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  1. UNT Mean Green

    What the hell is wrong with CUSA refs

    Does anyone have a video or GIF of the Nate Brooks INT, the two PI calls on our secondary, and the no call offsides?
  2. UNT Mean Green

    Strange feeling

    Great point. Smith dropped a surefire TD on a fourth down, Guyton had multiple drops. The overthrow to JG was with about a 15-20 mph wind. Mason was definitely hampered, but played with a ton of grit. Good sign; now we just have to get him healthy for this week as this will be the best defensive front we've seen to date.
  3. UNT Mean Green

    Loren Easley

    This particular injury was on the opposite knee, which is the same one her tore in high school. The knee with the brace was the one he tore at SFA, and rehabbed here at UNT while redshirted.
  4. UNT Mean Green

    I have something to say, so listen up!

    Trust me, they want to win as bad as anyone here, and put in a hell of a lot more work towards that goal. As long as they aren’t drawing a flag for it, let the players enjoy playing the game and celebrating with their teammates. A gimpy Mason, with the adrenaline that he has during a game, is the best option we have at QB, particularly in the fourth quarter of a key conference matchup.
  5. UNT Mean Green


    The majority of commits were in attendance.
  6. UNT Mean Green

    UTEP Road Trip

    Which restaurants offer the best margaritas? Have seen Carlos and Mickeys marketing that, but would love some local insights. Thanks in advance!
  7. Incredible plan from our University and Athletics Department leadership! Very well thought out and done. If we are able to get the Athletics Center expansion and/or renovation completed, the basketball arena completed, and baseball completed, we could arguably have the best setup in the G5.
  8. UNT Mean Green

    The 2 point conversion was no good.

    Yes. And in all fairness to Darden, at that point in the game, you know he was highly conscientious of protecting the football.
  9. Yes. Two of the best DE around were Banogu and Justin Lawler from Pottsboro...not a sniff from the old regime.
  10. And bring our scoring average up to 50+ points per game to complete non-conference play.
  11. UNT Mean Green

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    No, he will not be back at North Carolina. He is making UNT into a better job than North Carolina. I'm with @Venson in that It is going to have to be the right one, and probably the last one. Like a LSU, Oklahoma, aTm, etc. Something near his family, near his vacation home, and that pays $5mm+ year. You won't see him on a Coast or in the Texas panhandle again. Bump him to $2+mm (which will blow CUSA out of the water, and that's exactly what we need to do), bump the assistant and support staff pool, continue to invest in facilities and the program to where it resembles a strong P5 (think Boise, UCF, Houston, etc.). There's no telling how incredible UNT can be. We are just starting to get a small sampling of it, thanks to the leadership of the University, Athletic Department, and Football Program; and you know from a guy like Littrell's competitiveness and viewpoint it tastes really damn good. And this is just the beginning...
  12. Remember the Riley was a GA on the Texas Tech staff when Littrell was the RB’s coach.
  13. UNT Mean Green

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    Offense gets going again. Defense harasses Calvert, and shuts down run game. Liberty gets some mop up duty points. UNT 55 Liberty 27
  14. UNT Mean Green


    Thank you for the insights. Your athletics facilities are very impressive. Is there somewhere we can see them and total up the investment Liberty has made in facilities in recent years? If memory serves me correctly, I believe it’s nearing $500,000,000 or so.
  15. UNT Mean Green

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Exactly. Elite program means competing for conference championships and a spot in the CFP on a routine basis. Think Oklahoma. Otherwise, why leave a place that you’ve built into a perennial, respected G5 power where your family loves it and is compensating you and your staff accordingly (albeit at the top of the G5)? Follow what a Chris Petersen did as a practical example. 8 years at Boise State winning 88% of his games, had plenty of opportunities with P5 programs “fishing”, but stayed until he received one of his dream jobs. Now, he’s not going anywhere, and his family is set. If you look at UNT, Littrell and his staff have made the turnaround, and now the fun is just beginning. As others have posted, how good can you be with players who are the caliber of athletes in the 2019 signing class, or what we can imagine the 2020 class will be? It’s scary really, and it all goes back to “this place can be a monster”, and his family and his staff’s families love the North Texas area and community. Again, stay here until you get an elite job that’s the right fit for you and your family.