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    A few minor future non-conference scheduling notes for you while we're waiting for the real football season to get here. * Noticed that we replaced Rhode Island with Northwestern State for 2021. That should make some people on the board happy as I know many were not enthused with Rhode Island. Also, getting a former Southland Conference mate to play here will definitely bring more people than Rhode Island would have. * Speaking of Southland Conference teams, SFA has been moved from 2022 to 2023 creating one more open date for us in 2022.
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    I wasn’t able to stop by Mean Green Mania today, but I did stop by Voertman’s, and they have a great sale going on. I got a white Nike hat, green Nike polo, green Nike t-shirt, and a white Columbia button up all for $75.
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    By the way, per a recent preseason publication Aune is pronounced Aune.
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    What an awesome day it was at Apogee!
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    DRC: Defensive end expected to be on the field on Tuesday https://dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/breaking-news----dotson-reports-will-join-unt/article_77a0c372-0f0b-51e7-afa8-17e18ff8f8ae.html
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    Cool piece on Steve Ramsey’s record breaking 1969 season. https://swcroundup.com/news/2019/8/3/the-record-breaker
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    should have used a darker brick so the reliefs stood out more.
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    Wren Baker......I love you
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    Picked these game jersey’s up at the Mean Green Mania auction for $5 each. Rick
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    I have a similar travel trailer I camp all over the country in during the summer (wife and I are both teachers) but have never tailgated in it. Is your trailer set up for 30 amp or 50 amp. Ours is 30 amp and a 3,500 Champion will run it with no problem. I can actually run it on 20 amp outlet as long as I don't try to run the a/c and microwave at the same time. In a pinch your refrigerator will run on propane for days or 12 volt for hours. There is a Facebook group called RV Atlas that is a good place to ask questions like this if you don't mind a few irrelevant responses before getting the right answer.
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    showoff...does it have a kegerator?
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    i know where he tailgates...and what vehicle he drives...and what he looks like...and what beer he prefers...just in case you need the info.
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    Predicting a 9 win season and a win in Dallas. https://swcroundup.com/news/2019/7/27/north-texas-2019-season-preview
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    Don’t read too much into that from yesterday. I also saw Kason Martin holding on place kicks.
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    Read the offense stuff last week feeling enthused, but I really love the backstory on Reffett's flavor of the 3-3-5.
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    Yes. There's a lot of places you can point fingers. But as a whole it is unsustainable system that is continually propped up because there are enough people to blame that the continual finger pointing allows the crisis to continue. Now that its essentially become a political party talking point, I feel like it will become even more polarizing and ultimately never fixed. Universities who create "luxury" college experiences for students that ultimately must be paid for are to blame. Lending bodies who loan kids more than they'll make pretax in the first 5-10 years of employment (providing they don't actually get a job at Starbucks) are to blame. Students and parents for not saying "do you know the impacts of you decisions" when you spend tens of thousands a year on a degree with no marketable use in the career marketplace are to blame. Those who wish to make it a party line issue by saying "vaporize all student loan debt and make college free" or "your decision, your debt" are to blame. Its my personal opinion that Universities, since they feel they MUST continue on with the current University experience status quo, need to share in the financial risk they're asking their students to take on. They should be cosigned on all the loans they're telling students are sure bets to take out... even the Masters in Women Studies degrees that lead to the student graduating and folding clothes at the Gap. If the University shares in the debt risk, maybe they'll focus as much on getting students jobs as they do in educating and graduating them. I'm personally shocked by how much programs don't really care about your post graduation experience. With the exception of a few departments in the business school, how many departments really focus on partnering with local employers to make sure a majority of their students can graduate right into an opportunity that allow them to pay back on these student loans? In regards to constant focus on distance online learning... Many of these programs seem to have little cost benefit other than no dorms, no meal plan, no parking pass, etc over the on campus in classroom experience. And these programs appear to have even LESS focus on getting students the next/first job after. They look to be degree mills and don't even try to convince you otherwise. I'm sure UNT makes lots of dollars on this at a lower cost than in classroom degrees, but they're watering down their own brands. All of us out here hiring now have selective questions to try to figure out if the degrees people are putting on their resume are in-classroom degrees, which help students learn, function, and work as a group like we do in the real-world workplace... or online degrees, which are remote video lectures and computer proctored exams that only assure me you're able to learn from videos and are good at taking exams. Mitch Daniels at Purdue is doing a great job shaking up the status quo on University Loans... I think their "Back a Boiler" program could be an interesting blueprint for how to realistically move forward towards more responsible funding of student's tuition: https://www.purdue.edu/backaboiler/index.php Thanks for attending my TEDgmg talk! 🦅
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    Scrappy now happy.
