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  1. Needs to be easy. How did this move backwards?
  2. I'm not sure of the answer your question. I know that as Memphis watches Houston, Cincinnati and UCF move to the Big 12 - Memphis fans are probably an angry bunch of people wondering why they did not get an invite. If I were an upset Memphis fan, I would blame administration. If we had stayed in CUSA with Sam Houston while UTSA got an invite - I could probably tell you who I would want to see fired pretty quickly.
  3. I agree with your assessment of SMU. They look good. I think Gunnels first pass was underthrown - miserably. It was probably the easiest pass he's made since he started playing peewee. His second pass may have been a compensation for underthrowing the first. Just throw the damn ball like you have been doing for a long time. If our first and second string QBs lack the confidence in themselves to make the right throw (like Mordecai), WTF do we do to get the best QB here or what do we do to our QBs to wreck their confidence?
  4. Thank you. I don't have as much time as I once did to keep up with every thread here.
  5. You have a 6th year senior. All the coaching in the world is not necessary for that guy to know he messed up. If he doesn't know it by now... he will never know. But I have a feeling he knows, and he is not blaming the coaches. He probably has more playing experience than the coaching staff. He's heard the coaching staff and been in those situations for 5 years... Those players on the SMU sideline probably have at least $36000 reasons to blame themselves for messing up. For those going to the NFL, more. It is on the fans, admin, and athletic dept. to decide if they want to attract NFL talent or if they want to attract former MLB minor league talent with commercial real estate aspirations to play football here. If the expectation is to beat SMU - we know where we need to be. That said - I think what Aune has accomplished in baseball and as an athlete in general is spectacular and better than 99% of any of us. He seems like a great dude, but the pedigree of the guys on the SMU roster is known. Siggers was one of us. We have had NFL talent on our roster. SMU just has more. We can be the underdog team of people who overachieve 1/10 years and beat that team. The advantage we have over SMU is in number of grads/students and fans. How do we transfer that to an advantage in $$$?
  6. This is a fact, and until it is addressed there will be no parody. Coaching will not even matter. It will not be a level playing field. We can hope to keep up with the other teams in the AAC that are on our level, but SMU has used every available resource to hit the accelerator. This game could have been much, much worse. Mordecai and those receivers are better than half the P5 teams out there.
  7. Let's say I have X amount to give to UNT. Do I give it to the NIL consortium or the MGSF? It is going to be very hard to compete with SMU. They are on the bleeding edge or all things NIL and transfer portal. Using every single resource they can to give themselves the best competitive advantage. This was far more than just coaching. Our DBs were in position. Their QB is that good. Their WRs are that good. Our horses do not match up with their horses, and now, more than ever before, it isn't all on the coach... It's on the engine that makes North Texas - North Texas. The Fans and their pocket books.
  8. PB seems to know more than that. Someone should ask him, honestly. He cares. I wonder if it is something he is not proud of.
  9. I've seen you post this in 2 separate threads. Your girlfriend getting upset about it sounds silly. I have not ever given second thought to coaches who yell. Times change, though, so I guess I could see people getting upset about it. Sports and gameday atmospheres are one of the last places it is socially acceptable and encourages yelling, when you think about it. Which is why I cannot understand...
  10. It's almost like whoever makes the least mistakes - wins...
  11. I agree. But you wouldn't believe these announcers. They have a no gag reflex.
  12. Or play it safe and maybe break a big running play to then make the all or nothing decision... Players have to execute. They know it.
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