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  1. View Full Article About damn time CUSA...we are almost to our second week of games!
  2. This is an outstanding plan that makes a ton of sense for all involved. Furthermore, it would make sense to have playoffs for every level (P5, G5, FCS, D2, D3) so that the G5 member schools have a realistic shot at playing for a championship. It would basically be like the Texas High School playoff system. As Wren has said time and time again, geography needs to play a role, and hopefully some common sense will prevail through this realignment process.
  3. NW State had some good players in the secondary. Very tall corners who could run.
  4. Ruder and the offense gave me plenty of room for optimism moving forward. Continued improvement through repetition, and cleaning up plenty of fundamental issues from the first game will lead us to one of the most exciting offenses we’ve seen in Denton. This is a talented roster that needs some experience playing together, and we can be very dangerous.
  5. It was hard to make out what to think of the Blazers. Undisciplined for certain. They are definitely physically imposing on the lines. Defensively they played excellent on the edges (why did Jacksonville State continue to force this?). QB looks solid, and obviously Clark has his style of play that he wants to have (defense, clock control, etc.). Two weeks away will be a lot of fun in Apogee. HUGE game!
  6. Excellent article by John Fields. Excited to see these guys fly around on Saturday in Apogee!
  7. Nice. Have to admit Daizion was not a prized recruit due to his senior season injury, but he has worked extremely hard and is a key cog for this Mean Green offensive line that has come very far under Coach Bloesch.
  8. Hoping for a big year from 3 (can't we all remember him in 2018). Happy to see him be a captain and a leader on this team!
  9. Yes, and Jacksonville State has a consistent football program.
  10. Sharp! Nicely done by the UNT Football Equipment staff! Can't wait to see these on Saturday...GMG!
  11. Thanks for posting. Love reading some of the facts and stats in these!
  12. We should now compare notes to those prognostications made during fall camp... ...and how about the amount of remaining eligibility left on this 2 deep? The only players with expiring eligibility are Torrey, Hill, Novil, Colvin, and Sanders.
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