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    • @Brett Vito put me down for 4-8 as well please. After the way juco QBs have worked out in recent years is it really surprising that a freshman beat out the most recent one? 
    • Just got to last week's podcast....thanks for addressing the question and thanks for giving us another source of MGN insights, boys. GMG
    • According to CUSA.TV, the UTEP game will start at 7pm. 
    • Also, as of a facebook post yesterday... There still are tickets available. 
    • Nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean is the island of New Zealand. A popular tourist destination, the country features a picturesque landscape of rolling hills, mountains and other spectacular sights. More than 7,500 miles from UNT, New Zealand sits on the opposite side of the world. But distance is something the Mean Green cross country team overcomes on a daily basis. Currently, three of North Texas’ cross country runners are from New Zealand, all of whom made the global trek to compete in the lone star state. “I’ve always looked at the states,” junior Mike Lowe said. “My high school coach used to coach here. I remember my first day of training with him very [clearly]. He told me ‘if you show up and do everything I tell you to do, I can get you a scholarship in the U.S.’” Lowe was recommended to the coach by a friend, a former runner at UNT.  And while he’s gotten used to life in the United States, he said there’s one thing in particular that cannot be replicated in Denton. “I miss being able to go up and run in the mountains back home,” Lowe said. “Other than that I don’t really miss it too much.” Lowe has two teammates that make it feel a little more like home, though. Junior Susannah Lynch and senior Shauna Pali are also from New Zealand, and have found homes in Texas. A former triathlete, Lynch heard about UNT through word of mouth as well when Pali put her on the recruiting radar for head coach Stefanie Slekis. “Shauna had gone home for the summer and we both went to the same race and she started talking about what it’s like here and how cool it was,” Lynch said. “I was like ‘hey, that sounds pretty cool, I want to get in on that’ so she got me in touch with the coach.” Slekis knows all too well the importance of recruiting on a global scale. With the emergence of international athletes across numerous sports, luring foreign recruits can sometimes be the difference in winning or losing. “We get to the final round of the NCAA championship, about 40 percent of that field is actually international at the track and field level,” Slekis said. “So there is a large population of international student athletes in the NCAA in track and field.” The native New Zealanders are among six foreigners on the North Texas roster, and Slekis is pleased with what each of them bring to the table. “I’m big on the team chemistry we have, the culture we have,” Slekis said. “One of my favorite things about the international kids is that they blend really well with all the kids on our team from different places, and still have that team focus of doing well academically and doing well athletically as a team.” And even though Lowe, Pali and Lynch all have different aspirations after their collegiate careers are over, they all agree on what they hope to accomplish in 2016. “For this year, the immediate goal is winning a conference championship and making it to nationals,” Lowe said. View Full Article
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