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    Unfortunate that people had to lose their job....BUT....it clearly wasn’t working. GMG
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    Matthew Brune is a current student at UNT and covers UNT games, HS football games for the DRC, and writes for https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/. He's around the team often and provides an inside look. I'm a regular listener of his Brune's Breakdown Podcast and it's definitely worth a listen for all UNT fans. Let's not trash UNT content creators because in reality we need more of them if we want to grow our student fan base and sell out Apogee.
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    Crank up the coordinator pay and nab 'lil Briles (who will soon be looking for a job) and recently-released Todd Orlando from UT.
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    I’ve seen 2 things in particular in this thread that I hope Littrell doesn’t share the same viewpoint on. Reeder didn’t fail bc he came from an FCS school , he failed because he called bad games and consistently put our best players in very tough situations to succeed. I hope Littrell isn’t scared to go the FCS route again because of Reeder. Not saying that’s the route we should go, but excluding those guys from consideration just because Reeder failed is short sighted and eliminates a lot of potential good hires for no real reason related to their own merit. The other thing is that paying big boy money is the direction this has to go. The most expensive and qualified candidate we can get is definitely not guaranteed to be the best man for the job. I hope Littrell’s focus is on the best man for the job and not who is the most expensive guy we can afford to hire.
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    Littrell's doing the right thing here and like I said, this does give me hope and shows that he's a CEO that will make tough decisions...but that shouldn't be REWARDED, that should be the bare minimum of an expectation for a serious head coach coming off a disastrous season. But honestly, who the hell knows if his replacements will be good? His OC hire obviously wasn't. So before I up my donation, the ole Head Coach needs to prove it to me...it's not me having to prove something to him. I did this year and he didn't hold up his end of the bargain. He's making much needed changes...great. But make the right hire and go challenge for the conference next year. I don't want to hear about him rebuilding. I know we're replacing Fine...but QB is not the biggest problem on this team. If we believe recruiting rankings, then he has plenty of talent to challenge for the conference next year and it can be done in a year...plenty of programs do it. Go win....that's all I care about. Big boy programs don't get fans lined up to increase donations after 4-8 seasons. The burden is on the $2 million head coach...not fans who fund the program. After 20 years, I'm done with this chicken/egg situation. Do they need donations to up coaching salaries? yeah? Then what should the expectation be of the coaches that benefit from those higher salaries. It ain't 4-8. Call me this time next year.....
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    I know a lot of you on this board seem to not think this way but I'd hope Briles's participation in the Baylor sexual assault cases would cast a bigger shadow on him than his performance at FSU.
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
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    Short timing routes were our bread and butter on first and second down and those disappeared with the Reeder hire. We were always facing 3rd and long, and we didn't exactly have a dominating OL that could block efficiently for that. Mason was trying his darndest and getting killed for it.
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    How about Kendal Briles as OC and Charlie Strong as DC?
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    I know this isn't a precise analytic but what I always watch for is situational play calling. The third and medium ranges, red zone play calling, short yardage situations and the like. From my eye Reeder was bad. Very bad. Harrell frustrated me with the short yardage play calling but at least he was decent in the other ranges. Reeder was throw the hat at the TV bad. Kudos to SL for pulling the trigger on something that wasn't working.
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    now when can we expect Langston to be shown the door, his OLines have been horrible
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    The question should be- Is Ap State in the right conference?
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    I would legitimately kill myself. Guy is a douche and couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.
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    Wow....Now, as bad as this season has hurt, and makes ALL of us judge as to the "program", and we're not as far along as we should/would/could/want to be, etc....Take a collective breath for a minute and think about this... Firing BOTH these guys Monday after the season ended terribly, and NOT giving the OC a 1 year "Grace Period", to me, is not only the right thing to do, but more importantly, it's a Big Program decision move. Years in the past, we've seen this thing/drama drag on for season after season, keeping our fingers crossed, hoping, waiting, compromising. I hate this season, but man, I'm BEAMING with pride how people are being held accountable, band-aids are ripped off and we're making an effort, with a sense of urgency, RIGHT F'ING NOW.... Being the boss is never easy, and leaders take the arrows first into battle. Good for Seth....Lets fix this... One thing I need to clarify is this. I’m never happy about someone losing their job. I’m not celebrating this changing in leadership in the program. What people have to remember is these guys weren’t shown the door and thrown out immediately because of records. It is much is respect to them to let them go as soon as possible, so they can find jobs quickly to provide for their family. When letting someone go, from any job, to keep your own integrity, And out of respect for them, it’s best to release them as soon as possible and not string them along. So to be clear I’m not thrilled or celebrating two men lost their jobs. I’m pleased that the program sees the need to be expeditious on all levels. I wish both of them the best of luck.
