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    Kliff Kingsbury is the gold standard of failing up 😅
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    I disagree. I believe every situation, even a terrible situation, is an opportunity if you approach it the right way. We need Ref gone as soon as we can leak his replacement's name to the media. If Wren does his job, the coach replacing Ref will be a proven defensive mind that carries more than enough street cred to hold the defensive players we have, or even add some better commits. I see no reason why UNT can't make lemonade from our lemons. We could seriously upgrade our defensive coaching staff, and get some positive media attention, if Wren and Seth are smart this off season.
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    We have 5 #UNTamed20 on the list. https://bit.ly/2YYzX2C #55 Jordan Brown #66 Christian Lee #68 Loronzo Thompson #72 Kade Bond #80 Jett Duncan
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    We should be praying to baby football Jesus that it’s not any later than Monday.
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    Two questions regarding officiating. 1. Why is it left up to the conferences? Seems to me that we could eliminate so called conference bias if they were just NCAA officials and not tied to a conference. 2. Who is in charge of CUSA officiating? So inconsistent with their calls from game to game. Does anyone review their work? It is almost embarrassing how bad they are.
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    I think we should hedge our bets and go find the best P5 transfer portal QB we can land (like SMU did with Buechele). Maybe we get a diamond. Maybe not. But we were going to take a QB in this class anyway, so why not get a guy that has been there and done it on a high level. If one of the young guns can beat him for the job, than great. Remember Fine had to take the job from Alabama transfer Alec Morris. In my opinion, the more competition, the better.
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    If you remember those games well, than you would agree that this year's SMU team is light-years better than last season's (that's why they will be bowling). I loved our win at Arkansas too, but Arkansas turned out to be trash last season, and was still trash this year too (that's why they fired Morris during the season). Yes, 9 wins was nice, but we only beat 1 FBS team with a winning record last season (Southern Miss). Any honest person will concede that North Texas did not play as hard of a schedule last year. And again, Harrell's offense disappeared in the second half of games when we played good defenses. Those are just the facts.
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    I very much wish we could be at today's game, but we won't be able to make it. 😫 I hope there are a lot of butts in seats to see this senior class off in the best way, even though this season hasn't gone the way we wanted! That being said, we have 5 season tickets we won't be using if anyone wants them - Section 210, Row 6, Seats 24-28. Pickup in Carrollton (Bush/Old Denton Rd. exit area). Seats include seatbacks. I also have a Blue Lot parking pass available that can be emailed (but tickets are hard copies, so can't email those). GMG!
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    OK, I don't accept NT's attendance. I have no idea what that means, but if it makes someone happy.
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    Rice was a shit show. Charlotte was a shit show. La Tech was a shit show. Today we played them close all game and the defense had one of their better games. They almost completely shut out the UAB offense in the second half. I love what Mason has done for us, but that pick six was costly. The other interception wasn't great, although on replay it looked like the safety bit on the underneath route, but obviously he didn't. Play calling on offense wasn't perfect but it wasn't as bad as other games this season. It was a good, competitive game to watch, even if we did lose.
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    Let's not aspire to have dog shit attendance like our peers and accept it as OK because they seem OK with it. Nevertheless, I will never be upset at fans for not coming out to watch a shit show.
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    Did you see any of the Marshall vs FIU today?. A home game for Marshall that actually meant something. They showed some very good shots of the whole stadium and there could not have been a thousand there. I thought the NT crowd was about what was to be expected.
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    This isn't a new thing. The officiating has been consistently ass since at least the Dodge years. I see someone disagrees. What exactly is incorrect?
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    If you think they are bad, you really arnt going to like what’s behind them as a replacement. At the high school level, the shortage is a major problem and games are being moved to Thursday and Saturday to be able to be covered across the state. If officials arnt treated better at lower levels it is going to definitely impact the college level.
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    Guess that facemask doesn't count...
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    Asinine to think there is any type of “bias”. D1 officials work very hard to get to the D1 level and could care less who wins. The issue is the depth/ quality of officials at all levels. Officials are treated so poorly in youth and junior high level games that most quit before theIr first year. There’s a massive official shortage at the high school level due to veteran officials retiring and no young officials there to replace them due to poor working conditions for beginner officials. There has to have a trickle up effect to the college level.
