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  1. The cancel culture virtual court of public opinion has no address... Unfortunately.
  2. Thankfully there's not too many people in the office this week to watch me watch and curse at the TV in my office.
  3. This game is so boring they're interviewing Coastal's coach about the BYU game.
  4. Someone should tell the announcer you "Move UP to FBS" not "down to FBS"...
  5. What was that spinning thing on 1st and Goal... Does anyone take us seriously?
  6. I'm still amazed how little people in our circle of coaches acknowledge it.
  7. Any raging parties in the parking lot prior? 2 six packs in a foam cooler while sitting on the trunk lid of a rental car?
  8. Kayak has hacker airfares for sub $200. Maybe Wren can raffle off some of Coach Mumbles jet hours! 🤷🏼‍♂️ I really want to go but I'm still a little burnt from buying the hype and all the plane tix for the 2019 season only to watch our boys get smoked in every city on the map.
  9. Damn this thread died... Everyone come back. We may win!!!!
  10. The ref seemed unsure of that holding call.
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