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  1. I will check out the band before the game. The band has a great sound! And a great cause to play for!
  2. How does that old saying goes ? It is about Johnny and Joe’s not x’s and o’s The OL and DL for Smu, Cal, Houston, and Southern Miss were massive and quick! Line play is where winning begins, IMPO
  3. I am excited about this team. Now the OOC’s games are over and done with, I see a new season beginning. I fully expect a big turn around with the team and with winning games! This team will roll over people from here on out!
  4. Outstanding! Congratulations to the Mean Green !
  5. We were physically beat! Houston’ s OL and DL players were huge! 6-6, and 6-7 guys, all at around 300. Our guys looked like midgets next to the Houston players. Their WR’s were all tall and fast Same for the Houston DL players. Their DL players were huge. Their safeties and CB’s were 6-2, 6-3. The game was determined early by Houston’s line - just dominated our guys. Now with our conference teams, I can see NT playing much better with more equal talent to our guys. I can see us running the table in conference play. A new season is going to begin very soon!
  6. Yes! This guy is a terrific OL player! I hope he commits to NT!
  7. At the UTSA game, I could see many guys on the side line with the NT players. The guys were wearing black jeans and big white t-shirts. The guys in black looked to be having a very good time mixing in with the players. Were these guys recruits that were invited to the game? Were there any of our current commitments with this group? Who were these guys?
  8. I believe the phonies would take Cal.
  9. I figured we would win one maybe two of our OOC games this season. Then win all of our conference games. i still stand by that prediction. The season is not lost. We have a ton of football to play! i am more worried about the health of Rico and Mason going forward. I think both have injuries more serious than e know about. Bean, your next man up!
  10. I agree with Wag Tag - that Bussey was double teamed all night. Mason had no time to even complete his check downs. The smu defense was all over Fine all night. Take Fine out of the game and you will win! Coach Dykes was not going to let Fine get on a roll and not to let Bussey have any receptions. Game plan worked! Stopped us cold in our tracks!
  11. Then come home and stomp the bird crap out of road kill!
  12. Right now, the way I see things is this. We lose all of our OOC games but win all of our conference games. We receive a low ranked bowl game against another SBC team, only to lose another bowl game. I am still hurting because of the poor showing against smu.
  13. Our o-line could not handle their d-line and our d-line could not their o-line. Before the game I watched the smu o-line warm up and run drills. They were huge and very quick. Multiple quality players. I knew then we were in for a long night! Maybe the coaching staff should follow UAB’s and SMU’s lead when recruiting quality grad transfers!
  14. Let me be the first to confirm that I will be there! New game ! Beat the yogi bears of California!
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