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    Boils down to 2 choices: Want easy road trips or want to be in a conference that has a higher national profile?
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    Can someone tell Sean Salisbury that he ain’t that great.
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    battle flag will look awful on tv/internet games. Look at the crap Colorado St, Oregon, and some other schools that have super colorful or super busy floors...it is terrible.
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    Diving Eagle. I love the Battle Flag, but not as the whole court.
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    I think he is referencing FCS. I can't really think of any other conference lower than AAC!
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    I was speaking with UTSA womens bball coaches yesterday and it sounds like it's about to break ground. For the record, yes I'm viewing gomeangreen.com while sitting at a bball camp at UTSA.
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    6'1" 305 lbs. 3 star, .8000 by 247; no composite rating at this time. Also holds offers from Jacksonville, Morgan State, New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming and UTEP https://247sports.com/player/nofoafia-tulafono-46055084/
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    Being from CA, maybe since there is a Southern Cal he thought we were Northern Tex.
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    Your 2020 TE Commit is up for Preseason TE player of the year and needs The Mean Green Family’s support. Please vote in the link below. https://www.vype.com/freddys-poll-vype-houston-preseason-tight-end-of-the-year
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    Just picked up my 2019 edition of DCTF. Thought I’d start a thread where folks could share their thoughts on this year’s offering. One of the greatest things I noticed was that while they list NORTH TEXAS AT SOUTHERN MISS as UNT’s Game of the Year, they list SMU’s Game of the Year as SMU VS. NORTH TEXAS. Greatness.
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    The metroplex is one of the largest ACU alum areas. I am not sure what our new AD has cooked up, but we tend to get excited about major sports events there. I don't know if we will meet or exceed 1600 or not, but I hope so. I hope we can help make it a great evening of football for everyone involved. I like the idea that it will be two great Texas teams going head to head, can't wait.
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    I tried telling yall.
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    I think it’s safe to say he’s gonna stick around:
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    I wish the AAC would invite Liberty. That would be awesome to see UH stuck playing spares like Liberty and SMU in conference games. Trade UConn for Liberty...that would be perfect for y’all.
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    What they should've done is offer "priority votes" for season ticket commitments (new and existing deposits). I imagine it would drive some measure of additional support. I love the Battle Flag as much as the next guy and think all are entitled to their opinion, so no shots fired here at those who like the design but... I'm a traditionalist, find FIU's beach-themed court off-putting, and wouldn't want to join them by painting the BF on the court in Denton.
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    SOW over Texas for me. Rick
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    While I do like that McConnell tower green light graphic, it's gotta be the battle flag, no?
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    I chose the diving eagle with the Texas outline. Light the tower doesn’t excite me, most people wouldn’t understand it and frankly it’s kinda hard to tell that is what is happening from the design. I love the battle flag but maybe it’s just that picture but I don’t think it looks good on the court design. Plus the diving eagle over Texas is basically a match to the new football turf from last year. Will be interesting to see what wins!
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    I like the diving eagle. I like to create brand name and having basketball court match football looks great. Also think it will look best on TV. If I could design, I would do Diving Eagle, but put the battle flag in the paint on each end.
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    Easy choice. It is all perception, if MWC comes calling, we go.
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    If I had my choice between the AAC and MWC. Of course I would take the AAC. But that wasn’t the topic of this thread. The two choices are choosing between MWC (higher profile) and CUSA (easy road trips)
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    Both and the MWC ain't it! Just say no to the Mountain West! AAC would do the job.
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    Nobody leaves GOMEANGREEN.com alive !
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    Saw it in writing a year or so ago. I didn't make it up, just threw it out as a reason Arkansas State would probably prefer to move east if given a choice.However, it sure hurt U of A's recruiting in Texas when they joined SEC.Out of site, out of mind.
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    FYI-That’s his High School jersey number only. He knows he’ll have an 80’s number. 😂
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    It let me vote 37 times before I had to take a break. Damned water pills.
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    He is the same moron that was protesting "oppression" while wearing a shirt with Fidel Castro on the front.
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    Glad to see the adjustment but last year's approach made sense at the time too... Coming off the CBI Championship, continuity of rotations and familiarity of roles gave our squad a leg up on others early in the year and the 16-1 start proved it to be the correct call. Unfortunately, once the depth was tested by injury and conference play brought on foes with deeper knowledge of tendencies, we weren't successful in adjusting. Challenging the players to stretch their skill sets early in camp and in non-conference play may cost us such a notable early season record but will hopefully prove to provide greater versatility as a team when we face off against the rest of CUSA.
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    I would have offered to paint my coach’s house and wash & wax his truck for 6 months if he could have found us some shade to practice in,....especially in the summer of 1980. Rick
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    Big advantage we have over all these schools and others is LAND & Location! All athletic facilities in one location and exposure to the 35s can’t be beat!
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    I don't even know what to say. I can't argue with get off my lawn guy. Did you really just bring up carpel tunnel, a sedentary lifestyle, use the word "chores" for college students, mention the desensitizing of violence and then claim since it's not sports to you it doesn't deserve scholarship money? That is a freaking home run of a post...
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    It goes to show the offensive shift from Harrell to Reeder, as well as bringing in Mayes. TE doesn't seem to be an afterthought anymore, and given Littrell's experience coaching tight ends, it's surprising it took this long.
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    Orrr..... its a billion dollar business which actually pays money to its top players, who can have a career in it, and who can be ambassadors for the university post-graduation. To your graphic violence point... they can always just play NBA 2k. . Look at what the Mavs esports team has. Also, carpal tunnel can be developed from any job with overexertion on the keypad, not just video games. And its not just video games that cause a sedentary lifestyle.... give me a break. Kudos to UNT for getting out in front of a growing trend. In case you dont realize how big Esports is... Arlington literally built a stadium dedicated to esports
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    The E sports is projected to top $1 billion this year guys. This is a shrewd move by the university. But I know the bulk of this forum is made up of the boomers who don't like facts so carry on...
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    That prediction came before the Washington State offer. We shall see. I think we are still the favorite. But it has gave him some stuff to think about
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    Had in Shorter, White and Darden. This is a P5 WR core
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    probably kept you from that NBA dream.
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    Ok I’ll give you five. 1. Video gaming can be addictive and becomes excessive. That excessiveness promotes an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. 2. Not all, but many promote graphic violence and minimizes everything related to that violence. 3. It’s excessiveness can lead to arthritic or carpel tunnel type conditions much like over exertion with key padding, typing..etc 4. It’s excessiveness detracts kids from their more important responsibilities.....like school work and chores. 5. And last but not least...iT’S NOT SPORTS. Rick
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    Yet we can't have a baseball program. Love the CWS. I am relegated to watching Denton's own Tim Tadlock lead Tx Tech back to Omaha. The only Red Raider team I will follow. It would be nice to have a North Texas team to follow, but let's fund scholarships for computer games.
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    The Battle Flag is the best design and it’s not really close.
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    Battle flag all the way. It’ll be very popular on social media, and we’ll be the first Texas school to incorporate the flag into the court design. If you want attention from Texans, put the flag on it. It’s pandering, but it’ll get a lot of attention. Light the tower is a cool tradition, but every single school has a building that looks almost identical to McConnell. It’s not that special.
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    Nah. I'm glad Nike has taught me that the US flag is a symbol of racism and oppression. Just like I was so happy that Gillette taught me that assaulting women was wrong. What would we do without our corporate betters?

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