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  1. If they aren't good enough to play at SMU I don't think Sonny really wants them in Fort Worth but more power to them if that's where they want to go!
  2. I mean it kind of is isn't it? Would be nice if you guys could make this is a game once every seven or eight years. Hoping the next coach can make it a bit more competitive.
  3. Obsession is a stinky cologne.
  4. This was anticipated based on the four game rule and the fact that these four young men were not making much (if any) contributions on the field. They can now transfer without losing a year of eligibility and opens up SMU's second NIL group that specifically targets transfers to start thinking about where to best allocate our resources. We wish them the best of luck and yes they will continue to be paid their NIL until they've left campus. That's the least SMU can do for them.
  5. We are literally announcing today that we've fully funded a $100m plus expansion and renovation of Ford Stadium. It took all of five months to fully fund the project. We've also fully committed to paying every player on our roster as well as a separate grassroots NIL that will specifically target transfers. This all while undergoing a near $2b capital fundraising campaign for the university as a whole. The money isn't going anywhere. If anything Sonny was probably the catalyst to get the athletic department, billionaire donors, and grassroots donors all aligned and rowing the boat in the same direction. There will be no G5 school (and many P5's) that will be able to match up financially with what is on the horizon at SMU.
  6. shhh. Don't ruin the surprise! Its a pretty big announcement that should make quite a bit of news both here and nationally. 100% agreed on the concourse area. Its incredibly cramped. Ford was great when it first opened in 2000 but there have been minimal upgrades. Thanks to the $100m (already fully funded) renovation it should remedy a lot of those issues.
  7. Expecting 38-40k with standing room only.
  8. We had 26k (4,500 students) show up to watch a game against Lamar. Pretty sure we'll do just fine with the $100m renovation and a national marquee program like OU in 2027.
  9. Patterson would be a good hire if he could put together a similar support staff like he had during his TCU halcyon days. Don't know if that's doable at UNT but it would be an interesting hire.
  10. Wrong. OU has a pretty long tradition of doing home and homes with regional schools like Tulane, Tulsa, etc. They obviously recruit heavily in DFW. With no TCU this game just makes a lot of sense for both schools.
  11. No. UNT is genuinely outmatched at virtually every position on the field and the score reflects that significant talent gap. Doesn't matter if its at Ford or Apogee. Better players typically win the game.
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