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    That's a hell of a good picture!!!
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    Yeah, your right. Let’s give everyone a trophy and a safe space.
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    Open letter to Rico Bussey: Rico, I’m not sure how the future will play out but we, the fans, would love for you to return next season. Losing you to injury made it abundantly clear the impact you make on this team and how much we need you. If you stay, you have an opportunity to rehab in place you know well. Your voice could guide the young WR corp in their growth and with your talent, we could help ease the transition to a new QB. An opportunity is at hand for us to put this shitty season behind us and right the wrongs of 2019. So I ask you to leave your legacy here in 2020, ball out, and let’s prepare you for the NFL Draft in 2021! Rico, you’re a part of the Mean Green family now. We love you, wish you a speedy recovery, and we’ll always support you, no matter what. Unless you transfer to SMU. Then you’ll be dead to us. Please don’t do that. Respectfully, C Rod
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    Especially when you choose to delay surgery for months. That is an odd decision.
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    Pick your sport at UNT. We have a hard time getting difference makers that produce conference champions to come to UNT. Something is terribly wrong with how UNT is perceived when it comes to recruiting good athletics.
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    It is incredibly frustrating as a NT fan that we are going on a combined 100 years since we’ve beaten a ranked team in football or men’s basketball.
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    Good for them. Not only did they beat the #1 team in the nation, but that ending will be watched millions of times. Epic.
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    In a bazaar move, Mason Fine is named head coach after the game and Seth Litrell announces he is the new head coach for a Manhattan, Kansas high school team
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    👍👍 This is getting ridiculous. First of all, I didn't see a transcript of the Attorney's speech, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't she using the "offensive word" whilst quoting someone else, or to make an academic point? In either case I find nothing worth firing her for. Maybe someone should have taken her aside and explained that, in this case, she could/should have compromised her professional/academic standing and used a euphemism instead. I totally agree with Bill Maher about the current state of over sensitivity by the current generation of college students in this country. Their lack of tolerance for anyone with a different point of view is very distressing. What I think is going on with Ms. Ogbu is she is seeing the opportunity to get a camera in front of her and gain her 15 minutes of fame. This is one of the most inoffensive schools in America and to try and present it otherwise is just....well....lame. Ms. Ogbu, do something productive. Start studying for your finals and/or go read a book that tries to make a point that you don't agree with. THAT is what College is all about.....intellectual growth.
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    It strikes me as funny that they will be wearing all black with the discussions on here about the black uniforms. Totally unrelated I know, but I still couldn’t help but snicker a bit. Heck, maybe a few protesters will show up in gray😆
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    oh Yolian you get worse and worse the more attention you get.
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    Students like to protest. But screw them if they are trying to stop the golf facility. What was the swipe at golf about?
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    I go back to home losses in front of good crowds at Fouts in the late 90's thru today--UNLV, Baylor, TCU, Tulsa, Rice (as non-conference back then), and Army. Then, at Apogee, UH both times they have been here, SMU in 2016, and La Tech in 2017. Only big wins in front of strong crowds were Baylor at Fouts in 2003, SMU in 2006 at Fouts, then at Apogee in 2014, and 2018, UTEP in 2014 and 2018, and Army in 2017.
