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  1. GMG I'm exhausted by this season already. Didn't even log on to GMG til 11:30 on Gameday. ๐Ÿ˜“
  2. Wren gets free Lexus vehicles for him and his wife from Park Place. No paying required.
  3. ๐Ÿ˜’ Only at UNT would we take the standard fare like a easily seen centralized large video board in the end zone and chop the experience into multiple crappy ones in the corners. No one does this. Meanwhile P5's brag about their new huger end zone scoreboards. I know Wren was obsessed with luxury offerings at Apogee (cabanas, bartop premium seats, etc), but can we slow the insanity down? I'm the newest person in my Hub Club section and I'm 3 seasons in and the section is still at least 50% empty. The lower bowl has probably 5k or fewer season tix holders.
  4. Watch Andy Dalton take the Cowboys deep into the playoffs... Despite their terrible line.
  5. I was evacuating the $6 beers in the HC Bathroom and proceeded to tell the guy next to me that I've never seen before in the HC area that we should fire Seth. He told me the team was young and everything would be okay. I followed that up with "Seth is the Jimbo Fisher of Conference USA, a big paycheck and nothing to show for it" and walked out. Saw him leaving the HC later with his family, including kids and maybe a sister/girlfriend wearing Aune's name and number on her denim jacket. So I told our QB1's dad during the 4th quarter that the best bet was to fire our head coach.
  6. Wasn't offered or couldn't negotiate the offer he wanted? I think it was the second choice.
  7. We'd lose to Denton Ryan and probably TWU's Powder Puff team.
  8. And I quote: "We need to get better in all three phases of the game."
  9. This team would lose to said "desperate outpost". ๐Ÿค
  10. We've done JD wrong. If he has eligibility left he should transfer after this season, just like Mason should have for his last year of eligibility.
  11. Did they just dump the Gatorade container on someone on the Charlotte sideline with 10:30 to go?
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