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  1. Odds look good for 2 more wins this week before heading into a difficult stretch. If a few loses occur down the stretch, I hope the fan base hangs in there...GMG!!
  2. Philip Ferguson

    UAB (1/24/19)

    According to, there is a 75% probability UNT wins on Thursday. The stats below look very favorable for a win, but I hope it's not a close one. My dad told me when I was a kid - liars figure and figures lie. So, we'll see...GMG!
  3. Philip Ferguson

    Free Youth Tix on Saturdays

    I tried this at the ticket office yesterday and it actually worked so just passing along as FYI. "Youths" can into Saturday games for free if they wear a jersey. My kid had a football jersey yesterday and it was fine, so I guess anything will work. GMG!
  4. Philip Ferguson

    Free Youth Tix on Saturdays

    Just have them bend their knees at the ticket counter LOL. Any jersey will do...
  5. Philip Ferguson

    The Other Top 25 Looks like we're the only CUSA team to make this list...
  6. Philip Ferguson

    Rice (1/19/19)

    I sent an email to the ticket office to clarify but not sure if I'll hear back in time. If I do, I'll post it here.
  7. Philip Ferguson

    Rice (1/19/19)

    It doesn't specify and when announcements have been made at the game, they only say "jersey." My kid is wearing his UNT football jersey so that should work. Actually, I suppose any jersey would work (NFL, NHL, school, etc.) since the language is broad.
  8. Philip Ferguson

    Rice (1/19/19)

    I haven't seen any ticket specials, but kids wearing a jersey get in free on Saturdays...below is from the Mean Green Insider newsletter dated 1/4/19. GMG
  9. Philip Ferguson

    Rice (1/19/19) Looks like they are expecting a lot of points...
  10. Philip Ferguson

    QB Cade Pearson intends to transfer Martin played well in the bowl game, completing 7 of 12 passes for 110 yards and one touchdown with no turnovers. The talk around fans was that he was first in line to be the backup next season and perhaps the heir to the program’s all-time leading passer in Fine, and if not him then Bean. All of that is to be determined, but Pearson perhaps felt a similar way, although nothing is confirmed.
  11. Philip Ferguson

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker Since his arrival in Denton, Texas in July 2016, Wren Baker, Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of North Texas, has built a program that has ascended out of the doldrums of the NCAA and onto the map.
  12. Philip Ferguson

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    I don't think Big 12 would happen. Our stadium is far too small, and the other regional schools wouldn't want another school in their backyard to recruit against. I would love it if it would happen, but probably never will...
  13. Philip Ferguson

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    AAC or bigger??
  14. On the season, Miller is averaging 10.9 points per game on 55.5 percent shooting which is second best on the team. He also shoots nearly 47 percent from 3-point range and 81.5 percent from the free throw line.
  15. Philip Ferguson

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    When he was talking about TV contracts, I got the feeling that he doesn't plan to being in CUSA long term...
  16. Philip Ferguson

    2018 CFB’s best bets The underboss: North Texas
  18. Philip Ferguson

    Conference USA West Stock Exchange by UDD

    Yeah, I was surprised to see that, too. I think UAB will be 2019's version of the 2018 FAU team. High expectations but low execution. GMG
  20. Philip Ferguson

    9/12/20 --- North Texas @ Texas A&M

    SMU in Denton is #6
  21. Philip Ferguson

    CUSA Standing Update (1/13/19)

    We should not lose to ANY Texas team!
  22. Philip Ferguson

    Odds for remaining games

    According to, things looks pretty good going forward. The final 3 games might prove to be a difficult stretch. Worst case scenario is 21-6 before Bonus Play and the Conference Championship.
  23. Philip Ferguson


    Shoulder pads have sure gotten a lot smaller over the years...
  24. Philip Ferguson

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Does UTSA play in a church gym??? It looks really small...GMG