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  1. The Tennessee State Hickory Burger was my go to meal. The Mondo Nachos at Cool Beans were good when you needed to share for financial reasons.
  2. My sister-in-law made this for me as a birthday gift. She graduated NT as well.
  3. Which Dollar General would that be?
  4. Do the teams in the automatic qualifier conferences get better/extra draft picks since more players want to play for them?
  5. Is Kason Martin in the witness protection program. or does he just really like to put on the eye black?
  6. I would literally NEVER rather work. Never.
  7. I am going, but I refuse to cheer.
  8. We still have all out time outs. Can we give one to UAB?
  9. My wife also graduated from UNT (then NTSU) and attends every event I do, wears plenty of green, and reminds me to fly the flag on our travel trailer when we set up camp.
  10. Last year 247 had us 11th in C-USA and Rivals had us 95th in the country, four spots ahead of dead last Troy. Also, Hillary was a shoe in for the presidency and Philly had no chance at the Super bowl after Wentz went down. And then there is this from the Boston Globe...
  11. I need more hypothetical information before I can answer. Who are we losing conference championship games to and what are we doing in bowl games?
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