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  1. Could not have said it better.
  2. Being an a-hole who wasn’t winning put Mullen in the position to be fired, but the fact that he was getting killed in recruiting made it a lot easier to do it now. I imagine the $12 M he’ll get paid not to coach might help cushion the blow a bit.
  3. While everyone has mentioned UNT’s investment in facilities as key to the AAC invite, I thought that it was interesting to see USF pointing to UNT as an example that it needs to follow. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2021/10/22/what-usf-football-can-learn-from-this-round-of-aac-expansion/?fbclid=IwAR1m3AFDlfNTTlrCy0ZZFNplCTSTW9omYuesipNSz6PWapmsdRPizXRVlok
  4. The fact that the first booster to plan to bankroll an entire team is a Miami booster is the world's least surprising development. Part of me is starting wonder if the long-term consequences of this are going to be worse in the end for the P5 than the G5. One of the draws of college football has always been some combo of the tradition coupled with the idea that alumni & students share something in common with the players from our school. I realize that the college experience of most major college football players has always looked a good bit more different than that of an average student, but that gap has been increasing over the years as schools pour more and more money into fancy facilities, transfer rules have loosened, etc. Things like what this Miami booster is doing (and you know boosters elsewhere will do the same) to take advantage of NIL are only going to increase that gap. At some point, I suspect that it is going to get harder and harder for a typical alumnus of a P5 to see any more connection to a football player from their school than they do to the pro football player in the nearest city. I suspect that UNT athletes are pretty representative of other G5 schools. The students that I see in my classes at UNT take similar classes to their peers and seem to have an overall experience at UNT that looks a lot more similar to that of what many non-student athletes at UNT have. Perhaps that will translate into future alumni from schools like UNT caring more and seeing a deeper connection to their student athletes than I think is looming for the P5. Then again, I'm someone who has always enjoyed minor league baseball more than major league, so maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part.
  5. Putting aside the content of the editorial, posts like this on this site puzzle me. What is the point of attacking an undergraduate writing for a student newspaper at your alma mater? How does that help either the student or UNT? There are lots of better targets for criticism in the paid media, why hit a UNT student?
  6. The last word that faculty received last week was that fall enrollment count was up by 2.5% thus far. Student retention is also up considerably. If these numbers hold, what UNT has managed to do in terms of student enrollment in this environment is nothing short of impressive.
  7. I don't see the problem here. ADs have made it abundantly clear how dependent athletic departments are on football revenue and the pandemic threat to the football season has underscored this dependence even more. It only makes sense that players would take that info and use it to press things that they see as important to them. If the players are just students who can be easily replaced by other students and that same football revenue will still be available to colleges & universities, then ADs have nothing to worry about in terms of these demands. If, however, the revenue is because of the skills of those particular players and cannot be easily replaced by other students, then it sounds like colleges & universities are going to need to buck up, bargain with the players, and give some concessions to their demands. That's just the marketplace at work.
  8. No, not adriel. Different type of social scientist!
  9. It thrills me to no end that UNT is doing more and more of these sort of things because these are exactly the traditions that help to build a lifelong connection between alumni and the university. When I first arrived at UNT, students often tended to see it as stopping off point for a few years that created little long-term connection. That has really changed over the last several years and things like this reinforce it.
  10. The advice that I give my students (liberal arts majors), is to focus on developing skills while they are in college rather than just think very narrowly about a particularly job for a specific major (ie; political science=law school, biology=med school, etc.). While most liberal arts degrees don't train students for a specific job, they can prepare students for good jobs - if students focusing on developing marketable skills. A liberal arts student that takes advantage of the opportunities that their courses give them to develop the ability to write well, communicate ideas, and analyze data can do quite well, particularly if that student has also developed some skills along the way in something like statistics, database management, a computer language, etc.
  11. I was walking over there this afternoon and saw a pole that I had not noticed before. Hopefully, this is it. Otherwise, I am incredibly unobservant.
  12. Does anyone know if Apogee Stadium is open to the public during the week? To get some exercise, I've carved out a good 4 mile walk through campus and across the pedestrian bridge over to Apogee Stadium. Now that I'm in a bit better shape, it occurred to me that adding some stadium steps might be something else I could do if it is allowed in Apogee. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it. This is really helpful.
  14. My wife and I are bringing her parents to the game on Saturday and we are wondering how crowded the ADA lot near Apogee tends to be. Her father is disabled and has a handicapped placard, but we are trying to decide how quickly the ADA lot nearest Apogee tends to fill up. Thanks for any advice.
  15. This was the first game that I have made it to this season and I have to say, I was really impressed with the student section at last night's game. It was the most involved that I have seen them in a game in a long time. Once we moved from our initial dead stadium section to the student side, it was a lot more fun. Heck, my wife actually wants to go to another game, which is a minor miracle. One minor point that I don't understand, since UNT really wants to draw newcomers to games, why doesn't the display board show the words to the alma mater/fight song when it is being sung? For newbies, you feel kind of like an idiot just standing there, wanting to support the team, but having no idea what the words being sung are. One of the biggest traditions at my alma mater is singing our fight song at the end of the 3rd quarter while the crowd sways. Even though that is an old tradition, the words still are displayed for people to follow along. It seems like a trivial thing, but anything to get people more involved would seem useful.
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