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    Mason Fine. I hope we all appreciate what we are watching and what is to come.
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    At the beginning of the school year, my kid took a Seth Littrell poster and hung it up in her dorm room. Other kids in the dorm were giving her a hard time about it, we're not here for football, blah, blah, blah. So she kept moving the poster to prominent places where they would see it. She hung it over the bathroom mirror, she would hang it from the ceiling above bunk beds. Yesterday, she took a whole stack of Seth Littrell posters (10ish of them) took god knows how many of those battle flags, a handful of pom-poms, and a couple of those things you cheer with and hung all of them in her dorm overnight. She also said several times that if she stays at UNT, she really, really wants to join the Mean Green Brigade (but that they really need to step up their marching routines) I like my kid.
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    Today, my daughter won a scholarship that renders TAMS 100% free ride. I'm not writing anymore checks. Soooo humblebrag. That given, if this team wins the CUSA championship game, I do hereby agree to upgrade my club seats one level up. So it shall be and so it has ever been, amen. You may hold me to this if it comes to fruition.
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    I don't want to name individual players. But, I would like to see the 2013 defense, with the 2017 offense and Littrell running the show.
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    Some good UNT football news after yesterday's blowout: I attend Milestone Church in Keller and it was baptism weekend and the first guy up looked familiar. Then they said his name was Riley. Sure enough it was Riley Dodge. It was pretty cool to see. Hope everyone has a good Sunday and week and hope the Mean Green can come back strong next week!
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    Down 21-7 with the ball on our 5. Jeffery Wilson got blasted in the end zone. Everyone in the stadium thought it was a safety. How he got out of it I don't know but he simply made his mind up that he wasn't going down. So he took on 3-4 defenders and got the ball out to the 3. If he goes down, it's 23-7 and they're getting the ball back. Instead we go 97 yards and take the momentum What an effort by Wilson. He is so special.
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    "The program has been set back years." So the program no longer exists?
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    Hello, it's Matthew again, and I just wanted to share my recent story on the secondary with the people who really care about the team. So if y'all haven't read it yet, here it is. http://ntdaily.com/bye-week-analysis-mean-green-secondary-not-living-up-to-high-expectations/
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    You need to slow your roll on the shame train buddy. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
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    So here we are. The Athletic Dept has done a great job promoting this game. There is buzz around the program. We're on the cusp of what could be a great season.... In my mind, yes we need this game to go to 3-0 in conference. But also and maybe more important in the big picture....we need to win this game and play well to keep this buzz going. If we're gonna have a big crowd...full of students and perhaps many that have never been or haven't been to Apogee in a while.....we have to give them a reason to keep coming back. The pressure is not only on this team to win a conference game. It's also on the team to keep the fan base growing. I've seen this so many times with this program. We get momentum, we get a crowd and then.....two steps back. If we don't take advantage of the promotion today. We could a step back. Come on guys. Put it ALL together today.
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    Throwing objects at UTSA players is uncalled for. Unless of course the objects are college applications. Then it's just helpful.
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    ...does anyone else find themselves still watching that last touchdown from Saturday night?
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    Fine, Guyton, Bussey, Lawrence, Darden, Chumley, Kelvin Smith, Nic Smith, and Evan Johnson all freshmen and sophomores
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    I’m honestly amazed at the quality of the graphics we’re getting. Also I have a feeling Mason is gonna throw that ball over those mountains to uncle Rico (Bussey)
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    You do know that UTSA losing against S. Miss and S. Miss winning are the same thing, right?
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2017/10/16/unt-picks-commitment-fromlogan-holgorsen
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    Mason said he didn't see Bussey catch it and didn't see him score. Said he threw the ball on blind faith that Bussey would be where he needed to be. Here is Mason letting go of the ball. Notice that Bussey is not really in sight of where Fine is looking. Notice the position of #99 and notice in the next frame where Bussey catches the ball. Here is where Bussey catches the ball. He has taken three to four steps from the time that Mason let go of the ball. Notice Mason already flat on his back with the defender on top of him. Just great, great stuff. Almost unstoppable when you have a QB and receivers on the same page and that have trust in each other. Keep in mind that Bussey catches the ball on the 19 yard line and still has to beat 2 defenders in the open field and gets a block by Guyton on a 3rd defender. Unbelievable.
