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    • 1: amen.  May we look back on 2016 as the season where hope was rekindled. 2: I can stomach a loss to SMU if we can show an inkling of offensive potential that can be built on as the season progresses.  Watching our defense tire and become demoralized got old last season.  I want to see an offense that negates the 8-9 in a box constant blitz defense we will likely see early.   3: love Jeff Wilson, but I hope that Wyche, Ivery etc can take some of the opponents defensive focus away from him this season.  Need to keep him healthy. 4:  Love to hate UTSA.  Just hoping we come into that game with some reason for optimism and can bring a good crowd. 5:  Interested to see if this offense looks just like UNC. 6:  Mac hated the streaming games but I don't have a big problem with that.  
    • 1. The Hope that will fill my soul that first Saturday up yonder in Denton. 2. Greater than 47% completion of passes attempted. I have almost forgotten the look of a good offense. It is but a memory. A ghost of a whisper. The Good Lord above grant me strength, that I may endure more than four Plays of Offence. Can you imagine! 3. Jeff Wilson.  4. UNT at UTSA. It was Mighty Beautiful sight to see my alma mater play in my hometown's stadium. The loss was Bitter. Revenge will be Sweet. 5. Air Raid-in' 5.5. CUSA.tv. Meh. 
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