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  1. If they play well enough to make UNT a top 50 team, the idea they are somehow not good enough to contribute to another top 50 team does not make sense. When you say stuff like that it looks like you have a diminished view of UNT for no reason that simply isn’t true. Get on board with how well this program and the players are developing/performing.
  2. Answering my own question: Hamlet and Reese transferred from there. Is there some connection between us and Buffalo other than players? Are coaches or admin connected in anyway?
  3. I would like to not see him at Buffalo. Isn’t that a team we’ve had recently players transfer to us from?
  4. He's proposing Top 25 money. In basketball, I think that is north of $3Mil, these days. The average D1 head football coach makes $1.7Mil. Seth Littrell makes $1.7Mil. "Big Money" is bigger than the average. Are you proposing Big money to match big expectations?
  5. I know coworkers of mine (more than a few) who went to SMU and UTA and they said by far UTA was better… and a couple of them did undergrad degrees at TCU. if you want to rub shoulders with people who work at engineering firms in DFW, SMU is a good place to go because they offer serious discounts to people who currently work at large engineering companies so they can sell that network to students. If you want to actually learn something about engineering, you’d be better off at UTA.
  6. SMU would be better off in Fort Worth. There’s a reason TCU and Baylor are in front of SMU both in conference and academically. Don’t be surprised if one day you see UNT passing you by with the blinders you have on. UH might have already as well.
  7. Coaching changes happen whether you want them to or not. No one here can change that. Cope with it however you want.
  8. Because we have to. We have to compete against that money, no matter if he stays or goes. Whether it is him coaching that team or not, that is our competition. Our expectation here is to win conference championships. With or without him.
  9. If this all happens we will be playing in the same conference against Grant McCasland, Eric Konkol, Andy Kennedy and Penny Hardaway with Ross Hodge at the helm?
  10. Like what? Other than them being private? How in the world does being at SMU increase his odds of getting to Baylor? It's honestly probably equal to UNT and a bit farther a way with 100% way shitter school public options for his kids and about the same private school options. Or a really bad commute. SMU would be better off being in Fort Worth. Denton is is the clear winner here. ANd it's not like UNT couldn't pay him more.
  11. The LSU job being challenging is an understatement. I can understand chasing some money, but it sounds like a super big headache.
  12. I think it's being asked on the end of regulation shot selection and play draw up. I'm just fine with the end of the game shot. I just thought we could have gotten something driving to the basket toward the end of regulation. Great game - and lots of fun to watch. Wanted really badly for TP to be the hero again.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Bell and/or Abou were doing work near the basket tonight.
  14. Those are only NCAA teams because they won their tournament. Look at Texas Southerns NET - they are the lowest ranked team in the tournament. It's teams like that that keep at large hopeful teams like us out. I'd like to not play Texas Southern. I like JJ, but there's no good that comes from playing them.
  15. I also want to sit behind Craig Robertson every game. Love that dude and all the jaw jacking he was giving a TXST fan that was upset about bad calls at the end of the game, but was just fine with them at the beginning.
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