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  1. Yes. Flying into PIB Saturday on the AA flight. I found out there isn't a single rental car agency at the airport. It appears there may be a single Uber floating around the area for us to catch. Not sure if there's taxis or a shuttle to town. Probably should have flown into Gulfport or New Orleans, but we were trying to minimize the driving. The lady is being extra patient in my quest to see every game this year, home and away (no Killarney's for me!). Hoping to drop the bags at Hampton Inn quickly and head to the stadium. Looking forward to the game!
  2. Yes. There's a lot of places you can point fingers. But as a whole it is unsustainable system that is continually propped up because there are enough people to blame that the continual finger pointing allows the crisis to continue. Now that its essentially become a political party talking point, I feel like it will become even more polarizing and ultimately never fixed. Universities who create "luxury" college experiences for students that ultimately must be paid for are to blame. Lending bodies who loan kids more than they'll make pretax in the first 5-10 years of employment (providing they don't actually get a job at Starbucks) are to blame. Students and parents for not saying "do you know the impacts of you decisions" when you spend tens of thousands a year on a degree with no marketable use in the career marketplace are to blame. Those who wish to make it a party line issue by saying "vaporize all student loan debt and make college free" or "your decision, your debt" are to blame. Its my personal opinion that Universities, since they feel they MUST continue on with the current University experience status quo, need to share in the financial risk they're asking their students to take on. They should be cosigned on all the loans they're telling students are sure bets to take out... even the Masters in Women Studies degrees that lead to the student graduating and folding clothes at the Gap. If the University shares in the debt risk, maybe they'll focus as much on getting students jobs as they do in educating and graduating them. I'm personally shocked by how much programs don't really care about your post graduation experience. With the exception of a few departments in the business school, how many departments really focus on partnering with local employers to make sure a majority of their students can graduate right into an opportunity that allow them to pay back on these student loans? In regards to constant focus on distance online learning... Many of these programs seem to have little cost benefit other than no dorms, no meal plan, no parking pass, etc over the on campus in classroom experience. And these programs appear to have even LESS focus on getting students the next/first job after. They look to be degree mills and don't even try to convince you otherwise. I'm sure UNT makes lots of dollars on this at a lower cost than in classroom degrees, but they're watering down their own brands. All of us out here hiring now have selective questions to try to figure out if the degrees people are putting on their resume are in-classroom degrees, which help students learn, function, and work as a group like we do in the real-world workplace... or online degrees, which are remote video lectures and computer proctored exams that only assure me you're able to learn from videos and are good at taking exams. Mitch Daniels at Purdue is doing a great job shaking up the status quo on University Loans... I think their "Back a Boiler" program could be an interesting blueprint for how to realistically move forward towards more responsible funding of student's tuition: https://www.purdue.edu/backaboiler/index.php Thanks for attending my TEDgmg talk! 🦅
  3. Also went by Voertmans and got on those deals. I was able to score a fleece vest and Nike t-shirt for $24. Hot deals, especially if you are XXL, XL, M, or S.
  4. There's at least one or two Airbnb's right on the square. They're a fun central place to stay at where you can walk downstairs and be on the square sidewalk. Otherwise, the Embassy Suites is probably the nicest. Uber will get you to all the bars you're trying to hit up. The old Radisson was a dump by the time it was blown up, but you couldn't beat the location.
  5. Supposedly we were able to get in an hour before the normal opening time of the cancelled event a few months ago. I arrived late last year, maybe 10:30a, and it was getting pretty picked over, only found one polo shirt and normal athletic fabric shirt that was L/XL. If you're XXL or greater, there seemed to be lots of options. Feel like it may be really busy this time since its combined with ticket pickup. They took card previously.
  6. Another CUSA carport practice facility. That will be enjoyable for August practices...
  7. I wore a North Texas hoodie to the 2017 Iron Bowl in Auburn... Someone asked if I was lost.
  8. Yikes... Thats a haul inland from Berkley. Do they normally stay that far away from the town they're playing in? Is it a cost thing?
  9. Fake doctorate in fake degrees... Its honestly a lot cheaper to just call your bank and have them add "Dr" to your name on your credit cards. Its probably just as effective as completing the degree too.
  10. I was going to post a similar snarky comment if no one else did. Online degrees are racket. The poster may as well have gotten a University of Phoenix degree, especially if it was cheaper than OSU distance courses. And if that's a online MBA, the twitter person seems to not understand what so much of the MBA experience is about... which is unique classroom experiences with your cohort. I received my Masters the old fashioned way, by going to classes for two years at a now P5 school (Go Utes)... I still enjoy supporting the Utah football team, and even will switch to a Utes shirt on Saturday evening after UNT football if there's #Pac12AfterDark game. But my first love will always be North Texas football. And since I brought up Pac12... Fire Larry Scott!
  11. Kudos to the University for putting this together... The price seems high (especially for two), but using Kayak/Hotwire/Expedia can escape some folks. Hope they continue to organize these sort of travel packages. Maybe with time the package costs will track closer to the Average Joe's cost of booking. Anyone know what hotel the team hotel is? I probably won't get there early enough for a Friday night event, but just in case. I'd might just change my reservation there anyways.
  12. Watch that sort of language when talking to ACU fans! If you were an ACU student you'd get suspended for that sort of outburst.
  13. I think the most expensive away tix I've bought through UNT were the Arkansas tix. They were $60 or $65. I doubt it's more than that. You can always buy through another ticket site, but you'll be sitting with the hostiles.
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