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  1. Looks like it's going to be a G5 race to the bottom for the Myrtle Beach Herpes Bowl
  2. Like what? By my account all he’s done is fix crises of his own doing. Government shutdown? His fault. Trade wars? His fault. Creating the most unstable presidential administration staffed with nothing but two-bit grifters? His fault. Increased tensions with Iran? His fault. Obvious obstruction of justice during the Muller investigation? His fault. He’s a sweaty bumbling rube who throws enough culture war red meat to his chud followers to make them gloss over the fact that he’s a two-bit grifter. As long as the libs are #owned, 40 percent of the country will love him.
  3. A game of lacrosse warms me up enough to go blow your moms back out. She’ll be right out with your tendies in an hour or so, son.
  4. Basically. As far as I can tell they’ve given up on creating any campus culture and have went full commuter school
  5. UNT surpasses both of those schools easily. Pony fans are stuck in the 80s thinking that they’re relevant. UTSA... well, they’re a junior college. I’ll be afraid of them when I’m afraid of UT Arlington
  6. Imagine the delusion to think that people in Houston actually give a shit about UH sports...
  7. Liberty will most definitely be the school that brings him back into FBS. There’s some commentary to be made there but this is the football board so ill move on.
  8. He was the head coach of that team. He was ultimately responsible for his player's actions on and off the field. If he was ignorant to the institutional failures that led to the misconduct, he was either dumb, or willfully negligent. Let's not treat these guys with kid gloves.
  9. Social democracy does not equal a socialist dictatorship. The American "far-left" is basically center-left compared to the rest of the world. But when juxtaposed against the American right wing, fueled by 30+ years of Reaganite austerity that seems intent on ripping apart the New Deal and taking us back to the 1920s, universal healthcare/education, anti-monopoly, pro-union policy seems crazy. FDR must be a commie, right? Yet those policies are extremely popular. So popular, in fact, that Donald Trump used them on the stump to get elected.
  10. Why does he deserve a second chance? Baylor paid this dude $15m just for the pleasure of firing him. I’ll save my pity for the destitute.
  11. Are we increasing the buyout each time he's extended, or are we just bidding against ourselves at this point?
  12. They aren't playing Maryland this year, so they might have a chance
  13. I'm renting out my roommates parking spot for 50 bucks. He doesn't need to know. Right up the way from the Zoo.
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