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Fac & Students Call for Eastern Michigan to drop Div I Football


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2 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

Sorry, none of those "Top 5" are close.

Your entitled to your opinion.  But when I go to any of these stadiums I am not sitting in the "Club Level" (if they even have one most don't) or one of the boxes.  That to me isn't what the college game day experience is about.  Architecturally Apogee is great and if I were an architect and not a football fan maybe I would agree with you.  How about a compromise?  Let say that Apogee is the greatest near empty stadium on any given college football Saturday.  I have lot's of time to admire the scoreboard framing,  the masonry and the common areas cause more than half the time at Apogee my team is getting steam rolled or suffering from the worst QB play in FBS.  So as I am walking out in the third quarter to avoid the "traffic jam" :kissing::wink: it's a very scenic walk to my car.  Maybe Apogee needs even more diversions in the common areas to get people to come to a "Jerryworld Junior".  Maybe we can get Mrs Jones to select some artwork for Apogee too.  I could turn the third quarter walkout to a nice sarcastic Visa commercial; Green Laser Etched Crown Molding $300,000, Imported Hybrid Bermuda Grass $80,000, rock quarried from abandoned Colorado gold mines $70,000, walking out of Apogee stadium as your team gets pummeled  45-7 in the third quarter priceless.  So yes the cosmetic finishes at Apogee are very nice but those top 5 are functional spaces that add enjoyment to a decent product on the field.  And the natural beauty around some those stadiums puts Apogee's setting to shame.

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Well, I don't sit in the Club Level nor do I have a suite.  I sit in the stands.  I also do not leave during the 3rd quarter.  I am not lookjmg for another Jerry World, but a functional stadium that is fan friendly and possesses good sight lines and the amenities to make the visit enjoyable.  Apogee beats all of these hands down.  Of course, now you add in team performance and the setting where the stadium is located, neither of which improve the facility, to bolster your argument.  Let's call this what it is, you are taking the tact of a few other posters and refuse to give credit where credit is due because it has the University of North Texas attached to it.


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12 hours ago, Aldo said:

Uh, Pilot's Knob. 

Also, I think I can see Cabela's from the top of the tail. 

Also known as Sam Bass Hill where he has a cave full of his loot.  BTW, did you see where Bass Pro Shops and Goldman Sachs are looking at buying out Cabela's?

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