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    We can talk about poor recruiting and needing a new DC but lets not forget what a great season we had. Conference West Title and another bowl berth. But I think what could help more than anything in recruiting is being able to say we were not only the top G5 in Texas but also better records than any G5 from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. North Texas 9-5 Houston 7-5 SMU 7-6 Louisiana Tech 7-6 Arkansas State 7-5 NMSU 6-6 UTSA 6-5 Louisiana Lafayette 5-7 Tulane 5-7 Louisiana Monroe 4-8 New Mexico 3-9 Texas State 2-10 Tulsa 2-10 RIce 1-11 UTEP 0-12
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    I’d take 9 Win seasons for the next 10 years
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    This is a team that two years ago went 1-15. They're still undersized and slower than most FBS programs. Yet we won nine games with delicious last second wins against UAB, UTSA (who didn't go bowling because F those guys), and Army. We got rid of the thugs. No arrests this year. We played clean. We have scholar athletes, and isn't that what this is really about? STUDENT/athlete? We have that in spades. Seth Littrell has brought national attention to our program. It hurts that we lost today, but I saw us run the table at home against some great competition with classy STUDENT/athletes in Apogee. Thank you Mean Green players and coaching staff. I'm proud of all of you to a man. I'm proud to share my alma mater with each and every one of you.
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    Dodge was a "Hail Mary" hire that no other fb program would have likely picked as a head coach. Only a completely incompetent AD would have added to that decision with allowing him to bring basically a high school staff with him. That being said, Dodge was a pretty good offensive coach and recruiter by NT standards at that point. He also demonstrated he was a man of high character and I never heard him complain or blame anybody but himself. If he wants to try the college game, I can't think of a better situation than the above rumor. He wouldn't have to move and if it doesn't work out, he can always find another high school gig.
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    I really like what Dykes has done so far with the Ponies. Hope it continues into next year.
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    I hope everyone is with their family today and tomorrow. Christmas is exactly the time to be surrounded by people you love and that love you. If being together physically is impossible then call and visit and get together soon. I wish for all my Mean Green friends good health in the coming year. The older I get the more clear good health becomes. And that common denominator we share here. A great Mean Green season. As good as I've heard you have all been I expect us to be rewarded beginning in September. MERRY CHRISTMAS GO MEAN GREEN
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    A Look at what we have right now. It looks like we have about 5 to 8 scholarships left to play with. Quarterbacks Returning Mason Fine Jr Quinn Shanbour Sr Waiting in the Wings Cade Pearson R Fr Jason Bean Fr Kason Martin Fr (Spoiler alert we will add another QB to the Quarterback room before spring. I got a feeling it will be a big one too.) Running Backs Returning Evan Johnson So Nic Smith Rs So Ready to Contribute Christian Hosley Jr Loren Easly RS Jr Tre Siggers RS Fr Deandre Torrey So (Breakout player IMO) (X and Z) Wide Receivers Returning O'Keeron Rutherford RS Sr Jalen Guyton RS Jr Rico Bussey Jr Quinetin Jackson RS Sr. Jason Pirtle RS So Waiting to Contribute Greg Craddock RS So Greg White RS Fr Austin Ogunimakin Fr (A) Wide Receivers Returning Michael Lawrence Jr Jaelon Darden So Ready to Contribute Keegan Brewer RS So (Kansas Transfer) Connor Howard So Daniel Khan RS Sr Kam Duhon RS So Kerry Hall RS So Deion Hair-Griffin RS So Waiting in the Wings Justin Cain RS Fr Montana Meador RS Fr (Y) Wide Receivers Returners Caleb Chumley RS Jr Kelvin Smith RS Jr Jamie King Sr Offensive Tackles Jordan Murray Sr Riley Mayfield (Trying to get medical redshirt) Waiting in the Wings Chett Munden RS Jr Jacob Brammer RS Fr Chandler Anthony RS So Brian Parish RS Fr Cole Brown Fr Offensive Guard Returning Elex Woodworth RS Jr Chris Miles RS Sr Waiting in the WIngs Jevin Pahinui RS Jr Manase Mose RS Fr Brendon Weatherspoon RS Fr Doro Omerhi RS So Jordan Redfern Fr Centers Returning Sosaia Mose RS Jr Creighton Barr Sr Waiting in the WIngs Dakoda Newman RS Fr Defensive Line Returning Roderick Young Sr LaDarius Hamilton Jr Ulaiasi Tauaalo RS Sr Tony Krasniqi So Dion Novil So Ready to Contribute Bryce English RS Jr R.J. Reynolds RS Fr Dayton LeBlanc Fr Darrian McMillan Jr Josh Sa'afi Jr Linebackers Returning E.J. Ejiya RS Sr Brandon Garner RS Sr Joe Ozougwu RS So Ready to Contribute Kody Fulp RS Fr Hayden Harrison RS So Stephon Primous RS JR Chris Thornton RS Fr William LeMasters RS Jr Corey Mann RS So Waiting in the WIngs Larry Nixon III Jordan Hunt Nickel Returning Ashton Preston Sr Cornerbacks Returning Nate Brooks Sr Kemon Hall Sr Jameel Moore Jr Cedric Fernandes RS Sr Andrew Jones RS Sr Ready to Contribute Jordan Roberts RS Fr Cason Clay RS Fr Cam Johnson So Safeties Returning Khairi Muhammad Jr Makyle Sanders So Tyreke Davis So Taylor Robinson RS Jr Ready to Contribute Keelan Crosby Fr Kevyon "KD" Davis Fr Jaxon Gibbs Fr Reggie Williams Fr
