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43 minutes ago, RealMeanGreenMatt said:

Did anyone else find the new tag line "Let it fly, like an eagle" a little awkward during the game? Maybe it will take some getting used to....

With any luck, they'll drop it and we won't have to get used to it.  I commented on this in my survey response.  The original statement from Littrell was the golf metaphor "We're gonna tee it high and let it fly".  I understand abbreviating it to take out the golf part of the reference, but nobody says "let it fly like an eagle".   I'm not sure Steve Miller even plays golf. 

I don't like it at all and I agree it's very awkward having Tim say tag lines on the PA periodically.  I don't remember him saying things in the past like "Why Not North Texas" and "It's Wide Open".

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("Fly Like an Eagle" ends)

PA: "Tee it high and let it fly, like an eagle, you know, the bird, the one that's our mascot, Scrappy, that was Eppy before that, but was Scrappy before that, it's technically a bald eagle, but not really bald, just white head feathers, comes from the English 'piebald,' which comes from magpies, which is another bird, which are related to crows, and not eagles."

("Fly Like an Eagle" begins)

End of Game

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