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  1. Nope I’m freaking stoked for college football to be back. I didn’t start this conversation, someone decided start this. “Jay Hopson lost control of the Golden Eagles this last week due to all the "social justice" demonstrations the FB team participated in. No focus on the job at hand and South Alabama embarrassed them.“
  2. Idk if you’re aware but there’s a pandemic & giant movement against police brutality happening every day. Saying respectfully doesn’t change how incredibly insensitive your comment it is.
  3. There’s more important things going on in the world than college football currently.
  4. Co-Starter's gives me PTSD from 2014. Luckily we aren't playing TU in Austin on Saturday & we can work out the issues against HBU.
  5. Awesome, love the national coverage Stadium provides. All the casual football fans tune into stadium.
  6. I'm not sure if C-USA or our Athletic Department has more say in choosing our TV Deal but if we had a donation fund to get us on real TV occasionally, I would chip in monthly lol.
  7. Aune aka Brandon Weeden. I gotta believe his previous experience has to give him a leg up in big moments.
  8. Looking for one these in green with our insignia. Used to be able to find them at random golf courses in DFW. If anyone knows of any I’m willing to play premium. Nothing like showing off your university while shooting 20 over par.
  9. I stand corrected! Congrats Javion on getting both awards! Well deserved! https://twitter.com/ConferenceUSA/status/1237453562180968454?s=20
  10. If March Madness gets cancelled completely I hope I get Corona & die.
  11. I think there is a big gap at the top UNT, WKU, & LT between rest of field. Anyone can win it though, March is crazy & unpredictable. UTSA & Rice scare me because of their fast pace & ability to get hot from 3.
  12. No reason to even consider us as a Bubble/At-Large. Agreed winning these 5 straight could improve our NCAA seeding to 10/11/12. Even if we beat Charlotte then lose in the CUSA Championship we might be semi mentioned in last 4 four in but I doubt it. CUSA down year aside from WKU/LA & we have no quality wins. If we could've pulled off VCU, Utah State, RI, & or OU we might've been a legit bubble team.
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