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    This will make an appearance one day soon
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    Saw this awesome van when I was driving through Mansfield yesterday. Anyone know who it belongs to? While on this topic, what other awesome Mean Green vehicles can be seen at a football tailgate?
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    Short version, since I've already done the long version a couple of times: Graham Harrell set national records and was a Heisman Finalist and went undrafted.
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    Wising all three to have excellent campsl. Rick
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    I think he was in town this weekend. Just tweeted that big news is coming soon. I have a good feeling.
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    Jalen Guyton is our guy. He needs to have a huge year, but he showed game-breaking ability at receiver. I have no idea how he completely disappeared after that amazing run of games, but if he can get his consistency to where it needs to be, he has a better chance than anyone we've had in recent memory at getting drafted
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    Glad for these guys to get their shot. My thoughts... Jeff Wilson - Approx 60% of the Niners' RB carries in 2017 are gone. They signed McKinnon to big money butthe depth behind him should be up for competition. They have draft capital invested on Joe Williams but he's got as much experience as our JW does. Great opportunity and I trust Leigh Steinberg placed him in San Fran with this in mind. Kishawn McClain - Brand new coaching staff in Oakland so fringe players are all having to earn their spots. Special Teams coach Rich Bisaccia came from DAL...maybe he got a look at or heard talk of KM while in the area. Treavor Moore - Since making headlines trading up to draft Roberto Aguayo in the 2nd round of the 2016 draft, the Bucs' kicking position's been in flux. They were near the bottom in FG% in 2017. Should be an open competition and I like Moore's chances in that scenario.
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    Bean headed to State! Finished 2nd in 100 meters at regional meet, time 10.58.
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    DRC: Wide receiver has physical tools to break UNT's draft drought, but will he get enough opportunities? http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/mean_green/the-players-with-the-best-chance-to-snap-unt-s/article_3621a593-6975-5561-8244-b04270e358c1.html
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    You have a good eye. It’s a 53 Ford. That horrible rear bumper comes off this week and then “Scrappy” will be ready to show. Note the Mean Green sticker on the rear window
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    It seems those top local players are not interested in UNT and the level of local player that UNT can get is not better than the international players that want to come here. If you bang your head against the wall long enough with nothing to show for it you eventually figure out it hurts less if you don't bang your head against the wall. Stracke seems to have decided that rather than continue chasing after high end local talent only to come up empty handed, he would rather pursue the international golfers almost exclusively. Seems to be working out ok for him. He has 3 conference championships and 5 regional appearances so far in his 9 years (fingers crossed for #6 this year with an at large bid). Stracke may rub some people the wrong way, but hard to argue with his results.
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    The van belongs to an alum who has been bringing it to tailgating this year. I met he and his son but can't remember their names. Rick
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    There is no If, they are. And they smartly should continue. Also, our head up recruiting battles vs these programs outside of UTEP tells a vivid story. And us beating them 1 year doesn't and didn't change the very clear recruiting narrative.
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    He should have an easy adjustment, he was “Mr Irrelevant” to DFW football fans the moment he signed with SMU
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    Fine’s size will keep him from being drafted and even signing as a free agent in the NFL but his work over the next year along with the offense can put us on the map to recruit a future QB who could blaze that trail.
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    And neither of them was as good last season as Mason Fine, the C-USA offensive player of the year 2017. 13 QBs were drafted overall. Despite his small frame, if Mason keeps this productivity up, he will get drafted. He doesn't even need to improve much, he just needs to stay healthy. As an aside, C-USA had 10 players drafted. Obviously, that is just a snapshot, but that is twice as many as the MAC (5), and 3 times as many as the belt (3), and just a tad more than the MWC (9). Its a pity UNT couldn't get in on the party, but it is well on its way to getting there.
