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    Threads often shift topics wildly, so I'd like to make one with a high level focus rather than a detail like baseball, uniforms, sushi etc. WB came in and "evaluated" the situation. In talking to him and looking at his public comments a major theme is being overlooked. It is very difficult to evalutate employees and programs when they haven't been given the tools to perform. Look at what WB said about Benford: essentially I am going to see if we can fix up a few things and give him some help then make a decision. They tried, it didn't work and they made a move. Grant is a tremendous hire. He has experience across multiple levels, winning at every stop and he has a great coaching staff around him. The team will take a huge step forward, some @ UNT I have spoken with think 18+ wins is the year 1 expectation. I think WB views everyone in AD department in this way, give them the tools and see what they can actually do once they have them. That is not a shortcoming it is the sign of a good leader. Ben and UNT90 are spot on that there were people underperforming in the department under RV, this is difficult to dispute. But were they underperforming more than our facilities, fundraising, AD leadership etc? Why were they underperforming? As some have pointed out that is a much more difficult question to answer. WB takes heat for "evaluating" and moving slowly, but if you look at things closely a big shift is already happening. The AD department has over 100 employees when coaching staffs are added in, but for simplicity let's call it 100. Already there has been a fairly large turnover over 20 people and probably closer to 30. There have also been multiple hires to senior roles. To me this sends a clear signal that everyone needs to step up their game or be replaced or be demoted. I like this type of management. Here is more money, more support, go hustle and win - if you don't someone is going to take your place. College athletics is a small world. You don't gain a lot by publicly announcing that all of your employees are a dumpster fire and then canning them before setting foot on campus. You not only look like a jerk, you lose respect of others in the atheltics landscape and it hurts your ability to recruite future talent. WB is taking actions, just because they are not incredibly public doesn't mean they aren't happening. A similar thing happened with the Denton campus as a whole. There are a lot of parralels: new leadership came in, fixed large fiscal and structural problems, started raising more money then began replacing people that needed to go with ones who were better fits. Most top positions in the school have been turned over. This did not happen instantly but just a few years later 8 of the 10 cabinet positions have been turned over. Finally, yes not everyone will always support all decisions but the negativity towards WB pisses me off a bit. His major hires (Mosley and Grant) look like home runs, and he has articulated a clear plan to his adminstration to secure more funding. The old AD never did this as simple as it sounds. The adminstration has in turn supported him, working collaborativley with athletics. He has negotiated better deals with vendors and contracts to fix merchandising shortcomings and to save money... the list goes on and on. Look if he flubs something up then by all means be critical of him, but aside from not instantly firing people that are generally disliked by some on this board I don't understand where the criticism is coming from. Building major facilites takes a bit of time, it is not an instant process. We finally have a solid AD, he is calculating and if there is a problem he will commit resources to step in and resolve it. He is building a deep team, gathering more resources, and hiring coaches who will win. He is also unifying major donors. Guys like CDS who were firm RV supporters are now supporting him publicly in the paper and folks like EK who lobbied hard to hire another AD candidate are behind him as well. I see the signs of leadership from WB and I am supporting the department for these reasons, both finanically and on this board.
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    Offense looked a lot better today I watched 4 series of 1s and 2s. Mason Fine is the starting QB, he looked really good today ball had some zip on it and he made several very nice deep throws two of which were dropped by Smiley. Greg White is going to be really really good for a long time here. OL as a whole looked a lot better, Murray missed a few blitz pick ups just needs to get his eyes up and know where his pressures coming from so he can get help. Starters LT Murray LG Woodworth C Barr RG Mose RT Mayfield Guyton starting to look more comfortable made a nice catch and run on 3rd down conversion Pirtle and Lawrence moved well today Fine had plenty of time most of the day I believe he was sacked once and had to throw it away once bc D sniffed the screen out. In a game I'm certain he would have run it and gotten some yards. We have a new package where Chumley plays TE and Smith serves as an H back to one side then the other side is two WR Guyton and Smiley org other WR. Looked solid and caused some alignment problems for the D. Defense caused two fumbles and returned one a long way, I could see if they scored nephew needed to use restroom. Isladore did not take a snap with 1/2s while I was there Nic Smith seems to have secured 2nd string RB dude can GO! Wilson was well Wilson, made some nasty cuts in the hole and bounced a few for long runs. Defense lost the day early not much pressure and Offense drove on them but they rebounded and got more pressure and turnovers as scrimmage went on. Last but but not least Miami Dolphins scout sat next to me for a little bit my nephew got a big time kick out of that.
