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  1. I don't believe that they were recruits. I believe that they were redshirts and scout team. I have previously seen recruits near the south end of the second level (section 209-210?). I'm not sure if that is/was a permanent or temporary location. I've yet to notice prospects on the sideline but it's possible that commitments might have been included since it appeared that a fairly large number was dressed in black and white.
  2. Kansas did beat Boston College which totally baffled me. They had barely beaten FCS Indiana State in their opening game then lost to G5 newbie Coastal Carolina by five the following week at home. So to beat BC at their place borders on the unbelievable. Les Miles is a good coach and may very well make them a factor but having a statement game this early was shocking. What's more, they scored 17 more points against Boston College than they scored in the first two games combined.
  3. Jim, I had varied reasons for calling for detente with SMU. My oldest daughter's late father-in-law was an SMU graduate and financial supporter and one of the finest men that I've known. Cindy is now on the staff at SMU and it's hard to be too critical of the institution who will support her retirement in a few years. I don't hate anyone. Intense dislike...yeah, but to me that's healthy. On the other hand hate is consuming and unhealthy. It's with you 24/7. Like you, I was an early fan of SMU. I especially liked Doak Walker and later Don Meredith. I'm now looking at Mason Fine in the same light as I saw the Doaker, who was credited with building the (enlarged) Cotton Bowl. I also intensely disliked the cheating of SMU that resulted in the death penalty. However, I attributed that to the head of the Mustang Club and the former governor of Texas (both of whose names escape me at the moment). The average SMU fan was not a participant and did not condone the school's actions. The real reason that I called for detente was that I hoped that we could work together to gain admittance to the WAC for North Texas (or whatever conference SMU was in.) Instead, they chose La Tech. I would still like to see North Texas, SMU, Houston (and maybe Rice) in the same conference. Good competition, cheap travel, and natural rivalry for all. Hell, throw in johnny-come-lately UTSA for all I care. My hope is that Wren Baker and Smatresk have enough diplomancy to make it happen.
  4. And/or throw in Darden and running backs, I don't believe that SMU can cover them all. I think that we can win in a shootout.
  5. No, he redshirted last year but he still has four years of eligibility. (Referring to Jaire Shorter)
  6. In the scrimmage at Mean Green Mania he scored on about a 50-yard bomb.
  7. Ding! Ding! Ding! You win the homer award hands down. Well, Patrick Cobbs could tie you on our record but having Mason win the Heisman put you over the top.
  8. Question for TheReal_jayD In your comments on Dane Jackson you stated that the staff is hoping that he can replace the graduating Sosaia Mose. My question is what position does Daizion Carroll play? I see his senior video and he was the starting center on Midway's state championship runnerup. His blind snaps looked flawless and his running back had many carries up the middle behind his blocks (a number of them pancakes). It would seem to me that he would be the #1 replacement candidate. However, I've also seen him listed as a guard or just offensive lineman. He is about 3" taller and about 35 lbs. heavier than Jackson. Are we considering him as a guard or center?
  9. If #5 doesn't see the field we may go undefeated. He played in all 13 games last year; starting 10. He was sixth in total tackles with 50. He is very good in pursuit and tackling technique. His problem may be that he is still a little awkward at linebacker since he played nickel last year. I believe that he will adapt and he's a pretty good fit for Reffit's defense.
  10. Johnson's composite has now risen to .8167.
  11. #26 is DB Alex Morris #10 is Makyle Sanders (tackling Torrey)
  12. I believe that you are right on both counts. You have five years eligibility from the beginning of your freshman year. Since Aune opted for baseball and did not enroll in college until last year at Arkansas, the clock did not start until then. Although he did not attempt to play there he still lost a year of eligibility. That became his redshirt year. That makes him a redshirt freshman this year. He has four years to complete his last four years of eligibility. The last year that he should be eligible to play is 2022, barring a medical or hardship redshirt.
  13. I understand that we lost two all-conference corners but if graduate transfers Nick Harvey (.9708) and Dominique Harrison (.8731) can't handle the corners 247 composite isn't worth the paper that it's written on. Those are the two highest rated players we've ever had.
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