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    • Careful with Central Michigan...they are legendary for last minute hail mary's...
    • Think they've talked about pulling a Charlotte.
    • @Cooley I assume Kelsey Criner is Kyron's younger sister ?
    • Oops, I must have mixed them up with Creighton. Still, I don't think that have football do they?
    • I put out some suggestions in one of my posts...enjoy the campus....make sure you go to the cadet chapel....visitors center,cemetery and Pershing museum....its forecast to rain  a little today and tomorrow. Weather is pretty mild for a late Oct day...make sure you go to the parade at 9.00am  after the parade you have a few hours before the game...go to the Thayer Hotel for breakfast or get a cup of coffee and hang out there for awhile...the Thayer is beautiful..just go sit in the lobby near a window and look out at the Hudson...about a block north is the officers club...pop in there if you can...we had our senior prom there...beautiful view....and don't forget Michie doesn't allow embrella's inside the stadium....let me know if there is any other info you need...have a great day....and hopefully the Mean Green play well...tomorrow there are possible 20-30 mph winds...that is bad for North Texas....since Army runs the ball 90% it doesn't effect them that much...good luck..
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