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  1. Bussey should be in the top 10 easily. Without his ability, the passing game would be subpar. That kid has almost half of Fines stats, so let's be realistic about what makes this offense deadly... Its a combination of all.
  2. Rico Bussey and Ladirus Hamilton would have been great candidates for this venue!!!
  3. http://catchat.freeforums.net/thread/1194/opening-2019-season-mean-green
  4. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-nfl-draft-mason-fine-leads-the-c-usas-silent-band-of-monsters/
  5. https://thespun.com/sec/alabama-crimson-tide/alabama-clemson-top-qb-wr-top-10
  6. I hope all those great athletes get the opportunity at the next leave, but unfortunately only certain ones based on skill will make it. I do not think the other athlete you stated receive the same attention as Mason. In the event, they are drafted, it will be due to hard work and not the University promoting. Think back to the Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook... When University has more than one possible draft eligible athlete it gives them the attention they deserve. Just my opinion as a fan. Also helps with recruiting.
  7. Bussey is one of the top receivers in the country per multiple prominent sites. He is the only receiver from a G5 school ranked with P5. Through some research realize his #’s are half of Mason’s stats, which is a pretty significant point. I personally think the University does not shine enough light on key players to aid in them getting that national spotlight.
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2829305-ranking-college-footballs-most-dynamic-duos-in-2019?share=other#slide5
  9. Two very key components (#8 & #6) missing! #2’s are not ready for a game of this caliber. #8 one of the top receivers in the nation and #6 one of the top qb’s in the nation is a major factor... Utah knows this.
  10. Congratulations guys for a great achievement! Football is a team sport that requires talent at all positions and this accomplishment exhibits that. Job well done!
  11. #8 has done a amazing job this season. Kid is also ranked with receiving TD’s. Give this kid some press Mean Green!
  12. Great win! I notice the offense was a lot different without Rico...
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