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  1. kj86

    Are you happy ? Top 10 happiest fan bases

    #10 sounds about right. If we could run the ball, my happiness index would be higher.
  2. Post your plans here. Me + 5 staying at an airbnb on Beaver Lake. Going up Friday morning. What are people doing Friday night? Has anyone heard if the alumni assoc or AD or whoever is having any pregame tailgate event? What are your plans for parking?
  3. kj86

    Ark tickets

    Pick up mine Saturday. Sec. 120, row 7.
  4. kj86

    Razorback Alum and Fan here... AMA

    We went the airbnb route, but booked it months ago. It's at Beaver Lake and looks to be about 45 minutes north of campus.
  5. For all the reasons stated in this thread, I think it's gonna be tough to predict the score. Mean Green win easily, but will it be 70-6 or 38-17? I don't know. Since a prediction is mandatory... Eagle 45 Cardinal 9
  6. kj86

    Arkansas tickets......

    I was wondering about that. What about some kind of events up there? Is someone sponsoring a tailgate?
  7. I was on a message board where roughly 75% of poll participants think there will be at least 25,000 at the game.
  8. kj86

    Official SMU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 38 Pony 24
  9. My wife of 31 years understands that six fall Saturdays are completely spoken for, as are possibly a few others for road trips. She is a UTA grad, but got her teacher certification from UNT. She goes to most fb games and to bb games as well. She often purchases her own Mean Green gear. Lucky me.
  10. kj86


    While they are at it, I wish they would paint the silver metal frame of the steps from the concourse to the upper deck. A nice, you know, green would be good.
  11. kj86

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    Or this one... You're wearing a UNT shirt and they ask, "Do you work for UNT?" You know, 'cause nobody could possibly be a North Texas fan.
  12. kj86

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    I have been asked multiple times (by UNT alums)..."what conference is UNT in?".
  13. kj86

    Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    I hope that is what happens. I can't believe they built the athletic center deck to overlook the field and then hid it behind that thing.
  14. kj86

    Anybody Have Seats in 204/209?

    I just noticed something on that stadium diagram that I hadn't noticed before. There is a Gate 01 at the SW corner of the stadium. Am I wrong that there is no path across the south end zone such that you can get from the red/blue lot to that gate? I would love to be able to get to my alumni side seats w/o walking all the way around the stadium.