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  1. I have been watching the ticket seating chart and as of now there are about 2,500-2,700 non Wingzone tickets remaining. I think it will be a sellout.
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    GAME DAY!!!

  3. glick1980

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    48 - 20 MEAN GREEN!
  4. glick1980

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    We need a $2M overall increase, $1M for Seth, $200k each for Graham and Ref, and $75k for the other 8 assistants! Play to win!
  5. glick1980

    Coaches Poll

    It’s out and we are up to 17 votes from 5 last week.
  6. glick1980

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas 52 Liberty 27
  7. glick1980

    Real Time RPI Ranking

    FIU is 2-1 they have their Indiana score backwards
  8. glick1980

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    We will get some votes this week
  9. glick1980

    Welcome party at Apogee?

    I would be, but I’m drunk!
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    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    41-17 MEAN GREEN!!!
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    Another thought from game 1

    The best thing is they catch the ball, doesn’t matter if it’s a routine catch or what, they catch it.
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    2018 Player Adoption Thread

    Kelvin Smith for me!
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    I can’t handle this!
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    I’ve never been so excited about the future of the football team! This is great!
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    Mr Fine

    Nice guns!
  17. I know the team stays at the Marriott Solana on home game days and they are a sponsor, so maybe recruits stay there too?
  18. 15 bench reps for him - not too shabby!
  19. glick1980

    Troy OC to South Alabama - Same Position

    I bet he gets to call the plays at USA. Neal Brown calls the plays for Troy.
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    San Diego (12/16/17)

    UNT up 37-35 at the half!
  21. glick1980

    Here’s An Idea...

    I was thinking the same thing - we need to fire all of our defensive coaches and hire theirs.