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    Wether you are an alumn, a student, a player or staff member these bowl games are one more chance for friends and family to get together and make lasting memories you'll cherish forever. Friday night with many friends new and old in front of Fritzel's bar where Stebo ate the crow I prepared for him back in 2001. Some I haven't seen since our last trip down. So good to see y'all again for another great memory. Hope everyone got home safe and sound. Rick
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    I don't really buy this argument. Not once have they interviewed Kiffin and said, "here's proof that good football is played in CUSA." They treat him as if he's an outlier, a visitor to our lowly brand of football...as if this is a pit stop until he can return to the bourgeoisie.
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    I'm going to predict that nobody in the NCAA has the stones to make that call.
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    A friend saw this on Twitter and sent it to me. Who's printing the shirts? Let off-season thread topics begin... GMG!
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    He played a hell of a game. I noticed something about him. He was hitting the hell out of Troy, but every time he did, he picked his fallen opponent up after the play. Class act. Proud to have him in green.
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    I know y’all love to hate on Dodge. Out of boredom the other day I went and looked at the seasons. Many, many 7 point or less losses. Lots of bad luck for TD. He was a good recruiter for sure. He knows QBs and offense. Let your hatred of the guy go.
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    NT 72 --------------- UTSA 71 Final
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    I'm amazed that some of you have such in depth knowledge of the bowl selection process. Your insider knowledge is imprressive.
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    Everybody needs a safety school. After all, that's where you ended up after failing out of NT.
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    A lot of good work done by him, but time to bring in a HS relations guy who can really take us to the next level with his connections. IMO make this position 90-95K a year and watch the HS coaches flock to it. Hell I'd do it and drive all over the state and into LA etc for 65 a year.
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    I can't understand why some on here get so angry about differing opinions. We are not a collection of robots. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone is entitled to agree or disagree. We should be able to do that without name calling or getting ugly with each other. After a season where our Mean Green produced at a level few believed possible, we should be able to have constructive conversations about the direction our program is headed, or at least ignore the opinions we don't embrace. It tiring watching thread after thread get locked. Instead of arguing about a football season that has ended, lets focus on basketball. Both our Men's and Women's teams are doing well. Can't we all focus on supporting them?
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    I hate to disappoint everyone, but I checked with @BTG_Fan1 and it appears we are actually 0-2 in conference play. Can't argue with logic?
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    UNT Basketball slowly be like:
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    this coming from the same person who said this year will be a step back from the previous, Fine is no good......credibility issues at paly here...
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    No, this is what happens when you keep things locked tight and behind closed doors until the last minute. Most institutions affected in this way will not yet of had the time to process this and respond. Even a majority of senators when probed on their positive indications towards particular provisions admitted to not having read the bill and were just trusting leadership. Yikes, man, yikes.
