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  1. Good coaches match their playbook to the personnel. This whole TE focus seems forced. We need to make sure that pass catchers are featured - WR, TE, RB - who cares.
  2. I suppose we could have under thrown more deep balls.
  3. What? They went deep on his first play of the game, and it was intercepted.
  4. 3 punts, an interception and doing nothing to end the half. We know the defense is a liability. this offense is supposed to be better than it is.
  5. That's not shocking. Shocking is how deficient the offense is.
  6. Congrats to that guy. I assume that's his kiddo on the tiny desk concert.
  7. I propose we start our own network.
  8. Dana fumbles for the third string QB name (the guy behind Tune now). Hunts for a name and call him "slappy, the third team guy". Very odd. Just doesn't seem like a genuine person to me.
  9. I like you. We can play this game.
  10. You must be new to college football.
  11. Apparently all it takes is some grad transfers. Who the hell knows what will happen.
  12. It just sounds like we need to fix DL, LB, and secondary recruiting... What kind of scheme we run sounds irrelevant.
  13. Does canning the 3-3-5 solve the problem of not recruiting that position well, or something?
  14. Luckily, we fans don't have to address the issues. We have coaches to do that job. We just get to eat food, drink beer, donate and arm chair critique the best QB in school history. Don't know that the growing into a higher power team is as much on us as it is the coaches and players. This is their team. They are the ones that will make it whatever it is.
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