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  1. I agree. I like the gray but it only goes well with forest green IMO. Personally, I don't care for the black either. It's very hard for me to read the numbers with green on black. Even harder to read the name. Why not just stick to the registered colors.
  2. Done. Thank you for raising money for a worthy cause.
  3. Gotta love his dominance at the Division II level. I hope that transfers to the FBS Division I level. He looks to be definitely worth the chance.
  4. We may as the season rolls on but he'll have to earn his spurs in a pretty talented receiver room.
  5. Is the tournament a winner takes all or is the pot prorated?
  6. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/grayson-ward/jWidhq3iEeiAxKkkK9HIDg/default.htm
  7. Is there a limit in the number of players that did not play here but can play on the alumni team?
  8. I agree with your offense with two changes. I believe that they will find a place for Jay Maclin to start. As much as I like Shorter (and I hope he is 100%) I believe that Maclin will be the featured receiver this year. Bush is the best receiver but likely to draw double coverage. Burns has earned his position and will have a lot of catches. The other change is more of an addition than a change. I believe that we'll run more H-Back formations than TE formations so that Gumms will be another big part of the offense. On defense, I hope that we continue with the four man front. If we do I would remove Kropp. I had hoped that Hutchings would have been the edge opposite Trieb but he fled for the portal. I'm hoping that Johnathan Pickett can step up and wear #11. Trieb wore #9 in JC so I'd like to see the 911 reinstated.
  9. Everything to like about this team. Congratulations ladies!
  10. Well, it seems that Grant Gunnell was the BOOM! that Luke was posting about. He has a ton of potential and is something to shout about. In his somewhat limited experience he has an accuracy rating in the upper sixties which is what so many have been clamoring for. I'm also glad to have the 12th rated Division II transfer, 'A'Mazin Richards because I believe that he can hopefully compensate in part for the loss of graduates and transfers.
  11. I don't think that he'll be available. He's playing in a summer basketball league in Slovakia.
  12. I hope that you do so well that we make your first name 'A'.
  13. Is there any way that we can become a farm club of the Cowboys?
  14. Remember a quarterback from that same HBU team named Bailey Zappe? Tell me that he didn't belong in the FBS.
  15. This will likely blow some liberals minds but Fox News has given Lawrence Jones his own weekend show (Cross Country) and he appears often in several of the other shows. Lawrence is a graduate of Garland High School and UNT Class of 2009.
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