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    Apologies if its been mentioned, but one of the few brights spots in the NO bowl for us was special teams in all areas, but especially kick coverages and returns. Quite an improvement for a group that was getting destroyed earlier in the year.
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    I agree. They should have pulled him the moment they realized his O-line and defense couldn't keep him in this game. So, right around Sep 1 would have been appropriate
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    At the end of the day, very few predicted a nine-win regular season. Even less predicted a run at the conference championship game. These team exceeded our expectations going into the season and now a lot of us are guilty of forgetting that we were still a bad team last year, and horrific the year before that. I, as well, was not a fan of going back to New Orleans. Probably more selfish reasons (graduated today) than the beliefs held by the alumnus on this board. We got our asses handed to us by Troy. It's ugly because we were supposed to be better than the Sun Belt, but let's not discredit Troy. They are a great team and conference champion of the "lowly" Sun Belt is nothing to scoff at. We have Mason Fine and Jalen Guyton for two more years. Nic Smith is going to be a great replacement for Jeff Wilson. This defense has nowhere to go but up. Yes, today sucked. But there will be even better times ahead for this team. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of my complimentary season tickets that every graduate was offered today in 2018. We have a great chance to start the year 2-0 and 3-1 heading into C-USA play. We will be back again even better next year. From this new North Texas alum, I'm still proud of the effort this team put into the season, and I am excited to continue cheering them on. GMG!
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    And the pessimistic whining never stops around here.
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    There is one obvious solution. #apogeedome
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    I cannot stand the players who sit out Bowl games to "not risk" themselves for the upcoming draft. CBS just interviewed the Defensive star for NC State - not about the team (still loves them) but "looking out for himself" I know others might disagree but this is not one of the good things.
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    You root for G5, not necessarily for UCF. A UCF win is valuable in that it invalidates the "G5 team X doesn't belong in this bowl game because they can't compete with the big boys" argument. Only when G5's CONSISTENTLY win these matchups will the casual fan demand an end to the monopoly.
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    In-person reports from the game sound hilarious:
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    post the kids here as the paper work rolls in.
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    we got him Also, the staff is retweeting the heck out of his video as well.
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    http://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/468/p3 Like I said in another post, it's a wonder Chief was able to walk away from yesterday's game at all. An amazing testament to just how tough of a player he is. Defensively.....we are the second lowest ranked team with 9 or more wins...(Memphis is ranked lower). Here is where our defense ranks. Pass Defense........#74 Run Defense..........#103 Scoring Defense....#110 Total Defense.........#95 This must change in order to win a championship. Rick
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    Offense: QB: Fine, Shanbour, Pearson (RS comes off). We're doing just FINE here. RB: Smith, Johnson, Torrey (JUCO), & Siggers? (RS comes off). Nic Smith should continue the run of fantastic RBs we've had. WR: Turner Smiley is literally the only guy we're losing. And, although he contributed quite a bit this season, we should see improvement at WR since all of these guys will now be in year 2/3 of the system. TE: Smith/Chumley return, and will be another year deeper in the system. OL: We'll have to replace the right side of the line - Mayfield at RT & Henson at RG. We also lose a little depth with Gunter. I'd expect Manase Mose to step right in at Henson's spot, unless Carroll, the kid from Waco, is the real deal as a true Freshman. I think the RT spot is wide open. Murray needs to be "pushed" during Spring/Fall practice for his spot, even though he's a Senior. I think Woodworth's spot is solid. We'll see if Barr can work his way back to starting C in the Spring/Fall. Otherwise, I would expect to see the Mose brothers starting side by side next year. Defense: DL: We're losing a LOT here. Captain Andy Flusche & Tillman Johnson were contributing at a high level here. Luckily, we'll have English ready to go (hopefully with an additional year of eligibility), so we can slide Young over to play Flusche's spot, with Hamilton on the other side. VERY THIN here though unless Krasniqi & Novil continue to improve. LB: The thinnest of our position group in 2017 will be hit hard by losing Wheeler & McDonald. Ejiya returns & Garner returns. Gotta hope RS Cody Fulp is ready to step up & that we get some D1-ready help out of the JUCO ranks. JoJo will be forced to fill Wheeler's shoes... a tall order. DB: Losing McClain & Jenkins, along with solid depth in Baulkman. Time for Sanders to step up to replace McClain, & Muhammad will need to be ready to lead. Need Brooks to figure out how to play to his ability while staying disciplined in his assignments. Glad Hall is returning & I hope Cam Johnson is ready to contribute as well (he didn't take a redshirt as he was a ST's contributor). Maybe not as detailed as you'd like, but a pretty high-level overview... EDIT: How could I forget Trevor Moore? Good luck trying to replace that guy. We've been spoiled at the Kicking spot over the past 4 years.
