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    • Favorite place on campus...
      By southsideguy · Posted
      the water fall in the sub, i use to sit on the steps next to it and  study on the steps next to it.
    • This could be worse than after Dodge left... And
      By UNT90 · Posted
      the contract was extended 3 years, not 5. Mac had 2 years left at the end of that season. It would have been even harder for him to recruit without an extension.  RV should have had a convo with the 17 and told them his plan and informed them that if Mac failed, a buy out may be necessary. Did this convo happen? Maybe, maybe not. Never extend longer than you are willing to pay off the very next year. That's what good ADs do. But we don't have one of those, so...
    • This could be worse than after Dodge left... And
      By untbowler · Posted
      myself and several others were against the extension because we were already seeing the poor recruiting and knew he was winning with the supposedly weak Dodge recruits, who turned out solid, add in an easier than expected schedule and it fit perfectly to get to a bowl and then get an easy opponent. Wanted the BOR to hold off one more year and see how DMac would do with his "OWN" recruits, now we see what a disaster it is right now. Hell, should have just given him 2-3 yrs not 5 more years, that is a reason RV needs to be shown the doors, poor hires, poor vision
    • Favorite place on campus...
      By NorthTexan95 · Posted
      I spent way too much time at the BSU building right next to Wooten Hall.  It was really the center of my college activities.  I did a lot of good things there and was even the President one year but, still, way too many hours hanging out there.  On the plus side, my Spades and Hearts skills were maxed out.  :)  FYI:  the old BSU  building is being completely rebuilt and should open later this fall.  I'll miss the old girl but I'm looking forward to seeing the new building next time I'm in town. 
    • This could be worse than after Dodge left... And
      By UNT90 · Posted
      Well, this fan was ok with the extension ONLY if we were willing to buy it out. The problem is not the extension, because that's the way things are done in college football. The problem is we may refuse to do what EVERY other FBS program not named ULM would do in this situation, which is buy out that contract if we win 3 games or less (guaranteed).  The fact that you don't think RV should be fired speak more to the PTSD you suffer from being a long suffering fan of this program. Read Tasty's and Billy's post in the RV termination thread. Look hard at those numbers. Let them seap through the denial of your long suffering fandom, through the PTSD layer, deep into your psyche.  There are many, many, many, many reason for this AD to simply move along. Dan McCarney is but one.
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