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  1. Injured thumb in winter workouts. He will be "Fine".
  2. He's less than 10 practices into FBS football. Give the kid some time to adjust to scheme and the game at this level. Remember these RS Freshmen like Crosby have been through an entire summer and fall of practices. Typically Year 2 is better for the JC kids anyways.
  3. Agreed, except La Tech cannot pay what we do. Our location, budget, and recruiting base are second to none in the league.
  4. Fun fact, OU Offensive Line coach Bill Bedenbaugh is Littrell’s brother in law. The two coached together in Lubbock and Tuscon, and would probably put the ban back together whenever Littrell gets a major P5 head job.
  5. While in San Antonio at the Convention?
  6. Excellent post @TheReal_jayD. The physicality and athletic ability of this roster looks a lot different. It's going to be a fun spring to watch, particularly at the QB position.
  7. Absolutely. You could tell Morris (the HP QB) was checking away from Murray. The few times he moved to the opposite side of the field, they went away from him again. Mind you, Murray plays in a secondary with a UH signee (13), and a junior with P5 offers like LSU, TCU, etc. (4); so this showed how good of player he is. The few times he was thrown at, Murray made a ton of competitive plays on the ball that were highly athletic and technically sound from a DB perspective.
  8. You don’t want freshman Offensive Lineman playing at this level. They aren’t ready for the strength, speed, smarts, and technique required. Will know about this group in 2-3 years. Plantin is a different beast.
  9. Yes. Aune, Bean, and Martin will fight for second spot on the depth chart.
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