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  1. ShiftyFive

    My rent house in Fayetteville

    Thank you!!!
  2. ShiftyFive

    My rent house in Fayetteville

    Where do you guys get your Battle Flags? I searched on the UNT site and couldn't find one.
  3. I hope this weekend the Arkansas fans are booing him for all the right reasons.
  4. ShiftyFive

    UNT / SMU Internet Radio

    Should be able to pick up the UNT broadcast on the TuneIn app or the SMU broadcast on the Ticket 1310 app.
  5. ShiftyFive


    I don't remember seeing it at games the last couple of years, but I would think they would do everything they can to get it in the stadium now that they are up and running in Denton and are alums.
  6. ShiftyFive

    Watching Party Location Change? (Collin County)

    I vote for moving it. I've never been fond of the atmosphere at Fuzzy's for watching a game.
  7. ShiftyFive

    Student tickets

    This continued at least through the mid to late 90's.
  8. ShiftyFive

    Tv options today

    Interesting, it is working for me.
  9. ShiftyFive

    Tv options today

    If you have Uverse, you can add the sports package and that is normally $10 but they are running a special with one month free. Also, I noticed you can access the BeIN live stream by signing in with your cable/satellite provider info even if your current package does not include BeIN Sports.
  10. ShiftyFive

    Soooooo... Baylor?

    I believe starting next season.
  11. I've never understood the concerns about coaches coming here, doing well and being lured away by other opportunities. In my opinion, this is all good stuff. It makes us look more attractive to coaches hungry to further their careers and increase the level of talent of the coaches that would consider coming here.
  12. ShiftyFive

    Anyone having trouble w ESPN3

    I having the exact same issue.
  13. Interesting article... Sounds like we seized on an opportunity at just the right time. Based on Wren's past record and this quote “I’m not built to sit around in neutral or tread water”, I would expect that we'll see a lot of things change quickly. I'm sure he'll make some mistakes, but he sounds like the kind of guy that will fail fast, assess and improve; not get hung up on justifying it because of his ego etc.
  14. ShiftyFive

    How cheap did you drink in college?

    Lots of dollar pitcher nights at Otay's and plenty of heavily discounted checks at Cozy Oaks, since my roommate was a waiter there.
  15. ShiftyFive

    Nick Starkel Top 4!

    I'm not an expert. My knowledge is based on the recent recruiting process I experienced with my nephew for hockey. Where other schools used the word "scholarship", ECAC schools used the word "grants". I don't know what the technical differences are between the two, but bottom line for my nephew... semantics.