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  1. glick1980

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas 52 Liberty 27
  2. glick1980

    Real Time RPI Ranking

    FIU is 2-1 they have their Indiana score backwards
  3. glick1980

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    We will get some votes this week
  4. glick1980

    Welcome party at Apogee?

    I would be, but I’m drunk!
  5. glick1980


  6. glick1980

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    41-17 MEAN GREEN!!!
  7. glick1980

    Another thought from game 1

    The best thing is they catch the ball, doesn’t matter if it’s a routine catch or what, they catch it.
  8. glick1980

    2018 Player Adoption Thread

    Kelvin Smith for me!
  9. glick1980


    I can’t handle this!
  10. glick1980


    I’ve never been so excited about the future of the football team! This is great!
  11. glick1980

    Mr Fine

    Nice guns!
  12. I know the team stays at the Marriott Solana on home game days and they are a sponsor, so maybe recruits stay there too?
  13. 15 bench reps for him - not too shabby!
  14. glick1980

    Troy OC to South Alabama - Same Position

    I bet he gets to call the plays at USA. Neal Brown calls the plays for Troy.
  15. glick1980

    San Diego (12/16/17)

    UNT up 37-35 at the half!
  16. glick1980

    Here’s An Idea...

    I was thinking the same thing - we need to fire all of our defensive coaches and hire theirs.
  17. We are turrible on defense
  18. glick1980

    Things Not To Do in New Orleans

    Don’t do what I did when I went to the New Orleans Bowl in 2001 when I was 21 and go into a casino and lose every bit of money you had and have to walk back to your hotel in the cold through not the greatest parts of Town.
  19. glick1980

    Ladies Hammer LaSalle

    If you look at the roster, with transfers that will be eligible next year, this team could be really, really good for years to come.
  20. Who’s got the dumpster fire meme ready?
  21. glick1980

    Attendance Prediction vs Army?

    I just bought three tickets in 207! I’m going with 28,350