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  1. That remains to be seen. When Fedora lost Quise Williams and Trubisky, he couldn't develop another QB. That was his undoing on offense. We were trotting a guy out there who wouldn't start for UNT (Nathan Elliott) because of Fedora's archaic beliefs on playing freshmen. If he is another Fedora, he'll blunder this QB opportunity. I just have a gut feeling that he is getting the guy he needs. It's not everyday you land a former 4* grad transfer from a team with Heisman caliber QB room, who has experience yet also has 4yrs of eligibility left. Jace Ruder is a unicorn.
  2. Having been on the receiving end of both, you can give me Seth any day. Seth made our 2015 team what it was. That offense was potent. Fedora fell apart on the offensive side of the ball after Seth left and was fired in 3yrs. For Seth, and nearly any offensive minded coach, I think he needs consistency at QB. If Ruder can take over the starting job, he'll get that for 4 years and I think Seth will take off in Denton.
  3. Can't blame Zack, it all fell on Lou Hernandez who would rather have ran an Olympic lifting team versus a football S&C program. We were strong, but couldn't bend without breaking.
  4. There is a lot of misunderstanding in this post. Many recruits do not earn their rankings for what they do during the course of a HS season. They earn their rankings at camp circuits where recruit analysts get to lay eyes on them. Sure, Jace came from a small Kansas school but he camped in many places to include Nebraska, UNC, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, among many others. https://www.tallahassee.com/videos/sports/college/fsu/football/2017/06/15/watch-three-star-qb-jace-ruder-fsus-jimbo-fisher-camp/102877470/ Second, his career at UNC has ZERO to do with Jace's
  5. I wasn't referencing you or anyone in particular, just the notion that "he can't stay healthy". He's never had those nagging injuries that come with overuse, non-contact, etc. My apologies if it felt like a call out.
  6. Jace had the reins in 2018 and would have likely been the starter going forward had it not been for that collarbone injury at Georgia Tech. He was playing really, really well in that game. Fedora gets fired, in comes Sam Howell and the rest is history. I am telling you guys, you aren't getting the typical transfer who just couldn't cut it at the higher level. He's shown he can, he just needs to be in a place where he isn't getting recruited over by 5* QB's.
  7. Absolutely, hence my second sentence. Seth was the reason for our 2015 success. The guy knows offense.
  8. I alluded to this earlier. All of his injuries were in game contact injuries. He's a big, strong guy and had to learn the hard way that he can't try to deliver/take hits that he did in HS. He's not injury prone, he just needs to NOT be the physical player he once was. He has everything you could want in a QB: Tall, strong frame. Very strong arm. Great runner. Very smart as shown in graduating from the UNC Kenan Flagler Business School (one of the most prestigious in the nation) in 3 years. He has it all, along with quality experience learning under Phil Longo and Sam Howell.
  9. Tar Heel Fan here! I love this move for Jace and for UNT. We always appreciate what Seth did for our offense in ‘14-‘15 and picking up Jace will be a huge compliment to the UNT program. Jace flashed a very good skill set before getting injured and contrary to popular belief, he’s not as injury prone as you’d believe as he’s had zero non-contact injuries. He just needs to learn when not to take hits. You guys are getting a really good one. He has a cannon for an arm, he’s mobile, he’s big. He’s also had the opportunity to learn from an offense that was one of the best in CFB and
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