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  1. Happy Birthday to you Wren! Thank you for all that you have done for the Mean Green! The Mean Green Nation backs you 110%!
  2. Beamer did not leave the team. The Ok St transfer Farrell left the team.
  3. So what did he see out there that helped him to decide North Texas is the place to be?
  4. I like the Texas only schools concept. Reminds me of the old SWC. I could see all types of TV advertising, spin off TV shows, and more bowl games! I like this idea of the Texas Conference!
  5. Wow! Beckham is a good FG kicker! Beckham will win games for the Mean Green!!!
  6. Thank you Wren! The Mean Green Nation appreciates all the successful programs you have developed! Good job ! Go Mean Green!!!
  7. Is this “Breaking News” a joke or did the SEC extend a invite to join ?
  8. Happy Birthday to you Coach Littrell! Go Mean Green!
  9. Sanford is right in the center of downtown B’ham and in the shadow of UAB. Very good school and a good landing spot for Zac.
  10. Do you think Westlake will recruit Riley to replace Todd as HFC and AD?
  11. I would like to add Breland Chancellor who was a pretty darn good football player for the Green!
  12. Looks like Kent State to me.
  13. Hey Jax! Congratulations on your scholarship to North Texas! I bet your family is very proud of you! Welcome to the Mean Green Nation!! You will enjoy being here at North Texas and the city of Denton!
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