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  1. At least its a clean mascot suit unlike dirty scrappy. Doesn't bother me if people take pictures with it and get a kick out of it I say worth it.
  2. We will be lucky to hit 6. This defense is garbage. And what tilts me even more is when they make a routine tackle a tackle that they are supposed to make they get up and flex and dance. They spend all their time practicing high fives and dance moves and they play like shit.
  3. From the eyes of a coach and ex college player, the better team won yesterday. The bigger team controlled the line of scrimmage and when they ran the ball they dominated. The times when we stood a chance is when they tried to throw it and gave us a chance to make a play on the ball. They could have easily brought in another tackle lined up toe to heel and there would have been nothing we could do about it. They had a defensive back that looked like an Alabama Mike Linebacker seriously. Their slot receivers made our slot receivers look like a JV team when it comes to size. I know size doesn't automatically mean a team wins but giving up 14 points on special teams and then add the size equals a lose 99% of the time.
  4. Bringing 5 newbies to this game should be a fun time!! We are trying to play some corn hole before the game anybody wanna shoot the invite to us??
  5. Students are showing up in droves!!! That side is going to look good!!
  6. #15 their OLB looks MASSIVE really long and all in the passing lanes
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't this staff waste a year of his eligibility by moving him over to the defensive side of the ball??
  8. I hugged complete strangers that day!!!!
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