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  1. Looks over 80% full to me 😎 (La Tech game in 2018)
  2. I'm a Marriott points whore too and we've got our party of 10 guys staying at the Marriott Grand Château right off the Strip. It's pretty much across the street from the Cosmopolitan. They have accommodations up to 3 bedroom villas and 2200 square feet if you're going with several people.
  3. THIS. 100%. We have people complaining about "forcing MGSF donors to pay $120 more for blue parking" with that $120 going to student athlete scholarships. I know from other donations that I make to charity and stuff that when I donate $300 or so I get like $500 - $1000 worth of stuff back in return. << Cue sarcasm alert >> And while I absolutely despise throwing out UT comparisons because I hate them so much, I have a work friend that donates $5000 for her 4 Longhorn seats and she gets a parking pass. I haven't once heard her complain that the parking passes at UT aren't $800 per game so she should just quit donating and give up her seats.
  4. You are ... unfortunately ... 100% spot on with this comment. And that's the problem isn't it, big-picture wise? If you fire or non-renew a contract on a << insert protected class status of person here >> you are then a << insert "-ist" or "-phobe" tagline next >>. Real equality is when everyone is treated equally and I think we can all agree the CUSA commissioner is doing a very poor job, what with everyone fleeing -- correctly -- this conference. She should be let go, but you're right -- that can't happen.
  5. As sure as the sun sets in the west, even after a 5 game win streak and beating a Top 25 team, after each loss come the threads to fire Seth. One-track minds around here. We're the oppo of Lego's "everything is awesome" mantra: here it's "everything sucks and needs to be burned down".
  6. I'm guessing you want a do-over on this hot take prediction? It's spot on, other than UNT winning every remaining game. 😉
  7. I don't think McGee is an a-hole. His irreverent take on the worst CFB teams is a must read each week. And funny as hell most times...
  8. After standing for 3.5 hours in a cold steady rain to watch one of the Top 3 UNT victories that I've ever seen in-person, I was excited to get home and read happy, positive messages on this site for once. Whoops, guess I was asking too much apparently. 2nd victory EVER against a ranked team but still some people aren't happy. Lordie...
  9. Maybe I missed a thread here, but if Brett gets this UTSA pick right, does he really go 12-0 in the prediction department for UNT? If so, that's damn fine work. I was looking at this year's Dave Campbell's Texas Football tonight and they pretty much got every single North Texas game correct too. The only hiccup was predicting a Mean Green win against La Tech. Other than that, they nailed every game.
  10. On the bright side for untjim1995, while he may sound like a broken record, another thing that might be a true broken record is the first post on GMG.com to get all 13 reaction options on a single post. Congrats there!
  11. However, to expand on Rudy's point, literally nothing was said in that segment by Craig or JubJub that hasn't already been extensively commented on by this board -- poor recruiting, downgraded results by Seth these past few years, we haven't had a coach with an overall winning record here since Hayden Fry, etc. Basically, our 2 alumni succinctly summed up this board's issues in a 5 minute discussion of UNT.
  12. Side Show Joe -- but how do you really feel? I can't tell after your 20+ posts in this thread alone. Your vote is duly recorded -- fire Seth -- and I'm with you. But this isn't California and your vote should only count once. We get it. 😏
  13. Count me as apparently the first one to put the stamp of approval on this gift. I actually love it. Of course, I was also the guy in a different thread complaining that we only had e-tickets this year and I have a pretty sweet bulletin board collection of about 15+ years of season tickets. So, this is perfect. P.S. in 2022, why doesn't everyone win? Give ticket holders the option of e-tickets or card stock? And then we can get a new gift. 😀
  14. Good job with the topic headline. It just screams a thread about "he who must not be named".
  15. Good post. But this post is causing me to re-examine my sports life. I've been to every single one of those disasters PLUS OU's 79-10 thrashing in the Dodge Ball debut in 2007, a 65-0 mauling by Texas and all manner of SMU disasters (sure I'm missing a few others). Crap, what am I doing with my life? haha
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