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  1. I personally think this was well played by unBEARableCalFanatic. Gotta give credit when credit is due.
  2. That's the beauty though. It's not what people on this forum think that drives the decisions. If it was the entire staff would have been fired after the SMU game -- and all rehired after the UTSA game. I've got tired head from being at the game and just getting home so I haven't read all the threads but I can probably sum up the threads here: "we suck ... the season is over ... fire all the coaches". Repeat ×30. Until we win the next conference game -- then it will be "wow! We're going undefeated in conference!".
  3. I think what he's saying here is that if you're one of the people that think King pulled a lame move, this basically means "you're on the wrong side of history" that seems to be said as a last resort during debates these days. 😉
  4. NorthTexasWeLove ... rebuttal comment from you to the AP putting them in at #23? (So, yes, they are now actually in the top 25).
  5. I uploaded this picture in a different thread a few days prior to the SMU game saying this would be our message board should we lose on Saturday. I purposely avoided this board after getting home from Ford Stadium and all day yesterday because I knew there would be a ton of "sky is falling!", "we're doomed!", "Seth and Bodie need to go" posts. As much as I hated to lose to SMU, it happened. It sucks. But for so many people on this board to be melting down with "oh we've never won a big one with Seth!", I guess the SMU game this year was a big game and it counts but the SMU game last year was NOT a big game and it doesn't count. (Unless we had lost last year -- then it would count as a big game). The Arkansas game was also a mirage -- it meant nothing to us. Why does a loss turn this board into "heads must roll / oh we suck!" every. single. time. SMH,.
  6. So with your comment about how we love to hate them, I totally thought of this classic Erasure tune from my days at UNT. Ah, good ol' Rick's Place, Otay's, etc. Maybe this should be the theme for the week? haha
  7. Based on all these "it's a must win game", "we better win or else", and "no excuses" comments, I have a feeling this will be the board Saturday night if we end up losing the SMU game. 😉
  8. I got full coverage in our Sunday sports section (North Dallas / Carrollton location).
  9. 7 of us heading out -- most of us getting in on Wednesday Staying at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf hotel. Muir Woods National Monument on Friday followed by the 7 of us going to the SF Giants game that night (like a lot of others apparently!) Saturday game time all day of course. Not sure on Thursday. Sonoma wine tasting? Still planning that one ... looks like a lot of people are going on this trip. Game on!
  10. I think Mason's grit is 5x that of Luck's. I thought it was super odd that Luck couldn't play football for months because of leg cramps and an ankle problem. I was like, really? Turns out from ESPN tonight it says "Luck said on July 30 that he wouldn't return until he was 100 percent healthy, with part of the reason being he still had "emotional scars" from the 2017 season". That says it all right there. Who is ever 100% healthy in the NFL?! Heck, you have hockey players playing with broken toes, collapsed lung, etc and this guy can't play cuz his leg doesn't feel good? Meanwhile, Mason is out playing on 1 leg against Utah State and wants to keep playing. I normally don't question athlete injuries but Luck has just seemed kind of wheels off 3 of the last 4 years.
  11. Is UNT Playmaker still around? If so, you're in luck. Although his expertise is more in hurricane forecasting. ;)
  12. Sounds like there will be quite a few of us going to the SF Giants game Friday night. We should all wear UNT gear ... easy for us to stand out in the crowd of black and orange!
  13. Does this post go in the "Football" forum or the "Climate Change / the earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years!" forum?
  14. A few minor future non-conference scheduling notes for you while we're waiting for the real football season to get here. * Noticed that we replaced Rhode Island with Northwestern State for 2021. That should make some people on the board happy as I know many were not enthused with Rhode Island. Also, getting a former Southland Conference mate to play here will definitely bring more people than Rhode Island would have. * Speaking of Southland Conference teams, SFA has been moved from 2022 to 2023 creating one more open date for us in 2022.
  15. Again, love the graphic Ian! I mean, ipd054 -- haha. So, all those listed on the map that we've been on together (currently 10) plus I need to add the following places not on the map: Baylor TCU SMU (both Ownby Stadium & Ford Stadium) Rice UTSA Stephen F. Austin So, 16 different universities plus the Superdome, Texas Stadium and the Cotton Bowl in neutral site games. Looking forward to September for our 18th annual football road trip! 🙂
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