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  1. Huff

    Celine makes the punt return even better!

    I think Eastbound And Down from Smokey And The Bandit would be a good choice, too.
  2. Huff

    Staying in the game

    We should have assigned a manager t[o hide Mason Fines helment at halftime so that he could not play in the second half. If he goes down due to an injury our season changes........a lot
  3. I agree with UNTexas. TCU game will be Name The Score. It could not happen to more deserving folks.
  4. Huff

    Punt Returner

    A really good football coach once told me that we dont need a punt returner.....we need a punt catcher. His point was that we needed to catch the ball so that it does not bounce and bounce and bounce. We need to work on that this week. A second thing that he said was to stand no farther back than the ten yard line and do not back up. If the punt goes over your head it will almost always go into the end zone. We need to work on that, too.
  5. Huff

    Rasslin' Report ?

    DId anyone stay for the wrestling event after the game last night ? If so, how did it go ? We did not stay but heard some cheers go up as we were leaving the stadium so it sounded like some people did stay. We talked to an athletic department official as we were leaving. He said that they had a LOT of interest in their ticket office from people calling in wanting to know how much it cost to get in for the wrestling and what time it started. To me, that is just weird but I guess a lot of people would see my long time interest in North Texas athletics as weird, too. I guess it is just a matter of what floats your boat.
  6. Huff

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    I hope every one who reads this board will read this article. After reading it I was very grateful for what my family has and I think you will feel the same way.
  7. Huff

    What ever happened to.... Spencer Leftwich?

    He was at UTEP. Iguess the new coach did not retain him. That is their loss. I always thought he was a good coach and a good person.
  8. Huff

    C-USA West Media Day is at 2pm on ESPN3

    Channel 11 had a short story on their six o'clock news. They interviewed coach and three players.
  9. Huff

    Know Your Program

    I agree with Rick. Our daughter is friends with Byron Gross and he looks like he could run a few wind sprints and be ready to play again. He is a good man who still represents North Texas really well wherever he goes.
  10. Huff

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    I hate Thursday night games. Families with school aged kids often won't be able to attend. Our daughter and grandson won't be coming. Fans who live away from the DFW area have a hard time getting there for a weekday game with work the next day. I hope we are getting a BUNCH of money to move this game. What I REALLY hope is that this turns out to be one of those things that you hear about that never happens. That would suit me just fine.
  11. Our daughter works with Casey Fitzgerald at Harmon High School (feeder for Lewisville High) and says he is a great guy in addition to being an outstanding teacher/coach.
  12. While looking through some stuff about the game tonight I found a web site that showed it being broadcast on ESPN 3. While that is not my favorite place to watch a game for those who cannot get to Denton tonight it sure beats nothing.
  13. Huff

    Mean Green For Life

    Those brought back some great memories. Thanks for sharing them.
  14. Huff

    Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Most younger folks don't remember it but TCU was once just horrible in athletics - especially football. Dennis Franchione got it turned around before leaving for Alabama and Gary Patterson has kept it going since then. What some of the old time administrators at TCU will tell you is that once they started winning in football the number of kids applying to go to school at TCU went up and the ACT or SAT scores of the applicants went up. People who do not like athletics will tell you that this was just a coincidence but the people who were at TCU at that time strongly disagree. They will tell you that the positive publicity that they got from athletics had a very positive result for the school that continues to this day. The author of this article was probably in diapers when this occurred and has no idea about this type of thing at TCU - or anywhere else for that matter. Too bad..........
  15. Huff

    Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    The story was on the front page of their Sunday print edition and made the point that only Texas and Texas A and M did not rely on student fees and university funds to finance athletics. It quoted several students who did not seem thrilled that athletics is part of their college expenses. It was pretty slanted and pretty negative towards North Texas and other schools but I really don't think anyone pays any attention to the Star-Telegram these days. It is still available on their web site if you want to read it but it really is a waste of your time in my opinion.