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  1. Charlie NT 73

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    Yes, I would buy a North Texas shoe!
  2. Charlie NT 73

    Get to Know DeAndre Torrey (Vid)

    I tried to watch this video. A pop up message says I cannot watch this video on my device, or any other media source. Crap!
  3. Charlie NT 73

    Big time commitment

    Outstanding! Congratulations!
  4. Charlie NT 73


    IMHO, Seth Littrell will not be leaving North Texas for some other gig, especially a dump like Tx Tech. Here are my thoughts. Some people are forgetting Home Boy is the HFC at Tech. Home Boy shows any improvement he will stay another year or longer. All the sports talking heads are trying to come up with news stories daily stating Seth Littrell will not staying at North Texas which is their big news. I have seen the same story probably 50,000 times, this year alone! Towards the end of the season, the same crap story will feed the sports talking heads with more fodder for their sports reporting. Seth Littrell has what all coaches want - an administration that supports all athletic programs, the University President that supports the coaches and their work, and a AD that is developing all North Texas athletics! Salary is not always the number on factor. Look at Frank Solich at Ohio- he is still working at Ohio and has a great team every year. Solich has turned down better offers. Solich likes where he is at! I believe Seth Littrell likes where he is at, and likes what he is doing for North Texas. Seth Littrell will be at North Texas for a long time to come! So stop with the speculation that Littrell will leave North Texas. Littrell knows what he is doing and he can see that North Texas is a very good gig to have!
  5. Charlie NT 73

    DRC: Shadow Creek WR Kealon Jackson commits to UNT

    Congratulations to you Kealon on your scholarship to North Texas! You and Jevin are in the Mean Green family! Both of you will love North Texas!
  6. Charlie NT 73

    19 CB Jevin Murray (Pearland Shadow Creek)

    Congratulations to you Jevin! Welcome to the Mean Green family!
  7. I bought my copy of DCTF today at the Kroger store, corner of Mockingbird and Greenville Ave. $10.95 !
  8. Charlie NT 73

    2017 Complete UNT FB Game Videos

    Good work! Thank you!
  9. Charlie NT 73

    Biggest Area For Improvement?

    I think the OT's need some thing- but what? Our opponents would run right by our OT's in passing downs. I am not throwing our OT's under the bus. They were doing the best they could against some very good DE's. Looks like some more screen plays would work against aggressive DE's?
  10. No I hAve not seen the magazine any where. Today I checked Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walmart, and Walgreen's. None, nada, could not find the magazine.
  11. Outstanding! Congratulations Asher! Welcome to the Mean Green family!
  12. Charlie NT 73

    19 CB Jevin Murray (Pearland Shadow Creek)

    Outstanding! Join the team Jevin! Go Mean Green!!!
  13. Charlie NT 73

    A Football Life: Joe Greene

    I remember the lime green uniforms! The team was wearing their original dark green uniforms when the game started. When the team came out after half time, the team was wearing the lime green uniforms! What a night!