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  1. Huff

    ODU Uniforms...

    Those are really ugly.
  2. Huff

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    He can do better than the Kansas job.
  3. The Bucees on I-35W...near Texas Motor Speedway ... opened just before the Indycar races a few years ago and were amazed at the number of customers that showed up. They were told to get ready beccause the NASCAR group will be a lot bigger.....and thirstier. I think they set a new world record for the sale of beer and ice during NASCAR week.
  4. I am sorry to see them get this game. It is a great game and they do not deserve to get it.
  5. Huff

    Is 8 Wins/Year Littrell's Ceiling Here?

    A few of us old farts find it really funny that we are grumbling about a coach who might win only eight games per year.
  6. Huff

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    Does anyone else remember the "grenade" celebration that our kids did after a touchdown during one of the Dickey years ? It was really funny but drew a 15 yard it should have !
  7. Huff

    Start Times

    I love the afternoon games in October and November. It is just too darned hot in September for them to work.
  8. Huff

    More blue lot woes

    The scanners were not working right at the stadium entrances, either. After about three people tried, finally one worked okay. This was at about 11:45.
  9. Huff

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    We have sat through a lot of bad weather games - including the Florida State "snow game" - to watch North Texas football but we were a LOT younger in those days. If we did not have Club level seats we would not be coming to Denton today so I won't be critical of anyone who stays home to watch it on ESPN3. If you do choose to attend be extra loud because we will have to make up for those who choose to stay dry.
  10. Huff

    Uniforms 10/13

    I really do not l>ke these jerseys and was hoping we would not wear them this year.
  11. Huff

    Props to Jim Plummer/PlummMeanGreen

    Jim is a pretty good guy ......most of the time.
  12. Todays print edition of the FWST has a very large piccture and great article on Joe Greene by Mac Engel. It is also in their on line edition. You have to look under the authors name in the on line edition but it is worth the hunt.
  13. Huff

    Celine makes the punt return even better!

    I think Eastbound And Down from Smokey And The Bandit would be a good choice, too.
  14. Huff

    Staying in the game

    We should have assigned a manager t[o hide Mason Fines helment at halftime so that he could not play in the second half. If he goes down due to an injury our season changes........a lot