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  1. 1) Juco DT 2) DT 3) DE 4) Juco LB 5) Defensive Starter any position.
  2. Not sure what the private school part of your argument means? If we got a kid with that offer list this board would be going crazy right now.
  3. Are we talking about the same UNT squad?? Have you seen our line?
  4. When we played Houston, I knew we were in for it when their team ran out of the tunnel and came to the endzone to stretch/pray. THEY ARE massive compared to our boys, across the board. Then watching them line up I still dont understand why they ever threw the ball. Their o-line was massive.
  5. Let me know when a position of need decommits then I will worry. We don't necessarily need a QB for this class. Now next year's class different story.
  6. Langston coaches O-line right?? HE NEEDS TO GO, all we talk about is how little time Mason has. Every year it seems like our offensive line is a complete crap shoot. Defensive side in total needs to be revamped/replaced.
  7. Portland state 4th quarter attendance
  8. Don't purchase online, if you show up late they may have already sold your "spot". I think it still costs less to pay with a card at the gate than it does cash $15 v $20
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