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    The new tradition I want to see is winning football seasons with average attendance at 80% or higher of capacity.
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    Next season we open up against SMU @ home on 9/1/18. We all knew Courtland Sutton would be gone to the draft after we played them this season. The next development happened a couple weeks ago when Chad Morris left SMU to be the HC @ Arkansas. A lot of the SMU players wanted interim HC Traylor to be the new HC. Administration went against that and chose to hire TCU analyst and former Cal HC Sonny Dykes. In their bowl game, they were absolutely slaughtered by LA Tech. Then yesterday, @Brett Vito posted about SMU’s #2 WR Trey Quinn declaring for the draft. So next year SMU will have a different HC & be without their top 2 receivers from this season who did almost all of the work. I like our odds with a junior Mason Fine.
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    Last year: Brad Davis to Florida February 4th. http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports/2017/02/04/florida-hires-unt-assistant-davis Derrick LeBlanc to Kentucky February 15th. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/kentucky/2017/02/15/uk-officially-hires-derrick-leblanc-defensive-line-coach/97959300/ Mike Ekeler to North Carolina February 24th. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2017/02/24/unc-hires-unts-ekeler-as-linebackers-coach/ We're nowhere near out of the woods regarding our assistants being raided.
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    We may win a CUSA title with Bean or Martin, but it won't be our 1st...no way The Chief allows himself to walk out of here without a ring
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    No one can make anyone be a fan, but I really don't understand your view. If you were a fan in the past, why let a questionable decision to allow Benford an extra year deprive you of seeing the best NT basketball in decades. No the team isn't yet as good as some of Jones' best, but McCasland is a far superior coach than Jones. You are also not likely to see any team consistently play any harder. If you like NT and college basketball, I don't understand a boycott against a program that is currently doing almost everything right. I assume you are not a football fan because you had to quit when Dodge was hired or McCarney given an contract extension. Both of those bad decisions dwarf how many years Benford was allowed. Even worse was the hiring of RV and allowing him a 15 year career with NT.
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    Home openers you would think would have the greatest freshman student attendance. That means it's really important to get that W. For a freshman, a win or a loss could be the difference between going to every home game or saying "meh" to the team. I should know. My first home game at Apogee was a 43-6 pony slaughter.
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    You can never have enough DT’s
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    Remember what it was liks to beat La Tech this year? SMU doesn't
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    I would say no until Seth stops getting beat by 50.....
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    When I think of the many times we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, I have to smile about this season. Every dog has his day.....2017 was ours.
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    The Game You can’t turn the ball over that many times and win. The refs were horrible. I lost my voice yelling at those non-pass interference calls. The team was competitive against a much physically larger team. Game Day Experience The meet up at Borgne was fun. We need to do more stuff like this. I loved that the restaurant was packed with green. We need to be able to do something like that at every away game. I really like that they had Bowl game beads. One thing I would suggest for anyone who’s connected with the alumni association, add a 50/50 raffle. You’ve got a packed room that wants to support the program. Capitalize on this type of momentum. (At the Saints game the next day they grossed over 200k for a raffle). Bowl Atmosphere It was cool seeing people out in green all weekend. We need a cooler greeting than just saying “caw” at each other. I wish more fans and specifically more students would have attended. Teams that travel well, get bigger, better bowl games. Bowl City I wish the weather was better. It was awesome on Sunday, it was just kind of cold on Friday & Saturday. The Bourbon Street construction was a bummer. The city and locals were more friendly and aware of the Bowl than those early 2000’s games. Overall Wife and I had fun. Got to go to one of the best cities in the world and see my team play in an NFL stadium. For future bowls (and I really believe this team will be going to future bowls) we should try to alternate between a local bowl and travel bowl every other year, with New Orleans as a destination every other away Bowl. Go Mean Green!