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Bracketology (1/22/2023)

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6 hours ago, Andrew said:

11 seed for FAU is pretty insulting. 

The other two brackets in my post have them at 9/10.

You'll notice the bracket that has them at 11 was not updated for Saturday's win.  If I had to guess, FAU is sitting right on the edge of a 10 seed for them.  Let's keep an eye out on it and see if they get bumped up after the next update.

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FAU, if they win out the reg season, will have 30 wins.  Wild to me.

A T25 ranking, T10 NET, and 30 wins is about as good of an At-Large resume as you can ask for, assuming they lose (worst case) in their first CUSA tourney game.

They're going to lose at least one though.  If they do not, and they win all the way through the CUSA tourney title, that would be one of the more miraculous runs I can recall.  I say that, thinking of how they are pulling out close win after close win.  Reminds me of our Sun Belt football run.

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Looking for any teams that have played FAU close, and get a rematch with them away from Florida:

UAB - fits the qualifiers I just mentioned, but gosh I think the Blazers are reeling right now.  Not sure they will be in a competitive mindset the second go-round with FAU
Charlotte - played FAU close @ FAU.  I know nothing else about the 49ers, or how they matchup with FAU
Rice - Bringing them up because they are playing well right now, and get to play FAU twice.

I don't see any other teams that strike me as potential Owl killers.  Miners played FAU well late in EP, but I highly doubt they can find that sense of urgency that was so effective again in Boca, and do it all game long.

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