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    IMHO, Seth Littrell will not be leaving North Texas for some other gig, especially a dump like Tx Tech. Here are my thoughts. Some people are forgetting Home Boy is the HFC at Tech. Home Boy shows any improvement he will stay another year or longer. All the sports talking heads are trying to come up with news stories daily stating Seth Littrell will not staying at North Texas which is their big news. I have seen the same story probably 50,000 times, this year alone! Towards the end of the season, the same crap story will feed the sports talking heads with more fodder for their sports reporting. Seth Littrell has what all coaches want - an administration that supports all athletic programs, the University President that supports the coaches and their work, and a AD that is developing all North Texas athletics! Salary is not always the number on factor. Look at Frank Solich at Ohio- he is still working at Ohio and has a great team every year. Solich has turned down better offers. Solich likes where he is at! I believe Seth Littrell likes where he is at, and likes what he is doing for North Texas. Seth Littrell will be at North Texas for a long time to come! So stop with the speculation that Littrell will leave North Texas. Littrell knows what he is doing and he can see that North Texas is a very good gig to have!
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    That, and previous stories like it, is a VERY tough read! Every time I see an article like that, I want to ignore it...but I can't. A song starts to play in my head and I am reminded of the words of the immortal Etta James..."I would rather go blind, boy, than to watch you walk away from me." ūüėě
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    I certainly hope that you are right. My only concern with the Solich analogy is that Solich did coach at Nebraska when they were in the Big 12 right after Tom Osborne retired so he has tried his hand in the P5. Littrell has yet to be a HFC at the P5 level, I just often think that maybe in the back of his mind, he wants to prove he can win at the highest level of college football. You are right when you say it is not all about money, but most of these guys have big egos and that is what drives them to prove that they can win at the highest level. Otherwise, college coaches would not jump ship to the NFL when they are making just as much or more money at the collegiate level. They go to the NFL to prove they can win at the elite level. If they fail, they run back to college. Nick Saban, Chip Kelly, Steve Spurrier, and Bobby Petrino come to mind.
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    Thanks for sharing. That was fun to watch. I sent it to my Iowa relatives who will enjoy watching it as well. PS we should never stop hating smut
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    Looks like he’s been shooting the ball well from deep. Pretty efficient play, and a great experience for him. This dude is a tailor made stretch 4, and might be the biggest wildcard on the team
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    If coach Littrell has the season we expect him to have the Red Raiders will have to get in line as everyone is going to be knocking on his door.
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    What can be done to encourage potential immigrants to pursue legal channels to enter the country? Answer that question, and other related issues will be largely resolved. Ignore that question, and everything else will continue to get worse.
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    Do you watch the college World Series or the softball championship? They could at least break even with the right effort. I live in west Texas and Tech baseball is hugely popular.
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    6'0" 200lbs. Also holds offers from Air Force, La-La, McNeese, New Mexico State, Sam Houston State, Southern Miss and Tulsa https://247sports.com/player/jalen-wells-46056017
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    Then I suppose basketball has different rules? Every NCAA presentation I've seen says they can't do that.
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    This is a dumb argument. You do know that no sports at UNT break even via ticket sales, right?
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    UTA averaged 108 fans per home game for 26 games for total of 2,800 for the season. At $5.00 a head that's $14,000.00 for the season.I have no reason to think UNT would do better.
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    He has a lot more meat on his bones than I thought.
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    Trevor was a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of player and leaves big shoes to fill. From all I have read since Cole announced his transfer, he has the potential to step into those shoes. Lets get behind him. Would it be against NCAA rules for us to fund for Cole the same icewater IVs Trevor used?
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    What part of Texas is that fellow from ?
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    I can feel your passion for UNT football recruiting. It’s actually refreshing reading articles by someone based on interest; instead of it being their job. Thanks for being a fan first.
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    conspiracy theories borne from nothing but his skin color and funny name, not a history of bankruptcies, failed businesses and a penchant for inflating considerably his personal wealth. not to mention it has been a, usually as little more than placating window-dressing, a concession made by all presidential candidates for 50 years. but ok. I found an article dated 4/27/2011 entitled "Obama releases long-form birth certificate"...assuming that is the correct date, by my math that is 807 days into his presidency. it is day 537 of the Trump presidency, so he has 270 days to square things and you get to maintain intellectual consistency. I'll be sure to set an alert
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    He has the best words and one of the best brains of any president. Highest IQ. Like when his uncle (John) told him about "nuclear" and Trump knew it was going to be something one day. Amazing brain to know that something we developed and used before his birth was going to be something one day..
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    How many times has an unsourced quote been applied to a picture turned out to be false?
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    Take a look at gate revenues and you will see why.
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    I stand corrected. It just seems crazy to me that, with the improved popularity of these sports, they can't at least break even.
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    The last thing we need is another non revenue producing sport with a big capital expense for a stadium. Regarding men's soccer, we had a great program, basically cancelled it on Friday, and added a women's soccer program on Monday.
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