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  1. North Texas fans could be right on this one being a bust. I mean why would he leave Bama is my question. I will always give you guys the benefit of the doubt. My yard guy went to NT and he seems to be a pretty sharp guy and right about a lot of things.
  2. That's quite a big loss there. Sorry for you guys.
  3. No way and also and according to my sources we were never seriously interested in McCasland in the first place. There must have been some false leaks going on out there on this one.
  4. Love SMU but SMU does not have a better academic rep than Texas A&M.
  5. At the risk of being tarred and feathered here, SMU is a very unique and special place. We offer a vibrant city, huge employment opportunities after graduation and unlimited resources. Our alumni network strong and our academic reputation is second only to Texas A&M or UT in the state. We may be in the same conference but there are clear differences between the two of us.
  6. Correct and Pegram has been very good to us helping to steer Jayleen Record and Danny Grey our way.
  7. I think we would like to see McBride come along with McCasland if he makes the move. Guy is an elite shooter.
  8. I think SMU could make a lot of sense for McCasland. He wouldn't have to move his family and could have a better chance to move up to a P5 conference with SMU. Plus our donors would make sure he is one of the highest paid coaches in the country and take good care of his assistants. He has an obligation to look after his family and their best financial interests as well as his assistants. On a secondary note, UNT is basically in the same conference as SMU now so it would seem normal to see more of our fans on here and vice versa.
  9. Agreed on it being a lazy take but you need to come clean on the fact that kid was a cancer in the locker-room. You are correct the Life After Ball program is fantastic at SMU and essentially promises a student athlete a "lifetime" of employment and support. The PhD lady running the program is a former athlete and extremely impressive. UNT could gain from adding a program like this.
  10. Putin feels like NATO's only goal is to hold back Russia it seems. That is mainly what is driving this. And he does have a point if you look at it historically post- Cold war.
  11. To my understanding we are positioning to be in the next group for consideration from any future Big 12 expansion along with Memphis. This could take some time but I do admire their efforts to reach that goal.
  12. As much as we would like to see you join us early, I don't think anything can happen unless Cincy, Houston and UCF are able to enter the Big 12 sooner than 24-25.
  13. A very smart move on Littrell's part. Also you guys were very smart to retain Littrell. Keep up the good work!
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