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    My wife and I became season ticket holders for the first time last week. I graduated in 2010 and honestly had not been to many games until last year where we made it to half of the football games (and my wife’s first time ever to a college game) but decided to go all in and show our support! Love what is going on with not only athletics but the school as well!
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    I know a lot of folks that have been excited about the Littrell era from Day 1. Others have had a wait and see approach before contributing their hard-earned money. (Division winner, CUSA championship appearance, 2 for 2 bowl appearances, recruiting momentum) Other folks were excited about the Baker era. Others had a wait and see approach before contributing their hard-earned money. (motherlovin CBI winners, successes through olympic sports, indoor facility, etc) Have you waited and seent enough? Together we can whoop up. Let's do this thang so we can stop being one of the crappiest in terms of season tix and middling contributions. Culture change starts with us.
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    Been monitoring North Texas chat rooms for a long long time. I dont post much anymore yet this deserves one. Always respected Johnny Jones. Anyhow, a few months back just before the end of the BBall season I was at a restaurant in Santa Clara. Johnny and the Nevada came through the door. As I walked by him I stopped to say hello. He stopped and spoke to me for at least 10 minutes .. asking me my name, when I was at North Texas, etc. Went out of his way to say hello and talk. Great guy and I wish him all the best. We all have jobs. But sometimes you meet somebody who respects the job and the relationships ... something we don't see enough. Johnny is always calm, collected and respectful ... and he put NT on the map for a while :)
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    Just a quick recap after the the recruiting whirlwind the last week. We have landed 8 recruits the last 5 days. We are seeing the product of the revamped recruiting staff and success on the field including back to back bowls, Conference West division championship ect. I don't see the momentum slowing down. Obviously we can't continue to land a recruit a day. But I have said this before and I will say it again. Come December this will be the best recruiting class as far as rankings and offers North Texas has seen in last decade and possibly ever. Mean Green are still in on some big names. They aren't panicking and just getting guys just for bodies. They are letting the dominoes fall and going down their prospect board. It will be an exciting next few months on the recruiting side. (gomeangreen.com Prediction: If Western Kentucky or La Tech do not land a recruit today, North Texas will take over the number one spot in 247 rankings for C-USA) Nailed it** Current North Texas commits Gabriel Murphy Bishop Lynch (Dallas, TX) OLB 6-2 215 (247 Ratings 0.8477) Other Offers included: Air Force, Texas State, UConn, Navy and UTSA Commit 6/21/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6650915/5a273a06d21b6f18c49df1c3 Garrison Johnson Manvel (Manvel, TX) RB 5-11 210 (247 Ratings 0.8466) Other Offers included: Nebraska, Syracuse, Indiana, Virginia, SMU and UTSA Commit 4/30/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6005674/5a1587090c53d827384f980e Grayson Murphy Bishop Lynch (Dallas, TX) OLB 6-2 215 (247 Ratings 0.8377) Commit 6/21/2018 Other Offers included:Air Force, Texas State, UConn, Navy and UTSA Hudl:https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6677105/5a288be9bed6cb38846136a0 Damon Ward West Brook (Beaumont, TX) WR 6-0 192 (247 Ratings 0.8265) Other Offers included: Lousiana Monroe, UTEP, New Mexico State and Southern Miss Commit 5/26/2018 Hudl: https://ww.hudl.com/video/3/6641821/59d8f58bf5600a0b38b012c4 Taylor Jacobs South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, TX) ILB 6-2 215 (247 Ratings 0.8199) Other Offers included: Texas Tech Commit 6/18/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6707118/5a293b48b53ec20d1406f16b Chris Cassidy Angleton (Angleton, TX) OT 6-4 275 (247 Ratings 0.8178) Other Offers included: Louisiana and Mcnesse State Commit 6/20/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5294396/5a39ee095ca9521164ef4cec Will Kuehne Owasso (Owasso, OK) PRO 6-1 190 (247 Ratings 0.8104) Other Offers included: Maryland and Arkansas State Commit 6/19/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/4031231/59b5af45ff01d80ad48d568b Deonte Simpson West Brook (Beaumont, TX) WR 6-0 192 (247 Ratings 0.8104) Other Offers included: Air Force, Southern Miss, Texas State, Northwestern, Lousiana Monroe, Tulsa and Tulane Commit 6/17/2018 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8259956/59d8edd1664b9d070c1498bb Kevin Wood Judson (Converse, TX) ILB 6-0 200 (247 Ratings 0.7993) Commit 6/21/2018 Other Offers included: New Mexico State, Liberty and Texas State Hudl:https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5290685/5a1f497102bbdb0fc8d4fcdc
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/brunner-makes-history-with-commitment-to-unt/article_06e02b5a-e86d-5357-80a4-9351f8b2b944.html
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    Exclusive exclusive as Mike Fisher from the fan says!!! North Texas is not done for the week. Expect at least one more commit
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    I feel really good about it!!
