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  1. CUSA pre game report - the announcers were talking about Jason Bean but the highlight videos featured Mason Fine! Great research CUSA!
  2. Thanks! All of the rescheduling of games and new dates can be confusing!
  3. I see on GMG that UTEP was playing UAB on Friday evening in Midland TX.
  4. I thought we were playing UAB on Saturday afternoon??
  5. Mean rob - i am not blaming the previous failures here at NT for our current state of athletics. i blame guys like you and undomann for your remarks about my school and athletics. If it were not for guys like you maybe fans and recruits would come to UNT. Thanks again for you fine support! Jerks!
  6. I have always believed in the Mean Green with very few exceptions - like Danny Mac, A. McNulty, DC Cosh, Bob Tyler, - you get the picture. i do believe in Seth Littrell! There is a strange effect on the team now. Is it coaching or the players or both? Look at the crap everyone is going through for crying out loud! i do believe Seth can heal the team and build a championship with the players he has. But let the players develop. Give the players and their coach a chance! I see so many degrading postings about the coach or coaches, the players, and the administration. IMHO this
  7. Thor - i am right there with you. I have been coming to football games since the early 70’s. When you said atmosphere and the attitude! Being with long time friends and making new friends each season! Football home games are great! I wait all year for the next season to start. i feel bad for Coach Littrell - he is catching too much heat for the way this season is playing. With over 21 players out, key players out, having to change players to new positions, I am kinda surprised we have a football team to watch and cheer for! Watching the game against Charlotte I could easily see
  8. Outstanding! Welcome to the Mean Green family! Congratulations on your North Texas scholarship Nasir!
  9. All teams we will face this season has big bodies - but - so do we! There are many ways to out play the big guys! I believe our coaches can out smart these big body teams!
  10. At the start of the 4th qtr, Miami has 318 yds rushing. Miami 31 UAB 14 UAB has a big OL but cannot move the Miami defensive line very much. UAB is 2/13 on 3rd down conversions, and has 9 punts on 4th down. UAB’s QB Thompson has been under heavy pass rush pressure all game long.
  11. Outstanding! Welcome to the Mean Green Var’Keyes!!!
  12. In other words, all of the insiders do not know anything!
  13. So he got his feelings hurt because he is not starting? Will he play vs the phonies?
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