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  1. 2005 A-State Sunbelt 2006 Troy Sunbelt 2007 FAU and Troy Sunbelt 2008 Troy Sunbelt 2009 Troy and MTSU Sunbelt 2010 FIU and Troy Sunbelt 2011 A-State Sunbelt 2012 A-State Sunbelt 2013 Rice CUSA 2014 Marshall CUSA 2015 WKU CUSA 2016 WKU CUSA 2017 FAU CUSA 2018 UAB CUSA 2019 FAU CUSA 2020 UAB CUSA 2021 UTSA CUSA
  2. I'll take Independence Bowl please. Fox Sports: Independence Bowl vs. LA-La
  3. That would look outstanding with a green helmet.
  4. Well, if you can believe your local weatherperson this morning, rain should be done by 10 or 11a.
  5. Went to a local 3A game earlier this season. Had to log on and purchase my game ticket online. No cash accepted.
  6. As the team was going by high-fiving fans after the game, Tylor said he's back Sunday.
  7. Seems like encouraging more people to come to Denton and spend their money would be a huge priority for the mayor and other city officials.
  8. Love those Temple Wildcats pants. Family is from Rogers, so I saw Temple plenty of times.
  9. Not saying I agree with it, but 8 wins gets him extended.
  10. Is this true? Lots of good reasons y'all have listed for him to go. Don't really see any why he should stay.
  11. I was at the McKinney one for the Memphis game. Game was on several TVs. Probably 25-30 greenies there.
  12. Pros: Excellent replacement when Bon Scott passed. Cons: No HC experience.
  13. Doesn't the basketball band do a version that skips the intro? I think it's appropriate in some instances.
  14. Should be over .500 nearly every season. Have runs of 5-6 years at a time winning 9-12 games, including conf championships and bowl wins. Occasionally break the top 25. Surprise win over a P5 team from time-to-time. This is what the top dozen or so G5 teams do. Success!
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