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  1. I agree with GrayEagle! We have several outstanding QB’s on the roster now! Our team will be in good hands next season! Now is time to use the extra scholarship (Renfro’s) for a very good player that wants to be at North Texas and be a part of a very special class of guys that want to accomplish great championships! Go Mean Green ! Now and forever!
  2. If I run across a good player somewhere, I would report the player information to our recruiting staff. I would like to know how the recruiting staff picks out which prospect should be recruited. Side story - my cousin has a son that is a very good athlete. Played WR, Safety, and a little QB He stands at 6-2, 185 as a college freshman. Plus, his son was a track star, specialized in the high hurdles, 200 and 400. State qualifier, district champ two years in a row. My cousin developed a football recruiting highlight CD about his son. Started sending the CD and information page to college coaches. Long story short - my cousin sent the information to the athletic office at NT to the recruiting staff. My cousin never heard back from NT, so when Tulsa came calling, the deal was done. My cousin’s son signed with Tulsa. Smu and a couple of other programs were showing interest but he stayed with Tulsa. He is a redshirt this season. He is also going to try for the track team too - hurtles.
  3. Congratulations to the Women’s Soccer Team! Ladies , you make us old time Mean Green fans very proud of you!
  4. Thanks to everyone on sending me game watching information! i will drive up to Denton tomorrow to the East Side to join all the Mean Green fans to watch the Mean Green defete the bulldogs of La Tech! Go Mean Green!!!
  5. I cannot go to Ruston this weekend so I would like to see the game somewhere. Is there a game watching party in Dallas or Fairview? How about in Denton?
  6. Congratulations to you Kortlin! Welcome to the Mean Green Nation!
  7. On the last play of the STAND, Our big DT Abby was knocked down from his blind side by a Rice lineman then the lineman lays on Abby to pin Abby down. The refs did not call a penalty on the holding! Did not matter because the play was 4th down.
  8. I am here at Killarney’s - the place is full of OU fans! Am I at the wrong place? Where is everyone?
  9. I will check out the band before the game. The band has a great sound! And a great cause to play for!
  10. How does that old saying goes ? It is about Johnny and Joe’s not x’s and o’s The OL and DL for Smu, Cal, Houston, and Southern Miss were massive and quick! Line play is where winning begins, IMPO
  11. I am excited about this team. Now the OOC’s games are over and done with, I see a new season beginning. I fully expect a big turn around with the team and with winning games! This team will roll over people from here on out!
  12. Outstanding! Congratulations to the Mean Green !
  13. We were physically beat! Houston’ s OL and DL players were huge! 6-6, and 6-7 guys, all at around 300. Our guys looked like midgets next to the Houston players. Their WR’s were all tall and fast Same for the Houston DL players. Their DL players were huge. Their safeties and CB’s were 6-2, 6-3. The game was determined early by Houston’s line - just dominated our guys. Now with our conference teams, I can see NT playing much better with more equal talent to our guys. I can see us running the table in conference play. A new season is going to begin very soon!
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