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  1. There is a mistake on the QB numbers. We have 4 scholarship quarterbacks...1 RFR (Kuehne) and 3 RSOs (Aune, Bean, Martin).
  2. ESPN and the Denton Record-Chronicle say that it is happening.
  3. I think that WagTag may have nailed it. We know that he's a good/great athlete if he started for Allen. He's too short for a college quarterback but he must have good hands. And, as a dual quarterback he likely has good speed. The nutritionist will put weight on him. In my book he'd be worth a shot as a slot receiver assuming we get at least another defensive lineman.
  4. If it's by position I'd say that we need more defensive linemen. I'd like to see at the least two more defensive tackles (preferably JC or portal) and another DE. If we can get a highly rated 3*, regardless of position, I hope that we take him.
  5. He's hard to beat as a high school coach though. Might have done better if we had been able to afford a college staff. He was a decent OC here with less talented personnel but I doubt that he'd want to try that again.
  6. I am not complaining about the quality of any of the tight ends that we recruited but why do we need at least four tight ends? Alberding is the highest rated tight end in my memory and Lee and Roberts are already in fold to a one man position. Well, I suppose it could be two man if one was on the line and another at H-back but I don't remember that happening. That doesn't even include the possible starter (or at least #1 backup) Jason Pirtle. I'm glad to see us get highly rated tight ends but we need quality defensive linemen (3 or 4 per line). Novil and LeBlanc are pleasant surprises but neither was a 3-star athlete (LeBlanc did get one 3-star vote). Rausik is a quality defensive line candidate who I hope can play as a freshman. My point is that we need defensive players rather than another offensive player.
  7. I believe that he was referring to the new recruit Isaiah Johnson.
  8. If I'm not mistaken the Dallas Morning News Area 100 on Sunday still showed Kerl committed to us.
  9. I recognize that Kade Renfro is an exceptional talent at quarterback but I'm less worried about that position. Austin Aune had the highest rating at that position of any of our quarterbacks when he came out of high school. If he recovers those skills I don't believe that Renfro could topple him. Will Kuehne is near to or equal to Renfro in passing ability. Ditto for Kason Martin. Jason Bean hasn't yet exhibited great passing skills but he is our best dual threat quarterback with plenty of potential. I believe that we already have very good quarterback candidates; perhaps moreso than any other position.
  10. Perry stated that he was happy here and would be content to finish his career here. He was from East Texas and enjoyed being close to home.
  11. Most posts allude to our weakness at TE, at least until Lee and Roberts get here but have we written off Alberding? I think that he will be a rock as well. Unless we find someone wanting to come here who walks on water, I believe that TE, QB and RB are set for several years.
  12. He may not have been a home run but he's at least a double. True, he only has one interception but he's third in tackles with 58 (40 solo).
  13. Well, Austin Aune has only gotten to throw one pass...but he completed it giving him a 100% completion rate. Now, if he could keep that consistency we'd be 9-0.
  14. I certainly agree with Abner but not Leon King. He did not take near the abuse that Abner did and his contribution was minimal. Further, Abner was arguably the best player in the old AFL, a member of the Texas Hall of Fame and the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame.
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