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  1. Charlie NT 73

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    I read in the DMN that Cooks was hired by the new Tx Tech coach.
  2. Charlie NT 73

    Wishing My Mean Green Nation A Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! May the peace of Christ be in your home and all that live there! Go Mean Green! Thanks for the memories!
  3. Charlie NT 73

    Mike Ekeler

    Mack Brown told Ekeler that he would not be retained on the new staff. So what is a guy supposed to do when suddenly unemployed? Working for Les Miles may not be such a bad thing to do right now.
  4. Charlie NT 73

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    I thought Garrison and QB Martin were very tight buddies - they were going to lead North Texas to championships and bowl games together?
  5. I will be there to cheer on the Mean Green to a big victory!!!!
  6. Charlie NT 73

    DRC: Source confirms -- UNT headed to New Mexico Bowl

    I am just happy we got a bowl invitation! Take the bowls when you can get them, regardless of who the opponent will be. We did not win our west division. We did not win our conference. Not ranked. And - possibly we may be losing our coach. And - possibly lose our record setting QB
  7. Charlie NT 73

    What time will the stadium gates open

    Thank you!
  8. With the 8:30 kick off time Thursday night, what time will the stadium gates open up?
  9. I will be there with 3 in tow. 2 of the 3 are newbies to Mean Green football! I was at Fouts for the Florida State snow bowl game. I been through blistering heat, to heavy rain storms -the Ohio game! I support the Mean Green win or lose. I want North Texas to stomp the dog crap out of FAU!!! Payback is a bitch!!!
  10. Charlie NT 73

    UNT vs. ODU Watching Party - Collin County

    I will be there! GMG !!!
  11. Charlie NT 73

    UNT Women win CUSA Conference Soccer Tourney

    Congratulations to the Women's Soccer Team for their Championship Season and the C-USA Soccer Championship! And to Coach Hedlund, Outstanding ! Another C-USA Championship and a trip to the NCAA Tournament! Great job Coach Hedlund!
  12. Charlie NT 73

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    I wonder if any of the stadium signs could be picked up before the signs are destroyed?
  13. Charlie NT 73

    Oline coach better get to it!

    I watched Mason during last weeks game , and watched him after each play tonight. God almighty! Mason got the crap beat out of him again tonight! Geez he took some awful hits after the pass plays! I only saw one roughing the passer penalty tonight when there should have at least a dozen or more called! Looked like the Rice defense was trying to get to Mason any way they could. Even UAB and La Tech looked to be doing the same thing! Watch out for UTSA and FAU. All the teams know that Mason runs the show. The game plan is simple - take Mason out!
  14. Charlie NT 73

    Soccer ranked #24 nationally

    Congratulations to the soccer team, to the coaches and to the staff! Outstanding!
  15. Charlie NT 73

    UNT vs. UTEP Watching Party - Collin County

    I will be there!