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  1. Will be better than these monstrosities. The Jets now look like an off brand North Texas.
  2. What about the new Dickies Arena in FW? The setup at the Star looks bush league
  3. Ah, yes the Big Science lobby. Of course... BP, Exxon, Shell, etc pale in comparison to those LIBERAL academics trying to take over the world.
  4. Not a surprising result. I hope we sit out the CBI or whatever other meaningless tournament comes our way and reevaluate.
  5. About $30-40 bucks per paycheck. Great. But my rent went up $100/month and I'm making $500/month student loan payments. Don't piss on my head and tell me its raining. "They" said the tax cuts would allow companies to invest in facilities and workers. Well, in reality, they went to stock buybacks. We blew a hole in the deficit (remember when you all cared about that? lol) to inflate the balance sheets of shareholders. I'm for government policy that leads to tangible benefits for the average American (Medicare for All, higher education reform, etc). This is all bullshit crony capitalism.
  6. We're the second worst source of emissions as a nation, and one of the worst per capita (Canada and Saudi Arabia are right there with us). Meaning our actions as Americans are having an outsized impact on the problem. Additionally, the US is responsible for the majority of emissions since 1791.
  7. Here's some historical context. Going back quite some time. My apologies if you believe the earth is 3500 years old.
  8. The same way the GOP paid for the tax cuts that aren't helping anyone but billionaires.
  9. hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
  10. Nobody who has graduated in the last 10 years really cares much about Sub Hub. It's done and over with.
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