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  1. At any rate it’s not looking good lol. 0-2 in winnable games against decent opponents.
  2. Brutal. Team is shrinking in big moments. Boneheaded pass to the scorer’s table on the successful steal basically sealed the deal. Quality wins probably won’t matter since CUSA will likely be a 1 bid conference but would have been nice to salvage the tournament with a W against a mid tier ACC team…
  3. All of these think pieces are operating from the same set of false assumptions. It's really simple: the AAC did not have any other options. After failing to poach the MW, the conference had to shift into survival mode to save itself from the agony that C-USA is going through now.
  4. I live in WFT territory and the eagle logo definitely gets confused for a Philly one more than I would like (few things worse in this world than being from Philly). The eagle should be paired with a UNT wordmark permanently
  5. Winning is the ultimate brand builder. But outside of that I’d like the athletics department to update the UNT word mark. The SOW logo is great, but the UNT mark looks a little too academic for me. Doesn’t need to change a whole lot IMO
  6. I know college baseball is hot right now, but it feels like baseball as a whole, is on the decline. Lacrosse would be a relatively cheap sport with big growth potential. DFW is starting to have a lot of good youth talent, and blue blood programs from the Northeast are picking a few off every year. Having the first D1 varsity lacrosse program in Texas would be big. Men’s/Women’s can play on soccer or football fields so no new facilities needed. And no, I’m not biased.
  7. So is the alternative (staying in CUSA) better? No, it isn't.
  8. My cousin knows a guy at Big 12 HQ. Don’t ask for proof
  9. SMU and Memphis fans online: “The Big 12 promised that our invites are in the mail!!!!”
  10. Not sure what’s happening but it’s exciting. Ok MWC let’s see what you got. I’m trying to be wined and dined
  11. The lack of depth was glaring. This squad was one of the most shallow teams in the entire field of 64. Doesn’t feel right to criticize after the history that’s been made, but it has to improve if we’re to get back to this point
  12. So much pain. Hamlet and company deserved better. There’s really nothing you can do when you’re opponent was shooting damn near 60 percent from beyond the arc for most of the game.
  13. Good to see him still involved with the team after medical retirement and doing his thing on the sideline.
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