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    • How cheap did you drink in college?
      I started school in 2005 and graduated in 2009. Here were my places to go for cheap drinks Garage - .50 cent wells or $1 doubles from 9pm to 11pm Lucky Lous - $2 dollar LIT Atticus on the square - Wed. night were $1 pitcher night - Anybody remember this place? Sidebar - Nickel Natty Night during Monday Night Football games
    • The rebuilding North Texas Mean Green in 2016
      Its really hard to argue any of that post. I think we all felt that way when we moved up to Division 1-A in 1995. I know that I thought the SBC run was a the trampoline to move us upward. Instead, the trampoline broke. We hired two other guys to bring their own trampolines, but Dodge's was broken from the start and McCarney had one that might have worked, but he refused to jump on it. It is amazing how bad we have gotten, especially being in Texas as a university that has fielded a team for 100+ years. We will be favored, most likely, in 2016 in one game, as the post showed, against Bethune-Cookman. Maybe we do win 3-4 games, as that suggested, but I think that would be an outrageously optimistic thought. Just don't lose to Bethune-Cookman and win another game somewhere else--that would be a good sign for us, basically equaling what SMU did under Morris in his first season, after June Jones last team went 1-11.
    • I-35 Rivalry
      True. SMU fans are a rare breed--as in you rarely meet one--outside of North Dallas. But they got money, location, and media. But they also have just a big enough name to get donkey-punched by the NCAA for cheating. Never punish the P5 big boys, but find a big enough name just outside of that group to place sanctions upon. Some might even call that "Nasty"...
    • I-35 Rivalry
      If anyone from SMU ever said "Nasty" it was probably someone that came to a game at Fouts. In that case it would be somewhat understandable........especially if they had to use the restroom.
    • I-35 Rivalry
      He's quoting the prim-and-proper North Dallas crowd at SMU. They think Denton is nasty and hate that their school even plays us in any sport in Denton--which is why they won't come up here for a game (see 2006 and 2014).
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