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  1. And that would be awesome. Every dollar will help get us there. While we have never had that size response for any initiative, it is our hope that we get to that level of participation moving forward to meet all the needs of the athletic department over time. And again every dollar heps. Hope you will consider joining the cause.
  2. The objective is to retain and attract the highest level players necessary to win. Using all of the donations that come in without designation allows the Collective to maximize allotments to those players and adjust as needed from season to season. So to be most effective. donations, as is the case at most schools. should be to the general Collective.
  3. INrither I or the Board have stated that we would need 12,000 people to make the Collective work. However we do want everyone to have the opportunity to donate and be a part of the initiative and help us be competitive in helping attract and retain players that can help us win. The Collective didn't create this situation but we are trying to make sure we are not at a disadvantage in the realm that is now a part of intercollegiate athletics.
  4. I fully understand and do take it that way. Trying to get so many thigs done in a short time but no excuse. This must be done correctly in every facet. Appreciate your feedback.
  5. Some may see Glad To Be Green and go oh no. I want to let everyone know that I will be using this board to share information and answer questions and not to rehash negative comments that might be left on the threads. The Light The Tower Collective should be a positive addition for our athletic program so I ask regardless of how some of you might feel about collectives or me personally let's keep the topic positive for student-athletes and potential donors that might visit the site. To start, I want to addrees the latest release on the LTTC kickoff event to be held next Friday at Apogee. I want to clarify that is in no way meant to be exclusionary to anyone. It is our goal to create a large fund pool quickly and so a list of people who personally or through giving history would be willing to help at certain levels to provide the kick start needed to be viable and have substantial funding available before the end of the month. Honestly, if we have missed anyone who would like to be a part of this initial group please let me know and we will get you an invite. We are fianlizing another more generaal event to get more information to those who desire it. Everyone will be able and have the opportunity to join the cause. As we release information we want to make sure we are fully prepared to take donations and that we have created ways for everyone to participate. While we have moved swiftly, we are still tying uo the final loose ends of all the tools necessary to operate properly. Many of you may have seen the release this morning that SMU will be giving football and basketball players $38,000 annually. They have been working on theri collective for over 8 months and are just getting to the point they are ready to make deals. One poster asked when I became an NIL guru. Well I am not and don't proclaim to be. I don't think there is one as this process is still so fluid. However I understand many of the facets involved that make up the process having served on two NCAA committees that have discussed this topic fo the last 10 years.. I accepted this role because I know I can adminster the program, provide beneficial service to student-athletes inside the guidelines provided and make sure the Collective represents itself in a manner that reflects well on the University and the athletic program. The website is set to be complete in the next 7 days and will provide information on the purpose of the Collective, how donors can get involved and the benefits associated at a number of levels. There are also areas that talk about how companies, corporations and charities can join with compensenstaed athletes in beneficial programs. Again as the rules fo the game change, the website will grow to reflect new an pertinent information. Yes I am participating finanacially in the Collective. I have always participated financially in the causes I work for and this will be no different. Hard to ask people to financially support if you are not. I know some of you have asked how you can give and if you want to do so without knowing the options and benefits available please email me at rick@lightthetower collective.com and I will make it happen. We appreciate everyone's patience in getting this endeavor rolling. I, like some of you, was frustrated that it took so long to get started and why it did I am not sure. At this point it doesn't matter. We will have a functioning program operating this fall and be competitive with most of the schools in our new home, the American Conference. GO MEAN GREEN and let's LIGHT THE TOWER!
  6. Over the past 72 hours the Mean Green family has suffered a tragic loss and it has impacted many of our players, coaches and staff. Over this time many members of the GoMeanGreen.com family have reached out to us and shown their support through calls, emails, flowers and in other kind ways. I want to thank each of you for sharing your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. The Mean Green Nation is awesome.
