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    Hey UNT fans! My names John Schilleci, some of y'all may know me and some may not. I just graduated from UNT this year after having an amazing 4 years as a Mean Green football player! My life being football for the last 8 years hasn't left much time to have a job,but luckily some people understand the kind of people student athletes are and I was given an awesome opportunity to sell RVs at McClains in cornith. It's a job I'll being doing for a few years hopefully until I have enough money for the fire academy. The reason I'm on the forum currently is to hopefully attract some of you crazy mean green alums,fans, etc who like tailgating or just camping with the family. I also would love to keep contact with the Mean Green family through the forums, I'll be an eagle for life. But anyways,please let your family and friends know that a member of the eagle family has started a new chapter selling rvs and would love to decorate the north Texas tailgating area with a sweet new or used RV! My Infos on my card, can't wait to hear from some of y'all! GMG, let's go bowling again.
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    Looks like those helmets could use a couple Viagras.
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    He may be undersized right now, but I am certain he will grow into a nationally renowned LB. If not he will grow up loving UNT football!! #GMG
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    Soccer is the only consistantly successful sports team we've had in the last 3 decades. They deserve a new field because the athletic department is getting a face lift. Fouts is coming down too so track deserves a place to play. Not to mention, they both exist at UNT. Baseball doesn't.
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    For years on this board so many bitched and complained that North Texas does not act like a big-time school when it comes to our contracts. Now we do and everyone finds complaints as to why this coach doesn't deserve something. The university is finally starting to put the structure in place for a well compensated athletic department. Even if Seth leaves we will not go back down to a lower level coach. Folks we have not had a quality athletic department for years. It is going to take time to build this up to where we wanted to be.
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    We had the battle flag on our lacrosse helmets. By far one of the best pieces of UNT branding out there and it pissed off the UT crowd
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    Oh UNT, where we have a booster who's kept a program afloat financially and we complain about them. Ive heard upgrades are nice, haven't seen them personally.
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    Yeah but is that glory a matte or a chrome finish?
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    I mentioned that Seth and Co. will need to build trust with the Texas coaches to improve recruiting each year. I am not an apologist, I do think recruiting should be a bit better now although it's still early. My favorite argument is look at what UTSA has done. Hmm, I wonder how they instantly have become so much more attractive to recruits? I'm sure that all of the whispers from fans and AD employees across several schools that they are now a dirty program can't be true. I'm sure it is also a coincidence that they hired Bo Davis who got popped by the NCAA. The off the record chatter is that he was paying players then took the fall for the Bama program as a whole. So yes our recruiting needs to be stepped up, but I don't think comparisons with schools like UTSA that run dirty programs are apples to apples. Look at Baylor, their recruiting turned on a dime and they really improved - but there is no question now that there was a huge cost to what they did. Briles was another coach that everyone always whispered about. Those whispers turned out to be correct. I'm sure this post will get negative feedback and heck some people like Ben may not care about the rules - but I do and I'm glad we are attempting to build something with out stepping outside of them.
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    Regardless of one's own opinion about the quality of opponent we have in Houston (and ignoring factors like gaining access to the recruiting grounds around Houston), the reality is that the previous AD said to me quite matter-of-fact-ly that "Houston just isn't coming to Denton any more. It isn't going to happen. People say, 'Oh, why don't you schedule with Texas Tech?' Tech doesn't want to play us. People may not like it, but that's the truth." Maybe we feel like we deserve better, but this AD is doing stuff that was previously declared impossible. I sure as hell appreciate that.
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    Brett Gemas is the guy behind all this. He puts out really high quality work. This is what makes me excited for the new AD. Now we're putting out graphics that rival or are better than our competition.
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    $1M football coach $600K basketball coach Wow, times they are a changin' at little ole North Texas. You can't say that the administration is not stepping up their support of athletics. Let's hope the winning follows.
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    Since it's ranked choice voting... This is also a clever way of gauging the temperature on preference for UNT, North Texas, and Mean Green for forward branding as well. See what people identify with most.
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    To me it is a no brainier, the battle flag.
