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  1. Yes, i agree. The tower floor is clean. the Texas outline and diving eagle look great.
  2. Would that not be recruiting suicide? Texas commands a presence whether those schools and/or fanbases like it or not. Texas schools will always have a seat at the table and likely be able to associate with whomever they want. CUSA implosion would likely occur as a result of BIG XII or some other power conference realignment.
  3. They the Washington Generals, now. So happy to have them in our conference...
  4. Probably pretty easy to find. They likely, still, give the most money after RV was fired. Those fools...
  5. Tobe Nwigwe on mlb19 the show soundtrack
  6. lol. Look at this guy. Has anyone told him?
  7. I'm not going to say that you are wrong, but I feel like all Josh White needed was Tristan Thompson. The two of them, together, were greater than the sum of their parts.
  8. I agree with Smart's mentality, but the ability to convert a drive into points/free-throws just isn't there. Just decent defensive teams can force us into a 3pt shooting contest that this team can't keep up with. This year's team is a horrendous 3pt% team. Which seems a bit odd given the 3pt production that returned from last season. The more we get to the line, the more we win. The less 3pt shots we take, the more we win. I feel like we are good enough defensive team to make that offensive formula work if we had a slasher. RIght now, Woolridge appears banged up, so is Miller our next best slasher?
  9. There is no question, they do. I remember Duke being somewhat close. Our josh white and Tristan thompson teams made their living at the line and spoiled me with their FT percentage.
  10. Man, I’ve been feeling the same way so I looked up the percentage the other day and some of the best teams in the NCAA have similar stats at the line. I couldn’t believe it. I need to look at the OOC and conference splits, but it feels like it has been real bad lately. It’s not like conference teams defend the free throw line any better than out of conference teams. It seems from where ever we stand on the floor, the ball is not going down.
  11. With this team? We would have a unremarkable record and not have gotten any attention. At least this way, there's attention to raise the perception of the program. The team is what it is. You can either have this team and a worse record or have this team and the record they have now. A tougher OOC would not have made this team better, but the OOC we had, may make the program better.
  12. we took our first free throws with 4 minutes left in the game.
  13. I would take that 10 times out of 10.
  14. when you don't drive to the basket, you have no chance to get rewarded.
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