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  1. The colonoscopy I had on Wednesday is now the second worst thing that I have experienced this week
  2. Get the home game first, or have a huuuuuuge buy out.
  3. Same. Wife and I usually head over there as soon as the team walks from the bus to the locker room, eat, have a couple of drinks, and give our table to people trying to eat standing up.
  4. I do a lot of reading on this page without commenting much. After looking over some of this years opponent sites I would just like to say thank you for putting together the best looking and most navigable* page of any team on our schedule. Thank You. *Not in a boating way.
  5. I have a similar travel trailer I camp all over the country in during the summer (wife and I are both teachers) but have never tailgated in it. Is your trailer set up for 30 amp or 50 amp. Ours is 30 amp and a 3,500 Champion will run it with no problem. I can actually run it on 20 amp outlet as long as I don't try to run the a/c and microwave at the same time. In a pinch your refrigerator will run on propane for days or 12 volt for hours. There is a Facebook group called RV Atlas that is a good place to ask questions like this if you don't mind a few irrelevant responses before getting the right answer.
  6. The Tennessee State Hickory Burger was my go to meal. The Mondo Nachos at Cool Beans were good when you needed to share for financial reasons.
  7. My sister-in-law made this for me as a birthday gift. She graduated NT as well.
  8. Which Dollar General would that be?
  9. Do the teams in the automatic qualifier conferences get better/extra draft picks since more players want to play for them?
  10. Is Kason Martin in the witness protection program. or does he just really like to put on the eye black?
  11. I would literally NEVER rather work. Never.
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