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    I have seen a lot of upset comments on the board the last few weeks about kids with 0 or none offers. I just want to remind people it is just June 4th. There is still a lot of time between now and the December signing day. Just for reference here is some guys that UNT was in on this last recruiting class that had 0 FBS offers as of June before their Senior year. And i honestly believe there is not one kid on this list that any body on the board would complain about if they were wearing Mean Green come fall. Be patient! Tariq Woolen http://247sports.com/Player/Tariq-Woolen-46035648 Davian Ford http://247sports.com/Player/Davion-Ford-46036902 Tyreece Lott http://247sports.com/player/tyreece-lott-46037323 Trevon Bradley http://247sports.com/Player/TreVon-Bradley-91345 Terrell Cooper http://247sports.com/Player/Terrell-Cooper-93545 Malik Jackson http://247sports.com/player/malik-jackson-91465 Emmet Perry http://247sports.com/player/emmet-perry-46036156 Henry Klinge http://247sports.com/Player/Henry-Klinge-45572492?Institution=23893
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    I still have no idea, why this was necessary. This new contract is not going to stop any P5 school from going after Littrell and actually mades it more difficult for NT to terminate him if the team falters. I guess if he actually has a winning season this year, a new contract will have to re-negotiated. I hope this does not end up like the McCarney new contract. Who by the way had a much better one year, but also had recruiting issues.
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    It's not like the flag is going to be flying in some obscure place where people are going to have to do some research on what it's tied to. It's going to be flying in front of the football stadium at the University of North Texas. There is plenty of other signage to make drivers aware of where they are. If anything, this will help passers by to start associating the battle flag with the university we all love, if they aren't already familiar with it. If the flag was going to be displayed somewhere else amongst flags from other universities or something, I get the concern; but let's put this thing into context folks.
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    Isn't QB coach at a P5 a position that will always be available to Graham Harrell? I mean, if Mike Canales can get that same position at Tennessee at this stage of his career then someone with the experience and name recognition of Harrell could easily get a job as a P5 QB coach any time he wants. But if Harrell wants to be a HEAD COACH someday then he should stick with the gig that provides more responsibility and play-calling duties even if he can't make as much money as UNT OC than he could as OU QB coach. Seems that lowly QB coach with no play-calling duties (even at OU) would be a step down for someone trying to climb the coaching ladder.
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    Please God, choose the battle flag. The others are good but reading a flag going 80 mph will not happen. Flags are visual. Quick easy visual is what is needed. That is why most national flags are just colors....
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    1. You are disrespecting Cole Brown. Take it to another thread without his name at the top. 2. You are stating your opinion. The young man is all district in a tough 6A league in a team with a losing record. 3. Do I expect you to understand 1 and 2? Not even a little.
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    He is and he is very very high on that list....
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    My favorite part of the first game at Apogee. Nope, he didn't get a flag.
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    I was hoping we could get away from scheduling 1-AA teams.
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    I feel like the fan base has been enamored with Littrell from day 1. People have gotten excitement from the smallest things he has done, including things that the prior regime was doing as well. All for the simple reason, IMO, that the fan base has wanted this hire to be successful so, so bad. And that makes complete sense and there's really nothing wrong with that. What does concern me is the similar unconditional infatuation that Baker seems to have for Littrell; a coach he didn't even hire. That is very concerning to me, especially when I start thinking about the idea of Baker needing to part ways with a hire of his own. When we extended Mac, there were clear areas of concern in which he had not addressed his capabilities surrounding. To that point he had only signed one high school o-lineman who was capable of playing meaningful snaps (Cyril Lemon). He had yet to prove he could sign a legit FBS-caliber QB. Same for defensive line, as all four starters on the bowl team were inherited from the prior regime. The bowl team featured 7/11 starters on offense and 6/11 starters on defense who were inherited from Dodge. And his recruiting was subpar, especially when looking at who else was recruiting the signees of our three classes to that point (not many other FBS schools). We're on Littrell's third recruiting class and of the last 14 commits he has received between the 2017 and 2018 class, 13 of them have been players who did not have any other active FBS offers. And that one who does has been tweeting at coaches from other schools asking them to follow back, and is clearly looking at other options. I know we had a decent year on the field, but it's disappointing to see another extension/raise before we see ability to win recruiting battles consistently.
