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  1. meangreenlax

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    We're about as tall as a good D2 team. As we can't consistently hit from beyond the arc, we need size.
  2. meangreenlax

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Add this to the pile of evidence that the P5 is nothing but a cartel and 50 percent of the teams within it are just riding the coattails of the top half.
  3. meangreenlax

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    I know it's popular in the greater Denton community to bash UNT's growth plan, but the proposed acquisitions are vital to growing and improving campus and this side of the city. The existing commercial and residential uses in these areas suck (professional planner speak). Moving towards Bonnie Brae won't draw half the outrage as losing beloved restaurants, but will involve displacing a lot of low income/student housing. It'll have to be done carefully.
  4. meangreenlax

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Above SMU and LaTech. Well... I’ll take it
  5. meangreenlax

    Aggieland Classic Lacrosse Tournament

    Was going to referee down there this weekend, but got sick. Hope the teams are doing well.
  6. meangreenlax

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    Glad to see that they picked it up towards the end, but damn the result hurts. Waste of a good crowd.
  7. meangreenlax

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    I don't understand all the love for NYSH but maybe that's just me. I went there a few times '14-'16 and never thought it was any better than [insert a name here] sandwich shop. Slow and overpriced, but thats just me. They also have NYY stuff on the walls. Go O's 😂
  8. meangreenlax

    DRC: The NFL scouting combine list is out

    Guyton was never going to make the combine but I'm shocked about the other guys. They're serious talent.
  9. meangreenlax

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    There's something so rich about Ken Starr having to step down because of allegations of this nature. The universe works in mysterious ways.
  10. meangreenlax


    There are plenty of good content people out there, and I'm sure some would like the stability of working for a university. This is not as big of a deal as we think.
  11. meangreenlax

    Old Dominion (1/31/19)

    No matter how much Grant yells in his face, he still takes dumb shots. I don't understand what is going on. We need Duffy back yesterday.
  12. meangreenlax

    Old Dominion (1/31/19)

    there are also too many bowl games
  13. meangreenlax

    Old Dominion (1/31/19)

    The CBI does not matter. At all.