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    For those of you who may not know,...ULM was the North Dakota State/Appalachian State of the middle to late 80’s. Their Stadium, Malone Stadium was damn nice back then for FCS,...at least the home side was. They have a groveof oak trees along the south side where everyone tailgated. And if you were in Monroe on Saturdays you were at Malone Stadium. It was a hell of a fun, raucous place to see a football game in and a horrible place to play in as a visitor. I remember my first time there walking through the crowd in the Grove and thinking..”Damn they got it going on here!”. Fast forward 10 years later after the results of their AD whoring them out to balance their new FBS budgets and to my shock the place had became a ghost town. I went over to their alumni tailgate and asked WTH was going on and there was some really sad folks. I felt terrible for them. Good damn people who love and support their school reduced to Hell’wigitis. Very sad. Rick
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    3 guesses whose schedule and results this is. Date Time Opponent Rank Site TV Result Attendance September 1 6:00 p.m. Western Carolina* Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL PPV W 52–6 (vacated) 92,138 September 8 11:30 a.m. at Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Stadium Nashville, TN LFS W 24–10 (vacated) 39,773 September 15 5:45 p.m. No. 16 Arkansas Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL ESPN W 41–38 (vacated) 92,138 September 22 6:45 p.m. No. 22 Georgia No. 16 Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL (rivalry) (College GameDay) ESPN L 23–26 OT 92,138 September 29 4:00 p.m. vs. Florida State* No. 22 Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Jacksonville, FL CBS L 14–21 85,412 October 6 2:00 p.m. Houston* Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL PPV W 30–24 (vacated) 92,138 October 13 11:30 a.m. at Ole Miss Vaught–Hemingway Stadium Oxford, MS (rivalry) LFS W 27–24 (vacated) 59,791 October 20 11:30 a.m. No. 20 Tennessee Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL (Third Saturday in October) LFS W 41–17 92,138 November 3 4:00 p.m. No. 3 LSU No. 17 Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL (rivalry) CBS L 34–41 92,138 November 10 11:30 a.m. at Mississippi State No. 21 Davis Wade Stadium Starkville, MS (rivalry) LFS L 12–17 56,188 November 17 1:30 p.m. Louisiana–Monroe* Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL L 14–21 92,138 November 24 7:00 p.m. at No. 25 Auburn Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL (Iron Bowl) ESPN L 10–17 87,451 December 30 7:00 p.m. vs. Colorado* Independence Stadium Shreveport, LA (Independence Bowl) ESPN W 30–24 47,043 *Non-conference game Homecoming Rankings from AP Poll released prior to the game All times are in Central time
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    I think this season wouldn’t be so hard on everyone had Seth not pulled a June Jones on us. Everyone is questioning his focus. It was off during the circus of a bowl week last year and has bled over into this season.
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    In either case, the results we are getting should have us considering theft charges.
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    Kiffin rightly calls out the CUSA Refs on Twitter after bad calls in FAU games and Lovable Bearded Coach Littrell won't respond to a softball question about a call in a press conference? What was the Kiffin fine? $5000? Can't cover that with the almost $2m salary he's making? For someone who could bench press me, he sure needs to grow a pair.
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    It's not about "liking" anyone. It's not about like. It's about wins. Win or piss off.
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    He’s not NFL talent. Neither was Guyton.
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    Don't disagree with your points, but have no idea how it applies to my comments. How is firing Seth or a coordinator or the whole staff in season going to make this year any better?
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    Hey, we all have to look in the mirror and admit we actually really underperform at our jobs. C’mon, you know good and well you really only work 2hrs out of an 10hr day. So in the end, we’re all really a lot like Seth.
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    ULM was not a 7 year start up in 2007. They had been playing football for decades, won an FCS national championship in ‘87 and had been playing FBS again since ‘94 and finished 6-6 that 2007 season despite losing to us five weeks before beating Alabama. Overall that win over ULM was the second best of two of Dodge’s five wins. I know your just pointing it out to Ben that similar $#!+ happens, but that loss by Bama to ULM was not comparable to a loss to UNCC. Rick
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    Best of luck to him wherever he goes. Sad for unt but these kids need to look to their futures
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    As I expected….but its not been a banner year for him...downvote me but I like Littrell.... and 1.8mil later he's not had all his planets align.....
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    If you are a recruit and watching these post game interviews, what are you thinking? Same question for a someone on edge about buying season tickets? Or big donor? He shows no confidence to me. He looks like someone who is thinking "Damn, I'm stuck at UNT another year." I seriously question about how much he really cares about this university.
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    Are we the poor people? Because we (UNT) pays Littrell almost DOUBLE what Kiffin is paid. People on this board 💩 all over Kiffin and speak highly of Seth's demeanor even after Kiffin keeps putting FAU in CUSA East Championship games over and over and we keep getting jack $hit... But hey, I hear TX Coaches really love Littrell! 🙄
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    So the Gov. of California, Gavin Newsome, passed a law that allows college football players to make money from advertisers that use their likeness, name, etc., on products, defying the the NCAA. California schools will have a distinct advantage in recruiting over the rest of us. And what will the NCAA do about it? Your thoughts.
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    Either make major changes or be prepared to lose a majority of your fan base. That is all.

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