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    1) I owe this team an apology. After staying in my seat until the end to see the "Miracle in The Desert", staying in my seat to see the improbable North Texas win in Lubbock in 1999, and staying in my seat til the bitter end of countless soul crushing losses...I walked out on my team after we failed on 4th down late in the fourth quarter. I had to listen from the parking lot as the PA guy announced our improbable final drive. That is gonna sting for a looooong time. 2) Jeff Wilson averaged 5.2 a carry...and had 16 carries. We should have given this man the rock more, especially when they were teeing off on Mason. They were clearly stacking the box so I know it woulda been tough sledding...maybe a few more "Dickey Draws"? 3) Guyton...8 catches for 182 and 2 TD's. The man is a star. 4) With that said, I really hope Tyler Wilson, Darden, Lawrence or Bussey emerge with a big time game soon. They are all doing a great job, I just want one of them to have the kind of game that makes opposing DC's lose sleep because they can't consider doubling Guyton. And, speaking of receivers, did Rutherford completely fall from grace? 5) The defense still needs to tighten up. Far too many UTSA conversions on 3rd and long. This has been an issue all season, and the game will come where Mason and the offense can't just outscore people. 6) We made mistakes that allowed them to stay in this game. Bad snaps led to missed extra points and killed drives. Without them we would have been down 2 late in the fourth and a field goal could have won it...so no need for that miracle drive. We also kept drives alive with penalties (one in particular was a complete BS pass interference). We also allowed a long pass where not one, not two, not three, but four North Texas defenders didn't bother to look back for the ball...and could have picked it off. And don't get me started on the UTSA fumbles that we recover if we just fall on te ball instead of trying to scoop it up. They are garbage and we let 'em off the hook! If you wanna crown their asses, crown 'em! 7) Watching their fans file out while being serenaded by our students chanting "It's a long 4 hour drive...down I-35" was strangely satisfying. Still... 8) It was depressing watching them file out of 50 yard line seats on our alumni side. We HAVE to do a better job of filling that stadium. That isn't on the AD, they put forth a great effort, this is on us. Each of us needs to do everything we can to entice friends, family, neighbors, disenchanted alums, and anyone else into that stadium. I even vote that the university declares the parking lot alcohol free beginning at kickoff. We need North Texas fans in those seats...this team is doing everything they can to make this season special and they deserve our support.
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    Okay, I’m not a big fan of band talk, but since I’ve dogged them for a few things on here, my conscience left me feeling like I needed to make a few comments (though not 100% positive). 1. Hey! The band wore their uniforms in 90+ degree heat! 2. Not a big fan of the caps in the halftime performance, but huge improvement over the camp counselor uniforms in previous weeks. 3. I liked the vocal tones of the new band announcer, but big fail with introducing the alma mater after the singing of it had already started. 4. I LOVED that they did NOT do the whole start/stop a song thingy in the 2nd half. THANK YOU!!!!! The band seemed to be paying attention and supporting the game. Great job. 5. I LOVED the band starting the NORTH/TEXAS chant. Seems more organic. Much better than the cheerleaders starting it or the too fast Mason Fine video on the scoreboard. 6. There seemed to be a big increase in the band playing to drown out the visiting offense. I like. Overall, the band gets a big fat +1 from me for last night’s game experience. Thank you Green Brigade.
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    It was intentional. ESPN and MSU were just flippant about it.
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    See, now this guy gets it. Waaay better than the Southern Miss guys merely calling us a community college: Just gonna point out there that the guy just publicly posted that he hates cUNT with a passion. Soooo...Friday nights in San Antonio. Prefer a good chorizo then?
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    If the season goes as it should from here on, we're gonna be talking about "The Drive" for a LONG time! If anyone questions Mason Fine again, it should be a perma-ban. Incredible toughness. There's a reason they call Mike Lawrence 'The Standard'. Incredible concentration on that sideline grab! Plus, Rico!!!!!!! Great Night! Go Mean Green!
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    Great game fellas. Intense game, I need to visit the freaking heart dr now.
