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  1. UNT Mean Green

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Exactly. Elite program means competing for conference championships and a spot in the CFP on a routine basis. Think Oklahoma. Otherwise, why leave a place that you’ve built into a perennial, respected G5 power where your family loves it and is compensating you and your staff accordingly (albeit at the top of the G5)? Follow what a Chris Petersen did as a practical example. 8 years at Boise State winning 88% of his games, had plenty of opportunities with P5 programs “fishing”, but stayed until he received one of his dream jobs. Now, he’s not going anywhere, and his family is set. If you look at UNT, Littrell and his staff have made the turnaround, and now the fun is just beginning. As others have posted, how good can you be with players who are the caliber of athletes in the 2019 signing class, or what we can imagine the 2020 class will be? It’s scary really, and it all goes back to “this place can be a monster”, and his family and his staff’s families love the North Texas area and community. Again, stay here until you get an elite job that’s the right fit for you and your family.
  2. UNT Mean Green

    Getting Ready to Ball

    4 private planes of UNT fans from Denton heading to Fayetteville to witness the win.
  3. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: UNT to unveil statue of Greene this fall

    Tying it all in with the biggest regular season conference game of the season. Indoor Practice Facility groundbreaking ceremony, Joe Greene Statue unveiling, and the throwback game versus our biggest competition in the CUSA West. Huge day in Denton and we need a packed house to support our (hopefully) 4-0 team!
  4. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: UNT to unveil statue of Greene this fall

    Outstanding. This follows a 3:00PM groundbreaking ceremony for the Indoor Practice Facility. Big day in Denton, and a huge game!
  5. Nah, he’s 2-0 or 1000% this year on these picks,
  6. UNT Mean Green

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    Exactly what you don’t want to do. Put another guy on the LOS who can get double teamed and hammered by 700+ lbs all day. That’s what EIU and CSU have done and they were hammered up front. Instead, we will stick with 3 man and move all over the place which should screw up those big OL ability to get locked in. It’s much harder to hit a moving target.
  7. UNT Mean Green

    Keys to the Game

    Darden will go off against slow, stiff Linebackers and Nickel. Big day from he and 87
  8. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: Early work has begun on indoor facility

    Fall camp 2019, basically same timeline completion as the stadium turf this year.
  9. Knows a lot about Littrell and Dykes (and Patterson) from an annual Coaches Classic golf tournament held each Memorial Day out at Pebble Beach. Additionally, Neuheisel gets to interact with head coaches at an annual conference held each June in Scottsdale. Also, Rick does his homework, and is well connected nationally.
  10. Believe Vito’s prediction was 59-24.
  11. UNT Mean Green

    Let's Talk About Player Development & Evaluation

    No question. Walerius and MacIntyre are clearly doing an unbelievable job. The previous recruiting guy, David Stenklyft, is at Colorado State.
  12. UNT Mean Green


    Based on the first game, FAU’s offense looked similar to last year from a scheme standpoint. The problem against Oklahoma seemed to stem around their Quarterback and his lack of accuracy. Driskel “retiring” from football does not appear to be favorable. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kiffin tinker with multiple QB’s early in the season.
  13. UNT Mean Green

    BTG 2018

    This was great.
  14. Bean was a 10.4 kid. Darden was a 10.6 kid. Bussey and G. White were 10.7 kids. To put Morris’ 100 meter speed in context, he’s between our three fastest receivers.
  15. UNT Mean Green

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    Yes, typical city of Denton. Worst group of bureaucrats anywhere around who can’t plan ahead to save their life.