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    Kid had talent out of HS, then throw in the added maturity physically but more so mentally, and you might be looking at next years starter
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    Hey man, some folks' refractory periods are just longer than others.
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    Potential for this guy to blow up...good to get the relationship formed early. Stewart is listed at 6'1" 160lbs with an offer from aTm - https://247sports.com/player/kaleb-stewart-46059533/ A year ago, he was considered the #15 2021 prospect in the state by at least 1 source - http://texastop100.com/2018/08/03/class-of-2021/
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    Whew ! That's a relief.
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    Technically, it was free because they are buy one get one free of equal or lesser value and the Nike polo was $80 but 40% off, so $48 then I got the Colombia shirt for free. I think the tag on it was $60 but can’t remember the % discount.
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    I run a Honda 3000 and it handles my 15000 AC with no problems and is super quiet. I think if i had to do it over again I would buy 2 Honda 2000’s and run them in parallel. Besides making sure you buy a generator that can handle your trailers load the next three most important things you want are quiet, quiet and portability. I know inverter generators are expensive but they are worth every penny.
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    So many regulations! But I will absolutely do that. Surely someone has some intel.
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    Fantastic. Yeah, smart to not plan too many things. Go with the flow and see what you bump into. Fort Point is beautiful. You’ll love the view. It’s a little ways from campus (easy uber ride) but some of my favorite bars are on San Pablo Ave. If you have time, do a short crawl there either at the beginning or end of your night. Although all the sausages at Top Dog are great, my favorite thing to order is a hot and a brat (hot link & bratwurst). Being a Texan, you know what great ones taste like and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Please let me know and have a great time... other than the game, of course.
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    HUGE!! Losing the HS lineman hurt. Hopefully he can redshirt, and be a force next year
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    what I noticed is all the work on the short passes and screens. All designed to protect the qb and slow down the blitz. Seemed like a lot of work when into that.
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    Also playing at Dayton. Between the Jamaica classic, OU home game, and Dayton road game, this year’s OOC schedule looks to be the best we’ve had in a while.
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    I think Scrappy was wearing these duds today as well.
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    Looks like a big list of top visitors just from the Houston area alone. I’ll post the profiles of these guys later. Looks like we at least offered Kaleb Stewart from Atoscocita, who also has an A&M offer
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    How about those sweet coasters!
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    He was also one of the holders during field goal drills
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    It's pretty cool swag. Great event today and good turnout I thought.
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    I found the leftover paint from when I made my battle flag corn hole tables. This will be a labor of love.
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    It is a limited first edition that will only increase in value, don't ruin it by repainting. on second thought go ahead it will make mine even more valuable. With new tariffs on China it will be even rarer.
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    Ugh. White stripe on the battle flag goes in top, people. Maybe they’d planned to sell these but gave them as gifts after they saw the error. Is it nerdy if I repaint mine?
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    Some in the board prefer feet pics.
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    Once (if) someone answers your question, then you must remove the question mark and replace it with punctuation of certainty exceeding that of a period, but not greater than that of a single exclamation point.
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    I mean, all he did was get drunk, and go driving around smoking dope with an illegal firearm threatening the police. I think they call that Tuesday night in El Paso.
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    First game at Apogee will look like that scene from the Thomas Crown Affair.
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    Also Royal Inn was torn down several years ago so would make for opening air accommodations now but great location otherwise 🤷‍♂️😎

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