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    Let me start by saying that I have not been in charge of an Athletic Department. However, I have led change for large companies from the C-suite. We have asked AD Baker to do the following (not a complete list, I know) Change the culture. Change the Strategy for the Department. Improve communications. Let’s start with the culture. While this is a top of the list item this will take the longest without a doubt. Culture is a crazy thing that many leaders talk about but few understand. As the CEO I can talk about the culture and provide the vision for the company, but it takes the leader with-in the company to make it happen. Leaders like Coach Hedlund and his staff who have an amazing winning culture with Women’s soccer (22 Straight winning seasons). Leaders like Coach Littrell and his staff who started last season with the goal for the team “to win our bowl game” in the first meeting. Fans and sports writers say stuff like the team has “bought in” the coaches philosophy. All this means is that the culture is starting to take hold. The Leaders need early wins to get the team to follow, this is easy. (New drills the team likes, new uniforms, new locker rooms, better food, ect…) the tipping point will come 2-3 years later when the wins are on the field and it is a result of the leaderships constant pressure to adhere to the new culture. I will argue to the end that the Leaders both Coaches and Players own the job of creating the culture, not the AD. The AD sets and communicates the vision. One cannot change strategy overnight. First you must understand the organization and goals of the ownership. I have it easy in that I have a small group of partners that I must understand, AD Baker must understand the goals of the Administration, BOD, and Donors all of whom have different opinions and agendas. It takes so long for several reasons. 1) Before I can say what needs to change I need to understand what is happening now. Seems easy if you have been following the Mean Green, but to someone who has not been around, one must look at the reasons behind where you are today. 2) I have to find out who is willing to change, this leads to the decision of who needs to be trained up and who is going to be managed out. 3) I have to listen to the team. If the team is not on board with the strategy then they will ensure it will fail. 4) I must keep the company running while working on the plan. It took me over a year to complete my 5-year plan and long-term strategy. I have been working on ensuring that my team understands it and has all of their questions answered before I go public because they will be the ones who make this work and communicate it to their team and public. ---- As far as strategic plans for facilities there are thousands of variables that all contribute to delays in the process. From assemblage (buying and combining plots of land) to permitting, to funding, to code changes that cause things get delayed. Personally I have seen it take over 2 years to get a plan approved. As far as improving communication, the Athletic Department is improving. I have been involved with North Texas since the 1990’s and the improvements in the last year are a step in the right direction. Is it perfect, NO, but compared to anything in the past we are flooded with information about the teams. I know this year for the first time that soccer camp has started and I further know that they took a pretty good run yesterday afternoon. I knew the same day that English broke his foot and will be out, I know the back story on Wilson, I know Arikawe set a personal best squat of 345 lbs, I even know who was elected to the hall of fame. There is still a long wat to go on our marketing and communication game but we are for once in my 25+ years improving our game instead of status quo. AD Baker is going about change in the correct way, even if some do not agree. Change is not easy in the real world. In fact it is what ends many promising careers. I am not saying that he should get 19 years of poor leadership and communication. But as one who has had to fight the battle I see him doing it correctly. Good leadership influences change, bad leadership forces it. AD Baker should be given time to create and execute his plan. While I know some what AD Baker to come on this site and lay it all out because you want to know, I can assure you AD Baker has communicated his vision clearly with the Coaches and Administration, and honestly that is what is important.
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    Not sure why anyone would applaud this series. I don't like this series at all. Unless the away guarantee game is dropped, NT has two OC fb division games every year and I believe NT should be able to find a better matchup than this. If you are going to schedule Belt teams, why not ULALA, ASU or TSSM, at least they are closer. If RV scheduled this series there would be howls from a lot of fans.
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    70 and 50 year old men calling each other millenials is just the absolute best.
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    How's it going, everyone? I'm an incoming transfer student at UNT and looking to get the most out of my two years here, especially within the athletics. Just curious if any of you have any advice on events to attend/sports traditions to be in tune with. I'm excited for the future of UNT football and doing everything I can to get as many students out to the games as possible.
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    Austin sucks at thread titles.
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    Can I be in some kind of weird, logical middle ground, where I don't allow myself to call anyone who hasn't coached a game here a "home run" or praise an AD one year in, while still feeling generally optimistic about the direction our program appears to be taking? I mean, I like our recent hires and our direction on paper, but without major strides, I'm not going to get a Wroner about anything yet.
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    I follow Hambone (LaDarius Hamilton for you old farts) on Snapchat and he has been posting about his workouts. He said that right now he is 260 pounds & 12% body fat whereas last year he was 20% body fat. That's a pretty good turn around so hopefully we'll see guys with better endurance and who are less injury prone.
