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  1. 2 of those are some cold places to play basketball
  2. I think I read that they were trying to coach him to shoot more. It also got mentioned in this video. I'd like to see him take more too, but whatever they are doing at this point, seems like it is working.
  3. That was Holman's freshmen year when he was a 3pt specialist, right?
  4. Yep. Screw their complaining. The refs left it there for them. They swallowed whistles against all the restricted area fouls WKU was giving us the entire game. That wasn't the part that bothered me. They did it for both sides EXCEPT when the game was on the line and the obvious foul against hamlet out of bounds.
  5. Could not agree more. Many 50/50 calls went against us today, and that was not one of the 50/50 calls. Most of the time refs swallow whistles in final seconds of the game, but not these guys. Also - props to our players for continuing to play through that garbage. Geu made some key touch shots to stop WKU momentum.
  6. Bizarre. These refs are fucking awful.
  7. No good can come from people talking about graduating without debt. They are either seen as score boarding, or having a series of fortunate events happen to them.
  8. Rice shot 53% from 3. Western Kentucky shot 48%. If you shoot close to the 50% mark from 3, you're probably going to win - and you probably deserve to.
  9. You guys must not have been in the market for a house lately. That house is about average for this area, now.
  10. If we are going there, why stop... Jason Garrett will be unemployed in a half a week.
  11. You have to be kidding me. What's the point to having a parking pass?
  12. It feels like March. That was a fun game to watch. SFA has good size across the board. They bring in assistant coaches from the Bill Self coaching tree.
  13. I agree. But to say it couldn’t get worse... it most definitely could, and this fan base knows it.
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