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  1. kj86

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    Going to the Broncos/Browns game Saturday evening with buddies. Then, on to Keystone for a couple of days of skiing. Friend of ours who used to live in McKinney moved to Denver area a few months ago.
  2. kj86

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    I plan to be there with a few others.
  3. kj86

    Oct 2004, last time we played Utah State

    Didn't we beat Utah St. at Fouts on a last play of the game TD or something like that? I seem to remember some miracle finish against them a while back.
  4. kj86

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    I’m gonna need one in the Denver area.
  5. kj86

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    Just figured it out. It's a weak representation of this.
  6. kj86

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    What is that hamburger-looking thing?
  7. kj86

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Would bring a chuckle from ODU.
  8. kj86

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    If I'm understanding the bowl ticket request thing correctly, you can pick any of the possible games and you will only get charged for the game that we actually go to. So, shouldn't we all be putting in for Frisco Bowl tickets, because that's the only one we might have trouble getting a ticket to? Right?
  9. kj86

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Yes. Give me the FTW bowl vs. Baylor.
  10. Let’s meet up at Mad Dogs on the Riverwalk to celebrate.
  11. kj86

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    I'll be there too!
  12. kj86

    UNT Teams With Affinity Licensing

    That would make a really nice alternative or addition to the battle flag to wave around at road games and bowl games. I shall politely request one for Christmas.
  13. kj86

    ODU Uniforms...

    I bet those greys look a lot cooler up close and that's why the players like them. From the stands, they look like dingy white that got thrown in the washer with the dark clothes. Miami (OH) had some sharp looking greys on last night.
  14. kj86

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Eagles 48 Truck Drivers 17