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  1. Curious what your HONEST answers would be? This is my honest answer to winning an FBS National Title. It would take 12-0, winning each game by 21+, & the big P5 schools to all have 2 losses. (UCF)
  2. I wasn't saying total attendance, saying from an fan energy/support aspect. That Rice game was electric.
  3. IMO we go into the Houston game 4-0 it'll be the most rocking crowd environment ever at apogee, even more than Rice 2013 on Halloween night
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely prob check out telegraph ave one of the nights & top dog. Chez Panisse looks awesome but I will prob save that for my second trip back when I have more time. Going to check out GG bridge and was told Fort Point is the coolest view for picture? Also booking alcatraz tour shortly. Those are probably all we will have time for besides the Tailgate & game.
  5. Oh my bad, I misunderstood I thought you meant the main hotel that the athletic department booked for the fans. Hopefully the team staying closer to stadium.
  6. I am a California newbie. Flight is booked, flying into San Fran Friday afternoon. Game tickets are bought. I am going with 3 of my recent Alumni buddies, need recommendations on hotels to stay at either in San Fran or close to Berkeley. Where is the main college bar strip for Cal? Top two places to sight see/eat in the Bay because only there until Sunday night.
  7. The hotel for that package is the Walnut Creek Marriott Address: 2355 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  8. Lol @ the fact it's Oklahoma state that he switched to, acting like they're a powerhouse.
  9. It’s like they’re scared to throw the ball downfield with the lead? Let Fine keep rolling instead of the short dump down routes.
  10. There’s still like a 95% chance i’m there but I just needed to post an overly dramatic & petty post to show my anger.
  11. I would gladly love to punch you in the mouth but you are still one of our own, gotta save my anger for UTSA fans.
  12. Lol this could be the worst post I’ve ever seen on here and I’ve seen some bad ones. Who do you think you are? High and mighty acting best UNT fan of all time post.
  13. Lol I’m not a fair weather fan I’ll support UNT even at 0-12? But when your team blows a giant lead against a horrible team I’m not gonna go all out and waste money, time, & hangover on a Thursday night for them. You missed the whole point of my post.
  14. I was so hyped for FAU Thursday ,was gonna take off Friday & really enjoy Thursday night. Nah this team doesn’t deserve it, what an embarrassment. Up 28-0 and blow it. Coaching staff balls fall off and scared to have any aggression calling plays?
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