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  1. I don’t care for it to be a place for coaches to stay. I want our head coaches to get hired by P5 programs that can pay twice what we can. I want to see a new coach every 3-4-5 years because the last one got hired away for money we can’t dream of paying.
  2. I tend to agree. I wonder if we shouldn’t have just let him go and given the next up and comer a chance. Maybe Graham Harrell. See if we can get him hired by a larger program then hire the next guy. There seems to be a lot of excitement in the 2-3 years after hiring a new coach. If we can be in that perpetual cycle of getting coaches moved up quickly, maybe we can become an even more attractive spot to be for coaches and talent and perpetuate a culture of excitement and winning beyond the length of 1 new coach.
  3. Wonder what he is up to these days.
  4. Aune was 2 for 5. 2 Burns drops away from 4 for 5 with a TD. The other was called a PI I think, right after the Burns 40+ yard pass. Even that play could have been considered positive. Ruder had some passes dropped, too. Aune passes just looked sharper than Ruder is all. With a small sample size when the game is well in hand, that’s probably easy to do. I wouldn’t look too much into it, right now and I trust Littrell to play the right one. I’m happy NWS only scored 14. I think they had at least one TD, maybe 2, called back for a penalty if I remember correctly.
  5. Pretty much agree. Ragsdale had a good game as well. Aune had some real nice throws - I thought his arm looked better than Ruder tonight in the short amount of time played. I highly doubt anyone hates Ruder, so those comments seem a bit extreme. His TD pass to Burns was perfectly placed for the traffic Burns was in, and Burns made a great catch. Ruder looked real comfortable running, but threw behind a couple of receivers in the middle, and threw an interception when he probably should have just taken a sack. That said, we are in pretty good hands with our QB situation and no one will complain about that. I think the QBs are pretty close talent-wise. Hopefully that makes them both better. There were far too many dropped passes on good throws from both QBs. Ruder certainly would have had a better night if his receivers had a better night. WR, TE, and RBs need to catch more balls that hit their hands. Maybe we just got spoiled with Darden. Loved seeing pressure from the defensive front. The defensive line activity and stunts and blitzes forced some bad decisions from their QB, but also left some spots of the field open for a couple of big plays.
  6. The teams selected prove the Big12 wants schools that can be consistently competitive. They just lost their 2 main schools that brought competitive validation to the league. UNT's focus should be on improving the product on the fields and courts (basketball has been getting it done here - it needs to continue). If we want to move up - all athletics need to keep the level of play high, and donors need to keep the donations coming.
  7. Zach has been here a while, right? It seems he has taken advantage of his time to learn a hard topic and to contribute and grow as a basketball player. Maybe he completed his degree? Sometimes you have to take risks on things. The age these guys are at are when you are most free to take those chances. If it works out or not, he's going to have some great experiences in the coming years - wherever that takes him. I hope he has fond memories of what was accomplished here and that he stays connected to UNT.
  8. Yeah I kinda thought it was like that. That’s too bad, because it’s always fun to get the spill over fans from the last game and/or next game cheering for the other teams. Typically every fan pulls for the underdog in any game that isn’t their own.
  9. I don't know how many of us were around when the NCAA tournament regional (and UNT) was in OKC for the KState matchup. But, if you haven't been and we have an opportunity to go again - just go. It is one of the best events in the country to go to. The fans from every school are some of the nicest people you have ever met, and it's because everyone knows anything can happen. One thing I was curious about this year, since I didn't get a chance to go, was whether or not your ticket got you a "session" (2 games) or just 1 game?
  10. Players are still giving it everything. Love that Nova is, too.
  11. They started sitting 4 or 5 guys on the 3 point line. Spaced us out and are getting dribble drive penetration and kick out to the open man. They are hitting them and making it look easy.
  12. Nova has 6 guys on the floor that can hit 3's.
  13. North Texas ranked higher than any 12 seed in the tournament before it started. The conference USA hate is real.
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