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  1. Fantastic. Yeah, smart to not plan too many things. Go with the flow and see what you bump into. Fort Point is beautiful. You’ll love the view. It’s a little ways from campus (easy uber ride) but some of my favorite bars are on San Pablo Ave. If you have time, do a short crawl there either at the beginning or end of your night. Although all the sausages at Top Dog are great, my favorite thing to order is a hot and a brat (hot link & bratwurst). Being a Texan, you know what great ones taste like and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Please let me know and have a great time... other than the game, of course.
  2. Telegraph Avenue is the main strip but there are many options right near campus. If you want more upscale, there are restaurants and bars on the Northside of campus in an area called the “Gourmet Ghetto”. Berkeley has world class dining and no shortage of places with endless variety. The two must go places for me are Chez Panisse, the birthplace of the American farm to table movement and one of the most influential restaurants in the US (make a reservation way in advance. I prefer the more casual and a la carte upstairs cafe to the more formal, set menu downstairs restaurant) and Top Dog. Simply, some of the best hot dogs and sausages you’ll ever have. Top Dog is where every student for 50 years has eaten and is iconic. I dream of the place. New York hot dogs leave me hugely unsatisfied.
  3. Actually, the west rim might be the better vantage point now because of the large press box they built during the remodel.
  4. You’ll love the ballpark. It’s gorgeous. Also, California Memorial Stadium is in one of the prettiest settings in all of college football. Make sure to check out the view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge from the top of the the east rim. Also, Top Dog is a must. Best hot dogs ever and an iconic Berkeley institution.
  5. Ding, ding, ding: winner, winner, seitan chicken dinner.
  6. God loves Berkeley, but he hates dirty hippies who try to dress up like his son.
  7. I expect a much closer game than most do. As with most games, the difference will be who wins the turnover margin. I’d be surprised if Cal wins by more than 7-10 points and wouldn’t be too shocked to lose a tight one. Although, if we do lose to y’all it’s gonna be a long season for us in a stacked Pac 12 North. No offense.
  8. Our offense was a clown show all year, culminating in the ignominy that was the Cheez It Bowl. I can’t even bear to eat those any more. We’re hoping that this years offense is addition by subtraction in that we hope to have newcomers at the skill positions make a positive impact and our QB’s won’t turn the ball over at every opportunity. You guys will have an elite offense but seem to have lost some important pieces to a defensive unit that was trending up. How do you guys feel about your D?
  9. Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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