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  1. I'm confused about tickets to this one... I have to pay $125 a ticket for a pass that gets me into all the games? That's the only tickets listed on UNT's website as of last night. Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm not that optimistic to buy tix for the whole championship. When I look on StubHub there appears to be $20 GA tix for "6pm" and a handful of "6pm" tickets that are reserved seating for $50. But I'm not entirely sure which court they're playing on and I think the game is at 8:30p (even though they don't list that as a time). Didn't want to buy reserved only to watch the wrong court's game.
  2. Which costs more, going to New Mexico bowl or Hawaii bowl? I've flown to Hawaii from Dallas for less than flights to New Mexico were last year.
  3. Nah... Just a foolish love for College Football.
  4. I heard its a 100 of those sample bags of Takis that not even hungry broke students were taking post game last season.
  5. Just mailed a $2600 check in on Tuesday... My premium gift better not be another license plate frame. Every vehicle I own has a UNT frame on it. I'm still waiting on my 2018 premium gift too. 🤔 It's probably a Lil Scrappy Club shirt.
  6. Are we concerned about locker rooms in the base/pedestal of the arena or lux suites? Seems like the arguement is shifting to a more palatable reason for a new arena. As an armchair architect, like most of us probably are, the base of the arena which holds the guts that we're concerned about could probably be expanded if that's the real issue. The arena sits on top of the box. The exterior walls of the base of the area could possibly be pushed all the way out to the western and northern most streets. Doing that along with blowing out and reconfiguring interior walls (HGTV style) could probably yield a more desirable config without spending a few 100 million on a new arena.
  7. I've watched the conversation from the sidelines and am really late to the game with an opinion, but building a new arena with half the current 10k seats just to get 5-10 lux suites feels really wrong after being at The Pit last night. The energy was good and it felt fairly filled in around the 100 level seats. I dont think the correct solution is to essentially get rid of the 200 level. For an aging facility, other than the seats that are tight between the armrests, but not at the seat cushion level (very weird, I'm not a big guy by any means and I had to plan my standing... But when sitting it wasn't tight), The Pit felt in good condition.
  8. Exciting game... First Mean Green Basketball game I've been to in a decade. I wasn't expecting much from the crowd and came out pleasantly surprised. Great atmosphere. The Rice Coach should have been T'ed up multiple times in the last 5 minutes. When he started going after the ref after the conclusion it looked like he was lunging at the kids sitting on the hardwood under the basket. I think even they kids thought he was going after them. The Rice coach had 3 or 4 grown man assistants restraining him.
  9. I'd rather stay in Berkeley than pay $400 a night in downtown SF. DoubleTree on the Berkeley Waterfront can't be that bad for $190 a night. I figure I can do the whole weekend without a car that way too... It's only a few miles from OAK and even closer to the stadium.
  10. I love Wyoming (although Laramie isn't the best WY has to offer). I'll definitely be there. And I just booked my hotel for the CAL game. I'm at the DoubleTree Berkeley Waterfront a few short miles from the stadium.
  11. I'll be there. Excited for the trip.
  12. Jokes on you once the renewals come. I'm bracing for being taken to the cleaners with a 5-10% increase.
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