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    True story... Many years ago our company had a branch operation in Little Rock, Ark. One of our workers was a gentleman(great guy) who coached in the (black)youth league of North Little Rock. Being a large Gatorade distributor for the industrial sector of Gatorade, we routinely donated Gatorade products to various organizations, mostly used door prizes to various events, etc. The company donated several Gatorade water coolers and drink bottles to the co-worker's youth league team, subsequently inviting 3-4 of us to attend one of the games during one of the visits to our branch. Now picture this- four really white dudes visiting a black youth football game in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at night, in arguably one of the roughest parts of Little Rock. Well, we enjoyed the game! And seeing the kids using the Gatorade coolers and squeeze bottles just like the college players did, brought a nice feeling to all of us. Good football game too!
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    Although I don't like or follow either California team I wish Wilson and McClain the very best. I very much hope that each succeeds and I will keep up with their progress. Tampa Bay is in my 'okay' group of teams that I wish success and I believe that Moore will prosper there. Best of luck to him.
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    He was not irrelevant in their kicking of us in last year's game.
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    Stracke has built a nationally ranked program that has received multiple large bids to the regional tournament. His goal is not to build a team of local players. His goal is to build a nationally recognized and ranked program. Using SMU and UTA as examples kind of reinforces Stracke's strategy because UNT's (66) golf team is ranked higher than both SMU (85) and UTA (117), even with the stumble at the conference tournament.
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    You know what??? John Hedlund is not the most "personable" coach going either and can be pretty tough on players and parents, but his record stands for itself. He CARES about his players and wants them to be the best they can be...and he gets a lot of "local" recruits. Coach Hedlund gets great local players because he has built a winning program. A program that quality local players want to play for during college. It was not always this way. It takes time...it takes a coach that stays long enough to build such a program. It takes resources, it takes work. This "international student vs local" is always intriguing to me. Take a look at our tennis team if you want to see a program loaded with internationals. Why? Well, I asked Coach Lama that very question...his response? Local (US) players ranked high enough to compete at the level the program would like do not, as yet, want to come to UNT. Why? The program has not won enough and is not "known" enough as yet as a top US program. There are so few highly ranked US players in HS that the top programs can scoop them up leaving the lower ranked US players for programs like UNT at this point. So, you go international and recruit players over the internet based on their international rankings...at least that is where the recruiting game for our international tennis players starts in most cases. The same can be, for the most part, said for golf. UNT used to be a "destination" golf program for the best local golfers around. Not the case right now. However, that IS beginning to change...with the help of a great new facility for golf, some success on the course and some increased support from the Athletic Department (along with some donor support). Once UNT starts winning on a more consistent basis and getting the team...as well as individual golfers...into the NCAA's things will change and more ranked "local golfers" will want to play for UNT. The idea that the coach is tough or rough on players and their parents is a "problem" only for as few. If you think it will be a reason the program never wins you are sadly mistaken...want proof? Check out Okie State's program under Mike Holder. Holder had a reputation as one of the toughest and no nonsense coaches in college golf...tough...very...on his players and parents alike. But, OSU won...still does...and players, both local and international flocked to the program. Want to read a great golf book that talks about Holder and the OSU program...and a local donor Family and players as well? Check out "The Last Putt" by Neil Hayes and Brian Murphy. The sub title is" Two Teams, One Dream, and a Freshman named Tiger". Great read about the Stanford and OSU golf teams and the stark differences between the two head coaches and their approaches to building championship programs. In it you will also read about "international players". OSU has utilized quite a few (and still does), It traces the 1995 year that changed college golf. Great read regarding the Woods family and the Kuehne family Anyway...the book is out of print, but can probably be found where I found it...Amazon's book search site....if you are interested. Is Brad Stracke the coach to lead us back to national prominence? I have no clue, but I do know the program has moved in a winning direction since he came to UNT. The internal workings I know nothing about, but I do know that the results, be they due to local or international players, are moving in the right direction once again. Time will tell if Coach Stracke is "the guy" or not. But, if he isn't it will not be because he did not recruit "local players" or that he has a reputation as a "tough coach to deal with" from a HS coach standpoint. Win more CUSA championships, get to the NCAA's more often, get more of your player to the PGA Tour, etc., and the "gee the local HS coaches and local players don't like him" stuff falls by the wayside because UNT has become a destination program...like Okie State before Holder...during Holder...and after Holder.
