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  1. UNT Mean Green

    SL on the Ticket

  2. UNT Mean Green

    And the rich get richer

    Fun fact, OU Offensive Line coach Bill Bedenbaugh is Littrell’s brother in law. The two coached together in Lubbock and Tuscon, and would probably put the ban back together whenever Littrell gets a major P5 head job.
  3. UNT Mean Green


    While in San Antonio at the Convention?
  4. UNT Mean Green

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    Excellent post @TheReal_jayD. The physicality and athletic ability of this roster looks a lot different. It's going to be a fun spring to watch, particularly at the QB position.
  5. UNT Mean Green

    Scouting Cal

    Cal defense is very good.
  6. UNT Mean Green

    My new favorite recruit

    Absolutely. You could tell Morris (the HP QB) was checking away from Murray. The few times he moved to the opposite side of the field, they went away from him again. Mind you, Murray plays in a secondary with a UH signee (13), and a junior with P5 offers like LSU, TCU, etc. (4); so this showed how good of player he is. The few times he was thrown at, Murray made a ton of competitive plays on the ball that were highly athletic and technically sound from a DB perspective.
  7. UNT Mean Green

    Demeco Roland Did Not Sign

    DNQ - Grades
  8. UNT Mean Green

    Official UNT 2019 Class Signing Day Megathread!!

    You don’t want freshman Offensive Lineman playing at this level. They aren’t ready for the strength, speed, smarts, and technique required. Will know about this group in 2-3 years. Plantin is a different beast.
  9. UNT Mean Green

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Aune or Bean
  10. UNT Mean Green

    GMG on Barstool Sports

    Yes. Aune, Bean, and Martin will fight for second spot on the depth chart.
  11. UNT Mean Green

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    Let’s clarify your assumption here. He’s had an agent since he got to Denton from Chapel Hill in 2015 (as does every other HFC and major college coordinator). He changed agencies this season to Jimmy Sexton’s firm.
  12. UNT Mean Green

    What the hell is wrong with CUSA refs

    Does anyone have a video or GIF of the Nate Brooks INT, the two PI calls on our secondary, and the no call offsides?
  13. UNT Mean Green

    Strange feeling

    Great point. Smith dropped a surefire TD on a fourth down, Guyton had multiple drops. The overthrow to JG was with about a 15-20 mph wind. Mason was definitely hampered, but played with a ton of grit. Good sign; now we just have to get him healthy for this week as this will be the best defensive front we've seen to date.
  14. UNT Mean Green

    Loren Easley

    This particular injury was on the opposite knee, which is the same one her tore in high school. The knee with the brace was the one he tore at SFA, and rehabbed here at UNT while redshirted.
  15. UNT Mean Green

    I have something to say, so listen up!

    Trust me, they want to win as bad as anyone here, and put in a hell of a lot more work towards that goal. As long as they aren’t drawing a flag for it, let the players enjoy playing the game and celebrating with their teammates. A gimpy Mason, with the adrenaline that he has during a game, is the best option we have at QB, particularly in the fourth quarter of a key conference matchup.