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  1. No thanks. I would pass on Morris. I would rather the Wren pick a coach for North Texas!
  2. I am going to the game. Win or lose I will support the Mean Green!
  3. Luke, Billy I have read this new recruit will be making his commitment to North Texas on Saturday. What time will he make his announcement on Saturday? Will the North Texas fans become excited by this player or will the fans just be oh well what is is new reaction about this player? What is y’all’s opinion?
  4. I would like to see more use of the TE position. Looks like freshman Jake Roberts has the starting role at TE. Will the game plan for the TE be expanded for the UAB game? If so, how will Roberts be used?
  5. What does your feeling tell you? Please drop a hint?
  6. I am tied down at home due to family needs but if I can break free of things at home I can drive over to Ford Stadium. How much are the walk up ticket prices for section 120-125?
  7. If any football recruits were at the game I did not see them. I did see a group of about 5-7 big tall guys that looked like BB players or recruits.
  8. Is there any news about football recruits attending the game this evening? I will be on the lookout for any recruits that I see. I will report back on the recruits that see tonight. GMG!!!
  9. UNT Jim I am glad the NT fan base includes you to be the judge on all things UNT. I have been a strong NT athletics backer since 1967. I have seen more NT football games than you can dream about. Just like you I have my opinions but I do not need a idiot like you saying stupid judgmental postings against me!
  10. Thanks meanrob. I believe coach Littrell is planning some things for the $mu coaches to see which will force $mu to make adjustment changes in their game plan against us. No I do not want to change QB’s all season long either. Again I was just scattershooting an idea. Nothing written in stone. The coaches will make their own game plans.
  11. Gosh mean rob and udoman did I make you guys mad? i was just scattershooting a possible scenario. I am so glad fans like you are ready to pounce on other fans posting to prove that you know more about football than any fan on this board! Just my opinion.
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