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  1. We're missing one thing... A Tillman Fertitta type. Don't underrate his influence on where UofH is at today. In other news, I pledge my infinite and yet to be realized fortune to the UNT system.
  2. Even Hub Club? I hate having to play with my phone twice to show a ticket between getting from the concourse back to my seat if I want to walk downstairs for some nachos. So much easier with the plastic lanyards to show the door people on the first floor and the attendant just outside of the elevators.
  3. FAU? This matrix has to lean entirely on the Kiffin years which is well behind FAU. Taggart's success remains to be seen.
  4. I've slept since the last time I was on campus for Spring Ball at Apogee but as I remember the "normal" students have a lot of really big capital investments all over campus that were absent during my years at Ole U of NT. What exactly do our "normal" students lack? Does the Student Rec Center need another 50ft added to the indoor climbing wall?
  5. I want to meet the person who gave a "roll eyes" response to a post making fun of Commish Judy. Today I Learned there are Judy supporters.
  6. Concise answer: Only in the mind of Big XII fans. If TX/OU leaves the Big XII you can pretty much guarantee the creation of the P4 and the G6. Time to go check on some potential web domains that might be worth some $$$. 😂
  7. I'm not sure where this lot is, but it sounds magical - Blue lot person
  8. I think you have to find someone selling their Hub Club tix or get a HC ticket holder to buy you extras through their account. I don't think they sell singles.
  9. Just got ours plane tix a few weeks ago too. We're flying into Kansas City and driving over. Haven't heard anything about away tix. I think its rare UNT sells out their allotment. Even for the Arkansas game they didn't and that felt like it was a huge attendance away game. We may fly to Miami for the FIU game just to experience South Florida for a weekend. We've also enjoyed the gameday atmosphere in Hattiesburg in the past, but its always rare that any Green is there. Getting there from Dallas is always difficult, and I think AA stopped flying into Hattiesburg/Laurel Airport. We may fly to Gulfport and drive over. Depends how cringe the team looks by then. We'll probably drive to all the away driving distance games.
  10. Honestly haven't heard much from the program compared to how they communicated in the past, especially to ticketholders. I'd assume they'll have more info by the time they do the in person Summer ticket pickup (which I'm not sure is actually confirmed yet either). I'm glad they managed to keep the food going via box lunches but I very much hope that's over with. Honestly from a cost perspective I can't imagine its cheaper than a buffet setup. The buffet was always top notch. There was usually prime rib at least one game if not the first and the last game. There's also included coffee and included fountain sodas which are a nice touch. The bar pricing is somewhere in between your local neighborhood watering hole prices and a Dallas Cowboys game day bar price. The liquor and wine isn't cheap, but its there if the $6 16oz canned beer isn't what you're looking for. For the price of the Hub Club tickets you probably can't find an similar game day experience in all of C-USA. I've taken Big12 and SEC friends and they're always amazed at lil old UNT's really nice Club Level game day setup.
  11. Anecdotally, I've only had 2 club seats for a few seasons now and bought as much as 4 extra tix before. I've heard this rule, but I assumed as long as you were waving money (especially at $125 a tix for one game) the fine folks at the ticket office wouldn't leave you hanging. There also isn't more than 10-15 other regulars in my section and the ticket office always tell me that its "almost sold out" and "we can't get you extra tickets next to you". I've had people in the seats next to me 1 time in 4 seasons worth of games. I also can facilitate helping you get tickets if needed. I did not need any sponsorship when I got mine though.
  12. YOY Rice's stadium looks noticeably worse each time I'm there. They're going to get into an Legion Field situation with the upper decks that will eventually get condemned due to structural issues. The leading edges of the concrete forming the upper decks has deteriorated to show rebar in a number of spots. Once that rebar starts rusting it will cause yards and yards of concrete to deteriorate in a very unsafe way. Houston/Gulf Coast weather/humidity is no joke and will destroy structures even on a sunny day. I'm shocked all the bright minds at Texas' "Harvard of the South" don't remember that.
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