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  1. Yes. Getting the dreaded "technical difficulties" splash page.
  2. Anyone know if this game will be available on replay?
  3. If you select the Sports Plus options you will see all of the Pac12 channels.
  4. Freshman year : Lived at 315 Sycamore. Was simply known at the time as "the purple house". Last time I drove by it was a home business called Juliettes Jewels. She let me walk around and reminisce for a bit.. Great memories there. Next place was WestWind apartments over near Sam Bass and 35, nothing special beyond launching eggs off he balconies. The rest of time was in a small ranch house off Teasley Ln. I believe it was called Sundown Ranch. Fond memories of blowing up those giant Sysco supply cans of Nacho cheese, and ranch style beans.
  5. I can't find the Bein channel listed on the Sling TV available channels section of the website (have not signed up yet). Can someone confirm that it is actually available? Does it show up once you subscribe? Thanks.
  6. In all of his interviews since the Arkansas win, it seems like he's had to put a little more effort into maintaining his typical demeanor. Like a little bit of genuine excitement bubbling up.
  7. Where do you guys get your Battle Flags? I searched on the UNT site and couldn't find one.
  8. I hope this weekend the Arkansas fans are booing him for all the right reasons.
  9. Should be able to pick up the UNT broadcast on the TuneIn app or the SMU broadcast on the Ticket 1310 app.
  10. I don't remember seeing it at games the last couple of years, but I would think they would do everything they can to get it in the stadium now that they are up and running in Denton and are alums.
  11. I vote for moving it. I've never been fond of the atmosphere at Fuzzy's for watching a game.
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