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  1. The guy is incredibly unlikable. Not that it matters if he can win, but I'm not fully sure that he can.
  2. Mattress Mack might pay up if we hire DD back...
  3. Wren really nails that middle-school football coach look, doesn't he?
  4. Ahh.. I see. You're right.. As I look back at old bottom 10s they refer to Texas State as the Armadillos. We're the Lean Green, I believe.
  5. I mean... it says "North Texas Armadillos". Is my version different than everyone else's?
  6. I wonder how Texas State got left off the list after losing to Incarnate Word.
  7. Might as well. It's a clown show here anyway. He might actually win more games.. though the inevitable 150 point losses might be embarrassing.
  8. If Colorado State and AF leave aren't we pretty much just back where we started in the Big West again?
  9. Everybody on here worried about whose going to AAC or MWC or whatever...Am I alone at looking at what's left in any of the remaining conferences and being underwhelmed? Sure some conferences are better than others, but it's really marginal. I can't imagine the everyday fan or student really caring about any of these teams. Play East Carolina, Temple, or USF? Whoopdeedoo. For the average UNT student, we might as well be playing Howard Payne.
  10. Now we know why their cannon campaign failed and they ended up with a box with gunpowder instead. Such a deeply racist campaign to it's core. We've come a long way since the dark medieval times of insensitivity and bigotry that was 2017.
  11. You think that's bad. Imagine how they'll feel when they find out the Alamo is in their city. They should probably bulldoze that too.
  12. It kind of tells you how far ahead the SEC is from the other conferences if they have to band together to compete against it.
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