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    60. NORTH TEXAS QB MASON FINE Fine is a natural thrower who put up eye-popping numbers his last two seasons—4,052 yards and 31 touchdowns in 2017 and 3,793 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2018—in Graham Harrell’s air-raid offense. Harrell is off to run the offense at USC, so there will be some uncertainty when Fine takes the field this season. Still, don’t be surprised if Fine and North Texas’s offense light it up in Conference USA once again. Link: https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/07/09/player-rankings-top-100-shea-patterson-khalil-tate
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    Man, that is one deeeep backfield. I don't know much about Addaway or Siggers yet, but I expect any of those guys would be a legit C-USA #2 back.
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    Why not a bit of columns A, B, and C?
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    Find it ironic that the sammy house became the christian center
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    He saved us last year. Hope he can do it again and we get him some help. When we can run it, it opens up everything else. He makes a difference.
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    LOL - That's too funny. I'm imagining our marketing gurus pitching products emblazoned with "the Son of Worm" on them. "Diving Eagle" is what the university has officially called it for at least several years now. Of course, we're going to keep calling it SOW anyway.
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    *Jester Hall , 1.5 years on the dark side in Austin *Semi-enlightened with the transfer to NTSU, Crumley Hall with two of the most bizarre roomies over two semesters *The IOOF cemetery hugging Gazebo apartments (photo attached), with the best roommate ever, Eric Gay, now AP bureau photographer covering South Texas and the world, on request. Met that guy while beer-tending at the RBL. Later he met his future wife -and introduced me to her roommate, my future wife. Collectively, we have been married 64 years and have four kids. One is as passionate of a Mean Green fan as I.
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    I don’t know how to attach a link, but they have him at #60 out of 100 top players with a picture. So cool!!
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    Will never forget Easly run over the Ark DB! One of my favorite memories! GMG
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    Two years in West Dorm when it was bright, shiny, new, and a long walk to the rest of the NTSC campus. A while at some apartments called University City then the Phi Kap house on Scripture Street. I then got married and we lived in some less expensive (some would say "cheap") apartments throughout Denton. Our first was on Welch Street in a place that should have been condemned and demolished years before we lived there. Once the new Mrs. Huff saw the size of the cockroaches there she "strongly suggested" that we find another place ASAP. No Roach did not touch those things and I am not sure that napalm would have done the trick, either. Mrs. Huff had lived in Marquis Hall prior to our marriage and I suspect she tried to work a deal to go back there after she saw the size of those cockroaches. Fortunately (for me) that was not an option.
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    Pictures do not do justice to the size of this building. It really is massive. The view from the 35's is going to be awesome.
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    I thought "SOW" was a GMG.com thing. I don't think I've ever heard anyone from the Athletic Department (RV's tenure, or WB's tenure) call that logo the "SOW", or "Son Of Worm".
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    Update: It's not completed. 🙂
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    Also, I think #60 is too low of a ranking, imo.
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    I normally love the battle flag design. But, I think it is too big and would look washed out on TV and in the stands. Personally, I would love to see the battle flag incorporated as a smaller feature in one of the existing designs. Maybe something like this: With a design like this, on TV the battle flag would really stand out because most of the action centers around the key. Just MHO.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/things-north-texas-fans-should-know-about-deandre-torrey/article_41695299-9757-5f25-9288-c89c4b1e674b.html
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    Addaway is a real Wild Card in the backfield as of now. He got here over the semester break, so he was here for Spring Practice, which is huge. This puts him ahead of any of the other incoming Freshmen. Plus, he already looks bigger than any of our other RBs, including Easley. (L-R: Addaway, Torrey, Easley, Johnson, Wyche, Smith, Siggers) Addaway is definitely a candidate for breakout Freshman.
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    @letsgiveacheer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dika_Newlin What an incredible read.
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    None of that surprises me. In your description you left out her Jerry Lewis haircut. When I saw her I remember thinking "did this person get lost on her way to the school of art? Which was the only other department that was regarded as stranger than the school of music She took odd to another level......even for the school of Music,
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    I feel like Torrey unfairly caught some criticism on our short yardage failures (and there were some critical ones that cost us games) last season. I look forward to seeing how Reeder will use him. He likes to run the ball (as does Littrell) The short yardage problems can be fixed with creative play calling....
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    Torrey has earned the starting nod, but just about every back is going to see lots of action. If Easly is back to where he was before his injury, he will be next in line. But the real story will be our being able to truly customize our running game to any opponent and any situation during a game.
