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  1. Sorry it's not country, but it does explain why anyone would be a mean green fan...
  2. And in limerick... There was an old team from North Texas Who thought they could shake all the hexes Why they won't throw no one can know Their adherence to the run does perplex us.
  3. Grizzly unless the gorilla is named Magilla.
  4. I heard that since Putin's invasion it has become difficult to get Mean Green gear from Ukraine
  5. If it sells they will continue to carry it. Never too early to start Christmas shopping.
  6. I was watching the game and thought the hit warranted a penalty. The defenders actions after the hit were embarrassing. He celebrated and seemed to be glad he injured the quarterback. To make matters worse, the game was pretty much decided at the time.
  7. Yeti-shmeti, get the Rover! https://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/north-texas-mean-green-remote-control-rover-cooler.html?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=pla&country=US&CID=PPC&msclkid=be079752a58215350dedf77c0cc9e41a
  8. Dammit! I had a flying worm tee in my hand last week at Apogee and put it back! Now I am going to suffer an injury trying to kick myself!
  9. I teach at St. Martin de Porres on 380 in Prosper, along with a few other NT grads. The first grade teacher is the mother-in-law to Chicago Bears long snapper Patrick Scales. We've already had a talk with her, and she's already had a talk with the father of her grandchildren. Mason will be taken care of and shown a little extra love. I owe her a favor now, but it'll be worth it.
  10. If we're the last ones to cancel, does that make us National Champions?
  11. After the basketball tournament was cancelled, I let the department keep the money I had used to buy my full set of tickets to the entire tournament. I renewed my football tickets very early on for the 2020 year. My wife has already informed me that if the season is cancelled, we won't be letting the department keep our money. I am not going to argue with her, but I do wonder what it will do to the department if everyone wants a refund. I assume some of that money has been spent. I also wonder what it does as far as club points, or whatever you call them, goes as well.
  12. Never have. My first couple of years teaching were in Florida. We closed once for a hurricane and once for a wildfire. Ironically, I had the flu during he hurricane and would have stayed home, but instead was forced to go to a hurricane evacuation center and expose everyone there.
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