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  1. So it identifies as a man, things are getting interesting now!!! lol
  2. Growing up on a dairy farm lets just say this wasnt disturbing or alarming for me at all. Now should he have posted it ehhh probably not with how weak our country is right now. I would compare this to shooting Tannerite and blowing up pigs.
  3. Do you even remember how we finished the past 2 seasons? I mean seriously come on, in the year 2025 are we going to bring up 2015?? At one point do you let the past go and look at how we are doing now? I was one of 100 MAYBE left in the stadium as we get embarrassed on homecoming that year. I was screaming RUN IT UP knowing the end of Mac & RV had to be soon. If I take your argument into the basketball side of things remember the Benford era, does that mean McCasland shouldn't have success and shouldn't have been receiving votes?? C'MN
  4. ESPN radio just talked about how Harrell has accepted the USC gig
  5. Meaning the season didn't live up to expectations.
  6. How about undefeated out of conference schedule, must we go undefeated?
  7. If Littrell keeps everybody anything less than top 25 is a bust for the season?? Thought?
  8. why has nobody mentioned anything about the new XFL. That may be his landing place if he doesnt get picked up in the draft.
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