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    Don't worry, you likely won't see any advertisements for his establishment because "sushi sells itself".
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    Food might suck, but we know the facilities will be great...
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    Not true! Wren baker has done nothing, NOTHING, since being hired. There is simply NO WAY North Texas would pay for a buyout, and there is even less chance that a current head coach would come to this "coach graveyard." I simply won't believe it...if this is true then we are quickly running out of things to bitch incessantly about, and I can't have that
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    I will take a stab at a quick comparison of a potentially meaningless stat: Benford record as head coach prior to UNT: 0 - 0 McCasland record as head coach prior to UNT: 220 - 54
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    That is awesome! Way to reward those soccer girls who have been working their butts off and being one of the only consistent (scholarship'd) teams on campus.
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    "If you haven't tried our sushi it's because we haven't advertised to you, or you haven't walked in the restaurant"
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    "“The biggest cost is not having a winning program,” UNT athletic director Wren Baker said on Monday after hiring McCasland." That's called the bottom line.
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    I made it up to practice this morning (I like this better than afternoon practices) and have a few observations. I met and talked/visited with a couple of people on the sidelines. A Mr. Lovelace (why does this name seem familiar) and the head coach of Fossil Ridge High Sthischool. I'll call him Coach B. The team was in shoulder pads and shorts and the practice was VERY LIVELY. Lots of flying around and one can only guess how really intense it will get when they are in full uniforms and going at it full tilt. Coach B. commented early in the practice that this team is much more talented than the ones he observed two or three years ago. QB's taking snaps and running drills. #8 Mason Fine, who doesn't appear to be rehabbing any longer as he had none of the usual appliances that they attach to you for such things. He ran and threw like his old self. #19 Quinn Shanbour, looked as good as always....great release and right on target with most of his throws. He also was a bit quicker and faster than all the others out theres. #10, Cade Pearson. Looks pretty good for just being out of High School. Not near as good as Mason Fine did in last falls practice when he was just out of High School. He throws the ball adequately and runs OK. #11 Mitch Cason, so-so in both categories........And finally, the one everyone seems to have a football woody for #17 Devlin Isadore. He is certainly physically impressive (6'3" X 200+lbs). He was wearing a knee brace but he was going through all the same drills as the other QB's. He moved well for his size, but not as well as the other QB's, and his arm was strong, but I wouldn't call it a cannon. Now, some people will say "well when he finishes his rehab......", but that only improves the mobility issue. About half way through the practice when they were running pseudo-scrimmages and every QB was getting their turn, Coach B sauntered over to me and said "where is #16 from?". He pointed to Shanbour and I said, you mean #19?....."yes, that's who I mean". I told him where he came from and then he said "that guy can throw the ball.....and he can move too". So I decided to avail myself of his head coaching expertise and said 'what do you think of #17?. He semi-frowned and shook his head and said "he's not very good.....his throwing motion is too deliberate". And finally, #18 Devin O'Hara. Still rehabbing and spent the whole practice gingerly throwing the ball to another player (who also seemed to be rehabbing), as if he were throwing it to his five year old nephew. RB's #21 Nick Smith seemed to be the #1 guy. Every bit as quick and fast as Ivrey.....only he's a much more decisive runner. Lots of big plays when he got past the line of scrimmage. But the O-line was not exactly being much help today. #25 Andrew Tucker. Same as last year. Fast and elusive. #4 Anthony Wyche. Looking a bit faster/quicker than last year. Also a pretty decisive runner #46 Christian Hosley. Fast and very decisive. Doesn't go down with an arm tackle. If he gets better as he goes along, he should move past Wyche. Looks like we are going to be pretty deep this fall. If the young man from Louisiana comes in and is as good as expected, then we're pretty set at the position. WR's & TE's #8 Bussy, #88Pertile, and #9 Guyton (he looks taller than 6'1") all looked great. Rutherford and Smiley were also making big plays. #82, Mr. Griffin answered my main question "can he catch?".......yes he can. He made a great catch 20-30 yards down the field whilst twisting his body around and catching it over his head. But the back-ups #32,#34,#27,#84 all had a solid day. Smith #87 looked as solid as always, but Chumley #15 looked almost as good. It's a shame they wasted two years pretending he had a chance at QB. Having said that, I didn't notice if he was an effective blocker. That's all I got.
