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  1. Grant can we please put in the subs, would love to be healthy sunday
  2. Late response but that was a great basketball game. We shot terribly from 3, got in foul trouble, & still hung in there. We should’ve played through Simmons more in the post but that’s all that bothered me. That kid went insanity at the end & hit one more shot than hamlet. Would rather this happen now than in conf tourney. This team has the guard play, defense, & shooting to win it. Could even make noise in first round if not matched up with a team that has elite bigs. Most excited I’ve been watching a team since I’ve been enrolled or alumni.
  3. Implying that we had 3 teams on the possible bubble meaning that the bubble team could get a bid & another winning the conference. If you weren't then what the hell was the point of your comment. Being on the bubble doesn't mean jack if you're already getting auto bid.
  4. Hopefully the Rice loss brought you back to reality out of Candy Land, would have to be like a 3 loss team for it to be a two bid conference.
  5. I would legitimately kill myself. Guy is a douche and couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  6. Never thought I would have to begrudgingly going to Apogee this Saturday. Mason deserved better, & to go out in a bowl game (even if it was a blowout). RIP to the greatest to ever sling it in Denton.
  7. But still find a way to lose tons of money on the Mean Green & Cowboys lol
  8. Looks 6 foot 2 ish to me and like a bean pole. And dude there are plenty of terrible second string QB's in HS, NCAA, & NFL so that means nothing. And idk how good he is or if he has the resilience to hold up multiple seasons but to the eye test he looks very skinny.
  9. Smart suspended indefinitely, any chance he's playing soon or against VCU?
  10. Idk says 189 and they usually pat those numbers a good bit. And yes but that was fine as a regular freshman pocket passer, not RS freshman scrambler
  11. He weighs 150 pounds max? You think he can survive with our O-Line against an SEC defense?
  12. This hate of the jerseys has gotten old, no one is gonna change their mind. Lets just wear the same all green & all white jerseys alternating each week.
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