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  1. It was a pleasantly entertaining game yesterday too, despite the weird start time. Was good to see the starters and almost the entire bench see the court. I saw a lot of people congratulating Wren both from UNT and Omaha.
  2. Their new President seems to have fans hopeful that he truly sees Football as a front door to the University. He's a CU alum from the better days of Colorado football in the 80's/90's. Mark my words, if they get hot they will use it as a way to jet from the PAC12 to the BIG10.
  3. I agree. I think he's a decent defender. And occasionally gets a few threes. He just needs to take em when he gets a decent look. They also put Stone in the gym over the off season. He put some muscle on himself. I wish they had had Scott in there with Stone putting some weight on.
  4. Currently has more points than Perry with 7:54 to go... But he definitely has performance anxiety. He hits shots in practice pretty well.
  5. Just got here and The Pit sure ain't packed.
  6. We don't go anywhere from here. Seth will be back next year and he'll win 6 games and we'll be doing the same song and dance negotiation of just how awful he really is
  7. I am so glad I didn't spend another $1k for both of us to rush down to San Antonio tonight. I spend a lot of money on UNT football and sometimes you just gotta draw the line. I do regret not having made it to Las Vegas for the PAC12 championship game.
  8. Someone get Aune some of these Apretude pills from the commercials because his throwing arm has AIDS.
  9. Love when we let them convert third and longs. Hasn't Frankie converted every single one at this point?
  10. @Cr1028 through much research has proved his point and made my opinion look foolish. 🤷‍♂️ Let me know how long coaches like Saban stay at Alabama with 6 and 7 win seasons. And Chip Kelly performed this year but still managed to miss the Pac12 Championship game. UCLA Athletics is too broke to do anything this year. But the Chip Kelly contract was recently restructured to make it much cheaper to fire him after a bad season. Once DTR is gone after this season he might be promoted to the unemployment office.
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