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  1. Same thing I've heard. My uncle was set for a pretty important (life-saving level) surgery last Wednesday, and they stopped the procedure during prep because there wasn't an open recovery bed in EP or Cruces. It's really, really bad out there and I would totally understand if the game were delayed or even cancelled. And then they got a half inch of snow this morning.
  2. It is possible for players to change and grow, sometimes incredibly quick. Bean may have just done that. For some players, riding the bench, blowing their first chance, or even having to transfer is exactly what is needed. A QB does more than hurl footballs. A QB runs the team, and the character and mood of the QB often is reflected in the rest of the offense. We saw a great example of that tonight. This wasn’t just a different player after Bean went in, it was a different team. You can’t chalk that up to a player just having a good night. What I really suspect happened is that Seth stuck
  3. The Universe is doing you a favor. Don't anger it. This is how I've felt since HBU. Aune is always short or way overhead - Darden had almost as much yardage running back to the ball as he had in gains last game (hyperbole, ofc, but still...), Bean is questionable too. But this is three turnovers now in a quarter. We have 6 quarterbacks. Time to start shopping.
  4. This is smart. Baseball is an idea that, despite UNT having been sniffing for donors now for 15 years, just doesn’t have enough interest to justify the expense of another stadium. If we’re going to add a sport, we need 1) something different than just doing baseball like everyone does, 2) something popular with incoming students, 3) something which requires minimal new facilities if travel is going to be an issue, 4) something that reaches into the prep school pipeline, because money, 5) less important, something with either no competition in the region, or that has one other team w
  5. At least our offense would score and our defense wouldn’t give one up.
  6. Not gonna happen in fall. The major CFB states - CA, TX, OH, FL, need to be open by the end of May for that to happen. I'd expect a Feb-June season, then an Oct-Feb, then a normal. Problem isn't only the fans, it's what happens when players inevitably turn up with infections. NCAA does need to start in the academic year to get paid by broadcasters, although ironically given how little CUSA teams get out of media rights, and how much of our rights are streaming compared to others, the conference is actually better siTUated than other conferences with Larger diStributions Allowing for Tea
  7. If we want into the American Conference, we need to act like we belong. So in the finest UCF and SMU traditions, NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!! WOOOOO!!!!
  8. Dykes' roll of the dice was a one-trick pony. Everybody's onto the transfer for a year game now, and that market is already far more competitive for next year's transfers. I remember Todd Dodge. Let's not make that mistake ever again.
  9. They did “Main Title” from Star Trek (2009) after Zarathustra.
  10. It’s as bad as when Saddam somehow convinced Satan that he had changed and was no longer a sandy little butthole. I mean, Rice & UTSA... Absolute truth. I’ve lost count how many times Mason has had to recover from a bad snap this year. Atrocious. Anyone who was in the stadium for that first half was the greatest loser. They played Giacchino. They can do no wrong.
  11. Combining the bands and the dancers, UH bringing their full band this time, stadium nearly selling out, and making sure a few lege members see it... ...UNT and UH are getting much better at playing the game in Austin. Terrible night on the field, but great night for both politically.
  12. I don’t think it was playcalling. The 2 point try’s I’m fine with. Especially the first one, card definitely says go there. When your players can’t tackle, there’s not much else you can do.
  13. Nobody watches the PAC12, and nobody cares about a 1-1 CUSA team. So yeah, I can understand lumping us with UT@ and Texas State. As the article said, we all play each other to some extent, so it will shake out starting on Saturday.
  14. There was a discussion about 10 years-ish ago as to whether UNT would pursue growth at all costs to get an impressive size, or whether we would up admissions standards to get better future donors, and shunt the students to UTA, UNTD and UNTF. I was firmly on the "standards" end, because the quality of student you attract is directly related to their buy-in to the university as a whole. Note this only holds for admission, and not performance thereafter - pretty much every development pro will tell you that your best donors tend to be B-C students. I also supported it because I like what the
  15. SMU faced a good defense for half a game, and a good offense for half a game. What they haven't seen is a great offense for a full game. There's no reason to let up in this one as opposed to our game with ACU. On the contrary, SMU had to pull out all the stops to keep I-n-d-i-a-n-s from meaning victory. Sorry. Red Wolves. And somehow, gave up 300 yards against that offense. If they give that much up against ASU... dear gods... So I've got UNT winning against the O/U in this game. UNT - 77 SMU - 63
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