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  1. Look, you’re in the wrong thread. Take this bullshit somewhere else and stop hijacking my perfectly amicable thread.
  2. Both QB's will be seniors next year, got to figure that''ll be a damn good one too.
  3. Just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for a fantastic experience this weekend. Saturday night marked my first trip to Apogee Stadium--what a great place. I knew Apogee was a fairly new stadium, but I did not expect the incredible atmosphere as a whole. Even at the end of the first quarter when it looked like Tech was going to get boat-raced, I remarked to my brother that this was "still a helluva way to spend a Saturday night." If the facilities weren't impressive enough, I was truly shocked at how loud those 30,000 sounded during the "North Texas" chant. To cap it off, a lot of great, green-clad folks clapped me on the back with a "good game" and chatted me up a bit. Great stadium, great people. You guys should be proud. We'll see you guys in Ruston next year.
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