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    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unt-east-side-ticket-package-tickets-36611960359 Here is the link for the East Oak Alumni ticket package. $75 for 6 home tickets, beer after each game, UNT alumni t shirt and shuttle to and from game.
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    Not really digging where they took the pic. Hopefully they'll show her how to get to Denton. The last guy seemed to have a problem finding it.
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    I found this old North Texas game day t-shirt a while back and forgot to post it. It made me laugh. It wouldn't fly in today's PC world but I don't care. It was against Oregon State right after our return to Division 1. We also won that game. Anyway, enjoy...
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    Offers from Bowling Green, Illinois, ULM, Midwestern, Prairie View, Welcome to UNT!
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    Good stuff. See you next week, Lonnie!
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    He made it on the field as a true freshman in the Big 12. I think he will be alright.
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    How can Tennessee's football coach hire Kendal Briles as OC at FAU?
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    I thought I was musing/wondering/suggesting rather than bitching. Are you one of those overly sensitive millennials that starts shouting "hater" every time someone offers a critical assessment aka critique? As someone who attended an institution of higher learning, you should have learned the difference. Yeah, I'm a real bitcher. That's why the young man who called me from the Ticket office a month ago couldn't stay on script because he was too busy laughing at my (self deprecating) comments. Aaannnd that's the last time I'll do any sort of explaining of myself to you.......or anyone else for that matter.
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    On a really nice tv I'm sure. Maybe on an ipad occasionally if she's traveling.
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    I ended up voting for UTSA because I just want to shut them up but I feel that us beating SMU would have a bigger impact on area recruitment but HELL...... beat both their asses!!
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    I don't understand how a win against SMU would do more for recruiting since we've lost more recruits to UTSA and we play in the same division as UTSA so a win against them could mean winning the division... Seems like a win against UTSA amidst a good season would do more. That said, the poll doesn't matter because we're beating both this year. GMG
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    She helped run a very large government organization with budgets that get funding cuts here and there and has had lots of political stake/spotlight on it. Pretty sure UNT politics will be a bit easier to handle.
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    Uh he's a safety, Harry. I'll see myself out.
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    🤔🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ I'll settle for free tailgate food 😁
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    I came away from the scrimmage feeling more like "meh" than anything else. Fine did tighten his grip on the QB spot, but at the risk of sounding like an apologist, Shanbour was not as far behind as some might have implied. Shanbour ran mostly with the 2nd team, and most of the drops that were mentioned in both Vito's and BG's summary were Shanbours passes. Two of them were perfect hits right in the chest of the WR's.......in tight coverage. One was knocked out by the DB, the other just bounced off the WR's chest (#85). I remember thinking that if Duhon (whom I call "Mr. Automatic") had been the receiver on both passes, they would have been completions. Fine got the best group of WR's to throw to, while it appeared that Shanbour was assigned to train the new guys. Also, if the "tag-you're-down" rule had not been in place, Shanbour would have gotten 2 TD runs......one of them would have been for about 60+ yards. IMHO all of the top three or four QB's should be given reps with the first team, and given basically the same plays to run. To me, that would create a better assessment situation. Pearson has potential, but I wouldn't say he oozes with it. Right now "Izzy" has more potential than him. But IMHO Pearson is the QB of the future.....in a year or so. He'll learn a lot playing behind Fine and Shanbour. l The RB's all looked pretty good today with Hosley (#46) fighting the hardest. Wilson looked a little quicker and a little "niftier" in some of his runs. For me that works better than his usual "whirling-dervish-battering-ram" style.......which ended up getting him hurt. I pretty much agree with all the assessments done on our WR corp.....including the new guys. The defense held their own today. And to my relief, they were toughest up the middle on running plays. The LB corp looked pretty good, with #41 in on a lot of plays. Fulp (#35) got my attention too. Lets be honest. If the offense was dominating the defense, everyone would moan. AND if the defense was doing all the dominating......everyone would moan. Our punting situation is.......worrisome. #93 got off the most consistently good punts in drills.......but still worrisome. And now to Chumley. It took two trainers to get him to the training table, and he was in so much initial pain that they had to stop once along the way. They didn't look at anything but his foot....not his ankle, and (thankfully) not his knee. When they DID do something (after they very carefully took his shoe off) they put an ice bag on the table and had him put his foot on top of it. Anyone with medical training can speculate on what that means. I really hate to see this happen. Chumley has found his place in this offense, and he needs to keep developing. Because he has the potential to turn into a very potent offensive weapon.
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    Baker checking this board would be the biggest waste of time i can imagine. Hell, us checking this board is generally a colossal waste of time.
