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  1. American_Patriot

    Congrats Guys

    Congratulations guys for a great achievement! Football is a team sport that requires talent at all positions and this accomplishment exhibits that. Job well done!
  2. American_Patriot

    Great accomplishment! 1k

    #8 has done a amazing job this season. Kid is also ranked with receiving TD’s. Give this kid some press Mean Green!
  3. American_Patriot

    ***Official UNT vs. UTSA Game Thread***

    Great win! I notice the offense was a lot different without Rico...
  4. American_Patriot


    That is very true. I’ve watch play calling where he should of went to the outside, but check down to a high percentage pass. Play calling is an issue, but the QB has to know his players and exploit there talent.
  5. American_Patriot


    QB needs to get them the ball... throw them open and not wait for a high percentage pass every time.
  6. American_Patriot

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Probably need to tone down the QB hYpe! He is not delivering to his receivers. This was a horrible defense!!! Outside guys had one on one coverage and the QB check down to the running back. Smh!
  7. American_Patriot


    All I know is the Receiving Corp is not being utilized. This is the distinguishing factor between Winning and losing! Personally I think the QB hYpe needs to calm down... because it’s his receivers that got him there. He is surrounded by some of the best in the nation... why not use them.
  8. American_Patriot


    This game was lost due to not effectively using the threats on the team. The run game became the focus and the QB was checking down before receivers even completey there routes. This is not a running team! This team has/ is and will be successful when they stick to passing.
  9. American_Patriot

    Second Half Sucks

    First half QB passed the ball... second Half run first pass second.
  10. American_Patriot

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. Old Dominion Game Thread***

    Not playing loose, but running the ball the first and second down and then looking for the pass...
  11. American_Patriot

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. Old Dominion Game Thread***

    ODU QB passes the ball to his receivers!!! That’s the difference between winning and losing.
  12. American_Patriot

  13. American_Patriot

    Wide Reciever Corp

    I want to give some highlight on a strong position group. Rico- One of the best in the nation at this position. (Future Draft pick) Guyton- Arguably one of the deadliest deep threats in CFB. (Future Draft pick) Darden- Dynamic, elusive, and quick. Lawrence- Great possession receiver... The #2’s have come in and produced during pivotal possessions. Keep up the great work.
  14. American_Patriot

    Do we have Liquid Gold in the QB Talent Pipeline?

    (+) Arm strength, down field vision/ postioning the ball in the optimum catch radius for recievers, speed (-) size, growth as a collegiate QB, and short passing game. When QB’s have speed they tend to omit the check downs for the short passing game.