t adapt to the situation.
  19. Since he hasn’t teed it high and let it fly in several years, I thought I’d go ahead and help finish this sentence.
  20. Pedestrian QB play can still win bowl games. 🤷‍♂️
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