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  1. I am thinking that taking a nap in my chair while checking the score every hour on the hour might be my plan for this week.
  2. I will always believe that if we do not drop that punt we end up winning that game. It changed everything.
  3. The stands at West Point look empty. I hate that for the Cadets. A game is a nice break for them.
  4. Daughter, grandson, and friends will be using ours.
  5. Did you notice that there will be no tailgating before TCU games this season ? That will not be popular.
  6. Houston Baptist has North Texas, Texas Tech, and La Tech to. start their season. They can play those games and collect the pay checks while still getting a red shirt for each of their players. Interesting .....
  7. Good man ..... gone too soon
  8. The hot word on the street in Ft. Worth playing has The Horned Frogs playing Alabama in Jerry World the first week of the season. Both have games with California schools and the chances of those schools getting to play is unclear. Nothing is set in stone but I find it interesting.
  9. I find myself in the same age group as Wardly. I will give my money and buy my tickets but am not sure I will be in attendance.
  10. Be careful with track. Those athletes compete in three sports - indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country.
  11. Chuck was a good guy who was always willing to talk football at any time of the day or night. He will be missed.
  12. I feel similar to Wardly .. I will be 78 when the season starts. I am going to buy my tickets and give my money but with my health issues going to the games - if we have games- might not be the smartest thing I have ever done. I am pretty sure this stuff. Is a long way from over.
  13. Our lives have been affected in two ways. (1) Five of us were scheduled to leave on a trip to The Dominican Republic last Saturday. Three of us are older than 70 and two of us are younger than 55. We all checked with our health care professionals about the trip. The ones over 70 were advised to not go while the younger ones were told to go and have a good time. I would love to be on a beach drinking a pina colada BUT..... (2) Our church service today was live streamed with no audience allowed in the sanctuary. I watched the service from my recliner while drinking cup of coffee and eating a donut. It may be tough to get me back to a regular service if we continue to do that.
  14. The MAC has also closed their tournament to the general public. Only players, their parents, school officials and some media will be allowed to enter.
  15. That is the bext basketball game I have seen in a long time. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and fans.
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