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    This young man is way, way, way underrated. Welcome to Denton and North Texas Kason!
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    Let's see, off the top of my head. The NT Battle Flag was in Norman in 1987 when a future NT Great was born, Scott Davis. In '88 it was in Salt Lake for the NCAA's. Later that fall it was in Lubbotocks when we stole their game, their women and their tortillas. A week later it was at Memorial in Austin as we embarrassed the horns and their store bought officials. It was at every home game during our 6 week run as the #1 Ranked FCS team in the nation, and at a end of season drubbing of Rice in Houston. It was on the court during three straight attempted conference championship runs in basketball from '88-'90. It was there at Fouts the night of the bench clearing brawl and a 14-7 win over stiff-necked Forrest Gregg and the SMU lavenders in 1990. In 1991 it was used in the movie "Necessary Roughness", which was filmed on the campus it represents. It flew over the great Mitch Maher coached by Matt "We-Don't-Want-To-See-That" Simon and our Conference championship run in '94. It was there for our win over Oregon State, and two more wins over Texas Tech and Boise State in the late 90's. It was there for 4 straight conference championships and a bowl win. It was in Las Cruces for The Miracle In The Desert in '03. It was there in New Orleans and Ok City for two more trips to the NCAA's. And It was there the last two HOD Bowl games. Trust me when I say T sips and Aggies don't like it. This alone should be enough reason for it to gain your vote. ^^^Kyle Field ^^^ ...when it still had a track in it..1990. We lost on the score board that day but A&M knew they were in a fight when Aggie great and future NFL linebacker Quentin Coryatt got knocked the f out of the game. So if you didn't know, now you do. Rick
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    If you'd have had a few more easy classess on yout schedule you might not have failed out of NT and ended up at Houston
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    I think the point that keeps getting lost here is that the commits, individually, are not who the criticism and disappointment is surrounding. It's the coaching staff. 15 of our last 16 commits have had us as the only active FBS offers at the time of commitment. Sure there is time for these current commits to pick up more offers. Of course there are examples of players in the past being productive players despite having just one FBS offer. And maybe some of these guys will join such a list. Regardless, the posts I have seen have not been trashing recruits individually. It's a collective evaluation of the current state of UNT recruiting. @MGNation92 received some pretty harsh criticism, and high-grade post misinterpretation recently. He's not the only one. This is about watching the third cycle of Littrell recruits and still not seeing any real progress in head-to-head recruiting results. I don't get why it's so hard to understand people critically evaluating this and coming to the conclusion that this is concerning. Doesn't mean we aren't rooting for this team and program, or these commits.
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    @TheReal_jayD if you do not stop using logic in your post there's gonna be serious issues
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    You're rivaling 90 with your dug in stances.
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    True, but that's not the reason that it's never been used. URCM doesn't endorse using "NT" under any circumstances. To them, it runs counter to their current branding priorities. It's not that the Alumni Association is holding the interlocked NT logo and unwilling to partner and share. Heck, URCM threw a fit about using the Flying Worm for the throwbacks a couple of years back fearing that it would overshadow and be more popular than the current branding. It's why all of the t-shirts and hats with the Worm on them that were produced during that time had the worm logo appearing on a helmet, not as a stand alone logo. Huge missed opportunity to sell quality throwback merchandise to fans that wanted to purchase it. Another example of the University's marketing team's vision being ridiculously small in scope and petty.
