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  1. The black jersey does not work, especially with white pants and the TX outline helmet. It looks like we're a high school that can afford a second set of jerseys, but only one pair of pants. Stick with the damn green jersey/white pants with the white or green helmet. The Oregon 72 uniform combinations moment is over.
  2. Thanks Coach. Sorry you don’t see the vision in staying and building on this. Hope for your sake that it’s able to click quickly at Tech.
  3. Amazing game, so happy to have witnessed it. The guys deserve it. A lot of bittersweet feelings as it feels like the peak rather than a step in the road, but man it feels good
  4. It looks like a La Quinta that stopped being a La Quinta 20 years ago
  5. Drez is great and will be an asset to any team. Thankful for his time in Denton. He’s graduating and wants to move on. Can’t fault him for wanting a chance or scenery.
  6. I think we all agree he’s underpaid. I’m hoping the AD can get him in the 1.2-1.5 range. If they can’t then there’s no hope. But after that, the choice is a little less clear if his end goal is to coach in a power conference. If SMU offers 2.5 like has been suggested, his buyout will end up being significant. I doubt that will be a major impediment to a power conference school, but he’s going to have to kill it at SMU because we all know his success at UNT will be downplayed.
  7. Don’t tempt me with a good time
  8. They will outbid us. Without question. Does Grant want to wait it out for a better job/settle for a small raise, or does he want to chase the money? We’ll find out soon enough. He did leave Arkansas State after a year so maybe he’s a job hopper. Though I’d take a pay cut to leave Jonesboro lol
  9. Are you expecting the Big 12 to expand within the next five years and take SMU? Maybe. Who knows. To me it seems like it’s mostly SMU fans pushing this narrative. It’s possible. But its a big if for Grant. If he wants the money, I don’t blame him. I’ll hate him a little for it, but that’s life.
  10. Money wise, I get it. It makes sense. Career wise? Absolutely makes no sense. UNT and SMU will be conference mates and there’s no real indication that they’ll get the call up to the Big 12 anytime soon. Judging from how quick SMU runs through coaches, it’s more likely that Grant will have an off NIT year and get shitcanned before another round of realignment happens. Regardless, UNT needs to pay the man. Hell, give him Littrell’s contract.
  11. The worst part about DFW is the prevalence of the SMU guy who thinks his ill gotten gains from waltzing into a make-work position at his daddy’s firm is a sign of his natural abilities and skills. When in reality he is profoundly mediocre and replaceable and no amount of money will change that. Just like SMU athletics.
  12. I’m pretty sure those unattributed game recaps are procedurally generated by software
  13. Haven’t you heard? SMUs Big12 invite is in the mail! They’re just waiting for it. Any day now…
  14. We need a moratorium on coaching threads
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