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    or he points out how top teams in the state all have local players...facts are facts...stracke has chosen his route to building his team, nothing wrong with it, but other top golf schools in texas don't need to do that.
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    The Cowboys signed 2 CUSA QBs. Mike White from Western Kentucky had the 4th most passing yards in the FBS last year and the 5th most in 2016. He could make the team. Dalton Sturm from UTSA signed as a free agent. The biggest thing about him is he rushed for 545 yards last year and 1,227 yards for his career.
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    Me too. I'd rather have him than the Converse Judson kid. Both awesome players. This isn't a "committed" tweet, but I do like his words below!
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    Unfortunately players are judged not just on their performance but the "measurables" that draft talking-heads always discuss, success of their team, schedule of opponents, history of their school...that's why it always surprises people when players like Brees, Russell Wilson, Darren Sproles, etc. succeed. They just didn't fit the mold of the prototypical player. When you put everything together for the ideal QB, you get someone like Sam Darnold who went to a school with pedigree (USC), had the right height, weight, and was drafted third and projected #1 since last year even though his performance this past year was just so-so. Yeah, Mayfield may be 6' or just under, but his performance, OU, Big-12, and persona thrust him to the Heisman and from there to the Browns at #1. For Fine it's the combination of his size, perception of UNT, and C-USA that will sadly outweigh performance. Maybe he could get away with his size were he at Michigan or Clemson, Georgia or Oregon, or if he was 6'4"/225 lbs. and here he'd get consideration from teams, but those are not reality.
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    Ok then I'm curious and have to ask why? Why respond to a survey about something you admit you know so little about? Rick
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    Honest question: do we have evidence of this, or is this just unfounded hyperbole/assumption being used to shock people and get them upset about a negative?
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    He wasn’t the same after the Army game collision with captain cheapshot. I truly believe Bussey is every bit as good as Guyton and just a step slower.
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    My 1st post in this thread was about UNT being happy we beat UTSA.. Meanwhile, UTSA is getting the last laugh because they have a 1st RD pick in the books and can go be out pitching they are and have produced recruits into 1st RD talent. With my 2nd post talking about how the whole we won the west, have a All-Conference QB, etc. and how that pitch got us the 9th best class and 103 overall now in the nation (Believe it was 99th closer to NSD, so not a major downgrade but still a downgrade even with our players getting a rating boost) did not seem to do a lot of good in terms of bringing in “studs” since our class avg was just barely a 3star. Meanwhile UTSA has a downyear (and was still bowl eligible with 1 less game) but yet still dominated UNT in recruiting and now can add to its pitches the ability to develop kids into 1st RD picks (meanwhile UNT has not had a pick at all in 10+ years.) Yes, we need more guys drafted from UNT. But UTSA has some very impressive pitches UNT does not and will not have (potentially) just because of Davenport.
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    Well we did pitch that to recruits Before the early signing period and it led to what? The 9th best class in CUSA after the rating had be updated.. LOL We can pitch kids on that winning in a weak Western Division in which we won multiple games by a slime margin but seeing players going in RD 1 does a world of good and is a dream of all HS and JUCO players.. also, if Davenport is a Star, he will have $ to donate to UTSA and is in a prime figure for UTSA to pitch to kids in an area that Wilson has strong ties too.
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    You do realize the survey asked specific questions about things like the PA and the band right? Of course these things aren’t going to make me stop coming and and I am satisfied with the overall experience. But if somebody asks me a specific question about the PA announcer, I’m going to say he sucks, if they ask me about the band, I’m going to say they look like crap in their shorts. The closest available response to match my thoughts on these specific questions was “very dissatisfied.” Not sure where you came up with the idea that people who express concerns with the PA and the band are ready to drive down Bonnie Brae to light the AD on fire.
