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  1. Frankly, I wish that they would move Lyles back to wide receiver; especially if we are able to land Gumm. He might be good enough to start as a freshman. Then with Alberding, Roberts and Lee that might become the most solid two deep position on our team. Lyles is just too talented to get mired in a position where he would seldom see the field. I'm not sure that he could start right away as a receiver but he should certainly be in the two deep.
  2. My bad. Somehow I missed the Charlotte depth chart. The one that I found was Southern Miss and Murray was the backup and there was no three.
  3. I believe that a near full house does pump more adrenalin and enables those on the field to try harder. But, there is a lot more young talent available on this team and I think that they should be given a chance. I was never real big on redshirting unless the player needed more size or strength to compete. I would like to see a more lively sideline. I remember the Charlotte game especially. There was a prospect there from south Texas who had offers from both Charlotte and us in the stands. The Charlotte subs were yelling and swaying and looked much more lively than our sideline who
  4. I don't believe for a moment that Burke was afraid or unwilling to compete. He was arguably the most talented safety that we had. Yet, according to the depth chart he wasn't listed on the first three teams. Instead the third team safeties were walk-ons with no rousing high school success. The only thing different than when he signed on is the coach and I can only guess that he and Boren were oil and water. He is the highest rated safety that we have signed other than a transfer and I believe that he was the most talented safety on the squad. I guess we'll find out if that is true dependi
  5. He's got a teammate that's also excellent...center Gabe Blair. If we could get those two and keep our current commitments we would have an outstanding recruiting class for a G5.
  6. It's looking like we can add women's softball to the good hires as well. Aren't those the only hires that he's made here?
  7. Another problem with not playing the top recruits is that future high three stars will be reluctant to come here if they don't get to play until they're a redshirt junior. Nobody worth their salt would be content to not/seldom see the field. I would think that they would rather play at the FCS level than sit at the FBS level. The fans also want to see these high-rated players and I, for one, don't think that it's worth the drive to see lesser talented players miss tackles, drop passes, and blow coverage while much of the talent stands on the sidelines. Some players get a lot more adr
  8. He's the second leading tackler and was #1 until KD Davis got back. He's going to be a dandy if what he's done so far is any indication. I've been disillusioned by our defensive backs (except for Stout) but now I'm seeing a little improvement from Gaddie, Whitlock, Johnson and Rucker and believe that they'll be working together by years end.
  9. Charlotte doesn't seem to have a lot of offense this year. They also haven't shown a very good run defense either. Their strength is their pass defense. I know that plays into our strength but I think that Addaway, Torrey and Siggers could have a field day running the ball and throw maybe a third of the time effectively. While I don't expect too much from our defense I do believe that we will see improvement over any game thus far. I know that Vito has picked us to win but he can't be wrong every time.
  10. Only if Vito doesn't pick us to not lose.
  11. I believe that the Murphy twins are also victims of the Corona virus in some form. Neither is now listed in the three deep and they had been.
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