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  1. Welcome home Garnett! The Mean Green family is your home away from home! Congratulations !
  2. Outstanding! Welcome to the Mean Green family Ta’Shoyn!
  3. I believe Norvil will be the DL player for a break out season! I picked the other listing because Norvil was not listed. Hambone is another DL player that will have a breakout season.
  4. Yeah I was looking at his twitter. No big deal. I hope the staff can gain his commit to North Texas!
  5. Add in LSU and Southern Miss with offers.
  6. Congratulations to you Christian on your scholarship and your commitment to North Texas! North Texas is a great place! You and your family are going to be part of the Mean Green Nation!
  7. Our strength and conditioning programs are paying off for all North Texas athletes! NFL size nose guard, that is for sure! If we cannot recruit big d-line men, we can grown them on our own!
  8. Congratulations to you Jason! Outstanding! Welcome to the Mean Green!
  9. Congratulations Jamal! Welcome to North Texas!
  10. Ah hell no? What happened? This is a tough loss for the team!
  11. IMHO, the TE position has been laying dormant much too long! I lost count of the number times that I saw Chumley wide open for a pass play that rarely came his way. When a pass was targeted towards Chumley he made the catch, even in heavy traffic. I believe the new OC Reeder and TE's coach Mayes will incorporate the TE in the 2019 offense. Smith and Chumley are super stars in my opinion, that MUST be used in the offense. I also suspect that OC Reeder discussed and then asked HFC Littrell, to hire a TE coach instead of another WR coach. Maybe coincidence or maybe not, that a new TE's coach was hired! I am excited for Smith and Chumley to have many more pass catching opportunities in the offense instead of blocking schemes!
  12. I read in the DMN that Cooks was hired by the new Tx Tech coach.
  13. Merry Christmas! May the peace of Christ be in your home and all that live there! Go Mean Green! Thanks for the memories!
  14. Mack Brown told Ekeler that he would not be retained on the new staff. So what is a guy supposed to do when suddenly unemployed? Working for Les Miles may not be such a bad thing to do right now.
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