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  1. What gives? It only shows two offers on 247 and the posting Monday indicates 13 offers. It doesn't even show our offer. He also hasn't been rated.
  2. And...he spent an hour with Seth recently and should have all of the updates.
  3. I would dearly love to see 10,000 or more students at each home game and fill the rest with alumni.
  4. Austin Aune had the highest Passing Rating in CUSA last year. I used Passing Rating instead of yardage because some quarterbacks only had seven games and one had twelve games.
  5. I'm sure that they will share; I was just pointing the talent that is available. The usage is up to Tommy Mainord. I have been pleased with Coach Mainord. He has developed several good receivers each year. I feel sure that he will give adequate playing time to the best receivers but he has enough depth to keep fresh legs when necessary.
  6. I know that we will still be screwed but I do believe that it will result in the G5s getting a little (probably should have been Italicized) more money and could be a foot in the door for more equalization or Baker and Littrell wouldn't have signed off on it.
  7. This, on paper, is the best group of receivers that we have ever had and likely the best among the G5 teams. We have nine 3 star receivers and several walk-ons that could also contribute if given the chance. Looking at it from their best 247 combined averages, here's our receiving corps: .9222 Tommy Bush ...the tallest (6-5) and among our fastest receivers. The highest rated receiver in our history with 247. .8817 Bryce Jackson...I believe that he was the best receiver in the spring scrimmage and caught several with the defender hanging all over him. .8796 Caleb Johns
  8. Prayers for Mitch, his family and the medical team administering treatment. You are loved by all of the Mean Green faithful who knew you, saw you play, or heard of your accomplishments.
  9. The gazebo was located behind what is now the Auditorium Building (formerly the Administration Building).
  10. Very good, Jim. I guess that once you've been a recruiter, you just can't totally give it up.
  11. Chad is no longer at Arkansas. He is now the head coach at Allen. We would be glad to have some of those as well.
  12. I assume that you are referring to Jace Ruder. It's my understanding that he won't be here until early August as he graduates from UNC after this summer. I believe that he will work on his Master's here. I don't think that there's any worry. He's indicated in several posts that he will be here.
  13. What is the purpose of this gathering? Is it a mini-camp? Is it an orientation? Will this session be of short duration and everyone reports in early August?
  14. By comparison, he is almost identical in size to Upton Stout, who looked the best of our defensive backs last year.
  15. C'mon J G you can afford a few extra bucks for UNT tolltag. I've had one for the last two or three years and I'm dirt poor. If I remember correctly, all of the excess goes to the university.
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