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    Arkstfan is a super smart guy and probably top of the food chain at Arky State for knowing what's going on. But he does seem emotional on this one. The whole Arky State crew wears a "you think you're better n me?" Trailer Park chip on their shoulders. It probably serves them well in a state so one sidedly dominated like Arkansas is. I've actually listened to their AD on his radio interviews and I'd take him here at Western in a minute as far as the way he fights for his school. Doesn't make him right in all of his assessments though. He's ran Western and Middle down many times over the last few years with his digs. As far as the way he handled this one. Let me paint a scene: Mojair out with his boys in a dusky bar. Sketchy looking bottle blonde at the bar but still the best looking broad in the place. Mojair makes his move as all the boys watch. Slowly walks back to the table subtly shaking his head no. One of his boys "well?". Mojair "probably a lesbian"
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    I still maintain the SuperPit does not need to be replaced any time soon.
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    First the guy wins the first dance off in Apogee with a prize of a trip to Bermuda, wherein they've since reduced it to like a buy twelve, get one half price coupon at What-a-burger. Now he wins the Seth Littrell signed football in this week's season ticket renewal drawing thing. What a jerk. I spit half-chewed cheesecake crumbs in his general direction. ^^^^Addressing the important things in the off-season^^^^
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    A very solid hire. It'll be nice to visit the Super Pit for a men's game once again. Rick
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    Just proves that sometimes losers do win. Which should give hope to all NT fans.
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    Congratulations to Ashley and Paul Macken on their marriage and for being the Talons' first customers this past Sunday for a new service offered to UNT Alumni utilizing the Mean Green Machine for special events. This is a very cool service imo and I hope as things progress the service area will expand. Call Tracy Frier at 940-565-2261 or email her at tracy.frier@unt.edu for prices and availability. Rick
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    Yes, he is a long time poster whose comments are usually intelligent and on point. However, understandably he is emotional on this topic, and has made some comments that are not going to be well received by a lot in the NT community. Not sure why he should be offered anymore respect than any other poster.
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    Geez Wren, could you please stop doing nothing!
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    I actually like having ArkStateFan around. I hope y'all don't run him off.
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    And EVERY real mean green fan would be ok with that...never understood how the prospect of a guy elevating our program is seen as a drawback
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    The inaugural gomeangreen.com Recruiter of the year award goes to Nate Brown! For his efforts in landing Cade Pearson, Makyle Sanders and Cameron Johnson. Also his activity on social media are the reasons we decided on Nate. He is a young coach with a bright future!
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    I love this hire. Young guy with DFW roots
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    From reading this board I'm not so sure they ever taught it.
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    MGB: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/03/friday-practice-report.html/
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    We should also hire Balado just for spite.
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    Very intelligent and well-articulated reasoning. I didn't understand the merits of keeping him on before, but I can definitely see his point of view. Time to move on now and trudge forward.
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    I think we'll all do our part to make sure this business succeeds: By drinking in the parking lot while talking about how much we love sushi, and then never going inside.
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    Ahhh yes. UNT does a couple of things like the big boys like flying a private plane to see facilities in person and getting serious about a practice facility and people here are upset. SMH
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    DRC: Benford, current and former players cite a host of factors why UNT's program fell apart, causing boosters, fans to walk away http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20170301-as-benford-nears-end-of-fifth-year-many-are-left-wondering-what-went-wrong.ece
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    I'm just disappointed at the timing of this announcement. There's still a week left in basketball season and it seems unfair to our student athletes to have to deal with this sort of distraction. Couldn't this wait?
