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  1. I'm pretty sure Sark's sales pitch to recruits is $, booze, and girls. So, I'm sure he doesn't like this kid crapping on that message.
  2. So.. please excuse my extreme ignorance... Is spring soccer just exhibition? Why is there a fall and spring season?
  3. I think I'm mostly shocked that "Big 12" wasn't already claimed as a license plate...and the owner is some rando with a Maxima.
  4. This is so divorced from reality it's hard for me to even comprehend. One side has acted like complete lunatics, assaulting and spitting on people, the other tweeted something that hurt feelings. Which side does the president choose to make multiple media posts and statements condemning? We live in an insane bizarro world right now.
  5. So the president is siding with the protesters who committed actual violence over people only exercising their free speech rights who had the audacity to invite a mainstream politician to campus who doesn't support sex reassignment for minors. Honestly, this is absurd. The Board of Regents surely can't approve of this. I honestly don't know that I'm willing to support the university financially any more.
  6. So.. as I understand it.. a speaker who had a position that 5 years ago 95% of people would have agreed with (and I would guess a strong majority still do), that minors shouldn't be getting sex change surgeries, is deemed as having an intolerant view by UNT's President? Am I understanding his statement correctly?
  7. It's baseball. Teams lose to inferior teams all the time. UTSA lost to Tarleton already this season.
  8. No. We not only need to win, but also have very good games in order to help out our NET score as much as possible.
  9. I'm sure. I don't really know. I'm just being a smart-butt. I hate that we have to be in same conference as that community college.
  10. Playing them is going to kill our NET score.
  11. I don't think you need to know a thing about football to understand the state of the program. He's here to be the strategic leader, and I worry he might be out of his depth in that area.
  12. All the Baylor QBs are blending together in my mind now, but isn't he concussion prone?
  13. Geez. The guy is going to be closer in age to Ben Roethlisberger than to a Freshman.
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