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  1. It’s like they’re scared to throw the ball downfield with the lead? Let Fine keep rolling instead of the short dump down routes.
  2. There’s still like a 95% chance i’m there but I just needed to post an overly dramatic & petty post to show my anger.
  3. I would gladly love to punch you in the mouth but you are still one of our own, gotta save my anger for UTSA fans.
  4. Lol this could be the worst post I’ve ever seen on here and I’ve seen some bad ones. Who do you think you are? High and mighty acting best UNT fan of all time post.
  5. Lol I’m not a fair weather fan I’ll support UNT even at 0-12? But when your team blows a giant lead against a horrible team I’m not gonna go all out and waste money, time, & hangover on a Thursday night for them. You missed the whole point of my post.
  6. I was so hyped for FAU Thursday ,was gonna take off Friday & really enjoy Thursday night. Nah this team doesn’t deserve it, what an embarrassment. Up 28-0 and blow it. Coaching staff balls fall off and scared to have any aggression calling plays?
  7. The play was blown dead? And if you do say that was a fumble it was recovered at the 1?
  8. Get rid of a conference body bag game. Make it an 8 team playoff top 6 P5 & top 2 G5.
  9. I was telling my buddy this morning that if we go win the next two weeks and play well, this victory won’t matter too much except for the fact that we got a W out of it!
  10. This might come off as a pointless and negative story and it kind of is but.. I was super excited for the retro gear being released this weekend so I made sure I hit the stadium store pregame. I spent a good chunk on the retro Nike T short sleeve, Retro Nike Long Sleeve, & Retro Nike NT Polo. I wore the T shirt and put my favorite unt hoodie back in the bag with the others. While watching the kick get blocked and the confusion after, someone stole my bag with all my gear in it. The worst part is I was sitting on the home side by mostly UNT fans. So I lost a little faith in my unt brethren but I’m guessing they needed that gear more than me.
  11. Preparing for the worst! Hopefully we show up and they will be quiet by the end of the game
  12. Cannot wait until SMU but I am extremely excited because I just purchased 15 tickets on the same row for the Arkansas game. Purchased through SeatGeek sadly because it was so much cheaper than our ticket office. I believe we're sitting right in the middle of Hog fans but will be even sweeter when we upset. Never been to a game in Fayetteville and hopefully we are 2-0 so I can chill out and watch football with a little less stress.
  13. Considering getting my MBA, gonna think on it for year.
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