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  1. LA Tech game on ESPN+ on Apple TV 4K 32GB model was 100% fine last Saturday. Watched the fight on Saturday on ESPN+ at a buddy's house using a 24 month old Samsung LCD. The fight repeatedly froze and the ESPN+ interface was super slow to operate. I have two Apple TV 4K's, 2 Roku Ultras, and one TV using built in Android 9. I'll let you guess which of the 5 devices crashes sometimes while streaming. I also recently upgraded my WAP to an Asus AX92U. Was having YouTube TV issues prior on a 4-5 year old Asus AC68P. All those issues are gone now. Prayers 🙏 if you're depending on the Cable Co wireless access point. They're average or worse devices. Wired is always best, but if you aren't able to hardwire everything, you need to arm yourself with a solid WAP. When you have an average 2020 family's 2-3 streaming devices, 4 family members phones, a few smart speakers, maybe a sprinkler controller or other IOT devices, 2 or 3 tablets, and a laptop or two on your WAP, you need to think about its ability to handle a constant task like streaming with all those other devices using bandwidth and processing power. Boring dorky stuff... Basically you gotta spend money to ensure you have a solid backbone to our current day over-connected life. ESPN+ is better than trying to figure out how to get BEIN Sports.
  2. Nothing says guaranteeing a gap like putting G5 schools in an official different league/division from P5's. We may not have a $20m locker room renovation this summer, but technically UNT could play Clemson in the National Championship next year. What's more important: UNT being the media darling of the new FBS-Lite and getting Clemson-esque off-season articles about facilities expansions?... Or North Texas trying to regularly break the top 25 ceiling of a full 130 FBS team league and being in the best position for the PAC12/BIG12 blow up to come? You think App State wants a FBS-Lite? What about LA Tech or UAB? Guaran-damn-tee there's no "Let's be the best runner up!" conversation among those fan bases.
  3. If you're going to depend on ESPN+ (or any streaming service) frequently, make sure the device you're watching on is solid. I highly recommend something like an Apple TV 4k, Roku Ultra or better, or a Nvidia Shield. The built in apps on Samsung/Sony/LG/Chinese brand TV's suffer from the TV's low processor power and smaller amounts of memory. Even the best new TV's fall prey to memory and processor issues.
  4. It was a good loud crowd for that number. Good energy! Seemed to have a really tough time with rebounds tonight. And McCasland flipped out on Geu a few times. Feel like we're going to have to tighten up our game against UTSA Thursday. It's also our best conference start since the late 1980's. Important Question: Did they say we get a free Cane's Box Combo with the win? Denton Cane's only? 🤔
  5. Them saying "It's good" and the espn+ feed being linked to the wrong score on the scoreboard was a bit confusing. Good game... Sloppy second half, but no thing as a bad win.
  6. Not good they're taking this long. 😑
  7. Damn that 3 point attempt was stupid
  8. Did we leave the defense in the locker room at halftime? 😭
  9. This team is ballin hard. Really fun to watch... ESPN+ broadcast says we haven't won in Ruston since the 1950's! Good time to break that streak.
  10. Once ate gumbo at a LSU tailgate in BR... Haven't said a bad thing about their fans since then. Beats the hell out of free Taki's at Apogee.
  11. He's still willing to swing by your house and tell you about his favorite book.
  12. Great game. Not the worst attendance I've seen, but I assume the students aren't back? There were like 7 kids in the student section.
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