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    ..all I can say is section after sections are filling admirably for a Game Week Wednesday. Our history for a significant Game of High Interest suggests walk up ticket sales on Game Day will be quite brisk this Saturday, but you can still get online to order or call 1-800-UNT-2366 to avoid those lines. I'm sure Will Call will be busy on Saturday. Took a walking tour of campus today & was just overwhelmed. The UNT Union is amazing. I ate lunch at what has been my favorite near campus place since 1972 when it was then located in the adjacent 7-11 building & that is the NEW YORK SUBWAY (or SUBHUB). Been ordering the same sandwich since '72 & that is a whole #3, cut the cheese but add all the other toppings; 1 bag of Lays potato chips, a dill pickle sliced down the middle & a medium tea. All that makes me one happy UNT alum & camper. GO MEAN GREEN! BEAT THE BEEP! BEEPS! GMG!
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    I agree. This team has presented a bucket of issues for us in the past. We had better come out and be extra crispy in our execution. This game could come down to Trevor Moore's leg, Wilson's strong thighs and packing loud fans into the wing.
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    Yes, the fans looking ahead somehow caused the players to look ahead. Talk about a false sense of importance.
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    Looks like it to me.
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    Honestly if you hate this program so much why do you stay here? Also: If your time is so valuable then why are you wasting it posting on a fan board?
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    Thought you guys would appreciate this screenshot
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    Yeah, their defense did look pretty pissed after the game...
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    Good Lord, they haven't played anyone yet and they are talking undefeated. The horse goes before the cart.
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    You’ve got two weeks to make plans to be the loudest and rowdiest MF’ers in Texas. The UTSA game is a bad blood “rivalry” and we need the students to be the advantage like they once were! If any of you read this I implore you to be the catalyst and get students butts in seats prior to kick and scream your ass off for four quarters!!
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    He is a system quarterback. We run the system where he throws the ball, the receivers catch it, and we score a bunch of points.
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    I stumbled apon the following label update that was approved by the TABC last month: The helmet is a very nice addition! http://www.texasbeerspot.com/texas-label-approvals-week-september-18-2017/
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    i don't care how we dress for the game as long as we win.
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    At the President’s Staff Sack Lunch just now in jest, paraphrasing: “We gotta keep them humble - they did just make it past community college status after all.” As soon as the live stream is done and posted, I’ll linknit here. Also addressed the ESPN/Sparty controversy. I love this guy. Grant McCasland now up. https://president.unt.edu/videos/sack-lunch
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    Don't care. Doesn't matter. Keep winning.
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    How does Rico get around that corner without any blockers and still stay in bounds? Wow! Guy made that play after a gutsy play by Fine. Light the Tower folks. This team is for real.
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    any orange should be covered in green for this game. on an off the field. :)
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    I'm in there so you better hide yo women!! I kid, unfortunately wont be making it to the game. You'r ladies are safe...
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    UTSA is viewed so highly by some and quite honestly, I don't understand. I've never made a post here, and quite frankly I didn't have an account until about an hour ago. I simply don't understand. I will post my observations, look for someone to help guide me in the direction of the masses. Please keep in mind this thread is NOT about UNT. Game 1: vs Baylor 17-10 win in Waco. Baylor lost to Liberty the week before, a LIberty team who posted 48 points on Baylor. LIberty is currently 3-2, with 2 losses to awful football programs. Game 2: vs Southern U 51-17 win in SA A very bad team who is 2-3, whom USM beat 45-0, not much of a note worthy win. Game 3: vs Texas State 44-14 win @ TX State A not so hot, sunbelt team whom is 1-4. None of their players have flashy stats through 3 games, no need for me to post them, but feel free to google them. What is the hype with this UTSA football team? When you look at the facts on paper it's nothing outstanding. They have only beat dreadful teams, with the exception of Tx State who is well if we are blunt, terrible. I simply don't understand. Help a fellow mean green fan out.
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    North Texas led almost the entire game, and you say UAB gave away the game? You have a funny way of thinking.
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    Congrats on the win! Your guys made the plays when you needed it. Go beat the Mustard Buzzards.