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    As I spend this Christmas Eve on duty and away from my personal family I’ve been reflecting back on the great year I’ve had with my Mean Green Nation family. From a phenomenal CBI National Championship to one of the greatest road trips ever to Fayetteville and back. Regardless if we’re at each other’s throats fighting and arguing over something trivial about the Mean Green or slapping high fives together in celebration at Apogee & The Super Pit....it’s been a blast and I wouldn’t trade any of y’all for anything,.....not even for a bag of Kettle Corn. Well, maybe I’d trade Bert Frito? Nah, just kidding...Bert. Anyhow, wishing everyone and your families a safe, peaceful and Merry Christmas. It’s All Good...And All Green! Rick
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    Why, because he's 20 years old and having fun?
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    I hold Patrick Cobbs in very high regard. I have yet to post this story, so now seems like a good time. This season near the end of the Incarnate Word game, and with a 2 and half hours drive in front of us, my wife and I headed out. While putting our seats in the trunk of the car, I realized the canvas back of my seat had fallen off somewhere along the way. These North Texas stadium chairs are no longer available, so I was intent on finding the backing. After tracing my step and not finding the item, I found myself at the entrance to Apogee. The ladies at the gate were very understanding of my situation, but couldn't let me back in the stadium with my ticket that had already been scanned. Out of nowhere, Patrick and his wife stepped up and handed me one of their club level tickets. What wonderful people that truly love and support our athletics. They are great representatives of our university and Patrick certainly has the credentials to coach our running backs. I would be beyond enthusiastic if Littrell were to hire Cobbs.
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    Mosaic glass tile SOW my former boss made for me. Given to me as a table top but I decided to backlight it with LEDs and hang it in the back yard.
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    The coolest thing I owned (past tense because we ate it) was my Apogee grooms cake a couple years ago.
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    What is funny is that the “experts” will now say that UCF clearly doesn’t belong because of an 8 point loss to LSU. Strangely, they will leave out that Baylor lost a TON of games for years in Big XII play, Kansas loses the majority of their league games, Vanderbilt doesn’t sniff conference titles, Arizona is no perennial winner, and the P5 is littered with teams that would have lost by 8+ to LSU...yet they are all still afforded a “legitimate” seat at the table.
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    I think Army just scored again.
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    I’m a Dr Pepper guy, but well played Coke
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    after our results maybe it would have been better to go the FRB.
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    "What's the difference?" - Todd Dodge
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    Then again, neither is failing to reach a bowl #ponyup
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    I know we struggled this year on short yardage situations. After watching several bowl games this month I have noticed there is alot of teams that incorporate the wildcat formation when needing a yard or so. I would love for us to use this in 2019 and save Mason from running so much. The fact we have some speedsters that were former high school qbs in Darden and Hair Griffin. I would like to see what they could to in a wildcat type package. We did this Wilson a few times. So I know Graham and Seth can run it.
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    I've got to root for Clayton Tune, even though it didn't work out for him to come to UNT. I mean, his brother's dog is all over this website.
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    Here's mine...my 11 y/o son made this himself as a Christmas gift last year
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    My North Texas State University degree. It earned a lot of "green".
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    With the NFL playoffs starting this week and the BCS wrapping up whatever it does, I thought I would write out a thought I had over the weekend of what the NFL Playoffs would look like if they followed the model used by the NCAA and the BCS. =========================================== First of all,. the playoffs would only be represented by the NFC EAST, the NFC North, the NFC West, and the AFC West. These are the automatic qualifier conferences. The other conferences just don't get enough TV time to be considered competitive so they are out. The Patriots, Steelers, and Saints might be allowed in but only if they are really, really good (undefeated for like two years in a row). So the first round of the playoffs will look like this. The first semifinal will be the Bears vs the Rams . The second semifinal will be the Cowboys vs. the Chiefs. Sorry, that is how they got ranked. The Super Bowl will the winners of the Bears/Rams game and the Cowboys/Chiefs game. There will also be playoff games featuring the Saints against the Seahawks, the Vikings against the Eagles, and the Chargers against the Redskins. These games don't really mean anything but they are playoff games in our system. Just be happy you got to play in an extra game. The Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Colts, and Steelers had good seasons as well and while their records were better than the Redskins, the Saints claimed the spot from the non-qualifying conferences so there were no other opportunities. Yes, the Redskins only had 7 wins, but they were legitimate wins. Also, next year the NFL will reduce the money allocated to the conferences of the non-automatic qualifier conferences to amount normally given to one team in an automatic qualifier conference. You still have follow the same rules and provide the same benefits, but do it will less money. And if you are really good, we might let you play in a playoff game. And don't complain to the NFL - this is how TV wanted it.
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    Regardless of all of this.... Patrick Cobbs is still a really cool, really good dude. And the kids at Ryan are lucky to have him as a coach and role model.
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    Over the years I have tracked the offer lists of our signees and compared classes based on those offer lists. I came up with a letter grade scale based on how many FBS offers each signee had and who offered them (P5 vs G5). C means we were the only FBS offer for that signee, C+ is one other FBS offer, B is two to four other FBS offers, B+ is two to four but with a P5 offer, A is five to nine other FBS offers, A+ is 10 or more other FBS offers. I finally made a spreadsheet to archive it all, as Scout was bought by 247 so some of the profiles I used to see all of the offers are gone, and it’s becoming harder to access older profiles and articles in general. Anyways, here are a couple of charts showing a few things from the 2011-2019 classes. The first chart shows what percentage of the class had a “B” or better offer list (at least two other FBS offers). The second chart shows what percentage of the class had an “A” or better offer list. The last chart is based on a points scale I created where each G5 offer is worth one point and each P5 offer is worth 1.5 points. The last chart shows how many points each class accumulated in total between all of its signees.
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    A couple stand out and I can't do just one: A game ball from a game we won signed by the captains after I recovered a fumble that led to us winning the game. I got player of the week that week and later special teams player of the year. Both surprised me. (Especially the plaque at the banquet.) We won our conference too. My Dad got to see the game ball before he died a few weeks later. Really cool. That season led to another cool item which was a conference champion ring. I really like a flag I had framed. But I really love a little t-shirt both my minions wore that almost ended up at Goodwill but ended up framed too. (My wife played soccer at UNT so I get away with pretty much anything UNT related.) Lastly, the Mrs. and I both have North Texas diplomas. We were both on scholarship, Letterman every year we played, we still have our letter jackets, and technically got paid to go to college at NT. Love my Mean Green!
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    Pretty good deal for a guy with no conference championships or bowl victories.
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    Firing a head coach after 2 years and an 8 win season is a clown show.
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    “FirefightnRick’s Combat Palace Of Pain” I guess ya’ll had better pray I never hit the Lotto. Rick
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    Our game vs SMU next year will be much more difficult with Hicks gone.