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  1. I'll believe it when I see the rubble on the ground. College Inn has been rumored for demolition for decades.
  2. I think UTSA has a decent shot. Teams typically play like garbage following a major game and UTSA will be motivated. Alabama almost lost to a bad Florida team at the beginning of last season, so it's way too early to get enamored with UT.
  3. meh. Why would he transfer? He doesn't need to transfer to be on a bad team.
  4. I'm not sure what to make of Scott Frost... taking UCF from 0-12 to 13-0 is insanely impressive. Did George O'Leary just leave on a rebuilding year and Frost inherited his talented recruits?
  5. Ugggh.. Not UTSA. Can't root for a glorified junior college with no stadium, ugly cheerleaders, a paper mache cannon, and a probably illiterate coach.
  6. Ahhh. That explains it. You know... I said that just as trash talk, but I actually started watching videos of the guy. He's super passionate in his speeches, but he never refers to his notes. I've skimmed his press conferences and have never even seen him glance at the paper. And... watch this video from his introduction at UTSA. He has a script to reference, but listen to what he says when he comes up. 🤨
  7. Good Lord. He might be a good coach, but he reads a script like someone with a 3rd grade reading level. Where did he go to college?
  8. yeah, he has pretty high billing at ACL this year.
  9. I dunno. I couldn't really hear the announcers over the stadium PA system.
  10. Pfft. During Covid we were one of the only teams playing one day and ESPN showed a freakin beanbag tournament instead.
  11. It was a pretty ugly sign even when it wasn't broken. They just need to take down the whole pole.
  12. Other than just having recruiting ties to Texas, I don't see the PAC12 adding SMU. They don't really add to the pot. That's really the problem the Pac12 has in general.. who do you add that could brings in more $ per school than they would have otherwise? There really isn't anyone. They are in a tough spot.
  13. I'm just not knowledgeable enough about those markets.. Clearly Stanford, Cal, Washington, Arizona State, and Colorado are all in desirable TV markets, but I don't know how much support they get as none of the programs are that good. Oregon is the best program for revenue sports, but Oregon is a relatively low-population state. The Big 12 already has BYU, do they really need another program in Utah, a state that only has 3M people?
  14. I wonder what the odds are that Vanderbilt and Mississippi State find themselves out on their rear in a few years...
  15. It's interesting that Washington and Oregon aren't included. Those schools do pretty well in terms of revenue and would make sense from a travel perspective for the California schools.
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