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    I haven't heard of any sexual assault scandals happening at FAU, Houston, or FSU while he was at those places. Probably because they have HC's that don't turn blind eyes to that kind of thing, and he knows (let alone what he may have learned) that stuff won't fly.
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    Lol. At your JOB, you have accountability, because your ass is getting paid. A consumer of a product or an investor of a stock has no responsibility to keep buying something that isn't good or increase investment in a company that hasn't shown it's capable of growth. Smear that BS somewhere else.
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    This is where it gets tricky doesn’t it? My first reaction is Kendal Briles for OC,..and David Braun at NDSU for DC.. But whoever we get as DC has to understand what he’s dealing with in regard to our offensive philosophy. Whoever it is I hope they all can get it turned around and I wish them the best. Rick
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    Words can not express the joy I'm feeling right now. I'm so glad to be ahead of the coaching hiring instead of so far behind it like we were last year.
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    I hate celebrating when people lose their job, but these moves had to have been made, period. I wish them both success in the future. Not sure who I would like to see take their place as there are others that have better insight in to coaches that could be available. Orlando doesn't move the needle for me. I would love to see someone hired from the Brent Venables "coaching tree" to lead to the defense. I want an attacking style that is reminiscent of our teams led by Booger, Spencer, Jones, Buckles, etc... OC, I am torn on Briles due to his background, and I have a real difficult time believing that he will not be picked up by another P5 program. We are loaded with skill players and I think they were underutilized this year with a boring offense. We need motion, misdirection and creativity in the play calling. As many have stated, I scratched my head too many times this year trying to determine what in the world we were doing.
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    Yes. This would be a heck of a haul for us. Two great recruiters and with name brand recognition in Texas. I just don't see Charlie Strong taking a DC role at UNT after holding down the HC job at UT. I don't think his ego would allow him to take the job but I would love to be proven wrong. Kendal Briles, having won back-to-back state championships for Stephenville HS in '98 & '99, is a legend in Stephenville. His ties to Kade's hometown made it possible to recruit Kade Renfro away from UNT; which resulted in the offer from FSU. How funny would it be if Briles ends up as the OC at UNT and Kade decides to re-commit in the coming weeks. Sure would be a sly way by Littrell to get his QB back.
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    Most people that bitch about donating usually aren’t donating. Most fans that do are very happy and excited to do so. Money doesn’t impact the product? BS! Tell that to Ok State ( T Boone) Oregon ( knight). I would like to see a P5 OC and DC that had good stats but the head coach got let go. We will have to be in the $500,000 range. GMG
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    I laugh every time I see the pictures of Reffett and Reeder atop the forum boards. Reeders looks like an obituary picture and Reffett looks like a mug shot
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    I don't have an exact answer but I do think they should have a big event prior to football season where either people can bring friends to find out about the MGSF or invite new people to learn about the program. And no, I don't mean hearing a coach speak. The majority of people who need to be reached have no idea who even Reeder or Reffert are, they just want to have fun and be part of something.
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    Not to get off topic but years ago I gave more than I could afford (my wife at the time was not happy about it) and the next year when RV and crew tried to guilt me into giving more (asking for more is fine, insisting I could give more wasn't fine) I shot back with how about you guys get more donors instead of bleeding the ones who already bleed green. Wren and company are doing a much better job but we need to reach more people. It still seems like a take your money and send you email and parting gift kind of operation. Gotta do more than that.
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    This is what I'm saying....tired of the "guilt trip" What's our "addressable market" for UNT donors? Say it's 300,000 alumni and 100,000 Denton County residents. So an addressable market of 400,000 "customers" (totally making this up) Yet we go back to those same 10% and chastise them for not doing more. The coaching staff has to do more to get the other 90% and that only happens with consistent winning and big wins. I CAN'T GET MORE DONORS TO DONATE
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    Yup. I hated all the window dressing we did. It was detrimental. Double fake handoffs 8 yards behind the LOS was fooling no one and all it did was give the pass rush more time to disrupt the play and so many times it seemed like Mason was throwing from 10 yards or more behind the LOS. Just a hard product to watch all year.
