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  1. This is spot on, Littrell has been a great coach here for the most part but because he brought us up from the trenches we don’t have to worship him? He said his goal was to win championships and bowls and yet hasn’t delivered any of those! It’s not being a hater to point out that we underachieved last year. Personally I contribute it to lack of 2nd half adjustments and predictable play calling. At points I thought they snuck Scott Linehan a headset. We need to still hold him and his staff acountable for bad losses.
  2. Would be a talented grab for the Cowboys! Hope to hear his name during the draft!
  3. TOO REAL! Lol I’m excited about Reeder I am puzzled on why Mainord was promoted to “Co-OC/Ass.-HC” makes me wonder if he was Littrell choice all along and Baker made him hire an outside candidate? Not sure if anyone else noticed that
  4. I don’t normally like their articles but I don’t see an issue with the writing, little forceful but is he wrong? Littrell has had huge issues in 2nd half adjustments and it has shown throughout his time here. I do believe if we make another bowl next year he will leave for a new job taking most of the staff with him even though he still hasn’t won a bowl game or conference championship.
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