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    UNT whooped us tonight. Whether we cared, why should UNT care about a game like this either? They showed you have talent and I wish you luck next season. Go Mean Green who have always been one of my favorite mascots in the nation.
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    Some additional observations: 1. Fine was razor sharp. Hitting all his throws. Touch-fade routes, fly routes, cross routes, whatever... nailing his receivers every time. He and Shanbour were having fun out there. Jumping/running around, headbutting guys, yelling... just clowning when they weren't on the ball. 2. As stated above, 3 kickers were out there. I know when it's 33 degrees outside, it's like kicking a football-shaped rock, but that was not bothering Hedlund nearly as much as it was bothering the other 2 dudes. He was even wearing #30. I had to double-check the roster to make sure Moore wasn't still out there. Williams was struggling. 3. DL was really working out there. 1st team appeared to be: Hambone/Tauaalo/Young. Young was playing 3 or 4 technique all practice. No reps at the nose from what I saw. It looks like they want to keep him out there this season instead of him playing the nose. Dayton LeBlanc looks the part, but he was huffing/puffing pretty bad out there. To be expected I suppose for a dude who should be getting ready for his Sr Prom. Strength/Nutrition programs will get him ready to go. He could be a contributor this year like Novil/Krasniqi were last year. 4. 1st team OL appeared to be: Murray/Woodworth/SMose/MMose/Mayfield (just as yours-truly predicted!). We'll see if that line sticks. Coach Littrell brought up moving guys around... said Woodworth may even be moved to RT if Mayfield doesn't get his extra year of eligibility. Sounds like he wanted Preston at Guard to take Henson's spot. Barr was out there, but as far as I could see, he wasnt even getting reps with the 2nd team. 5. WR's... oh man!! All of them looked VERY good. Didn't matter who was throwing to them. Good to see White back out there again. I think he'll be a nice contributor. He and the 2 incoming freshmen will be duelling for Smiley's reps. Got to chat with Rico Bussey's dad. Great dude. Kelvin Smith looked good. Chumley was out there, but not participating... injured? 6. Didn't watch the DBs or LBs as much as I wanted, but watching Brooks man-to-man on Guyton made for some great entertainment. Both guys going hard. Both making nice plays. It was hard for Guyton to get separation from Brooks. 7. The RBs looked good. I forgot Torrey was already on campus, so I didn't get many looks at him. He was out there though, but he must not have wow'd me or I would have had to look up his #. Surprisingly, I thought Wyche looked good! Nic Smith picking up right where he left off. I got to chat with Coach Choice a little afterward. Infectious guy. So glad he's on the staff. Having these young guys with fairly-recent NFL experience on staff is HUGE for us in the recruiting game. Was very excited about Garrison Johnson visiting. He was almost drooling over the guy's size.
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    Sounds like the end of money games is in our very near future.
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    Call me a negative nellie, but $50,000 for basically an extra exhibition game or two? I'd rather them spend that money on private free throw lessons.
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    Here's to all you anti athletics dolts who want to keep NT down:
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    Yet ANOTHER sign that this is not the same ol' North Texas and that progress is upon us. It may not be as fast as some (all) would like to see, but only a fool would deny the good things happening over the last few years* *Cue those exact fools in 3...2...1...
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    I think it's a trucking company. I can't be sure though.
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    The road team also kicked ass.
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    Okay, here are my observations. First all, Guyton (#9) and Fine were hooking up on some good plays early in the practice. The second half was completely different. Guyton would go one way and Fine's passes would go another. Very strange. #9 on defense stayed with him all day long. Rutherford caught three balls in a row at one time during the practice. Unusually consistent for him. Duhon (#89) caught a couple of good throws. Brewer (#18, transfer from Kansas) was having a great day. Several great mid-distance catches and some yards after the catches. And one TD grab of 50 yards or so when he got behind the defense and caught the ball fully stretched out almost on the tips of his fingers. This guy wants to be in the two deep.....and might make it if he keeps this up. Torry (#29) still looks very dangerous. He's is very fast and quick......and he's pretty strong. Smith (#21) looked okay. In one of the best defensive plays in the scrimmage, he got nailed in the backfield by #22 after he took a handoff and went about three steps. A couple of DB's were able to tackle Darden (#84) one-on-one on two or three occasions. That's encouraging because tackling opposing WR's in space was a problem last year. Get this, they actually wrapped him up! On one occasion, a group of five defensive players ganged up on Brewer and brought him down.....finally. And now the answer to my question regarding the presence of a power runner on the team. A week or so, I wondered if SFA transfer Easley (#23 on your program) was a speed back or a power back. Turns out he's both. Easley switched to #27 and came in and made some very impressive power runs in traffic......great moves and great power. Then he took a handoff and took it to the house for about a 50 yard TD run. I feel pretty good about our RB situation. Fine and Pearson look......okay. Martin (#17) looked.....well.....like he is fresh out of High School. I don't think Pearson is worried.
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    Did the author really reference "In-N-Out-Burger" when stating why Denton/UNT is a good draw? And then later claims In-N-Out is no Shake Shack! MF'er lost me right there.
