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    I just dont see Litrell going back to Texas Tech. He is a big suporter of Leach and a Leach disciple. The way Tech ran Leach out on a rail was wrong and disrepectful, and i dont believe Litrell would go there out of respect for Leach.
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    That would be ideal. If we can bring both basketball programs up because Soccer is already there, then maybe the Big 12 makes us an offer and cans that mess down in Waco.
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    Wouldn't it just be awesome if UNT went to Arkansas, and gave him a shot with a few seconds left and he kicks the game winner? If that happens, then I want somebody to make and post a video of the reaction of the person who posted this video
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    That's an awesome self portrait!
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    My two cents.....he'll wait for one of the two Oklahoma jobs to open up. Why drag your family to west Texas. Hopefully, he has his ego in check.
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    Hopefully Littrell can take UNT to the highest level and accomplish both. Just keep winning. Be the Gary Patterson of UNT.
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    IMHO, Seth Littrell will not be leaving North Texas for some other gig, especially a dump like Tx Tech. Here are my thoughts. Some people are forgetting Home Boy is the HFC at Tech. Home Boy shows any improvement he will stay another year or longer. All the sports talking heads are trying to come up with news stories daily stating Seth Littrell will not staying at North Texas which is their big news. I have seen the same story probably 50,000 times, this year alone! Towards the end of the season, the same crap story will feed the sports talking heads with more fodder for their sports reporting. Seth Littrell has what all coaches want - an administration that supports all athletic programs, the University President that supports the coaches and their work, and a AD that is developing all North Texas athletics! Salary is not always the number on factor. Look at Frank Solich at Ohio- he is still working at Ohio and has a great team every year. Solich has turned down better offers. Solich likes where he is at! I believe Seth Littrell likes where he is at, and likes what he is doing for North Texas. Seth Littrell will be at North Texas for a long time to come! So stop with the speculation that Littrell will leave North Texas. Littrell knows what he is doing and he can see that North Texas is a very good gig to have!
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    That, and previous stories like it, is a VERY tough read! Every time I see an article like that, I want to ignore it...but I can't. A song starts to play in my head and I am reminded of the words of the immortal Etta James..."I would rather go blind, boy, than to watch you walk away from me." 😞
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    This is a relief. I am glad that he is not a Red.
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    I didn't say anything about anyone's opinion or point of view. I didn't say anything about UTA's attendance. As far as your comment, "The argument is not about gate revenue"... Personally, I agree that we're probably not ready for baseball. But the argument going on here about ticket revenue is not that relevant to UNT sports.
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    Just when I was beginning to have some confidence in the recruiting ratings, I began to scrutinize the figures assigned to our offensive line. Either we recruited some very mediocre linemen or the rating gurus don't give o-linemen any respect. Our only 3-star lineman is the former starting center Creighton Barr. He checked in at .8080. There was only one .79; former starting tackle Jordan Murray at .7905. Three were given marks in the .78s: newcomer Daizion Carroll leads with .7892. Backup backup center Dakoda Newman comes in next at .7824 and Cole Brown follows at .7803. The largest group given ratings were the .77s. Jacob Brammer was rated at .7790; Chandler Anthony .7750; Brian Parish .7709; followed by projected starters Thomas Preston III and Sosaia Mose at .7700. Two in the .76s were Jordan Redfearn and projected starter Manase Mose. Redfearn was rated .7691 and Mose .7642. In the last rated group were Jevin Pahunui at .7483 and arguably our best lineman...Elex Woodworth received a rating of .7481. The three remaining all transferred from a four year institution and thus did not receive a rating. One was the remaining starter Riley Mayfield and squadmen Ted Fausak and Chad Hickson. Edit: I inadvertantly left off Brendon Weatherspoon from the list. I found that he was given a rating of .7750...the same as Chandler Anthony and about the middle of the pack. That, in fact, is better than the average of the starters (.7631).
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    They are going to be tough. I just wonder if Kiffin is on the up and up when it comes to recruiting. He sure grabbed a lot of P5 retreads that had problems resulting in them leaving their respective programs.