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    I have never understood Bret’s obsession with the cost of Apogee. Like that guy that never would scrape the window sticker off his new car. There wasn’t one other mention of price in any of the other stadiums mentioned. By the way this phone cost me $89. and I’m spending $7.99 in the morning for breakfast. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Sorry for the wait!!
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    This old Alum, pink, wrinkled, purple headed, one-eyed and veined, is estactic over the 2019 recruiting class and the possibilities for successful football into the future. I’m a happy old man.
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    North Texas will land another 3 star within the next week. Has a Big 12 offer also. We shall see
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    I know the last few weeks have been tough as far as recruiting goes. Having to watch rivals UTSA and SMU have early success has been rough. But I do have some positives. BE PAITENT!!! It's about to heat up. And I can say with out a doubt. This will be UNT best class in the last decade. The director of recruiting Luke Walerius has been doing some very good thing. UNT is in on some VERY big names!! We already have a 3 star RB ( multiple P5 offers) and a 3 star WR! So the cupboard is not bare. Things are going to really start heating up. We should star expecting some commitments the rest of this month and July. So be PAITENT Mean Green Nation we are in for a fun and exciting summer! It's a long way until Feb!!
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    I decided to make a thread of all of the remaining players we have offered that aren't already committed to us or somewhere else. As these recruits commit somewhere I will update their information. If you know of a person we have offered (via twitter or elsewhere) that is missing from the list, feel free to tell me and I will update it. This data is from 247, so if something is missing or incorrect, again feel free to tell me. RBs: Deion Hankins 3* (.8628). Offers: Arkansas, UNT, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, SMU, Texas Tech, Utah, UTEP Oscar Adaway 3* (.8206). Offers: Colorado State, UNT, Southern Miss, Texas State, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Central Arkansas, Eastern Illinois, Indiana State, Southeast Missouri State, UT-Martin WRs: Demariyon Houston 4* (,9259). Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Texas, Baylor, Colorado, Howard, Iowa State, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, UNT, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Oregon, SMU, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Florida Jaylen Hearst 3* (.8568). Offers: Texas Tech, Arizona State, Arkansas State, Bowling Green, BYU, Georgia, Hawai'i, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, UNT, SMU, UTSA, Utah State, Brown, Howard, Illinois State Khatib Lyles 3* (.8477). Offers: Air Force, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, NMSU, UNT, Texas Tech, Utah, UTEP, ACU, Columbia, Dartmouth, Incarnate Word, Liberty, McNeese State, Western New Mexico, Yale Donovan Ollie 3* (.8366). Offers: Boston College, Iowa State, Kansas, Northwestern, Utah, Washington State, Arkansas State, Louisiana, ULM, UNT, Texas State, Tulsa, Utah State, Wyoming Jacob Bernard 3* (.8299). Offers: Air Force, Army, Ball State, Colorado State, Harvard, Kentucky, LA Tech, Memphis, Nicholls