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    This is your 3rd post in the thread, so... YGAF
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    LaColina Apartments on Teasley @ I35 Then I lived in a house down the road a bit from the TWU golf course. There were (and maybe still are) train tracks about 75 yards from my bedroom window so the first night there I was awakened by what I was sure was a train derailing and coming through my bedroom😁
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    Sig Ep house for two years when it was located where “Clark Park” is currently. Great location and had our own dirt parking lot. House for last year away from campus and all the fun but needed to study and slow down.
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    “Graham Harrell’s Air Raid”??
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    Boils down to 2 choices: Want easy road trips or want to be in a conference that has a higher national profile?
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    Freshmen: Clark Sophomore: Fraternity house - @Jason Howeth our first place was something wasn't it? Junior year 1st semester- american university Junior year second semester- university courtyards with some interesting people Senior year- University courtyards
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    Remember going to an astronomy lab and it was up in flames. That was the time that it was the delta lodge...fire was either fall of 95 or spring of 96
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    Spent my first two years at home going to TCC and lived in Clark the whole time I was at UNT.
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    Slightly OT, but UTEP has some really nice bball facilities.
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    First 2 years in west hall La colina Woodhill
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    Crumley Hall. Then, parents purchased a cheap condo near school (3 of us kids attended UNT). They rented the place out for a few years after and then sold it.
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    Going to step on some toes, but the "light the tower" is so "UTish".
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    Yeah that's just you buddy. Son of Worm refers to the previous logo, and considering brands don't like to host many Throw Back Thursdays, they're not going to reference an old, outdated logo. Granted, I think the old logo is legit as a throwback, but nobody asked me.
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    Bussey for sure, if he wasn't in Fine's shadow. Hamilton probably would have been my choice on the defensive side. Maybe he deferred? He seems like a quiet/reserved guy whenever I've seen him off the field.
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    Thats a bummer... I know its hard to stick to time tables, but was really hoping itd be done for the guys to use most of the season.
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    The MWC could help North Texas in so many ways. It might also help us get that mythical baseball team.
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    Freshman year : Lived at 315 Sycamore. Was simply known at the time as "the purple house". Last time I drove by it was a home business called Juliettes Jewels. She let me walk around and reminisce for a bit.. Great memories there. Next place was WestWind apartments over near Sam Bass and 35, nothing special beyond launching eggs off he balconies. The rest of time was in a small ranch house off Teasley Ln. I believe it was called Sundown Ranch. Fond memories of blowing up those giant Sysco supply cans of Nacho cheese, and ranch style beans.
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    I bet they care what the average consumer thinks... to an extent. But yeah, you're right about the extent of these boycotts' impact. These high-profile companies will make decisions that piss off some on one side, and excite those on the other. In the end, the uproar has little-to-no effect on their bottom line. I've seen a whole bunch of pissed-off people on social media just today threatening to 'boycott' Home Depot because one of their founders was found to contribute heavily to Trump. That will likely cause others to shop there even more, and neither group will have much of an affect on their bottom line. These "boycotts" look really good to the people you're trying to impress on social media, whoever they are. And some people REALLY prioritize that (what others think of them) over the simple/important things in life, sadly. So, carry on <xyz> product martyrs of the World! Your applause on social media will always be short-lived, and you'll have no impact on anything in the grand scheme... meanwhile, life is passing you by. EDIT: grammar mistakes.
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    I was thinking the same thing. I'd say he has. And again, he was just the guy holding the camera (as far was we know). Even so, it's interesting to select someone who was tied up in that as a representation of the team.
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    North Texas - Boy do they ever! MTSU - Planned/in the works WKU - Planned but then backed off of it - https://www.bgdailynews.com/news/sports-medicine-complex-plan-stalls-bid-process-ends/article_008c30d6-eb41-5fda-88d9-aa0367fdd0b0.html Marshall - Completed UAB - Completed Covered Facility Only Charlotte - Nothing Southern Miss - Nothing FAU - Planned athletic complex FIU - Nothing Rice - Yes bubble La Tech - Nothing UTEP - Not a damn thing UTSA - Planning stages
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    battle flag will look awful on tv/internet games. Look at the crap Colorado St, Oregon, and some other schools that have super colorful or super busy floors...it is terrible.
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    Diving Eagle. I love the Battle Flag, but not as the whole court.
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    I was speaking with UTSA womens bball coaches yesterday and it sounds like it's about to break ground. For the record, yes I'm viewing gomeangreen.com while sitting at a bball camp at UTSA.
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    Being from CA, maybe since there is a Southern Cal he thought we were Northern Tex.

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