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    While we all hope Seth will stay for a long time the reality of the "business" is that coaches move on in many cases. If he does I would hate it, but be thankful to him for answering the question "Why not NT"? I am confident that Wren will have his "list" ready and if it's in the cards have one of the current assistants ready to step in.
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    Pronunciation help from one of the coaches: “Teek - oh - neenk - oh” said fast. “Tiki” for short nickname."
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    I'm with you. He was the best I've seen in a long time...maybe ever. I never worried when the game was on the line and the offense got him a reasonable shot. Very cool and focused under pressure.
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    Texas Tech is a good job that pays well, with fan and university support. If offered Littrell should take it.
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    I certainly hope that you are right. My only concern with the Solich analogy is that Solich did coach at Nebraska when they were in the Big 12 right after Tom Osborne retired so he has tried his hand in the P5. Littrell has yet to be a HFC at the P5 level, I just often think that maybe in the back of his mind, he wants to prove he can win at the highest level of college football. You are right when you say it is not all about money, but most of these guys have big egos and that is what drives them to prove that they can win at the highest level. Otherwise, college coaches would not jump ship to the NFL when they are making just as much or more money at the collegiate level. They go to the NFL to prove they can win at the elite level. If they fail, they run back to college. Nick Saban, Chip Kelly, Steve Spurrier, and Bobby Petrino come to mind.
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    Thanks for sharing. That was fun to watch. I sent it to my Iowa relatives who will enjoy watching it as well. PS we should never stop hating smut
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    Looks like he’s been shooting the ball well from deep. Pretty efficient play, and a great experience for him. This dude is a tailor made stretch 4, and might be the biggest wildcard on the team
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    If coach Littrell has the season we expect him to have the Red Raiders will have to get in line as everyone is going to be knocking on his door.
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    What can be done to encourage potential immigrants to pursue legal channels to enter the country? Answer that question, and other related issues will be largely resolved. Ignore that question, and everything else will continue to get worse.
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    Do you watch the college World Series or the softball championship? They could at least break even with the right effort. I live in west Texas and Tech baseball is hugely popular.
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    You can tell by the height. I can’t see the whole picture. Is that a bottle opener he’s holding?
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    It seems to me that the other positions have a decent amount of 3* or near 3* athletes. For those that don't (or didn't) we have been able to recruit better talent or the ratings didn't match the talent. In other words we've been able to find those athletes that were underrated. For example, look at quarterback. Mason Fine was a less than average recruit (.7743) who was sadly underrated and has blossomed beyond all expectations. That's been true for nearly all positions. Jeff Wilson didn't turn any heads but he was very successful. Kelvin Smith at tight end didn't get much attention but I believe that he has done a more than acceptable job. The same has been true for virtually every position except the offensive line. For some reason, we weren't able to get any 3* recruits on the o-line and none of the other recruits have blossomed to acceptability although I'm hoping that Manase Mose breaks the trend. Was it the coaching, the coaching evaluation, or the recruiting? Whatever it was it doesn't appear to be working.
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    Little different stage, confidence is everything to a kicker. He was one of the top kickers in the nation coming out of high school. This is the Cole Hedlund who will return to Apogee Sept 1st, book it.
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    I still have no idea how Trevor wasn't first team all CUSA last season.
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    Well considering how many times Fine gets hit this a seems right so far.
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    Not sure I liked all the parts of his game there, but the part I sure did like was his shooting and general behavior in the clutch situations at the end.
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    I know @Evan was looking for a copy of this for a while. Not sure if he ever found it. If not, enjoy if you can fight through the media quality opportunities. A good watch as we slowly lead up to the game against SMUt. https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc1040494/m1/#track/1
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    My daughter is about to be a sophomore in high school and college coaches can't talk to her until September 1 of their junior year. The only exception is to invite kids to summer camps or gather information. It seems this would be an easy rule to add for football. Edit: I failed to mention my daughter plays basketball.
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    WKU had that headache with Robinson and now they have another 5-Star...hire his dad to make sure he doesn’t bolt. This thing is pure folks...nothing to see here 😅
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    Anyone know why he is showing no interest to any of his offers?
