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  1. American_Patriot

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    Receivers were plenty open!!! QB did not commit to his first look and decided on a secondary approach. Time to give credit to where it's due... Receivers are calling for the ball, but once the QB BAILS... routes no longer exist.
  2. American_Patriot

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Never seen so much inconsistent support for a team that's 6-1!!! Mean Green- 41 UAB- 18
  3. American_Patriot

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    1. No defense has stopped the receiving Corp!!! 2. Play calling has been run/ run/ pass or trick play. note: if the Mean Green does the opposite... this game is a wrap. 3. The secondary has to close out the “cushion”. 4. UNT- 45 USM- 28
  4. American_Patriot

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    You never underestimate an opponent and always play them hard despite there record. This is Division 1 football... Anything can happen. Solid win!!
  5. American_Patriot

    Week to Week National CFB Stats
  6. American_Patriot

    Another thought from game 1

    In my opinion... both young men are GREAT! They are a nightmare for a defensive coordinator! They will represent the Mean Green at the next level!
  7. American_Patriot

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    You should factor in all the under thrown balls too Rico.
  8. American_Patriot

    Fine 1st Team All-Conference QB!

    I would not call him a stud. He had some great games early in the season, but “studs” find ways to make plays. When you look at consistency Bussey and Lawrence are goto guys.
  9. American_Patriot

    CUSA Championship Score Prediction Thread

    The UNT vs FAU game was an anomaly and served as a ego check for the Mean Green. Lets put things in perspective... Mean Green had (2) fumbles, which were in great field position for FAU (14pts). Mean Green had (2) punts that I can recall, which gave FAU great field position (14 PT’s). That accounts for 38 unnecessary points, which most occurred the secongThe Receiving Corp (Guyton: no receptions/ Rico: 1rec 19yds)... and most of the attempts were on 3rd down. The bulk of their scoring occurred in the first quarter. This offense will not perform as they did during this game. The defense will step up and not allow the run game too torch them like previously. Despite all of the above, it’s great being the under dog; chip on your shoulder; and resilient. The Mean Green will go to FAU with a focus on winning and accomplishing their goal. UNT -52 FAU- 28
  10. American_Patriot

    Score Prediction: UNT vs Louisiana Tech - 11/4

    Homecoming or not... this team is prepared and have seen adversity on all “three phases”. They will prove how good they are with a win in the BOOT. UNT- 41 LA TECH- 28
  11. American_Patriot

    ***UNT ODU OFFICIAL game thread•••

    Great job Mean Green!!! This is D1 football and every game will be a competition regardless of the record and the so call perdictions. What matters is you men remain resilient and kept your heads in the game for the win. Job well done.
  12. American_Patriot

    Official FAU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Very impressed with the Mean Green! Great win this pass wknd! In order for them to continue success the QB Pass distribution has too change. Just through some hasty analysis it is evident that the majority of passes are as follows: 1. Right (80%) 2. Center (15%) 3. Left (5%) Jaylen- 32REC/626YDS/7 TD Rico- 13 REC/131YDS/2 TD Smiley-10 REC/ 221YDS/ 1TD Defensive coordinators will begin to exploit this and I can assure you FAU is taking into account all previous teams did and failed as it applies to their secondary schemes. Pass distribution changes UNT gets the win. UNT- 41(2x Field Goals) FAU- 27 (miss an extra point)
  13. American_Patriot

    UNT vs. Southern Miss OFFICIAL GAME THREAD

    Great win! As I predicted 😊... You have (2) of the most talented WR in the league!! Jaylen had a outstanding performance! Fine has too work on his timing throwing left... he had a lot of rushed passes too Rico and throwing behind him as well. Overall great job by the Mean Green!!! Wilson is a BEAST!
  14. American_Patriot

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    The Mean Green has to distribute the ball too the outside receivers (Jaylen/ Rico/ Turner) and let them compete. The secondary of USM is suspect as Kentucky exposed numerous of times. The corners for Mean Green need too close the cushion and compete... Nothing wrong with a little bit of jamming. Everything else is solid and I predict... Mean Green- 34 USM- 27