State, UNT, USA, SELA, Southern Miss, Tulane, Cornell Kealon Jackson 3* (.8276). Offers: FAU, Hawai'i, Kansas, Louisiana, ULM, UNT, USA, Southern Miss, Tulsa, UNLV, WVU, Howard Sterling White 3* (.8215). Offers: Cincinnati, FIU, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kentucky, Marshall, UNT, Ohio, Temple, WVU Cam Lampkin 3* (.8165). Offers: Arkansas State, Bowling Green, Colorado, Colorado State, Lamar, Louisiana, McNeese State, New Mexico, UNT, Sam Houston State, Texas State, Tulane, Utah State, Cornell TEs: Konner Fox 3* (.8267). Offers: Army, Duke, LA Tech, Louisiana, UNT, Purdue, SMU, Texas State, UTSA, Tulane OTs: Brant Banks 3* (.8316). Offers: Baylor, Air Force, Cal, Houston, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, UNT, Pitt, Southern Miss, Temple, Texas State, UTSA, Tulane, Virginia, Brown Brock Gunderson 3* (.8115). Offers: Air Force, Army, BYU, New Mexico, UNT, Purdue, UNLV, Utah State, UTEP OCs: Sincere Haynesworth 3* (.8265). Offers: Arkansas State, Army, LA Tech, Navy, New Mexico, UNT, Texas State, Tulane, Houston Baptist, McNeese, Midwestern State Weak-Side DEs: Vershaud Richardson 3* (.8305). Offers: Arkansas State, Colorado State, LA Tech, Louisiana, ULM, Memphis, NMSU, UNT, SMU, Southern Miss, SFA, Texas State, Tulane, HBU David Sow (NR). Offers: UNT Strong-Side DEs: Cole Mashburn 3* (.8778). Offers: Iowa State, Memphis, Nevada, UNT, Texas State, Texas Tech, Tulsa Javasia Brunson 3* (.8466). Offers: Memphis, Oklahoma State, USF, Liberty, Nevada, UNT, SMU, Southern Miss, Tulane, Tulsa, UTEP Kenneth Dotson 3* (.8326). Offers: UMass, UNT Keivie Rose 3* (.8154). Offers: Arkansas State, Boise State, FAU, Kansas, LA Tech, Louisiana, Memphis, UNT, Oklahoma State, SMU, SFA, Texas Tech, Tulane, Alcorn State, Yale Jimmy Walker (NR). Offers: New Mexico, UNT, UTSA, Tulane Marcus Bowman (NR). Offers: Coastal Carolina, UNT DTs: Brian Merritt 3* (.8299). Offers: Campbell, Florida A&M, Gardner-Webb, Georgia State, Jackson State, Marshall, MTSU, UNT, Pitt, USA, Temple, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Tulane, UAB, WVU CBs: Alex Hogan 3* (.8613). Offers: Colorado, Iowa State, Memphis, Texas Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, ULM, Louisville, UMass, Minnesota, UNT, SMU, Texas State, Tulane, Tulsa, Utah Brandon Crossley 3* (.8416). Offers: SMU, Texas Tech, Colorado State, LA Tech, ULM, New Mexico, NMSU, UNT, TCU, Texas State, UTSA, Toledo Isaiah Essissima 3* (.8399). Offers: Houston, Iowa State, ULM, Nebraska, UNT, Texas State, Texas Tech, Tulane, Vanderbilt, McNeese State, PVAMU, Southern DeShawn Gaddie 3* (.8377). Offers: Air Force, Louisiana, ULM, New Mexico, UNT, SDSU, SMU, SIU, Texas State, Tulane, UTEP, Wyoming Tre'shon Devones 3* (.8366). Offers: Air Force, Baylor, Iowa State, Jackson State, Liberty, ULM, UNT, Syracuse, Texas State, Tulane, Washington State Aaron Lowe 3* (.8266). Offers: Utah, Bowling Green, UMass, UNT, Tulane, Wyoming, Arkansas Tech, Howard, Lamar, Northwestern State Dorian Morris (NR). Offers: Navy, UNT, Texas State, Tulane Safeties: Jalen Catalon 4* (.9300). Offers: Arkansas, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Duke, Florida, Houston, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, UNT, Penn State, Rice, SMU, Southern Miss, Stanford, TCU, Texas Tech, Wisconsin Jonathan McGill 3* (.8722). Offers: Stanford, Texas Tech, Washington State, Air Force, Boston College, Bowling Green, Cal, Duke, Houston, LA Tech, Louisiana, Nevada, UNT, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Purdue, SDSU, SMU, Syracuse, UTSA, Vanderbilt