  7. Hope everyone had a great fourth of July! Thought I'd respond to this and wait for the flack. First of all the uniforms have never been of the choosing of the athletic director. That choice is made by coaches as evidencd by the change from Dickey to Dodge. Green Helmets to white helmets. Plain to piping. My only mandate is green and white with occassional use of black. The style and cut of the uniforms are the choice of the head coach in each sport. And no we didn't take the cheapest uni from NIKE, we took the one Coach McCarney wanted. As far as helmet decals, yes I did put the North Texas on the side of the helmet in 2001 because the previous logo was terrible. My first preterence was an overlapped NT but that was nixed by admimistration. And yes my personal preference is not to brand the athletic program as UNT because that is how it would show up on the bottom of ESPN, CBS, etc. So North Texas became the mark. Our consistent use has made it a recognizable and consistent mark. As for the logo is concerned, yes we have implemented in may spaces throughout the stadium and on the field. I love the logo we helped design in 2005. So I have expanded its' use in many places hwere else it shows up will have to be seen. As far as pagentry and tradition of college football, I'd love to hear things you would like to see added. Since arriving we have added the team march through taigating, helped expand the band from 175 to over 350, added musical prompts for fans to follow (jgst like LSU), reinstituted tailgating, added the Jr Mean Green tunnel and this fall will add a new end zone tradition during the player entrance. We initiated Friday night at Clark Park and brought live music to the tailgating area. With the help of Fire Fightin Rick and others we have retained the cannon, the Model T and added yhe spirit tug. But the pagentry of college football you talk about isn't just about that. It is created on game day by stands filled with loud, engaged fans who stay the course. At LSU the mystique of Death Valley is the participation of 80,000 fans in a freny repeating cheers and songs that have been rehearsed for generations. At clemson it is the orange and blue clad students that line the run down the hill and the 1000s of tents lining the way in. At Texas A&M it is the corp, the kiss and the locking of arms in a show of unity. None of those started yesterday and have been honed over decades. So embrace what is in place and help grow the experience. The new stadium won't create the pagentry but the way it is built will help tighten the space and create a whole new environment. The tailgating space surrounding the stadium can become a field of green and white tents that provide a pregame excitement. Lastly, I understand that this is a fan board and therefore at some point everyone is going to disagree and complain about something. Everyone knows how to do it better and we never know how to do it right. That said, my vision and the hard work of our current group has taken the program to places most of you ever thought possible. And while you want to continually find or create problems in the program, you are missing the best times this place has seen in a while. Bragging on the growth of facilities at TSU when you have a far superior facility about to open is proof positive that nothing will ever be good enough! GO MEAN GREEN
  8. Sorry, I didn't wear a North Texas shirt because I didn't plan on being in those seats and I was only there for the fourth quarter. And Skiver is very mistaken as I was in Mobile Alabama on May 17, on the Coaches Caravan in Grand Prarie on May 19th and at Sun Belt Conference meetings on the 25th. Pretty hard to be at a game then!
  9. Not true. First game all year.
  10. I want to preface this post by acknowledging that many will take the opportunity to rip me, but I have become accustomed to it as nothing seems really good enough for some posters on the board. Regardless, I proceed. After suffering through the same disappointment each of you faced last Tuesday night, I drove back to Denton and had time to reflect on this team and especially the nucleus of Josh White, Tristan Thompson and George Odufawa. The disappointment and remorse on their faces in the locker room made me sick to my stomach. Not because we had lost a game but because you could feel that they were shouldering all the hurt felt by so many that night. This week that nausea increased as I received e-mails of threads from the board that these kids were a disappointment, underperforming, didn't live up to expectations and now were not going to participate in post-season play. And the comments were, as is often the case, made without the knowledge of or regard for the circumstances of this team. No excuses, but early injuries were obvious and had a direct effect on the team's fortunes. The loss of Alzee Williams forced Josh White to play almost 40 minutes in everty game. The loss of Cameron Spencer early and then Jacob Holman late (who by the way was playing better every game) forced more minutes on both George and Kedrick. And late in the season it showed as we didn't shoot well in several straight games, playing on legs that were worn out. It was a different team that played game number 25 than games 1 through 18. And then when a lot of people had given up on them, including several on this board, they dug deep as they had many times before and came within a bucket of two NCAA trips in two years. In that six game stretch they not only won but they dominated in most cases. They went to UALR to play their third game and second road game in six days and won without Josh. They vindicated losses (both on the road) to Western Kentucky and Troy in romps and eliminated the #1 seed the same way. Tristan Thompson played the tournament of a lifetime and along with George and Josh showed everyone how they game can be played. Unfortunately a team that had to practice with only eight players many times at the end of the season ran out of gas and let something very precious to them slip away. And never made an excuse or cried foul. Along the way they won more games in a four year period than most any team in school history and continued the progress that has brought respectability to a program that had mired in a wasteland for 20 years. They made it to the dance, they beat teams from the Big 12 and SEC and made it attractive enough to lure one of the country's best recruiting classes for 2011. While frustrating at times, as every team is, they have provided more great memories that will leave "true" fans saying remember when. For the first time in my years here, more people hurt and cried when we lost than complained. Those kids and those coaches created that. Now some want to add insult to injury by demanding that they "perform" again because THEY OWE US! Well let me assure you that it was not a money issue that kept this team from moving on. Obviously new facilities, stronger and better paid coaching staffs, budgets that allow all sports to recruit and prepare student-athletes to achieve national rankings and post-season play and all the other improvements are not signs that the athletic department is finacially committed. Just like those kids have always been unlike some of you who complain but don't buy season tickets or support the program financially and then are "owed" everything. Well I would hope that you would welcome this incoming basketball class (and all new incoming student-athletes) with the support necessary to continue moving the program upward. I have deep gratitude for those of you who have taken up for these kids and this team. And for those who want to criticize this outgoing team I would like to paraphrase Jack Nicholson from the movie "A Few Good Men." "I would prefer that you just say THANK YOU!" P.S. For those who condem the schedule, check the non-conference opponents of number one seeds Ohio State and Kansas that include Emporia State, Morehead State. North Carolina A&T. IUPUI, and Florida Gulf Coast among others. And we have won the majority of non-conference games played in the last two years.
