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  1. Thinking that SMU was the most egregious cheater in the SWC is hilarious. Everyone was cheating. SMU's "sin" was kicking the sh*t out of Texas, A&M, Arkansas, etc. Those schools were more than fine with paying players. They just weren't cool with losing to SMU.
  2. It was inevitable. It might take a few tweaks but this (or something very similar) is going to be the future of college football.
  3. Team was completely gutted by injuries but rebounded late to win 5 of last 7 (including a win over Arizona).
  4. He was in the Elite 8 in 2021 and has recruited at an elite level. Plenty to be excited about w/ Enfield.
  5. Yep. Dunk City! Pretty incredible what he was able to do with virtually zero resources at FGCU. If he had stayed another year he'd likely be the winningest coach in Trojan basketball history.
  6. He was canned b/c he is in no way prepared to handle the rigors of the ACC. He was a mediocre AAC coach and his record/recruiting proves it. He'll probably do ok for what Rice expects (which is nothing).
  7. Took FCGU to the Sweet 16. Eight appearances in the NCAA tournament including another Sweet 16 and an Elite 8. Also regarded as one the truly elite recruiters in the country. Signed a six year extension with USC after last season.
  8. Rice has all but given up on athletics. Its sad but them's the breaks if you don't adapt to where college athletics is headed. Prayers up for the feisty night birds!
  9. 20 wins yet finished the year losing 6 of the last 7. Also blew multiple double digit second half leads. Combine that with his reluctance to embrace NIL and his goose was cooked. Rob is a really nice man though. Very thoughtful and well-liked by players and opposing coaches. I wish him well at Rice.
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