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    He is very interested in UNT. He will be visiting UNT again the week. Should announce soon. Is coming in as a walk on or potentially a blue shirt.
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    Well, thanks for the plug...but I think you mean MIKE Miller!
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    South Dakota is a quality program. A look at their schedule reveals the following: Lost by 5 at TCU. Beat Southern Miss by 13 Played Duke tough before losing 96-80 on the road. Lost by 3 at UCLA. Only lost 2 home games all year. We beat them by 13 on their home court. Quality win. Oh, and a shout out to the officials. That was a well called game. CUSA officials could learn a thing or two from them.
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    Yes...they will be adding to the back side against the hill and will pretty much double capacity...a stage will be added for music, etc. as well...new furniture. However...this new area...to be named the Diamond Eagle Family Area (or something like that to honor the donors) will not be completely covered. It will have shade type covering if the drawings are any indication. It is great that the music will be moved to that area...providing more space on the original patio and a bit less blasting to ears enjoying that area. This is really great news...and this project was, in my opinion, by far, the best of the projects presented. It won with a pretty decent margin as I understand how it came out. FYI...the Diamond Eagle, in case you do not know, are a group of donors donating a minimum of $1000 annually to support worthy projects around the UNT campus. This was our first year. The part that "hooked me" and made me pony up, is that fact that we get to pick where our donations go on an annual basis. Areas of campus are encouraged to submit project ideas for consideration. I believe five will be presented to the Diamond Eagles for discussion, consideration and a vote. Winner take all! There were two functions this last year. The first to unveil the projects under consideration and the second to announce the winner. Really nice events. The idea was formed by Debbie Smatresk and moved along with the help of some great volunteers. It really is a diverse and interesting group. At the unveil I met and talked for a good while with Daisy Rogers (widow of the late great Bob Rogers). Daisy is now 96 years old. And I can tell you, it was fascinating talking with he for about 45 minutes. Oh, the stories she can tell. She has lived through them. So much fun. She was sitting alone, so I just walked up, introduced myself and we went from there. If anyone is interested in joining or thinking about joining the Diamond Eagles let me know. You will definitely be making a difference at UNT and you will be voting on where your donations go...exactly where they go. Fingers crossed that the new expansion will be ready for the SMU game this September 1st! You never know...could happen. I am just hoping it does not take as long as the new ticket facility being constructed at the Super Pit! Ha!
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    So glad this passed. But it does not mean that the Alumni can cut back on their donations to Mean Green Athletics. We need to do our part.
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    New lighting for the weight room! (dungeon is gone).Will also be removing the glass blocks and wood doors on the north side. Will be adding glass and glass doors so you will be able to see the deck and stadium from the weight room. Paint and graphics also on the way! GMG
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    in the spirit of the moment, wife and I have booked a hotel room in frisco, about 25 miles from the house. I went on rant about "if we expect the kids to stay for 4 days, then we should do the same, it's called Karma, and it can be a bitch". Plus I figure hotel a couple of nights< expense for dui defense, Yeah, I know uber goes to where I live, but we need a sta cay.
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    http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/ntex-m-footbl-mtt.html Lots of new names, and a lot of weight changes. Interesting new names/Developments: Nicholas Pichon DL 6'3" 297 Dion Novil DL 6'4" 266(was 240 last year) Tuulau Saafi 6'3" 280(was 272 when he came in) OUR ENTIRE LB CORPS basically put on 10+ pounds. Also worth noting Jamie King was moved from TE to LB Sosaia Mose 6'2" 305(Listed at 276 last year) Dakoda Newman 6'3" 288(Listed at 323 as a true freshman) Those are just a few that I noticed. The Strength and Conditioning/Nutrition staff put in work during the offseason.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/02/19/breaking-news-unt-students-approve-athletic-fee-increase
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    Guys, one on one routes are a joke. QB has all day to throw with no OL getting pressured into him. Not saying they don't time them, but it's ridiculous. Also. Mark this down, Cam Johnson and Nate Brooks both end up all conference corners. They've both got ability out of this world. Here's to hoping ole Nate can get them right.
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    She has been googled long ago.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/09/friday-unt-practice-notes-observations
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    Biggest game in the history of Western Civilization.
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    We cannot hold him to account for the sins of his father.
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    Nice article on Kelvin. Mr. Versatility
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/02/26/change-plans-opens-opportunity-junior-college-running-back-torrey
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    https://athlonsports.com/college-football/ranking-all-130-college-football-teams Only FAU is higher in the conference, and they have us ahead of a lot of other G5 teams. Gotta keep the momentum up. Anything short of 8 wins is a step back.
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    Biggest since Meteor vs. Dinosaur.
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    Did I hear that correctly? Tonight was only their second loss at home all season. Like my Polish friend says, tough schitski.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/14/unt-picks-commitment-san-antonio-wagner-guard
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    I see a chance for these kids to go on the road in the post-season and play in a one-and-done environment. Then they all return next year and want more. This doesn't benefit the program? Someone explain that.
