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  1. UNT Mean Green

    Hunt For Success (Kemon Hall Story)

    Great story. Cool series they are doing on featuring these lesser known players. A lot of neat stories on the kid’s backgrounds. Kemon sounds like a great kid!
  2. UNT Mean Green

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    Exactly. We are reaching a point in the program where the quality of talent and depth in the program is constantly rising. If a player sees that the future isn’t bright for him, or doesn’t like the demands of working to improve to better prepare oneself to compete with better athletes, they are likely going to leave. It’s obvious that Littrell and staff care about their players, and ultimately want kids who want to be here.
  3. Williams left after attending only a few summer conditioning workouts. Apparently has some tough dynamics at home, and did not show up in the physical shape expected for student athletes at this level.
  4. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: UNT lands safety Leandre Davis

    Was thinking the exact same thing. Wonder if there’s any relation?
  5. Need more TV revenue to accomplish this.
  6. UNT Mean Green

    How Many Yards for Mason Fine?

    >4,500 yards. Our receiving core is almost impossible to cover. This year and next years offenses will resemble what Harrell’s teams looked like in Lubbock.
  7. UNT Mean Green

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    Not really. Kiffin called the offense for the remainder of the year following the game 4 loss to Buffalo, which is when they started rolling.
  8. UNT Mean Green

    Orlando Sentinel Preseason Rankings: #46 North Texas

    Wouldn’t count out Siggers and Davis starting at safety over 4 and 27, which would be a major upgrade athletically.
  9. UNT Mean Green

    10 Hottest Seats

    This is very true. Should have more talent out there now.
  10. UNT Mean Green

    Hopefully this gets you excited while you wait for #BeatSMU

    Great foundation established in 2017, time to build on it in 2018.
  11. This 2019 recruiting class is right about where we “should be”, given the recent success on the field and overall momentum of the program. Head to head on some kids with UH, Texas Tech, and SMU, and beating the bottom dweller out of state Big10 and Big 12 schools on local kids. Tops in the conference and 5th-ish in the state is, in reality, ideal. Great class assembled thus far, and with this coaching staff’s proven ability to develop talent, the sky is the limit in the coming years!
  12. UNT Mean Green

    R.J. Reynolds

    Would imagine after 2 major knee injuries in three years, career is in jeopardy. Or, perhaps we released him if he wanted to continue playing?
  13. UNT Mean Green

    Kiffin gets 10-year, $9.5 million dollar contract

    No. SL is about $500k more than LK this year, increasing that difference annually.
  14. UNT Mean Green

    R.J. Reynolds