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  1. Does this post go in the "Football" forum or the "Climate Change / the earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years!" forum?
  2. A few minor future non-conference scheduling notes for you while we're waiting for the real football season to get here. * Noticed that we replaced Rhode Island with Northwestern State for 2021. That should make some people on the board happy as I know many were not enthused with Rhode Island. Also, getting a former Southland Conference mate to play here will definitely bring more people than Rhode Island would have. * Speaking of Southland Conference teams, SFA has been moved from 2022 to 2023 creating one more open date for us in 2022.
  3. Again, love the graphic Ian! I mean, ipd054 -- haha. So, all those listed on the map that we've been on together (currently 10) plus I need to add the following places not on the map: Baylor TCU SMU (both Ownby Stadium & Ford Stadium) Rice UTSA Stephen F. Austin So, 16 different universities plus the Superdome, Texas Stadium and the Cotton Bowl in neutral site games. Looking forward to September for our 18th annual football road trip! 🙂
  4. I don't think anyone's smoking funny cigarettes or drinking too much Jagermeister. It's more of a fact that the Winter Classic is going to be a sellout. At the bottom is a link to a DMN article re: same and here's a quote from NHL Commissionier Gary Bettman about the ticket sales from that article: "The presale for the Winter Classic exceeded 60,000," Bettman told me before Game 6. "It's the second best we've had in our 27 outdoor games. It tells you what an incredible hockey market this is. People are really responding to the Winter Classic." https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2019/04/22/thanks-incredible-hockey-market-stars-predators-becoming-one-nhls-popular-winter-classic-matchups I spend my disposable $$ on basically two things -- UNT football season tickets and Stars season tickets (with 4 others to keep the prices reasonable). As a huge Stars fan, I can tell you hockey on January 1st at the Cotton Bowl is going to be epic. Can't wait!
  5. I'm in. Group size TBD as I haven't sent out the "recruitment" email yet ...
  6. So, funny story on that ... I organize a road trip each year for the "biggest game of the year". Doing it now on 16 years. Anyway, one of the members of our group that usually goes to these things has a new small mountain cabin a few hours away from Laramie. And so, yes, he's already putting the pitch on to come out there to the cabin for 2026. I'm like, um, let's worry about Cal first! But, yeah, I know of at least one person tryna to get to Laramie in 2026. haha
  7. Soooooo, is this a NT vs. NDSU thread or a referendum on Dan McCarney? Methinks the comment thread has jumped the shark. Maybe spin the topic wheel and create a separate McCarney thread? Just sayin 😉
  8. Off topic but I have to say I wonder if more teams want to think about bringing back this allegedly "obsolete" offense? Look at what Army did to OU with it (not a fluke). It may be the perfect antidote for 90% of the defenses that know how to play against the Run n Shoot and Air Raids but little else.
  9. Interesting Top 10 list. 0 positive comments / 10 negative ones. Maybe change the headline? "Top 10 reasons our 9-4 season sucked this year?"
  10. College Football News showing us some love ... Pete Fiutak has the Orange Bowl #1 (of course ... it's Oklahoma vs. Alabama) but look who he has #2! (Yes, over the Cotton Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, etc). Can't read his mind but from his blurb it sounds like our early kickoff actually HELPS us in the rankings, not penalizes us like some of us were thinking. This is awesome! 2. Gildan New Mexico Bowl Saturday, December 15 2:00, ESPN, Branch Field at Dreamstyle Stadium, Albuquerque, NM North Texas vs. Utah State Even with Utah State head coach Matt Wells off to Texas Tech, this should be a wild and crazy shootout. This is how you want to kickoff a bowl season with lots of points and plenty of big plays. https://collegefootballnews.com/2018/12/how-good-is-your-bowl-ranking-the-bowls-from-worst-matchup-to-best/4
  11. Wonder if the reporter will put this "gem" of an article on his resume when he applies for a job at the Washington Post or New York Times? Prolly.
  12. Dangit man! Quit using stats and verifiable facts to prove KSU has had sustained football success over recent history. I want speculation, innuendo and random hot sports opinions that say KSU isn't that good!
  13. I'm starting to think their "inside source guy" is living in his parents' basement and taking a break from playing Call of Duty and/or Rocket League to troll people and get people to freak out. If so, it's working...
  14. Man, I don't know what to think about this anymore. I do know I've spent a good chunk of time over the past few days reading 25+ pages of comments. If this doesn't happen, I think there are a lot of people who should be tagged with "fake news" labels. Sorry. "Seth is gone -- I have it from a good source". "He's gone in the next 24 hours... I know people who know people". "The word I have on the street is he's gone ... book it". Heck, we even decided Jimmy Sexton was making posts under an assumed fake profile. And so it goes... But it does prompt me to ask what I'm doing wrong? I've been a season ticket holder since 2003 and all I know is the esteemed Brett Vito when I had my one interview with him when winning a Regal Eagle bus trip raffle years ago. So, other than that, nothing. I need to start knowing people so I can start cryptic mysterious posts for people to take to the bank. "The rooster crows at midnight...."
  15. One more comment on the "it's too far" theme. There are 14 CUSA schools. We are the 2nd closest out of the 14! UTSA is actually 116 miles further away (and 2 hours 10 minutes longer) than from Denton. Other than UTEP, we ARE the closest. Yes, Frisco, Indy, FR, etc would be nice but guess what ... not a single CUSA team is playing there so it should be time to move on. Of the CUSA teams I actually think we have the best matchup. Heck, poor champion UAB is playing 8-5 MAC champ Northern Illinois who lucked into their win over Buffalo. There should be IMO one CUSA team with a legitimate right to bitch -- Southern Miss.
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