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  1. Also note that while Sow has no composite rating, 247 has given him a rating of .8300. Also holds a Colorado State offer.
  2. GrayEagle

    Johnny Jones coached TXSO Beats No. 18 Oregon

    Great to see a good man succeed again. His son, was a really nice kid as well and seems to be adapting to college ball well so some of Johnny's talent surely rubbed off on him. He's even restored Jeremy to usefulness. I wish them all well, they really have a murderous schedule ahead of them especially with so few home games.
  3. GrayEagle

    More blue lot woes

    Same here.
  4. GrayEagle

    This team deserved better

    Rick, you just posted what I was about to say. Most of the hardcore fans were there and I can see those that would've had to make a couple of hours drive perhaps deciding to stay home due to the weather conditions. What really grabbed me was the lack of students. I believe that the band had as many attending as the rest of the student body. In fact, Southern Miss' attendees were almost as many as the North Texas student body, excluding the band. Some don't think that it's important to be concerned about attendance; especially close to a game thread but that's when we likely get the most readers. And attendance is important, especially if we are to ever advance this program. Wren Baker addressed that problem in one of the threads. I thought that the culture was changing but I see that we haven't moved that far off of square one. Two well-attended games with two poorly attended games interspersed dilutes the average considerably. I just hope that students and Dentonites will read these threads and respond. It will help the team, its recruiting, keeping the coaching staff, the university and the City of Denton if they'll just show up.
  5. Back when Division I divided, one of the requirements was a 30,000 seat stadium. At the time Fouts Field had a capacity of 20,000. Chancellor Hurley was unwilling to spend the money to enlarge Fouts, instead electing to spend that money on improving academics. As to your first question...if you go far enough back, Denton did do a much better job of supporting North Texas athletics than they do currently (at least percentage-wise). In the forties and fifties North Texas had 5-7,000 students and Denton had a population of 12-15,000. The old stadium, roughly where the mall and Willis Library now stand, held roughly 9-10,000. I attended several games where there was an overflow crowd, so several thousand of those had to come from Denton. Roads from Dallas and Fort Worth were two lanes and not well-traveled. I can't truly tell you why the city failed to get behind its colleges. Their standard excuse seemed to be that we can't afford to support both and we can't offend one by supporting the other. I never did buy that.
  6. GrayEagle

    Adopted Player Results So Far

    I'm happy to report that Nate Brooks has shaken off last year's injuries and returned to his sophomore year form. He leads the team and the conference with 4 interceptions. Two of those came in the Arkansas game and earned him Conference USA Defensive Player of the Week. He is second in tackles among defensive backs with 24 (13 solo.) He is second on the team in pass breakups with five.
  7. If we play like we have played the last seven quarters I don't think that we have to worry about winning out. It won't happen. The loss of Easly and Hall really seems to have affected the team. Hopefully, the coaches can correct that.
  8. GrayEagle


    As good as he is, I don't believe that Hall's injury was the most critical loss in this game. Cam Johnson came in and got six solo tackles which is as good as any DB has done this year. The most critical mistake/injury was the muffed punt. With only 38 seconds to go in the half, why do you take a chance of fielding a punt on your six yard line? As it turned out, six seconds later they had a lead which we could never overcome.
  9. Wren is just super passionate about his job. He graduated from Southeast Oklahoma State University (Durant) and got his master's from Oklahoma State University. He is talented and well-connected.
  10. GrayEagle

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    Well, let's see how well we prognosticate collectively. I've added my guess into the hard numbers posted to date and came up with an average of 45-24 in favor of the good guys. That would make the over/under 69. Some of the points seem a little high (especially for us) but hopefully it balances out. Assuming there is no rain I don't believe that the score is very far off.
  11. GrayEagle

    And So It Begins

    If you're superstitious, we're 4-0 this year against teams that have red as one of their colors. LaTech has red. Just saying. Shades of Norm Hitzges I can't believe I said that.
  12. Memphis is one of the better-drawing G5 programs. Their usual attendance is 30-45K depending on the opponent and the weather.
  13. GrayEagle

    This List Is A Lot Smaller After Today....

    Arizona State lost to San Diego State and is no longer unbeaten.
  14. Tremendous thanks and gratitude to the Lovelace family for your generous donation.
  15. GrayEagle


    I must have missed the posting that SMU had veto power over who is in the conference with them. I don't know of any conference that requires 100% approval for new members. Most conferences are after fans/viewers. To me, a university with 300,000 living alumni is hardly redundant. Market should not be the lone criteria. In the Raleigh market (much smaller than DFW) there are three P-5 teams...North Carolina, North Carolina State and Duke. Nor would it be necessary for SMU to leave. It would save them a lot of travel expense say if we replaced UConn who is rumored unhappy. I like some of CUSA (Western Division) but the East leaves me a little cold (and distant). I also realize that there are drawbacks to every G5 conference but ideally I'd like to be where they are the least. I have an old alumni buddy (who still posts here) who used to say, "Grow where you are planted." I can't argue with that; we certainly want to contribute and not just take up space. But, even after 70 years of following this university's teams, I believe that if we could just get planted over in that river delta that we'd be more prone to have a bumper crop.