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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/report-littrell-rounds-out-staff-with-addition-of-tes-coach/article_833b47ac-2924-5bac-b361-dc9bf1d6cb9c.html
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    DRC: Update -- Mainord will coach all of UNT's wide receivers https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-notebook-littrell-set-to-round-out-coaching-staff-with/article_a6f88b74-1aea-5a9e-9118-319a39ec84bc.html
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    This is part of the #OldDenton defeatism. I will enjoy the year he is 'gone' while he is here. And see where he 'goes' next year. I take it as a win SL is here, and not elsewhere. And whenever he goes, I won't take it personal. We are in a different place now, at least in part because of him. And we are going UP from here, regardless of who is in the chair. GMG
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    Glad coach Brown landed on his feet.
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    Looks like I need to go to the center for kids that cant read good. You said it above
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    https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Jett-Duncan-North-Texas-football-recruiting-unofficial-visit-recap-129288149/ “My overall visit to UNT was very, very positive,” Duncan said. “It was great to finally meet all the coaches and I feel that coach Langston and coach Littrell are coaches I can develop a great relationship with. They made me feel like family and I feel real comfortable around all of them."
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    Mainord has always been Associate HC since he started. He's being named Co-OC probably for two reasons: 1. Give him the title/more money/better retention possibility 2. He's coaching all of the WR's now, and has more input in how the offense is run.
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    PER FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM Former North Texas corners coach Nate Brown has accepted the corners job at Towson, sources tell FootballScoop.
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    Another poorly written article by the failing NT Daily
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-defensive-line-outlook-for-talented-de-duo-returns-but/article_5d1d8e1d-2607-5b72-94d3-968bac1ea39f.html
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    Texted my buddy Keff Ciardello who covers Tx State football and is dialed in to the program as close as any body. his text read "Damn good recruiter. Brought in Kennan Brown to play TE. He is about to get drafted. All you need to know" So I am sold
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    Good riddance. That IHOP was way too small and I’ve always thought it looked tacky next to the university seal and entrance way.
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    https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/2/21/general-unt-seeks-fans-feedback-ideas.aspx They wanted some ideas/suggestions, so I sent some in. I realize some of mine seem trivial (they probably are), but they are my first-world problems. Below is the response in case you have something similar in mind...GMG!
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    You sound like a 2009 Texas Longhorn fan.
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    "Welcome to North Texas, home of the Mean Green. Can we interest you in some diarrhea inducing pancakes?"
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    Oh I have no idea. That's the lazy choice. And it also be the best choice or a disastrous choice. Who knows, except of course for WB.
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    Unless some unexpected seasons take place look for these openings: Auburn USC Illinois Indiana Rutgers What would be surprising firings, but very possible: South Carolina Vanderbilt Arizona Not probable, but possible 2nd year head coaches being sent packing: FSU UCLA Then the surprising retiree of X coach (maybe Duke or Michigan State, etc) as well as the guaranteed surprising firing that will inevitably take place. Then universities plucking current head coaches that creates other vacancies. Point is, this off-season was pretty calm in regards to the revolving door. Look for it to be more chaotic next off-season. And Jimmy boy will be front row and center.
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    Yeah, because a reporter for CBS sports with full knowledge of who applied for the Tennessee job (which included Seth Littrell) is totally unbelievable, but a poster on this site who claims SL was contacted by a different SEC school definitely shows the absolute truth... Homers gonna homer...
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    Your self-esteem is far too high. Learn to understand that you were just the starter wife and life will be so much easier. #OldDenton
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    I felt that we underutilized TEs in our pass offense last year. Between the addition of Reeder and Hayes should help in that regard next season.
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    Excited to see how he adds to the development of our current tight ends!!
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    I like it. Especially for Kelvin Smith, who is one of the most versatile weapons on the team. Maybe Chumley will start to show some production as well
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    You read his bio and what sticks out is "recruiting ... recruiting ... recruiting". Love it.
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    Hang onto? No they are a Big time conference with a big time media deal. Backfill? No they broke away from the old big east because of the lesser basketball programs being added then added top basketball programs. Sustainable? Yes it is! National Championship AAC has only been around in present form for 5 years and has always been a power basketball conference with multi team bids and a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. College Basketball is it's own money maker separate from football. ACC, BIG 10, SEC, BIG 12, PAC 12, BIG EAST, AAC, A-10, and MWC are the power conferences of basketball.
