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    Kid had talent out of HS, then throw in the added maturity physically but more so mentally, and you might be looking at next years starter
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    I mean, all he did was get drunk, and go driving around smoking dope with an illegal firearm threatening the police. I think they call that Tuesday night in El Paso.
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    First game at Apogee will look like that scene from the Thomas Crown Affair.
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    Are students loan a ripoff? View Full Article
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    Time to hop on the Aune hype train. Plenty of room. Been on for a while and it’s been a good ride
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    Pics do not do it justice when it comes to size. Also to have the brick incorporated along with the oversized garage doors makes it look more permanent and classy. Does not look like an airplane hanger. Very well done.
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    Saw it close up. Went on the back side and could see in. Pics don’t do it justice. It’s huge and is first class. Recruits are gonna LOVE it
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    Today seemed like time was divvied as: 1s Fine 2s Aune 3s, mostly Bean then everyone else.
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    Aune and Martin passed the eye ball test for me. Mason looked good as always.
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    Aune looked the part in practice today
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    From just what I’ve seen today. Aune looks GOOD More accurate than Bean
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    Vito mentioned that he was seeing a lot of time yesterday with the 2's, so I'd say he has at least a decent chance. We've heard the staff really likes what Bean brings athletically, though.
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    Just as a reminder there were people on this board that wanted to kick Khairi off the team just for FILMING something bad. This is what Locksley did to refresh everyone's memory.
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    So...he was suspended from the team during a time when there were no games, no practices, nada; and now he is reinstated as soon as fall camp starts? That's some tough discipline, UTEP.
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    Passed by the stadium today and they have started on the Mean Green sign on the outside of the IPF. It’s channel signage and will light up at night. They only had one letter up when I passed by. #GMG
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    Respect your decision? Respect my decision to not respect your decision, because it's an awful decision.
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    Those made a mockery of urination.
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    Just hope our band does not show up in shorts and tees, and don't give me that crap about the heat. The players are out there in much more gear than the band. Those "summer" uniforms are completely a disgrace. Nobody else in college football would put a band on the field like they were dressed for a lark in the park unless they were RICE or Stanford.!!
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    You must be married, because that is easy if so.
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    The girlfriend/fiancé wouldn't allow it, but no one can question my dedication. Plus, a year without sex for a lifetime of bragging rights over family, friends, and acquaintances, I take that bet
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    Ok, that's enough of worrying about BS where did they put the troughs? It's the only place in the universe where every man is honest.
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    https://thelandryhat.com/2019/07/31/dallas-cowboys-3-deep-threat-candidates/4/ Guyton seems to be performing well so far.
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    I wish this was finalized, but C-USA repeated last year's mistake of leaving last four games unscheduled.
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    So, when Obama called the rioters in Baltimore criminals and thugs, was that racist? https://nypost.com/2015/04/28/obama-calls-baltimore-rioters-criminals-and-thugs/ Was this filmmaker racist for the name of his film? https://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/movies/bs-fe-rat-film-20180226-story.html Trump went after Eljiah Cummings because Cummings has been pushing for impeachment. He became a target of Trumps as a result of his comments. Is it racist that the last four mayors of Baltimore have been busted for corruption of some manner?
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    DRC: UNT slate for the end of the regular season won't be determined until December https://dentonrc.com/sports/bonus-play-coming-to-c-usa-women-s-basketball/article_896bce7b-2c01-5e64-8c92-0ce7cb1a1268.html
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    There's at least one or two Airbnb's right on the square. They're a fun central place to stay at where you can walk downstairs and be on the square sidewalk. Otherwise, the Embassy Suites is probably the nicest. Uber will get you to all the bars you're trying to hit up. The old Radisson was a dump by the time it was blown up, but you couldn't beat the location.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely prob check out telegraph ave one of the nights & top dog. Chez Panisse looks awesome but I will prob save that for my second trip back when I have more time. Going to check out GG bridge and was told Fort Point is the coolest view for picture? Also booking alcatraz tour shortly. Those are probably all we will have time for besides the Tailgate & game.
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    When Bernie Sanders compared Baltimore to a third world country, and made other negative statements about the city, was that racist?
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    That's a great take. Frankly I couldn't agree more.
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    I just bought my Cal-Berkley tickets. $35. ea
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    Any shade of green is green
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    Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered mine. With tax it came out to 75 bucks and there's free UPS ground shipping.
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    Hey Guys, anybody know where i can get the UNT black nike polo?
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    Just bought one. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks! I just ordered one.
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    If you are on the fence about getting a jersey... they are 30% right now. Get it for $70! https://unt.bncollege.com/shop/unt/product/nike-football-jersey?graphicId=J000333UNNT30D&categoryId=40381&parentCatId=40360&topCatId=40000&imageId=1698777
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    Are there multiple number options? Or are they all going to be 75?
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    Got the email... they are in presale. Will be available in August
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    Yeah, "whilst" is not your usual fan board word. But then, I prefer regular English, with all it's wonderful descriptive words, to the usual dumbed down sports code-speak. It's similar to my preference for the original (Maurice McAdow led) North Texas marching Band, rather than the current (by comparison) dumbed down version. So, no credit for "perusing?"
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    Exactly - Mean Joe and that defense were nice and inspiring! That's why our current philosophy that the best 69 defense is a good 69 offense is so frustrating to so many fans.
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    I will never forgive my southern brethren for buying in to the billionaire yankee's bullshit. You boys ate it all up, hook line and sinker.
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    Looks like the first game of the season will be against Texas A&M Commerce on Tuesday, November 5th. Source: https://lionathletics.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball

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