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  1. Excellent article, and credit to these guys for stepping in and taking ownership of that role in the program.
  2. Absolutely it happens both ways. Just more of the reason why excessive testing of athletes with zero symptoms is entirely overkill, and frankly unnecessary.
  3. A couple of routine fundamental questions for you: 1) Are you suggesting that all COVID testing is accurate? 2) Are you aware how many of these athletes who are tested regularly are getting a "positive" result in between multiple "negative" results?
  4. Exactly. This blanket testing protocol is unnecessary and out of control. Healthy 18-23 year olds without symptoms should not be subject to testing that has sketchy (at best) results.
  5. On this week's press conference, Littrell said that Adaway practiced yesterday.
  6. Absolutely, we need a good North-South runner in this scheme. Adaway has certainly proven that he's capable of doing that.
  7. Great production. Fun to win on the road. Time to win another one this weekend in El Paso!
  8. Absolutely. Gray is becoming an excellent player for us, especially in the first year out of JC. Add in Farrell next year, and we will have nearly turned the corner on our OL. Coach Bloesch is a stud at developing and teaching.
  9. Darden is incredibly fun to watch! Not surprised that he is leading the country, and honestly, he could have a couple hundred more yards and a few more TD's with completions on some of the attempted deep balls.
  10. Do you think that Lyles may have a hard time picking up the playbook & scheme with having such limited experience at TE? Pirtle is a savvy veteran.
  11. One of many exciting young talented players on this roster. Kudos to Stout for his commitment to getting better every day!
  12. The LB's are the primary position group hit by the Covid issue, hence why the depth is all messed up. No, see above.
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