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    • Is it too late?
      By greenit · Posted
      I was just having fun poking the bear. I don't doubt that people have left due to RV and more are likely to follow until a change is made or our sports teams start winning consistently.
    • Is it too late?
      By KingDL1 · Posted
      What can I say money does not make people smart. 
    • Demikal Harrison Transferring
      By UNTFBPlayer · Posted
      To GMG24- I think you're right, I only made this account because this story was brought to my attention and I felt like y'all deserved to know the truth. This season is not and will never be accecptable, but most of us aren't going to jump ship because of one season. I figured y'all deserved to know at least that much. I won't be a regular on here. Chumley is still here for everyone asking. 
    • Is it too late?
      By Rudy · Posted
      17 > 27
    • Is it too late?
      By KingDL1 · Posted
      I can tell you I used to have 27 buddies going to games with me, I now have 5 of those left, the vast majority of those that walked away had told me long ago they are done until RV is gone. Three of the remaining 5 including me are reducing our tickets to one season ticket between us now unless RV goes away. So RV has been disliked by many in and out of my group for a very long time. None even came out for the new stadium. They will come out to tailgate but will not go in the stadium until RV is gone. I am getting there and I understand their dislike more and more of RV. Anywhere else RV would have been sent packing years ago.
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