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  1. Our lives have been affected in two ways. (1) Five of us were scheduled to leave on a trip to The Dominican Republic last Saturday. Three of us are older than 70 and two of us are younger than 55. We all checked with our health care professionals about the trip. The ones over 70 were advised to not go while the younger ones were told to go and have a good time. I would love to be on a beach drinking a pina colada BUT..... (2) Our church service today was live streamed with no audience allowed in the sanctuary. I watched the service from my recliner while drinking cup of coffee and eating a donut. It may be tough to get me back to a regular service if we continue to do that.
  2. The MAC has also closed their tournament to the general public. Only players, their parents, school officials and some media will be allowed to enter.
  3. That is the bext basketball game I have seen in a long time. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and fans.
  4. Lets see if I understand this right. Cal swapped an away game at North Texas for an away game at Notre Dame plus Notre Dame gave them almost two million dollars to sweeten the pot. Guys, that sucks for us but if I am the athletic director at Cal I would make that deal in a heart beat.
  5. If they had waited a week they would have been into the weekend of Good Friday and Easter. People would have been critical of that.
  6. Huff

    UAB 2/8/20

    Nice coverage of our game on the six o`clock news on channel 11. Folks are starting to notice our team.
  7. Former UNT player Casey Fitzgerald is on the coaching staff at Flower Mound. That might help us a little with this player.
  8. Was he on the previous coaching staff at Mississippi State but not retained by The Pirate ? Sometimes a new coach will want his own person for a particular position and a good coach is looking for a job. I hope that is the situation here.
  9. Kiffin Vs Leach in The Egg Bowl ought to be fun to watch - as long as you don't care for any defense.
  10. I agree with Wardly. John Savage was an amazing player on teams that were not very good.
  11. Rick, it was later than that. Jitter Nolan was President from 1971 to 1979 and he was very pro athletics.
  12. Most of our younger fans do not realize it but North Texas came real damned close to doing the same thing about 25 years ago. Our president ...I believe it was Al Hurley ..... thought we would be just fine playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Some influential supporters kept it from happening but it was closer than many people understood.
  13. I saw a lot of games there as a student and later as an alum so it is hard to pick just one but the 2002 game with New Mexico State might top my list. It was two evenly matched teams.The winner won the conference championship and a trip to the New Orleans Bowl. The loser turned in their equipment and went home. The crowd was great. There was lots of excitement.....and the green guys won. It was one heck of a night.
  14. I hope the outcome has been decided by the middle of the fourth quarter so that Mason Fine can be pulled from the game to a standing ovation from those loyal fans who came to the game.
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