  11. I want to extend our apologies to all the Mean Green Club Members for the recent error in the mailing of our Holiday Greeting Cards. The mailing list was sent to the center on campus to be printed and mailed. When I learned of the mixup today, we called the center and they acknowledged that in their address sorting process they inadvertently changed the name fields and the result was the names being placed with other MGC members' addresses. Therefore everyone got a card but with the wrong name. The center will send out an apology after the holidays. That being said I want to tell everyone that we have a lot to be thankful for and that includes each of you. I wish everyone a blessed holiday season GO MEAN GREEN! Rick V
  12. Just wanted to take a minute and thank the fans and the students for creating an awesome atmosphere that hasn't been seen in the Super Pit for a while. Standing on the floor it sounded like a cannon exploded when Josh hit the layup and then we made the second three in overtime. It's how it should be every night when students are here and when school is out we need to fill the gaps and still get a crowd in the Pit. With a crowd that size please let me know if there were problems or any good things that happened. And I promise to let the student section do their thing. I only stepped over because early on there were a lot of students but only about half of them up and chanting. By the end of the game they were rocking. It was the kind of crowd I've waited for and thanks for making it happen. GO MEAN GREEN!
  13. I couldn't agrre more that our current situation from a visibilty standpoint is not good. While the University has invested in billboards and ads they have never been about Athletics. With the budget we currently have we have been able to purchase a rotation on an LED board at Swisher Road pushing the new stadium but thats not enough impact on a regular basis. But that will all change soon. By late spring our new interstate LED boards at the stadium will hit eveyone that travels up and down I-35 right in the the face. The west face of our new home will carry a big, beautiful University of North Texas 130 feet in the air. In addition the University is beginning work on a Home Team concept that will make us (it includes athletics) much more visible in the region. And despite the information posted in some places our restaurant partners program is bigger and stronger (now at 40) than ever including Rudy's and Texas Roadhouse. But that doesn't finish the job. We need to have businessse put up flags and GO MEAN GREEN on their readerboards. We now have many businesses that are wearing green on Fridays, including the City of Denton employees but it needs to extend to all alums. And everyone must help. At LSU we didn't have to carry all the weight, because the Alumni Association and many other entities of the university used athletics as a vehicle. We must do the same. In the end, to bring this all together we must win. Doesn't matter about the other opportunities out there because we can't make them go away. We just hae to quit using them as an excuse. Let's stop spreading incorrect information and if someone is not returning your call, then call me, because I think I have proven I will communicate. Put on a Green shirt. make others do the same and make your way to the games. Bright days are just ahead. RV
  14. That is changing. Our new president is working right now to provide resources (it is not the athletic department failing to do it as we have limited funding) to do more in the next year. Signs, billboards,etc. will start to pop up soon pushing athletics and not just numbers. As I said last night we will use the resources to do a better job. In this market it is tougher than most. We have no local TV or radio station that provides much more than game exposure and trying to buy that time in Dallas is impossible. Ask SMU and TCU. They're not able to do it either (i.e. the failure of the Pony Up promotion) because financially you can't sustain it. But in Fort Worth (and it has a lot to do with winning) everyone has gone purple from the city to the general publi and business community. We just have to be positive and continue to ask everyone to promote all the time.
  15. Green Dozer, I apo;ogize if we have treated you that way. Please contact me directrly so I ca check into this. Thanks. RV
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