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  1. hahaha a mascot outfit that has zero effect on you or the football team is what pushes you over the line? ๐Ÿ˜‚ thats so sad, shows the type of fans we have. You would think a horrible Oline getting our QB killed or horrible playcalling might. But no a mascot suit does ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Oh no you shouldn't have posted this. The old guys in here are gonna be triggered.
  3. MTSU brought 7 two straight plays?! How can you not see that on back to back plays? They arenโ€™t disguising it??
  4. Man FireFightnRick you need to have a beer or something. It's not that serious. In my time at UNT 2013-2017 the albino squirrel was strictly a gimmicky joke good luck charm. We never once considered it a official trademark of the university, discussed its life importance, anti athletics sentiments or connection to UT? Most of us were large supporters of Apogee & athletics & none of that was discussed with a squirrel lmao. Literally something we laughed about walking to class. Chillllllll
  5. Lol it gave good luck to many previous students and alumni. When I left Willis from an all nighter heading to a test and saw Lucky I knew I was in good shape.
  6. Huge fan of the uniforms for Saturday. Love the all black & the new helmets we're breaking out. Hopefully the all black doesn't represent the funeral of our season Saturday.
  7. Omg why the hate of Albino? Be careful crossing the street this week after those terrible words.
  8. Personally there's only so much solid green apparel I can take. I've started buying mostly polos and merch that is black because it goes with anything. I love that the football team has added alot black to jerseys and sideline apparel. My Nike black longsleeve sideline team sweater is one of my favorite things we've released.
  9. Get an invite to the B12 is the only way the next step ever happens
  10. Personally I wanna see Austin Aune (Brandon Weeden) I think he gives us the best chance to win instantly next year or Martin. I can't see Bean lasting an entire season unless he puts on 40 pounds. Guy looks like a strong wind would blow him over.
  11. Yeah pour a claw and a few shots of vodka in a cup and it's a great tailgate drink. Idk they're worth all the hype but I'm riding the wave.
  12. It's 2019 brotha, if you're drinking things that only "men" can drink you're missing out. Drinking whiskey from the handle with budweiser can be saved for the cold weather days or when wanna drink 2000 empty calories. You can come drink whatever you wanna drink at my tailgate if your friends are making fun of you!
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