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  1. I don't know how many there were but I aced it.
  2. You guys don't know an eagle feather from a duck feather?
  3. Well, our end zone may not look quite that fancy but I expect it to be very functional. It's my understanding that the videoboard will be removed (boo) and the Athletic Building will be expanded to include premium seating. The portion to the east will be a large expansion of the weight room. That could greatly improve our S and C. There are too many athletes trying to use a small weight room so that each athlete is scheduled over a twelve hour? day. With a lot more equipment (and room to use it) this should allow for more time on each machine with no odd scheduling hours. I'm thinking that the poor S and C has not been the fault of the coaches. There's to be more study rooms, training rooms and coaches offices. It may not be as flashy as Appy State but it'll be just as functional. Oh yeah. I believe that they are also going to improve the football locker room. I don't like them moving the big video and putting four small ones in each corner. I would hope that they will sooner or later put a board on the roof of the athletic building and/or the middle of the wing section.
  4. Be sure to not offer any offensive lineman at Houston Westside.
  5. Well, I'm handicapped and I park on the blue lot (I buy the pass) at one of the handicap parking spaces. The orange lot is for handicapped and is located across the interstate. They will transport you to Gate 2.
  6. It's fun to criticize our attendance but I believe that we are reporting the count accurately. I don't know what's officially legal but I'd guess it's the scanned attendance plus the tickets sold but did not show. It's probably ditto for SMU too because I'm sure that SMU sells more tickets than is used. Having said that I was very disappointed in the student turnout. We have 40,000+students. If we could get half of them there we'd be near a sellout every game. It's the one thing that I would like to see worked on for next year. I believe that it was Tony that suggested a three-day "boot camp" at pre-registration time. Attendance everywhere is down a little mostly because of the Covid epidemic. But a new conference with eight new teams should inspire us to see if football is better. We will see some familiar names that we haven't played in a while and one (Temple) that we have never played. I look forward to the return of Tulsa. Tulane, Memphis, Navy, East Carolina, South Florida and the continuation of SMU on our schedule. We will also add Wichita State for all other sports except football. Many of them have never played at Apogee. The good Lord willing, I will attend all of the home games next year.
  7. When I was a student here a long, long time ago there was a pep rally before each home game in front of the brand new student union. In retrospect, I believe that the rally was held on Friday noon. In addition, each fraternity sat together under their flag/banner and had a friendly competition on who could be the loudest and show the most spirit. I'd like to suggest that we do something similar beginning with next year's home games. Have a spirit cup that passes from organization to organization based on who has the most spirit. Perhaps let the fraternity or sorority that wins it the most that year keep the trophy. I'd also recommend that trailers advertising the game opponent and the time of the game be placed on campus the day before the game. Let the cheerleaders be the judges.
  8. The "coach." How much do you pay a coach who won a NAIA championship vs. a coach who won an American Athletic Conference championship? The AAC coach likely has several winning records at multiple levels. The others that would care are the North Texas fans.
  9. Why are we going back to recruits that were lost years ago? The above thread of Adepipe and Shaw and two earlier postings re Frank Harris and McIvor.
  10. Maybe try Jim Hobdy's Texas battle flag on the helmet for something different?
  11. At our level we can't take a chance on someone that hasn't coached and recruited at a higher level. How would you know that he has knowledge and ability to recruit at that level?
  12. 1 may be true. I doubt that 2 is true. It may be hard to believe but we've had more than a million dollars of revenue over expenses the last two years and with the increase in students should be able to cover Seth's salary. Now I don't know about losing any dollars from the BMD.
  13. I don't think that Wren would ever be guilty of hiring a coach from Temple for circ $3 million who had a horrible record and the buyout was brutally expensive.
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