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  1. As someone who actually pays full boat for Club seats, I'm begining to think few in the Club actually pay for the seats and that there's some sort of program, that wasn't extended to me, where people are getting absurdly discounted seats. Not sure if each suite also has 10+ club level seats attached to it or if the AD just holds a bunch for people who never show. The club sections near me have had consistent empty seats for the past few seasons and when you call the ticket office, they'll tell you they're not available for single games to buy. I've talked to a number of professors and Dept Deans/Assoc Dean/Etc while eating. Maybe they all get half price club seats with no MGSF contribution required. The group in front of me has multiple pairs of seats totalling at least $7500 a year if I'm to assume I know what at least one set in my section costs. There's no doubt in my mind they aren't paying that much for seats. Anyways... Thanks for attending my rambling about my Club Level Seats Conspiracy. This team still isn't that good and our AD probably should fire people. Thx.
  2. We will not beat 2019 UAB. They aren't 2018 UAB, but they're better than 2019 UNT. We'll be lucky if the OL can keep Mason protected enough to be well to play that last game.
  3. Someone on the square at half past noon today asked me "is there a game today?"... Dentonites (Dentonians?) make my blood boil. I almost flipped his table as I said "Oh yes, 3pm... See you at Apogee!" 🤪
  4. No. They have an interesting Redshirt Sophomore QB. The rest of the their weapons SHOULD have been worse than ours. Still: No. If they're "good", dare I ask what we are? Hot Garbage? We can barely manage good press not inflating our feable minds off the field and four quarters of play on the field... I wouldn't talk "Destiny" with this team. Think a lot less macro please. We aren't back... But the 2019 Team + Littrell Homers are inspirational in their blind eye towards reality.
  5. Blue lot was letting in paying cars this game for $30. They often are turning them away because they assume all the blue pass holders will show. It appears they weren't too hopeful. If Orange Lot (Fouts) is now $20, I'd easily pay an extra $10 not to have to hike across the bridge across 35. There's also the grass lot on the other side of Bonnie Brae from the front stadium entrance. It wasn't very full, not sure what they charge for that one. The Black and Green lots also were conspicuously empty only an hour prior to the game.
  6. Scrappy's whole suit is a dirty embarrassment year after year. Each year I mistakenly expect I'll see him and his suit is clean, and each season when he comes out he's dirtier than the year before. Seems a bit short sighted to get a bright white mascot uniform when we can't get a green/yellow one from being covered in black.
  7. I prefer more esoteric nerd instrumentals... Maybe Battlestar Galactica?
  8. Someone downvoted my questioning of it.. We're up by one, the SL Homers are in full force.
  9. Their transformation from a cosmos sort of shape to a square was truly next level.
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