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    menial to you and menial to me are totally different...why call things that i think are important "menial" and then say that it's sad someone feels this way? i want our school to be awesome...to be great in every way...i was EXTREMELY dissatisfied about the band last year....uniform, show, showmanship....but those things are important to me...sorry they aren't to you, but no reason to talk down to someone that wants those things to be amazing at our school. i was in the green brigade in the 90s...never wore shorts, never marched just one show...we did 3 a year...full uniform every game, third quarter we could take off our jacket...nick was my drum major...the green brigade has diminished in quality and showmanship lately....is what it is...but i'll be damned if someone says that i can't say that they dissatisfy me and to be cool and relax...this is my school...this is my green brigade...and i'm cool and relaxed as f@ck...but a marching band is damn important to the school and football program.
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    Big congrats to Davenport. Certainly earned it, and hopefully puts a big ol' spotlight on CUSA.
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    Pretty much his entire career at SMU has involved them murdering us...if anything, our pass defense was irrelevant the last three years against them.
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    Late Saturday night, an hour or so after the final pick in the 2018 NFL Draft was announced, three North Texas football players agreed to terms with NFL teams as View Full Article
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    NFL Draft history is one of many things they can use against us, and I agree with @UNTLifer: it is probably way down the list in terms of impact. Unless you have a recording/experience of an in-home visit, we are all assuming anyways. I would like to look at this another way: what goes on within our program with history/presentation/on-field performance the last 5-ish years is much more important than anything long-term. When you look at anything historically, you have to consider that most of these recruits don't really have an opinion of college football programs before they became fans or started playing, unless their dads/families imprinted specifics on them. I think the most important things are: are we winning recently, and how are our relationships with their HS coaches?
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    I know we can never actually know a players height and current weight from the media guide or websites, so, exactly how tall is Mason Fine?
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    Texas A&M University ranked #2 in the country, spent most of the year ranked #1. Zero international players and 4 out of their top 5 are from TEXAS. University of Texas, 2nd place finish at the Big 12. Zero international players and 2 players from DFW in their top 5. Baylor, ranked #10 in the country and their coach has 3 national titles on his resume. 100% of his players are from TEXAS! McGraw is a former high school coach and understands the importance of having good relationships with high school programs (........e does not) SMU finished 2nd in the AAC with Zero international players. They brought in the #1 player in the country at semester from and he is from CORINTH TEXAS. 2 of their top 5 are from DFW. UTA finished 2nd in stroke play at the Sun Belt Tournament. All the top 5 are from Texas, 2 of those 5 are from DFW. UNT has zero DFW players in their top 5...... While ......e has had good international players, you can hit a 6 iron from UNT in any direction and find better local players but his reputation and the way he has treated local players/ hs coaches keeps him from getting those players.
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    Because these UDFA guys going into the NFL camps were still having accidents on themselves the last time a UNT player was drafted. It's turning into an issue. A significant recruiting issue. No one is raining on anyone's parade, just pointing out a fact.
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    Anyone else find it strange that they don't name Mason in the following article? https://www.sfgate.com/sports/college_sports/utsa/article/Davenport-chosen-C-USA-s-Defensive-Player-of-the-12410751.php
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    I don't think you should be "dissatisfied" about such menial things. If those things burn you during a football game so bad that you're "dissatisfied" with them, that is sad. Again, relax and enjoy. "Dissatisfied" would be a proper response to something like Wren removing all team store merch, and instead, only selling Green Brigade Summer Dress Chinos & Autographed posters of Tim Couch. THAT is "dissatisfying".
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    It’s very apparent.. programs that sends kids to the next level often get better recruits..
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    I mean our recruiting history is pretty concrete evidence. Sure, other variables are meshed in there, but the high rates 3 star guys that have options surely takes that into consideration. And if they're not taking it into consideration, I can assure the staff's at La tech, UTSA, UTEP, So Miss, etc. are taking it into consideration for them with some friendly negative recruiting against us.
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    Says someone posting with the screen name "dodgefan."
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    Three SMU players were drafted, three more signed free agent contracts. Once again, no NTU players were drafted. You continue to sound like a butt hurt snowflake.

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