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  1. MeanMag

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    I can't tell if you are joking... I hope you are.
  2. MeanMag

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    I'm hoping its just home cooking.
  3. MeanMag

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    Duffy's contested three point spin shot not even looking at the basket with a full possession clock... *cringe* Slow down and relax guys.
  4. MeanMag

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    They just need to relax. They look like they are trying too hard.
  5. MeanMag

    San Francisco (3/26/18)

    Not getting any foul calls on drives.
  6. MeanMag

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    That article says, they want to be in the NCAA tournament every year. Then says they want to be UMBC... I don't want to say UMBC will not be back any time soon, but they certainly do not have a history of making it consistently.
  7. MeanMag

    Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    This guy seems upset or confused that no one on a North Texas forum gives a shit about UH? UH might as well be any other non P5 school to us, only dumber.
  8. MeanMag

    Middle Tennessee State (2/10/18)

    Stadium/Facebook at 5pm Saturday.
  9. MeanMag

    CUSA RPI Update (1/1/18)

    Road wins count for more in RPI.
  10. MeanMag

    Seth Littrell on defense

    I don't know what the objective of the scheme is, but I think for the most part you try to turn ball carriers to the middle of the field, where more defenders can be in on the play. I saw guys in position to make plays and taking bad angles and not trusting other people on the defense to make a tackle. Our second line let guys get outside instead of turning them back to the middle of the field where the help was. When guys don't do their job or make plays, coaches get and take blame. When things go well, players get praised for doing their job. If anything, I see coaching issues, or recruiting issues, or players taking coaching issues.
  11. MeanMag

    Independence Bowl

    You might be right. I don't think they would invite a team that didn't want to be there...
  12. I was hoping for a different bowl is all, selfishly, because I will not be able to go because of the date, but also because I've been to New Orleans 3 times and seen our school play and get beat by Troy before. A change of scenery and an opponent that we haven't played so much in recent history would have been more preferable to me. Also, if it meant we didn't have to play them in a bowl game, I would have been happy with Troy and other older Sun Belt schools (arkst, paladin) being added to CUSA rather than Charlotte and ODU. I feel they have better resumes. At this point, it doesn't matter. Just win. And I will likely be glued to the tv during my 1 year old's birthday party, because New Orleans and Troy has been a really tough sell on the wife to change the date.
  13. MeanMag

    CUSA Bowls Confirmed

    That's a loooong trip to a far off, and foreign land for Highland Park residents.
  14. Almost everyone here knows that we were in the Sun Belt with them, and most here also were hoping not to have to play Sun Belt teams in Sun Belt Bowls after leaving for CUSA. That's the reality.