Kevin Anderson 3* (.8366). Offers: Air Force, Illinois State, Louisiana, ULM, Nevada, New Mexico, NMSU, UNT, Northwestern, Rice, SMU, Texas State, Tulane, Tulsa, Utah, Lamar Kyron White 3* (.8276). Offers: Arkansas State, Baylor, Colorado State, Columbia, Iowa State, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, UNT, Penn, Princeton, SDSU, SFA, Texas State, UTEP Jevin Murray 3* (.8265). Offers: Arkansas State, Army, FAU, Louisiana, ULM, Louisville, Memphis, UNT, Oregon State, USA, Southern Miss, UTSA, Tulane Trey Taylor 3* (.8165). Offers: Air Force, Army, Brown, Bucknell, Citadel, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Fordham, Holy Cross, HBU, Illinois State, Incarnate Word, NMSU, UNT, Penn, Sam Houston State, SFA, Yale Leandre Davis 2* (.7889). Offers: Army, UNT, Texas State, HBU, Lamar, McNeese State, Northwestern State, Southern ATHs: Peyton Powell 3* (.8817). Offers: Virginia, Arkansas, Baylor, Ole Miss, Texas, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, UNT, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Utah, UTEP, Washington State, HBU, UTPB Keontae Burns 3* (.8689). Offers: Arkansas, TAMU, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas State, Baylor, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, ULM, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, UNT, SMU, Southern Miss, Texas State, Texas Tech, UTSA Jeff Foreman 3* (.8427). Offers: Arkansas State, EMU, Iowa State, UNT, Texas State, Texas Tech, Toledo, UTEP, Wyoming
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    Not a fan of fake Christians. You know, those that are outwardly Christian because they think they can make it work to their advantage by claiming to be Christian when their actions in private are anything but Christian (e.g. racist actions, cover up rape, etc.)
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    A 3 star a day keeps the losing seasons away.
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    I have to wait until the recruit pulls the trigger. One more coming today
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    Jacobs' parents are alumni! Excellent. So, today, 2 NT legacies committed. That is awesome. Let's keep this momentum rolling. It wasn't but only a few days ago several of you were belly-aching about what UTSA was doing. In the past 48hrs, we've had 3 3* dudes pull the trigger, and I think a certain 3* DB from Arlington may be next in line.
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    I thought I would take a look at how we have done across the years at this time in the cycle. So I went through 247 & looked at who we had committed to each class as of June 17th (today’s date). 2019 (avg .8210) 3* RB Garrison Johnson .8466 3* WR Damon Ward .8266 3* WR Deonte Simpson .8104 3* QB Logan Holgerson .8004 (Decommited) I’m thinking that 3* S Kyron White will be committing soon. He is rated as .8276. If Holgorsen’s rating is switched with White’s then our average class rating is .8278 2018 (avg .7879) 2* DT Dayton Leblanc .7943 2* OG Cole Brown .7803 2* OG Daizion Carroll .7892 2017 (avg .7924) 2* S Tyreke Davis .7924 2016 (avg .7832) 2* LB Joe Ozougwu .7832 So, we are recruiting more players, earlier, and at a higher rating with more offers between the guys committed this early. 2019 Offers: 7 P5, 19 G5 2018 Offers: 0 other offers 2017 Offers: 1 G5 offer (Fresno State) 2016 Offers: 0 other offers
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