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  1. Today in asinine coach behavior: Ragin’ Cajuns head coach Billy Napier announces that all scholarship players will be required to donate to the school’s athletic fund to maintain scholarships https://www.theadvocate.com/acadiana/sports/ul_lafayette/article_73a4404a-bec7-11e9-bce6-0f53ace709af.html
  2. New Orleans and a degree that isn't from Louisiana Tech...
  3. Seems like it... I don't know if its boredom or if its just a way to create posts to get upvotes
  4. This is clearly just some schmoe's word press site. Don't expect groundbreaking sports journalism or enlightened takes.
  5. Didn't play much in the JAX @ BAL game. I counted 2 or 3 special teams appearances, and one drive during the last 2:00 of the game. Baltimore is deep at LB this year with no big names. Doesn't look good that he only got one drive in garbage time.
  6. I just drove by and there’s nobody blocking the stadium lots on Bonnie Brae, nor is there any signage. So I guess it’s free for the taking?
  7. I don't think he would have the same criticism for someone from a majority white, western nation. Remember, he's the guy who asked why we allow people to immigrate from "shithole" countries, and not good ones like Norway. We have a large enough sample size to judge Trump on. There's no need to be wishy-washy and project what we think he's trying to say. It's plainly evident by this point. The bottom line is that he told those naturalized American citizens to go back to where they came from. He is suggesting, clearly, they will never be real, full Americans. They have no obligation to go anywhere. America is their home. Just as its yours, and mine. And yes, what Rand Paul said is racist.
  8. Are we to really believe that telling two black/brown congresswomen to "go back where they came from" is not racist? My father is an immigrant, and I was born here. I grew up hearing people say that. Know what was always the case? Those people were fucking racist.
  9. I'm from suburban Baltimore, and I grew up in MD-7. Yes, Trump's statements are racist. There's a lot to unpack when it comes to Baltimore, but its clear that Trump's strategy for 2020 is to go back to his dog whistle attacks that rile up the base, but allow more "moderate" folk to assert plausible deniability: Big dirty city full of THOSE people? Bad, dirty and infested. Rural areas with REAL Americans? Good, clean, beautiful. Baltimore is the prototypical post-industrial Rust Belt city. Industry left, and they've been stuck circling the drain since. Redlining, disinvestment by the historically suburban controlled state government, and white flight to the suburbs has only made things worse. It's right on I-95, making it a perfect stopping point along what is considered one of the main drug trafficking corridors in the country. The Baltimore Police Department has historically been heavy handed and blatantly corrupt, so there is no community trust. If you're in Baltimore City, you don't even bother calling the cops. It's not worth your time. If you've seen The Wire, you'll understand the basic dynamic. It's a spot on depiction. Where Trump goes into racist territory is when he says that the district "is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess," where "no human being would want to live there." 1. All cities have garbage and rats. Have you ever been to New York, or San Francisco? I have a hard time believing that he is really worried about the cleanliness of the town. "Infestation" is commonly used by racists to refer to majority-minority places. This is not new. 2. No human being would want to live there? 600,000 Americans choose to live in MD-7. Are they not human beings? It's worth noting that MD-7 is about 160 out of 435 congressional districts in median household income. Meaning there are a lot worse off places in this country. What does Trump say about that? My final point, Trump is the chief executive of the US Government. If he cared so much, where is his plan to help such "shithole" places?He doesn't care. As long as he can use struggling Americans as a political tool, he is getting what he wants.
  10. Win a bunch of games and create a winning culture and bozos like that will come crawling back. Most people have an extremely casual relationship with their school's football team.
  11. My understanding is that it could be 20+ years before they build a garage on that location. I was in a talk with the director of transportation or whatever a couple years ago and he said they're still paying off the one they built on the other side of campus. The cost per parking spot is almost cost prohibitive.
  12. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/19/espns-college-gameday-returns-fort-worths-sundance-square-open-college-football-season/ Planning on being in the crowd with a battle flag on top of a big stick.
  13. I hope they intend on dressing up that sea of asphalt with trees or something. The only thing worse than a lack of parking is a big ugly multiacre patch of cheap asphalt.
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