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  1. This is a top notch practice facility. Should be a real asset to the golf programs.
  2. Bingo! Jeff Lebby's influence at UCF was integral in their offensive performance when combined into Heupel's system. Tate Wallis has the same background (if anyone watched Argyle, they looked like Baylor circa 2014-2015) and Mike Bolesch comes from the same scheme. Should be a nice combination of Baylor + Seth's offense, not too unsimilar to UCF.
  3. Nice group of talented players to pick from here!
  4. @FirefightnRick would you expound on this?
  5. Let’s put this in perspective: With Gibbs, Odom, Stoops, and others we are talking about seasoned candidates who have coordinated at the P5 level for years, including the College Football Playoff. We all have every right as fans to be disappointed in the 2019 results, and I can assure you no one is more disappointed than our leaders in Wren Baker and Seth Littrell. However, the good news is that we have raised the bar, financially and otherwise to where our AD, head coach, and key donors are willing to step up to the plate to bring in a coordinator or this caliber for a price that is possibly greater than what the previous head coach (McCarney) was making just a few years ago. If we slow down and put that in perspective, common sense would say we should be encouraged as fans and excited about upgrading the caliber of defensive coordinator at UNT. This is an exciting opportunity to take a major step forward with our program!
  6. How is Norvell different than hiring Morris?
  7. Southern Miss 2018, FAU 2018, MTSU 2019 to name a few recent W's in black uniforms
  8. The original post read a bit broader than the defense. Thank you for the clarification in reference to the defense, that makes total sense. In your opinion what would the addition of one of the fastest player on the team change on the defense? For the record, the fastest player on the team is a WR, but is not 84.
  9. Rick, are you saying that there has been no building since Littrell arrived in December 2015?
  10. Rice is much better than their record. They have played several quality opponents (including Baylor) very close. That'll be a tough one in Houston.
  11. This type of assistant search is why these guys have high powered agents who have connections and networks throughout the sport to find, contact, and set up interviews with the candidates.
  12. Exactly. Look at the contract, he took over $100K less so he could have the access to the airplane for a certain number of hours for personal use.
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