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  1. For those completely confused... https://www.theunticket.com/do-you-like-this-gig-greggo/ Well played golfingomez....well played.
  2. NCAA: FAU 1-0 NIT: UNT 2-0 and UAB 2-0 CBI: Rice 1-0 and Charlotte 1-0
  3. I agree with you. If MTSU hadn't pulled their huge upset over FAU, I'm not even thinking about that scenario.
  4. We need to win out which I think we can. We need FAU to lose two more games. I just don't see that happening.
  5. Stone redeeming himself in overtime! Love seeing the bench producing in overtime! Love seeing Sisoko playing with confidence and aggressive at the basket!
  6. Inexcusable to allow that rebound and putback.
  7. Man our defensive rebounding has been terrible tonight.
  8. They had been double teaming Perry most of the game but not on that possession???? Huge shot!
  9. A good reminder....winning on the road is hard.
  10. Rubin Jones is having a good game and has been progressing the last few games.
  11. They struggle on the offensive end.
  12. Yep. Their struggle has been scoring consistently all season.
  13. Kai is slowly replacing Perry as the go to player the last few games including tonight. Perry looks lost tonight.
  14. Good catch....I completely forgot about that game....but the question is how did I forget😕?
  15. For those that never experienced the orange seated Super Pit in the 80's and 90's along with what NTTV broadcasts looked like, enjoy. Pretty cool site with other videos. https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc982713/m1/
  16. The Texas Tech game 12 years ago is the last time I remember the upper deck being at least partially filled. We didn't really fill the upper deck in the CBI Championship games 2 and 3 after reviewing the video, I thought we had.
  17. He couldn't stay on the court and was outplayed by his counterpart.
  18. The tradition continues..... Defense - 😍 Offense - 🤮
  19. Since Ousmane can't learn to stay out of early foul trouble I'm glad to see more of Sissoko. He needs more game action. Transfer from Dayton....we need to see what he can do.
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