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  1. Pavlovs Eagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    The guy with his name on the top of Galleria III at the corner of 635 and Tollway. Had no idea he was UNT Alum. Love his energy!
  2. Pavlovs Eagle

    Bringing a Baby to the Game??

    Be a team player an sneak in a bunch of minis for all of us. 😎
  3. Pavlovs Eagle

    Servpro Bowl?

    Our only focus should be on a NY6 Bowl.
  4. Pavlovs Eagle

    And So It Begins

    This game will be tough... If we play anything like we played in 2nd quarter at Liberty we'll be down by 20+ real quick. And good lord, if it rains... man we have problems in the rain. The sprinkles at the beginning of the UIW game and the entire Liberty game prove this. Can Coach get a bunch of AD people with hoses at Apogee and spray the player during drills this week? 40% chance of PM thunderstorms next Saturday.
  5. Pavlovs Eagle

    UNT vs Liberty Watching Party - Collin County

    All good, the band was better to listen to than the Liberty homer audio feed!... actually stayed awhile and listened to the band. They were good, but the music progressively got newer. I left at Taylor Swift. 😑
  6. Pavlovs Eagle

    UNT vs Liberty Watching Party - Collin County

    ...and we lost the projector to the band. 😒
  7. Pavlovs Eagle

    9/22/2018 Other Games Megathread

    They've done their best to not show any of the stands the whole game. It's pretty impressive. I'm not sure they're aren't piping in cheers to the ESPN feed.
  8. Pavlovs Eagle

    Where is everyone watching the game?

    The CoCo Watch Party in Fairview... It is still there right?
  9. Pavlovs Eagle

    What Station In San Antonio

    City of Denton will be sure to heavily publicize the National Underwater Basket Weaving Championships at TWU while not acknowledging the UNT football season at all.
  10. Pavlovs Eagle

    Last Big OOC Day for CUSA. Who wins?

    Don't see UTEP beating NMSU...
  11. There's still plenty of hotels in Denton not booked for Thursday night. Come to Denton, watch football, go to Fry, pass out in your Hotel room and take Friday off. ...that's what I'm doing!
  12. Pavlovs Eagle


    Against us at Apogee? Si...
  13. It's a $1009 on AA to fly into Lynchburg on Friday night and leave Sunday. Are you flying into another area airport and driving? I want to go, but I can get to Hawaii for cheaper than $1000.
  14. Pavlovs Eagle

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    ...and by the end of the thread they're talking about Les Miles coming in to coach. Did I miss where they could afford to get him much less convince him to leave Baton Rouge where to my knowledge he still lives (waiting for Coach O to get fired)?