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    Apparently, I'm in the minority in thinking this is money well spent. This program needs to begin to set a culture where postseason action is the expectation. The 5 win 2016 football season ended with an academic-driven HOD Bowl invite, but I think we all saw how beneficial that was for Littrell and his staff to support their culture change with the players. I see similarities with the CBI - especially if we can make a run
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    The softball team appreciates your support.
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    The team is 4 players short of being at the top of CUSA. The fact there is only one player that can score (Smart) makes the record commendable. Woolridge would be fine if surrounded with 3 other threats (besides Smart). The fact Draper gets heavy minutes tells you all you need to know, He is a liability everywhere especially defense except for he can hit an open three. He'd be a good 6th man on a great team ala Tim Duryea from back in the day. The interior defense and athleticism of the team is way behind the top teams in the league. McCaslands 1st season reminds me of Litrells. He took a terrible team and made them competitive by figuring out strengths and weaknesses and getting buyin. Exactly what a good coach would do, but it caught up to both of them at the end of their 1st season. The main difference though is McCasland was able to change over half his team and doesn't have many scholarships to give to make an improvement. If he can recruit he can challenge at the top. That's the next step. Sounds familiar.
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    Most younger folks don't remember it but TCU was once just horrible in athletics - especially football. Dennis Franchione got it turned around before leaving for Alabama and Gary Patterson has kept it going since then. What some of the old time administrators at TCU will tell you is that once they started winning in football the number of kids applying to go to school at TCU went up and the ACT or SAT scores of the applicants went up. People who do not like athletics will tell you that this was just a coincidence but the people who were at TCU at that time strongly disagree. They will tell you that the positive publicity that they got from athletics had a very positive result for the school that continues to this day. The author of this article was probably in diapers when this occurred and has no idea about this type of thing at TCU - or anywhere else for that matter. Too bad..........
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    I caught up with the hard hitting 2019 Mean Green football prospect Bryce Robinson, fresh off his participation in UNT's annual 2018 Junior Day. Robinson, listed at 6-2, 230, received a scholarship offer at the camp, and is listed as the 40th best inside linebacker in the state per 247 Sports. He hails from Sachse, Texas (Sachse HS) and was a 1st team 10-6A all-district selection last season as a junior. Robinson contributed an impressive 115 tackles last season in a very competitive district. Prior to the UNT offer, he held 2 offers from ULM and McNeese State. UNT defensive coordinator Troy Reffett is his primary recruiter. Robinson had a great meeting with Coach Reffett and Coach Littrell in Littrell's office after the camp at which time they extended him a full scholarship offer. He described his meeting with the coaches as a “big one”, adding “I could definitely see myself playing at North Texas for 4 years". Bryce Robinson Quick Hits Q: What stood out most about the trip to New Denton? A: The Facilities and the energy of the coaching staff during practice. You could tell the staff really cared. Q: What other schools are you hearing from? A: ULM, UTSA, Baylor and Colorado. Q: Any other visits planned? A: I have a visit to ULM (Monroe) next weekend. 247 link: https://247sports.com/Player/Bryce-Robinson-46052767 Hudl link: https://www.hudl.com/profile/5530142/Bryce-Robinson
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    DRC: Smart nearly saw his career come to an end before receiving second chance at New Mexico JC http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/05/every-rose-thorns-tough-journey-leads-smart-perfect-spot-unt
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    One can get kicked out of Texas for dissing What-A-Burger. Damn near treason.
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    Just got my annual letter for Mean Green Club Mean Green Scholarship Fund. Pretty cool stickers this year.
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    Quick-hitters from today's first workout of spring http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/02/21/quick-spring-practice-notes-dillman-gives-football-spring-game-date-moved
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    I would be incredibly dejected if this ever happened. All of the recent improvements... spankin-new stadium, IPF, Million-dollar coach, finally getting serious, and we just sit back and let that happen? I highly doubt Wren Baker would allow that to happen either. I really hope he's gunning for a spot in the AAC after the Big12 implodes and SMU winds up jumping with those schools to form a new conference... or possibly joining THAT conference. ...Not to mention, Rice would likely drop every single sport rather than be associated in any way with Troy's academics (and likely several of the others you have listed in that division).
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    And lack of leadership for 15+ years and lack of success on the field/courts have spawned the lack of student interest. Having followed UNT since I was a student(so long ago!), I have never been more optimistic regarding the future of UNT Athletics.
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    More info about the Diamond Eagles can be found here: https://one.unt.edu/diamondeagles
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    I'm normally all about the underdog, but . . . MUTS would have had a shot at a decent seed in the Dance if they would have won the C-USA Tourney. Which means they would have had a better shot at an upset win. Which means more credibility for the conference and $$ for all of us.
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    Dang....that's an in depth article. And I think pretty right on in its analysis. Well done SBNation
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    Gave Jeff a little love: https://www.rbscout.com/single-post/2018/02/27/RB-Scout-Staff-Symposium-2018-NFL-Scouting-Combine
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    If we're talking wish lists, I would rather we cancel the body bag game and bring top level G5's like UCF, USF, Boise, Air Force, Navy or Fresno