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  1. meangreenlax

    Other games

    Poor UTEP. Gave it all they had.
  2. meangreenlax

    UAB fan talk

    I'd hate to interrupt with facts, but UAB is also T1 and is ranked higher in several metrics. So yeah. Let's just stick with making fun of them because they're in Alabama
  3. meangreenlax

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    If that comment made him all hot and bothered, he's gonna need a thicker set of shoulder pads. You should get a good stretch in my guy, because that was a reach.
  4. meangreenlax

    Uniforms for UAB?

    This is the worst look we've worn this year...
  5. When we're talking about extra millions, we start venturing into generational wealth territory. Will his day to day life change much? Probably not. SL seems like he drives a F150 and wears Wranglers anyway. But that's the kind of money that changes your family's life long term.
  6. Whatever we give SL, a SEC/BigXII/etc team will just multiply it by a significant number. When the right school comes knocking, we might as well be pissing into the wind.
  7. I'm glad the NCAA gave UAB a lifeline after they were shafted by the sleazy Alabama political machine, but it seems like they might have gone a bit too far
  8. meangreenlax


    There are a million metrics and rankings out there, so to pick a team because they've sucked for longer is totally asinine. You could go down the list of offensive and defensive rankings, and it would be more fair than that rule.
  9. meangreenlax


    What kind of Mickey Mouse bullshit is that? I’d rather lose on a coin toss
  10. I understand why WB is frustrated, but I don't blame people for sitting this one out. As "nice" as it was at kickoff, people make decisions based on conditions leading up to the game. Much of DFW was experiencing monsoon like conditions, flooding, thunder/lightning. This kind of thing happens.
  11. If your name isn't on the deed, its not yours. It's like trying to brag about a rental car. But in this case the rental is a Nissan Sentra with a bucket of shit in the passenger seat.
  12. meangreenlax

    Strange feeling

  13. meangreenlax

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    Not a doctor, but I taught earth science in grad school. If I remember correctly you start to expierence severe changes in atmospheric comp around 7,000 feet MSL. These guys are in shape so I doubt it made that much of a difference.