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    • NT Daily covers UNT Fan Meeting from Monday
      I've read through this whole thread to make sure that one of the questions I had about HD's (alleged) "big positive" (connections/relationships in the Denton community) hadn't been addressed. It hadn't.  If Hank has so many "relationships" in the Denton Community then why do "volunteers" have to go around the square (and other places) every year begging the local community to let us do something as simple as putting up schedules in their windows? Does Hank coordinate these volunteers? Does Hank send out word to these community people whom he allegedly has relationships with that volunteers are coming to place schedules in your windows and please welcome them with open arms? Because as recently as a few years ago, I was still hearing from volunteers that they still ran into the old "if we show support to you, then that will hurt out TWU business" lame-a$$ excuse that they've always used. This is not a huge point, but it is "community support 101". Something that our AAD should have handled YEARS AGO!  And as to the "if you're kid played football" analogy. My son played football and I NEVER lobbied with the coaches for any additional playing time and/or promotion for him. And that is because I knew that it would have had the opposite effect. My son got as much playing time as he earned. My assessment (a significant part of my job with the state was to assess people) of UNT90 is that he would have the same policy. AND his folded arms were about concentrating on what he was going to say to the group, not "don't you dare approach me". 
    • NT Daily covers UNT Fan Meeting from Monday
      Didn't phrase it as a question. Minus $800 from Mr. Green.
    • Vote....Vote now!
      Y'all are persistent. Now tweet it.
    • DRC: Littrell, UNT getting creative to fill out depleted roster
      They're not all dramatically different because they're rectangular lockers. But the design, quality, lighting, size, and presentation are much different.
    • Joe Greene Statue "Update"
      Correct me if I'm wrong (As if there's any shortage of correcting done on GMG) but due to the location of the reliefs in the walls of Fouts, wouldn't Fouts have to be demolished to get the reliefs out, to put them into Apogee ?  Drive by the remaining side of fouts and see if this isn't correct.   I really like the idea of a bronze to Joe "Mean Joe" Greene.  First, aren't there a bunch of world class artisans working at North Texas right now that could handle such a project ?  Why farm this out to some guy from LSU when we could do it "in house" likely faster and cheaper.  Second, would this be a great opportunity to permanently dispel the false rumor that the  "Mean Green" is named after "Mean Joe Geeene ?"   I would help support such a project.    GO MEAN GREEN  (Joe Greene, too)
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