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    @El Paso Eagle -- um, I 100% agree with you. I was using sarcasm to point out GH IS good and this board overreacted (shocker) about GH not being very good and we need someone else, yada, yada, yada. In fact, the guy was so "bad" he got promoted to the OC of a P5 school.
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    I would think, based on the way we have performed, that Seth and Wren probably already have a short list. Will be interesting to say the least
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    it does, but do we have the personnel to make a huge change? we have little to no DL depth, with 8 returners (4 of those will be sophomores). So if we change defensive fronts we need to grab some serious Juco players to fill the gaps
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    Looks like Colorado State is moving on from Bobo. They have a few recruits I would be interested in, mainly the DT from Duncanville.
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    Dan Hawkins really put them on the map. Petersen just took it and ran with it.
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    Mason will be in the NFL next season. He's going to be a little busy to be a coach. However, I do think we may have a pretty good QB's coach on the staff already:
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    I hear you. But he doesn't seem to be messing around. As the leader of the program, this is what you want to see.... He's saying, "this isn't good enough....I'm making changes" He didn't say "hey...this is just a blip, I've won 9 games here twice...and that's really good for UNT. We'll be fine...status quo."
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    This gives me hope for Littrell....
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    It makes sense for our potentially next 4 year starter build the right relationship from the front with a good coordinator. Reeder might have been good and just had a weird chemistry with Mason. We won't ever know. You can't have that talent and only coach him to 4 wins. Man, chemistry is fickle. I see a young up and comer joining Seth's team to lead this vital side of the ball. It is after all the face of Mean Green football. This will be good for Seth too. He needs freshness on the staff like the players do. I saw a lot of happy faces on the sideline this Saturday. The coaching staff was having to get them riled up to match UAB's emotion on the other sideline. They immediately went from having socializing having fun to being back dialed into the game. Strange. We almost derailed the West Champs. GMG
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    something seemed off all year... We didn't run the offense Reeder ran before... Don't know why. Pure speculation on my part, but it sure seemed to be a dysfunctional match: Littrell and Reeder. Our offense was never locked in this year
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    Pull the other trigger now...
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    McCrae was a three-star recruit in NC State’s Class of 2018. He redshirted the 2018 season and played juco ball during the 2019 season after transferring. He will have three years of FBS eligibility beginning in the 2020 season . and...he's already posting pictures of Apogee and Mean Joe Greene in his Twitter signature.
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    Kliff Kingsbury is the gold standard of failing up 😅
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    Sorry, but how is this even okay with the coaching staff, the fact that he is not even present on the sideline during games? If he is off the team, he shouldn't even continue to be acknowledged in the game programs (as small as that sounds, but just an example). In what world is this OK for a player, on an injured list, to NOT be on the sidelines for a game and instead, spending time in the stands? I'm fine with him not being recognized during the senior pre-game if he doesn't even bother to show up on the sidelines to support. Just because you're injured doesn't mean you get a free pass to not show up. Seems crazy to me, especially with the culture of 'teamwork' that this coaching staff touts - And sends a terrible message to the younger guys about leadership. Was he officially off the team? I had not heard that. If so, it was kept pretty hush-hush, but it looks odd when most everyone thinks he is still on the team, yet you see him out and about in the concessions area during games. Maybe I'm missing something ...
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    Christian’s final season stats 51 Rec for 723 yds 5 Rec TDs 9 Rushes for 71yds 2 rushing TDs Keep in Mind Christian missed first 5 games due to injury.
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    I don't have a problem with it...but I have to think a P5 will snatch him up for an assistant role. First name that comes to mind is Les MIles at Kansas....
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    The only one I'm pretty certain of is Aune. Bean depends too much on his gazelle-like running ability. The only problem with that is that there are too many Cheetah's out there hungry to bring him down......hard. I'll be real interested in spring practice and how Kuehne does in open competition.
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    There is also that hot shot OC at Texas A&M Darrell Dickey.

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