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  1. MeanGreenTeeth

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    It doesn't update until the morning.
  2. MeanGreenTeeth

    I will say it

  3. MeanGreenTeeth

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    I think that's exactly right. I'm not stating he is a bad AD or anything and I get that people like that he is approachable and authentic. If he can raise money and bring in championships who really cares. I was just stating that his public speaking leaves a little to be desired, not that it really matters that much.
  4. MeanGreenTeeth

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    Sometimes I wonder if I live on an alternate planet as everyone else. Don't get me wrong, Wren seems to have everything going the right direction, but he's pretty bad at public speaking.
  5. MeanGreenTeeth

    New Tx-State Coach Salary

    I don't know, but I feel bad that they wasted it on Spav. Lord...
  6. MeanGreenTeeth

    Maine (11/20/18)

    Nope. Counts as a 1 point win 🙄
  7. MeanGreenTeeth

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    Isn't this a Lone Star Conference (Div 2) school or am I mixed up?
  8. MeanGreenTeeth

    Blue parking at Apogee worth the extra $$

    Related question. How many hours before the game do the lots open? Does it differ between the blue and orange lots?
  9. MeanGreenTeeth

    UTSA Banner Controversy

    I think the idea is that those banners are to be hung from Frat houses. Of course, UTSA isn't a real university so they have no Frat houses.
  10. MeanGreenTeeth

    #hit6, #hit9, #hit12?

    #wewantbama ;)
  11. MeanGreenTeeth

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    That kick was crap. The play clock hit zero before the ball was snapped.
  12. MeanGreenTeeth

    College Football Has Its Largest Attendance Drop in 34 Years

    I dunno. I think football in general, and the NFL in particular, has been over-exposed the last few years and I think a lot of folks have just started to get burned out. I got into fantasy league for a couple years and watched a tremendous number of games. This last year I didn't play and I was so tired of watching NFL games that the only game I watched the whole year was the Super Bowl.
  13. MeanGreenTeeth

    Hitler is upset about the UTSA bowl situation

    Thanks all. There's a few typos in there and I probably could have made the opening a bit funnier, but it was late and I'd had a couple rum and cokes...
  14. MeanGreenTeeth

    Any Canadian Mean Green Fans out there?

    I don't think they even have TV in Canada. I think those people just pour gravy and cheese on french fries and stare at the snow all day.