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  1. The media control over this country is impressive. Our PR agency just gave us some advice that may put us out of business without even hinting that it could negatively affect the trajectory of the business. I may reach out and let them know we'll start paying them a percentage of sales once we implement their advice.
  2. Not getting into whether a Men's or Women's game is more important, i'm avoiding that 2020 social bomb... But wouldn't it be logical to assume the majority of the fans will be attending the Men's game on Thursday evening and that many local fans are at the office on Wednesday at or around lunch? Wouldn't we want to serve the majority of our fans with an Alumni Association event? I also assume this doubles as marketing for the Alumni Association, which would possibly catch more non-members for the evening Men's game.
  3. Noon:30? On a Wednesday? If this scheduling isn't UNT Alumni Association, I don't know what is. Did they want people to attend?
  4. Going to miss the game tonight due to being on a flight. I'll watch the gamecast on ESPN, but I'll miss the live action. Play Spider Jackson🕷️ more tonight. He gets so low when defending, it cracks me up every time! Hope that Draper and Mo Buckets can get some practice shooting threes against a solid three point defense from Charlotte. We need to see solid production from both in the C-USA Tourney and hopefully in March Madness. I've almost bought Sacramento tickets on Southwest a few times since last Sunday. A lot of guestimate brackets have us playing there in first round.
  5. Hamlet is in foul trouble... Wonderful
  6. Ball handling looks super messy.
  7. There's not too many home games I've watched on TV, but our lighting looks terrible on TV.
  8. Littrell can donate some of his private jet hours.
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