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  1. MeanGreenTeeth

    UTSA Banner Controversy

    I think the idea is that those banners are to be hung from Frat houses. Of course, UTSA isn't a real university so they have no Frat houses.
  2. MeanGreenTeeth

    #hit6, #hit9, #hit12?

    #wewantbama ;)
  3. MeanGreenTeeth

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    That kick was crap. The play clock hit zero before the ball was snapped.
  4. MeanGreenTeeth

    College Football Has Its Largest Attendance Drop in 34 Years

    I dunno. I think football in general, and the NFL in particular, has been over-exposed the last few years and I think a lot of folks have just started to get burned out. I got into fantasy league for a couple years and watched a tremendous number of games. This last year I didn't play and I was so tired of watching NFL games that the only game I watched the whole year was the Super Bowl.
  5. MeanGreenTeeth

    Hitler is upset about the UTSA bowl situation

    Thanks all. There's a few typos in there and I probably could have made the opening a bit funnier, but it was late and I'd had a couple rum and cokes...
  6. MeanGreenTeeth

    Any Canadian Mean Green Fans out there?

    I don't think they even have TV in Canada. I think those people just pour gravy and cheese on french fries and stare at the snow all day.
  7. MeanGreenTeeth

    The Conference USA Championship Game

    FAU is a high-octane offense. The good thing about playing a high-octane offense is that they always have a few bad games where things don't click for whatever reason. Hopefully they have one of those and we don't.
  8. Geez people. Seth isn't going anywhere any time soon. Don't get me wrong. The guy has us going the right direction and we are light years better than we were. However, we aren't exactly great. C-USA is piss poor and we haven't exactly faired well against non-conference foes. For the love of God, I pray the AD doesn't give him another huge raise. It serves no purpose.. It won't keep him here if a P5 comes calling. All it will do is force us to pay out more if he falls apart like Mccarney.
  9. MeanGreenTeeth

    Reviews of the Facebook broadcast?

    Watched on my relatively modest Android phone and had no issue with picture quality or buffering. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the commentators. The sideline reporting was pretty silly though.
  10. MeanGreenTeeth


    I blame Tinder.
  11. MeanGreenTeeth

    Biggest Win against a JUCO in Program History!

    ??? I thought we were playing UTEP.
  12. MeanGreenTeeth

    T-Shirt Idea

    No? Maybe one of these then? Any ideas?
  13. MeanGreenTeeth

    T-Shirt Idea

    I've been thinking about funny/tasteless sign and shirt ideas and came up with this. If we had some coeds show up with this shirt on it would be epic.
  14. MeanGreenTeeth


    I'm kinda upset Wren didn't mention their dog-face cheerleaders too.