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  1. GrayEagle

    Born and Bred is Back

    Totally agree; and the quality keeps coming. I'm really looking forward to the next one which I believe will be from Peggs/Locust Grove, Oklahoma.
  2. Harry, go to you room! We don't need any distractions such as coaching changes involving our staff just before our season starts. Seriously, I hope that the coaching change doesn't happen for a long time...that Seth can ride this horse all the way to the Big XII. I know that's highly unlikely but I can dream.
  3. I don't know how we can expect offensive linemen to hold blocks for five or six seconds so why are they being blamed for all of the sacks? Some of the sacks were caused by more rushers than blockers. I admit that Wilson was good at picking up the sixth rusher a lot. And a good offensive line is often an extremely great need in an offense. But, with their weaknesses we were still one of the best offenses in the nation. On the other hand, our defense was not good often. We gave up 35 rushing touchdowns...the most in conference USA. Don't forget, that included UTEP and Rice. We also tied with two others for the worst by giving up 24 passing touchdowns. I understand the sacks and the concern for Mason Fine's safety but the defense was our Achilles' heel last year. We can't expect to be a highly-rated team by giving up 35 points per game and since we gave up a lot more TDs on the ground than in the air I believe that the defensive line needs the most improvement. Fortunately, if English can return to form, and a jewel or two can be found among the new faces, this problem could go away fast.
  4. This is the first fall practice scrimmage. It's just a scrimmage..they're not even using a scoring system. The first and second offense teams will run a specific number of plays and new guys will be inserted in both the offense and defense throughout the scrimmage. As such, I'm sure that the only filming is for staff use and will not be broadcast or streamed. We may be able to see some portions later but that has not been stated.
  5. GrayEagle

    North Texas Eagle Midyear Report

    I'll take your word for it that it's a great article. I don't have permission to see it.
  6. GrayEagle

    Uniform Colors

    I like it. It makes it easy to spot a teammate.
  7. GrayEagle


    Thanks for getting this thread back on track. If Bryce English says he intends to make an impact that means that he is healthy and will return to form. Go Bryce!
  8. GrayEagle

    Redshirt QB

    Yes, the stable looks full now but situations change. The new redshirt rule should enable that to happen generally but what if not playing a strong freshman causes him to transfer? Not every quarterback is content to want to stay five years. Especially a good one. Game experience can be worth a lot. Mason Fine played as a true and I'm sure glad that he did. If Kason Martin plays this coming season it would put him in line to be the backup in 2019. If Kason doesn't play this year and Cade Pearson does then he's the heir apparent in 2020 due to experience. I like Pearson's play but I don't know that he's the best quarterback behind Fine. As long as we get one good quarterback every year then I hope that the coach has the option of putting his best two quarterbacks on the field. Now that the third best quarterback can play in up to four games, give him an opportunity in blowout games. In my opinion, there is no substitute for game experience.
  9. GrayEagle

    Walkon Benefits

    We had a recent post about COA benefits. What are the benefits for a walk-on? I assume that they get board. After all, they need to follow a menu in order to be in shape and have a chance for a future scholarship. It would be a shame if scholarship players were eating near the locker room and practice facilities and the walkon had to either leave campus to eat or do without. What about room? Do they get a room in Victory Hall or do they have to go elsewhere and pay their way? I realize that they pay their own tuition and books. At least, I believe that walk-ons pay for their books. Lastly, can they receive any part of a COA adjustment? If they are getting none of these benefits then I've got to admire even more the sacrifices they make in time and money to contribute to the sports program. And for some, they're not even rewarded with a game appearance.
  10. GrayEagle

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

    He was also a headhunter. Remember the helmet-to-helmet with Jalen Guyton?
  11. With the exception of the 2002 Texas game (which I know he was outstanding because I was there) what were his stats against the OOC vs the SBC games?
  12. I loved Booger's play and marveled at the things that he did. But, Booger did not face the caliber of competition that Bryce will face. I don't expect Bryce to be back up to speed until later in the schedule but I believe that ultimately you're going to see double-team blocking to keep him out and if that happens Young will go wild. I really think that Bryce will improve the defense, front to back.
  13. He thinks that he will. That's what is important.
  14. GrayEagle

    Big time commitment

    Ditto what Deep said. Congratulations, and I wish you happiness for the rest of your life. When is the signing date?
  15. GrayEagle

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    Most of the newcomers are known...notably Austin Aune, Daizion Carroll, Caleb Colvin and Jordan Redfearn. Aune is a former highly rated quarterback from about six years back who has been playing professional baseball. The latter three are scholarship athletes (at least I believe that Colvin is a blueshirt). There are about another half-dozen walkons new to the roster since spring training There have been two reductions to the roster that are noteworthy and a little shocking. The first loss is Creighton Barr. Creighton was a two-year starter at center before being replaced last year by Sosaia Mose. Perhaps injury had dropped Barr's performance level. He was listed as second string center after spring training. The second loss is more shocking...Blake Patterson, our #1 punter, has left the squad. He had improved during last year to a 41 yard average. He will be missed. Three others who have left the program are DB Warren Cotlong, WR Kerry Hall and DS Jake Davis. Davis was expected to contend as the #1 deep snapper this fall.