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  1. Those filters make some of these guys look like they're in their 50s.
  2. I'm not worried about her being able to hang getting hit. She seems plenty tough. The thing that bothers me is that there is no way on earth that she is one of the best placekicker candidates they have available and we all know it. A fairly athletic 14 year old male is going to have a much bigger leg than her. I can conceive of her being one of their best choices for PAT and short field goals, but that'd be about it.
  3. Interesting. I always thought Ray was supposed to be sexy as hell, and you used RV when you wanted to order a Domino's pizza for somebody.
  4. That seems like a step down. Was he going to get fired?
  5. Yeah, but it's all pretty much the same though.. sin, guilt, piety, proselyting, Armageddon... I laugh when I see my super duper socially conservative and liberal friends argue on social media. They're exactly the same type of people.. two sides of the same coin. It's so obvious to me, but they never see it. Sure. There are a lot of single issue folks. You could say the same thing about environmental activists on the left. In a way, I have a lot of respect for single issue voters, at least they know what's important to them. I don't think it gets that deep for most folks
  6. No. It's not a hoax, but the quasi-religious fervor and zealotry on the left which results in articles like this condemning people who even want to go to a 90% empty movie theater is no doubt partially driven by hatred for the President who favors a more open approach. Surely you can't deny that plays at least some part.
  7. So... I know we're not a big national draw and we're playing Houston Baptist, but there are only like 5 or 6 games being played on Saturday. Is ESPN 3 really the best that could be done? We couldn't even get ESPN2 or ESPNU or FSN or FS1 or something? Would these channels really rather play a rerun of some women's cornhole tournament from 1992 than show our game?
  8. I work with a bunch of PhD/academic types. If they're typical, then it's not looking good. Most of them are deathly afraid to even step out of their front door right now. You should hear the disgust in their voices when they find out I went *gasp* to a restaurant.
  9. I'm sure we'll follow whatever the Big 12 and SEC are doing.
  10. That's cool. We'll just let Iowa and Nebraska join C-USA for the fall. 🙂
  11. It seems pretty hard to argue that the game is cancelled due to an Act of God when you're continuing to play games against other teams.
  12. Yeah. That's what I was wondering. I'm assuming the state can't/won't sue itself.
  13. Well, you see, this is where parents get to use their judgement to make a decision about what's best for their kids and their family. A healthy 29 year old single woman working two jobs may make a different choice about sending her 7 year old kid to campus than a diabetic mother of a 15 year old.
  14. Well..no one in their right mind is going to go out and declare 2 years of closings now of course.. but given the standards you laid out that might not be unreasonable in the bigger population areas as it ebbs and flows. There are a large proportion of schools in the country that have already canceled in-school for the fall. I don't think it unlikely that many of those will continue to cancel in the spring. In regards to educating differently in a time of need.. of course.. and the teachers and administrators will likely do the best they can, but distance education simply isn't going to
  15. 1. You're making random arguments against positions neither I nor the OP have taken, and 2. Let's see the state our children's education will be in if they don't physically go to school for two years. This isn't a simple black and white issue.
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