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    Re-watching this great win over the past few nights. So much I could say about the game...first two quarters the Razorbacks shot them selves in the foot...our offense struggled at times...defense and special teams really stepped up, and I’m not talking about the fake fair catch - Arkansas ‘ starting field position and penalty after penalty really took their toll...both teams committed too much penalties. But In the 3rd we settled in and really took it to them. Our offense began to impose its will on the Razorbacks defense...several great receptions for long yardage...also some great rushes. What a quality win. SEC wins are hard to come by for the Mean Green historically. Watching the game again I see how fantastic this win was for our program, regardless of Arkansas’ record at the end of the season. Remember this win. Special season and team for our Mean Green. Sometimes I forget how awesome this win was for us...9 wins is such a great accomplishment, especially wins over Arkansas and SMU - certainly Arkansas who would’ve gladly used us as a primer a few years ago for their “real” schedule. Someone pointed out on another thread how our non-conference shedule in the past was so much more difficult, and I agree. It’s what makes this win so special. Really proud of these young men and the coaches. Screw the hogs. Great to see our Mean Green beat em down. Great to re-watch it again. And again. Go Mean Green.
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    https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/untmeangreen/2019/02/15/c-usas-new-basketball-schedule-format-put-test-north-texas-stand-benefit "We've proven the other one doesn't work," the UNT coach said after practice earlier this week.
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    I heard its a 100 of those sample bags of Takis that not even hungry broke students were taking post game last season.
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    That's actually a poor example because they almost won that game even without McCoy.
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    The place sucked, Old West Cafe is so much better
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    I'm not sure it's entirely fair to criticize the Utah State game with Mason being taken out. You could make the argument that Mason getting injured game shouldn't have mattered that much for a "good team" but "good teams" have trouble adjusting across the board from High School to the NFL when their starting QB goes down. And I think you're probably reading too much into the coaching carousel buzz. And as others have pointed out we have had serious deficiencies in the trenches, especially on the offensive side. It was both sides of the ball in 2016 and 2017, though the dline was much improved last year for the most part. Oline still sorting it out. I think that has more to do with the blowouts than anything else. That being said, the blame is still on Seth and I don't disagree with most of the criticism of his tenure here, but it is still light years from where we've been since Dickey had is run. I inferred it from your post basically saying he hasn't accomplished anything here, which is false. And throughout this post you basically say the same thing. I've even conceded in every post in this thread that he needs to finish seasons strong and that it is disappointing the various issues and poor results we've had in most of the big time games. I'm not saying we need to anoint him king and pay him $20 million a year, but there seems to be a fundamental lack of respect for where we are now versus the ****hole(note: proverbial coaching ****hole, not the university itself, which I of course love) we were wallowing in for a decade before he came here.
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    With the Maniford promotion is he our coach in waiting?
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    This is spot on, Littrell has been a great coach here for the most part but because he brought us up from the trenches we don’t have to worship him? He said his goal was to win championships and bowls and yet hasn’t delivered any of those! It’s not being a hater to point out that we underachieved last year. Personally I contribute it to lack of 2nd half adjustments and predictable play calling. At points I thought they snuck Scott Linehan a headset. We need to still hold him and his staff acountable for bad losses.
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    Well, March 18th and finishing on April 6th is a pretty fast run through spring football. In the past they started before spring break and took a week off for spring break. So, just looking at the calendar, it looks like they are going to have two scrimmages, the 23rd and the 30th prior to the April 6th spring game. If you really want to see a good representation of who is developing well in the various positions, and who is making their move, try and go to one of those scrimmages.
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    I love these threads. Yea SL is gone. If he ever wins a conference title or bowl maybe he could get a job he really wants. Otherwise he'll get stuck in some lower tier P5 school. But he'll be in the big time.
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    No better time than the present to commit.
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    I mean....unless you change who is actually in the conference, then it’s never going to matter what format CUSA rigs up to give this conference juice. Probably not a popular opinion but eh, what else we gonna talk about 😅
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    The rest of our games will be cusatv. Already disliking this format.
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    I actually think the writing on this one was fine.
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    We havent hired a WR coach yet have we @TheReal_jayD?
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    I think it is all confidence with Rose. If you notice how many of his 3's are just rimming out. He isn't shooting near as many off balance air ball three's as last year. I think he has to get that confidence and swag back. I think driving to the basket and getting to the FT line would help. Sure need him to get back to where he was last year to have a real shot at making noise in Frisco. Go Mean Green!
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    Vito really needs to stop listing no-name walk ons as “key” returners and losses in these articles.
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    Not totally - this is only an upgrade for the 2nd-4th quarters.
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    Lifer hangin around Denton a little bit like
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    None of this is new. In the 2013 master plan this map was released... These 4 buildings along with across the street have been on the acquisition list for years.
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    Fighting the good fight.

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