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  1. That must be it. I’m using a different device.
  2. Signed up for ESPN+ to watch the LaTech game. It made me pay again for this one. I see a phone call in my future. Anybody else have this issue?
  3. Well another year of me going with my good friend Mike to the championship game in Frisco. Mike went to NDSU and has adopted UNT as his local college team and attends Mean Green games regularly. Go Bison! Go Mean Green!
  4. No thank you very much to FCS 2.0.
  5. 1. They have no offense. We have no defense. 2. We have a little offense. They have a little defense. I think we have a slight edge both when we have the ball and when they have the ball. Us 31 Them 23
  6. There would be a ton of RVs parked at a rest area along I-35 near Hillsboro, picking it up out of Waco.
  7. Feed is buffering constantly. Haven’t seen a play in it’s entirety yet.
  8. Watch parties have not gone well for me...Cal at Alamo Draft House, USM at Kilarney's. Think I'll try home this week.
  9. Looks like they make everyone leave two empty seats between them and the next patron. They're scattered all over to (sort-of) make it look fuller.
  10. Saturday was one of the best tailgating turn-outs I've ever seen. I was very pleasantly surprised by both the tailgating and the game attendance. I agree with Adler that we have one of the best followings in G5. Kudos to all involved in coordinating HC activities. Great atmosphere, great weather, great bonfire, great game, cold beer.
  11. 45-31, Green 15,000 announced, 9,000 butts in seats
  12. Agree. Looks like the put the white unis in the wash with the black ones.
  13. Large decals. We need big stuff...like what you would put on your back car window. We have a travel trailer with a back window and cannot find any kind of decal or logo stuff that's big enough. I'm talking like 18 x 24 or bigger.
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