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  1. Post season. He should be our best 3-point shooter.
  2. Competition, like attendance is relative to the conference that you're in. We have been somewhat competitive in CUSA. I believe that we've had one division championship and five bowl games in our relatively short time in the conference. I believe that if we were admitted to the MWC for example, that we would be up to speed within two years. We've played most of the members and haven't faired that badly. Of course Boise State and San Diego State are out of our class now but we have beaten both in the past. We should be competitive with the other ten. Yes, this year is a dumpster fire but that doesn't mean that we stay at that level. We have some good players and if we can keep them healthy and with a successful new coach, we could turn this around in no time. Stay positive.
  3. I left at halftime (after the Green Brigade performance) for the first time in years. The game was B-O-R-I-N-G and I'm old with thin blood so I get cold on a balmy day. It was truly one-sided in what should have been an even match. I'll probably bite the bullet and go see the Liberty game but if I don't see anymore effort than I saw Friday, I may leave early again.
  4. They did make overtures to us several years ago. They wanted to be in the DFW TV Market. If they are still interested we might get together with either Rice or UTSA and see if there is still interest.
  5. That's the player from Ellis County that I was referring to. I knew that he had left Washington State and heard that he might have been considering us again. He's in the transfer portal so we could offer.
  6. If Torrey can't go I hope that they give Keith Jackson a shot. He's not that much smaller than Johnson or Ragsdale and he seems a lot quicker.
  7. I've had Pfizer vaccines and booster with no ill effects and I'm almost as old as dirt with several health problems. Use your doctor's judgment though but I think that you'd be better served if you got a booster.
  8. I have a feeling that he's from Ellis County.
  9. A 9-3 record this year with our schedule would get us some recognition. The promise of a 40,000 seat stadium by 2025 would be another plus. It seems that every time we move up in class attendance and recruiting improves. Way back when we held pep rallies on campus and got a better percent of students to attend.
  10. My choices are UAB, Rice and North Texas. We would likely have to expand our stadium to 40,000. Hopefully, Temple and East Carolina pull out and Navy decides to go independent in the near future and the conference moves further south.
  11. I think that we put up a very good effort...lose by 14.
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