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    • Middle Tennessee Schedules Series With Mizzou
      By Ben Gooding · Posted
    • Where would you spend the 5.5 Million @SuperPit?
      By southsideguy · Posted
      UNM spent like 50 million to redo their gym.  That place rocks and next impossible to get a ticket.  Not much else to do in albuquerque but locals love them.
    • Where would you spend the 5.5 Million @SuperPit?
      By GrandGreen · Posted
      Anyone wanting to replace the Super Pit is not dealing in reality.   There are a lot of places to spend money before that happens.  I don't like the new bright McDonald's like arenas, and think the SP has a lot of more years in it.   I think most have it right, improve the lighting, add permanent ticket areas, and do something with that press area.  I think the concession areas are fine, just get  improved menus which should not cost anything, in fact it should make some money. There could be a lot of improvements in the non-public areas, but not sure that should be a priority.  It would be nice to have a much improved facility for the Mean Green members who meet their donation requirements.      
    • New Blankee!!!!
      By Danish43 · Posted
      Where can you get that blanket?  
    • Denton Academy Sports
      By Danish43 · Posted
      Your right, I was only once at the NT Bookstore  back in 2013 and I guess I was expecting more merchandise. But I will stop at Academy, there prices for cotton shirt are at descent prices.
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