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    The nickname keeps him away. He's been given the worst nickname ever on this GMG site which is an amazing feet considering some of the nicknames that have come through here over the years....
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    Hey look, we turned a fun, lighthearted topic into a b*tch-fest. That almost never happens!
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    Maybe Lincoln just needed to make some salary cap room for the next guy
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    Howdy MeanGreen family! It's John Schilleci again with another job post. So RV sales sucks, I was sitting in my office and quickly realized the job was too dishonest for me. A guy who wants to become a fire fighter and help people needs to be working a job that will better shape me for that. So I did just that,I am now a personal trainer for a new company called PerfectedBodies and I love it so far! Being told to lift heavy stuff and put it back down my whole life grew on me and became something I'm very passionate about. It's a wonderful feeling helping people push through difficult situations that improve there lives. If anyone wants to shed some body fat or get ripped for Mean Green tailgating and body paint, shoot me an email at Schilleci.OneMore@gmail.com or text me at (940) 465-9131. First session is free for all my MeanGreen fans. Can't wait to watch UNT dominate C/USA this year. #GMG God bless, John Schilleci
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    It's my daughter who's the good luck charm. Even during the Benford years, she's never seen a basketball loss. She starts at UNT in the fall, so I'm calling a 3 major sport sweep of the national championships.
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    Do kids like videos like that? Kids are dumb.
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    I mean, listen, we're talking about practice helmets, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice helmets.
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    Can't say much but he is working on several other guys who may be committed elsewhere.
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    They should let the players wear some sweet khaki shorts during the hot part of the year.
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    Connor Means was the player who absolutely stood out the most to me. He was always around the ball and in on tackles/sacks. He covered a wheel route that was a perfect throw and catch in the endzone even then he ran with a RB so I was pretty impressed. Quinetin Jackson- He has put on 10-15 pounds on muscle he looks like a legit D1 WR Caleb Chumley- Wow we got a D1 Tight End/H type kid who will help our offense tremendously, just gotta get him to go hard every play. Tre Siggers/Christian Hosley- Both made excellent cuts in the hole when they realized they couldn't run in the designed hole. Also both finished runs very very physically. Riley Mayfield- I may have missed one or two plays but I can't remember him whiffing on a block, can't say the same for his counterpart on the other side of the OL. Lastly our entire defense Reff had those boys stunting, shifting, blitzing from just about every spot on the field. We ran several trap coverages that should result in a few additional turnovers this season. I really like what we have going on defense. Mylam Peters looked good today and so did E.J. Ejiya. The defense is really moving fast, and I like it because our OL looked bad sure, but if they can pick up stunts and blitzes vs this defense then we should be fine going against our conference mates. Our young secondary guys looked good when they got their chance to play.
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    Another thread derailed, and I would argue that it is not because of people complaining about lack of offer lists, but because of people feeling the need to justify it. If you like the tape, you like the tape. If you like the pickup, you like the pickup. If you trust Littrell, then trust Littrell. Congrats to Keelan!
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    The tickets & parking passes came in this nice package.
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    an image of the jersey leaked early
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    As of now you must hate SMU
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    Since a Lamar degree does hang on my wall.... I hope we only beat them by 4 touchdowns (maybe 5)
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    The anger is not healty. Maybe you need to take a break and find another hobby that is less detrimental to your well being. You have to be crazy if you think anyone on this board is happy with the way things have been the last 20 years at UNT. Not me nor @Harrynor @GMG24not @BillySee58no one in there right mind would be happy about way things have been. But as disappointed as we have been about the past we can be optimistic about future. Yeah Seth hasn't been beating out P5 schools for recruits. But at the same time he has still been landing solid recruits in his first two classes. Name me one bust from his first two classes. You can because it's two damn early. And here is a fact I haven't said on board but I have mentioned it to guys off the board if Frank Wilson had came to UNT and Seth went to UTSA I still think UTSA would be beating us in recruiting. Because it's going to take years of winning to erase the past 3 decades of losing. uTSA is still young fresh. Yeah not winning history but at same time no losing. And as far as the AD department goes Wren is making HUGE strides. It takes time to make up for 15 years of mediocrity. If you expected him to come in. Fire everyone in house. Build an IPF. Sell out Apogee. Win conference title. Move to big 12 all in first 12 months on job you are out of your damn mind. Yeah I am not trying to pump rainbows and sunshine but I will say North Texas is trending up and it's best days are ahead. You can be disappointed with past failures Without reminding us every thread. GMG
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    1. UTSA 2. Ole' Miss 3. North Texas