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  1. Plus, I'd bet that a fair number of folks who don't go to every game are holding out for the UH game. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Saturday's attendance is > 20,000.
  2. I'd say we took about 5,000 and they had about 12,000. A really good turnout for them.
  3. I'm mostly a fan, but there are two times when I punch out. 1. Corby talks about college football. 2. The Hardline talks about music.
  4. Not to mention the fact that Midwestern St. is the Mustangs.
  5. That's the one I use.
  6. Apogee Fouts Texas Stadium SMU's Ford Tulsa Arkansas Ruston Alamodome UT - DKR TCU Superdome War Memorial - Little Rock Kyle Field UH's old stadium BU - Floyd Casey Rice Monroe Michie (Army)
  7. Let's have this 16-team national title tournament. Then, another 16 go to the NIT and another 16 to the FIT (or whatever they wanted to call it). There could even be a fourth one. This way, you still get lots of teams into the postseason, but the interest level would be higher than all these rando bowls.
  8. No one would view it that way. A lot of people call FCS, Division II. They don't know the difference between NDSU and Midwestern St. You have to at least give some kind of impression that you're playing with the big boys for as long as that's possible.
  9. Clearly I misinterpreted something along the way, 'cause I could have sworn that they sent something out saying that the MGSF deadline was Jan. 31.
  10. On my application, it doesn't recognize that I've already made the MGSF donation. It won't let me buy the tickets without making the donation again. Guess I'll be making a call.
  11. kj86

    AAF league

    Arizona QB John Wolford (Wake Forest) looked pretty impressive last night.
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