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    you know what else is a major drain on our natural resources? far, far more than illegal-immigrant children? not-illegal-immigrant children. if we're really concerned for our natural resources, I'm assuming those are also advocating strongly for pro-choice legislation, or at the least funding for strong contraception education and distribution.
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    You are high as a kite. Illegals pay more in taxes than they get out. They go to the neighborhood schools, where they live, where they pay rent that pays taxes that pays for their schools. They use fake social security numbers to work in kitchens that gets federal taxes and social security pulled out -- which they never get a refund OR get to use the social security benefits. When they lose their jobs, they don't get to file unemployment. They do NOT get free healthcare or food stamps. Just read about it: https://www.vox.com/2018/4/13/17229018/undocumented-immigrants-pay-taxes "The best estimates come from research by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy, a Washington, DC, think tank, which suggests that about half of undocumented workers in the United States file income tax returns. The most recent IRS data, from 2015, shows that the agency received 4.4 million income tax returns from workers who don’t have Social Security numbers, which includes a large number of undocumented immigrants. That year, they paid $23.6 billion in income taxes." It is a well known statistic. Being concerned about something you care about is no reason to just make up worries and blame some population. The reason the reservoirs are low is because we never build any new ones to keep up with the size of the metroplex. It is that simple. It is hard to get the public opinion on the side of common sense that allows us to build large public infrastructure projects. Instead, we over build, over destroy plant life for tract housing, create runoff that leads to flooding and there is NO space in the reservoirs to hold the excess run off.. We could save that water and use it over time. Instead, we just keep draining Lake Lewisville to water our green lawns... and for you to blame Mexicans. You clearly don't understand the sacrifices that families make to send their children across the earth to try and find a better, non-violent life. You think people are used as pawns to make minimum wage here in South Dallas.. living in barely above poverty levels.. in pretty terrible school districts. Yes, that is living a true dream. They are stealing that life from Americans.
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    but also respect the flag and support our troops, right? I would love to see these borders...
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    Good catch, I missed my proof reading on a cell phone. I did mean Melania, the first lady. I don't know who Malania is though.. I was definitely NOT talking about her. I am talking about the one who lied on her first lady bio about graduating from Slovenia University with a design degree, but then changed it to read she paused her studies. I am talking about the Yugoslavian resident who was living in the US permanently on a tourist visa and taking modeling jobs illegally. Illegally working here and stealing jobs from Americans should have voided her legal path to citizenship. She has not shown any documentation to prove otherwise... But really, should she have to? It's absurd, no? Much like you saying he didn't provided ANYTHING for three years -- when he clearly and factually provided his short form birth certificate BEFORE he was elected. Which, by the way, proof of live birth forms are completely legal proof of birth and citizenship. That's how I got my passport and my two sons. So, you should re-check your honesty about this and stop blaming Obama for looney conspiracies based on his middle name, nationality of his father and his blackness.
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    All of UAB is under control of the Bama Board. UAB does not have a board of directors. They might have an appointment to the Bama Board to voice UAB's interests.
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    Are we becoming kind of a QB U? Thanks Mason! GMG
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    Even if you charged $5 a person, that is a great bargain to watch college ball and then factor in concessions, etc...
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    Actually we lost $637,000 in woman's softball.
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    In 2016 UTA lost $822,000 in men's baseball and $590,000 in Women's softball. Setting aside the cost of a venue, these losses are probably more in line with what UNT could expect, as the conferences are about equal as is the travel.I don't know what we lost in softball to compare.
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    Yes, the debt service costs are included as an expense and the student fees associated are counted as a revenue. An illustration of the danger in blindly using reported numbers as the basic of anything.
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    Texas Tech reported baseball expenses of $3,737,355, revenues of $1,039,005, loss of $2,698,350.
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    I would argue that baseball could easily become a revenue producing sport, as could softball, with success and the proper marketing.
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    Possibly to give a local business a piece of the financial action in hosting such an event? I know I would. Would help strengthen local relationships.

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