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    • Uniform Ideas
      By oldguystudent · Posted
      I hope a helmet and some pant stripes can complete a pass.
    • Uniform Ideas
      By UNTcrazy727 · Posted
      I would love helmets like TCU's. I also wouldn't be surprised to see kelly green chrome or matte helmets.
    • What's In the Locker: New Uniforms
      By UNTcrazy727 · Posted
    • What's In the Locker: New Uniforms
      By Ryan Munthe · Posted
      5pm via twitter
    • Unified Fan Chant or Cheer During SMU Game?
      By MeanGreenTexan · Posted
      it is unified & works very well when the cheerleaders actually lead it. too many times though, it's started by some random, drunk guy just shouting "Nooorth!" until someone answers him.  Then you have a tiny version of it going back & forth in the same section... It might get picked up by some other sections who happen to hear drunk guy & his buddies doing it, and like the wave, could actually gain traction throughout the whole stadium.  Problem with ending it though... Random drunk guy started it so it can never end cleanly. People just need to understand it's not their job to start that chant every 10 minutes & let the cheerleaders do it. It would be so much better that way.
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