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    As an alumn and fan, ....we're so damn gun shy from being eaten alive with zero accountability around here historically, that when reading this quote it nearly made me well up in tears. I pray it's an honest position and I think it truly is. Rick
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    We almost doubled the salary they could offer, and we are located in DFW vs. Jonesboogie while being in a better conference but A-State is the better job
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    Future news: Rhett Bito, Food Writer DRC: "Talk about this chef, he's pretty good right?" RV, Sushi Entrepreneur: "When I decided -- of my own accord -- to retire from Athletics, I had a list made up of the best young sushi chefs in the country. And boy you look at this guy and you think, he's special. I have an eye for this sort of thing. He was at SushiZushi for a while as a waiter, so I know he is in line for good things. Also he works cheap, which is the most important thing" Barry from GoEatMe, popular fan food forum and pod: "We all know how busy it can be running a restaurant and want to thank you for spending time with us." RV: "A lot of people don't know that behind the scenes we upgraded the kitchen. When I got here that kitchen was bad and we made many improvements there." Sushi90, sushi enthusiast: "I already hate it" RV: "There will always be a small vocal minority on Yelp or something, but we focus on the patrons here. We know that we have to make good food and then people will come. It won't happen overnight." Rhett Bito: "The year is 2021. It has been open a while" RV: "When I got here the kitchen was awful. We improved that. I've also gotten big tips from some people. People like to focus on the negative"
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    This is more proof that it's a down year for sushi fans across the country. You can't compare the number of people eating sushi on a year-over-year basis.
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    It's past time our women's soccer team took the next step, IMO. We shouldn't be satisfied with just winning our conference anymore.
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    DRC: http://beta.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2017/03/21/mccasland-vows-boost-unt-hoops-combs-still-considering-options
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    For what its worth,I really like this hire, and plan to purchase season tickets again. I had 2 floor seats for years but gave them up after Benford's first or second season.
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    So AAC champ is already out while CUSA champ is still playing? Seems about right.
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    I hate you all... But that Bahamas trip was pretty badass!!!
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    Great for Lance. Hopefully the Rams will utilize him out of the backfield more than the Cowboys and he stays healthy.
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    Hire Scott Cross as Associate Head Coach and that should get UNT90 to renew his tickets.
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    Very powerful opponent plus fatigue factor equals end of season. Congratulations Ladies, you represented us well and we're proud of you.
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    Personally, I will not believe any reports or accept any hires unless they are approved by UNT 90
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    MGB: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/02/unt-extends-series-with-smu.html/
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    Dale Hanson has been pushing the Ponies and Jankovich all year. At the same time he covered the McCasland hire as if it was an obligation and was totally dismissive, then he whined about Middle Tennessee busting his bracket and seemed shocked. Just one more reason for me to be happy about this loss.
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    I wouldn't hire a person to wipe my bottom if they listed any honor bestowed by a message board of any type on their CV.
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    The Dickey Roll comes with restaurant crayons regardless of the customer's age...because there is never a bad time to draw. If you order as part of a combo, it comes with a Diet Coke. Beware: some have complained that the Dickey Roll has given them the runs.
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    So I did a thing... We've all been talking about what we want in a track stadium to go south of the Warranch Tennis Pavilion, and started to worry about how much room there actually is there. So I screen-grabbed a bunch of places on Google Maps and overlaid them onto that piece of land. I got mad Photoshop skills, yo. Here is what it looks like with a track the same dimensions as the track around Fouts. We almost all know what it looks like, many of us have even run it. Here is what it looks like with the track layout from Mike Meyers Stadium at UT in Austin. That stadium has more rubber surface surrounding the track than Fouts. And here is Hayward Field in that spot. Hayward is longer and narrower than the Fouts track. Here's Hayward but laid out East/West. Here is the Darrell R. Dickey Football Practice Facility with TCU's 80 yard indoor field the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility, the turf from Apogee, the Argyle High School Indoor Activity Center, and UT-Austin's 100 yard with two full end zones Indoor Practice Facility "The Bubble", all shown for size comparison. I think where I put The Bubble is exactly where we should build ours. Here is the Mean Green Village with the UT Bubble where the Mean Green Soccer Stadium is. Note that a full 100 yard with two 10 yard deep end zones facility is significantly longer than the existing soccer field. And with TCU's Baugh Indoor. Which fits the space nicely. And the Argyle Indoor Activities Center. And just because, here's Disch-Falk Field if it were put north of Lovelace Stadium and close enough to share bathroom facilities. And here's Apogee inside of DKR.
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    My god. We're through the looking glass, people.