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    To start off this post I'm gonna post @BillySee58's post from a previous thread as it summarizes the issue quite well With that I'd like to add a few points: 1. It's not a bad thing to offer kids early, hell if we're the first one to offer them, then they get 10 more FBS offers And they commit to us, I'm all for it. 2. More often than not, kids with only one FBS offer don't fare as well in the FBS game, why? They're not bad players. They don't suck. They clearly have skills to at least contribute at a FCS/DII level at worst, and maybe, to a degree at the FBS level. However, history has shown that FBS staff do not offer these kids for one reason or another, and there's typically a good reason as to why they didn't. 3. I will never criticize a player that chooses UNT. I am ecstatic for the players that want to continue their careers here and be a part of something special. This does not, however, warrant anyone to believe that because a particular player commits to us, this staff is doing a good job at recruiting as a whole. 4. If the staff cannot consistently win recruiting battles with fellow C-USA/SBC/AAC schools, the UNT football program will continue to show subpar results on the field. You cannot out-scheme higher quality talent on a consistent basis. 5. I'm done ranting about the whole recruiting issue, so for anyone that wants to refute or disprove anything I've said. Say it here, not sarcastically in another post about myself or others that share the same mindset. We offer a kid with no offers? Okay. He gets 15 more offers? Great. Get him to commit to the University of North Texas after those 15 offers and I guarantee you all of the naysayers will gladly shut the hell up. Until then. We have a lot of work to do.
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    So pumped that his dream school never offered.
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    Even if it doesn't win this poll (Which would be a travesty) don't forget that I made sure the Battle Flag is forever a part of the new Union.
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    Thank you Mr. Baker. I have been pushing for a large car dealership sized North Texas flag at the stadium since we first broke ground at Apogee. (Best solution: North Texas flag 6 days out of the week, with the Battle Flag on game day) I hope they also take my other suggestion and have a flag raising event at the start of the football season. It would be a great event where our athletes and students can come together and raise the flag together. Alums should also attend. It would serve as a fall semester kickoff type event. Maybe, conference title flags could be added as our teams win them throughout the year. Also, the flag should be lit by green spotlights at night.
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    Dear Mr. Gage, We're a super polite and cool fansite that rarely swears and tries our best to respect #football, #ourcountry, and #thelord (not in that order.) Please peruse this forum at your leisure and know we will be with you when you chose to join the mean green. Until then, we carry you closely in our hearts, praying for you to find your path to the light...s of Apogee. Peace and blessings, Mean Green Nation (Your move, @All About UNT)
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    You have to understand that nobody around here has ever seen a professionally run athletic department, so when we start acting like one it looks foreign to them. Give them time to adjust.
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    Why make these comments on a thread about this kid committing? Way to show a recruit they are welcomed!
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    lucky for me, i'll be at the game...
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    I got a preview today of some of the edits they are working on for recruits. Just FYI they are top of the line.
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    UT fans were so pissed over its existence when I wore it as a cape to the game. It was freaking hilarious. They really hate it.
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    Makes you wonder .... did someone know this was in the pipeline and redo Seth's contract????
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    UH is a great series for us. We are a lot like UH. But Army was better.
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    The way I see it, this coaching staff has given everyone a fair and balanced assessment. And Shanbour has benefited from it. Does anyone think that the previous coaching regime did a "fair" job of assessing the QB situation? Only if your initials were AM, and you were from Iowa. And as to this assessment Shanbour has not sat on the bench for four years. After transferring from Oklahoma State, he spent one year rehabbing his turf toe. He's only been available to go out on the field for two years. He's had to learn two systems (Fine has only had to learn one), and I'm guessing that this is the first time since he's been here when making a few mistakes in practice doesn't get you sent immediately to the back of the line. My observations (down the corridor of years) have been that walk-ons have a more stringent path than "ship" players. Just like women and men of color in the work place, they have to do twice as well as their "ship" peers in order to get any sort of recognition. Mr. Duhon is a perfect example of that theory. He is now listed in the two deep at WR, mainly because he has been almost "perfect" in his performance this spring. I don't remember him dropping a pass, and he catches anything that is even close to him.....many times while wearing a DB or LB. If a "ship" WR had done even near as well, it would be mentioned in just about every story submitted about spring practice. The good-to-great coaches are not only great X's and O's guys, but they're also great at assessing a players potential. And through motivation techniques that don't include screaming and belittling all the time , they are great at getting the most out of them. Hayden Fry was like that. I seem to recall that a certain walk-on named Casey Fitzgerald hung around for a few years under DD and company, and only got his shot when the new coaching regime (Todd Dodge and company) came around. The rest was history.