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  1. Good luck to your boys. Let’s hope for no injuries and a good game.
  2. Try a hot (hot link) and a brat (bratwurst). Oh sweet little baby Jesus with curly golden hair... my mouth is watering.
  3. I’m gonna go with 38-13 Cal. Turnovers will make a difference and Cal isn’t easy to throw on.
  4. Our defense is just as likely to score as our offense.
  5. Interestingly, talking about tacos and burritos is one of our favorite topics on the Cal boards. Mostly we argue over whether So Cal or Nor Cal has better ones. Fuzzy’s looks good.
  6. Clint was raised a few miles from campus in Oakland.
  7. Yeah, it was a stupid joke. Texas fans had similar concerns a few years back. They left being less concerned about the commies and hippies and more about the fact that a Sonny Dykes coached team beat em. Whoops... my bad.
  8. Sonny doesn’t do defense. Mean Green wins. a bazillion - Not quite a bazillion.
  9. Your post stated my point much better than I.
  10. Ahhh... the Pac 12 is no good narrative. Take a close look at our schedule, especially our Pac 12 North foes and tell me, which games do you win?
  11. Most of the knowledgeable Cal fans know that this game won’t be easy. Fine will test our defense. Hubris is not a thing associated with our program. We’ve been irrelevant too long.
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