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  1. Legend500

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Ah it's the usual everyone is out to get us worry. It hasn't been true for years - splitting the DFW and Houston markets has made more sense for ESPN and FOX than for the schools themselves. The fact that two of the teams mentioned are perfectly happy to spend a rare OOC slot to play us home and home also gives proof to the lie. If you offered an equivalent payout, you'd have every non-P5 Texas team in the same conference. Unfortunately, that'd be terrible business for ESPN back during the last GoR period. The G5 has 3 top-heavy conferences (MWC, AAC and SBC) and 2 parity conferences (CUSA and MAC). There's pluses and minuses to both approaches. Ultimately it dooms the teams in both from getting into a playoff - if UCF had played Boise, UAB or Appy their argument would be much stronger. But the AAC's design means that even undefeated teams won't have a chance because they spend half of the year beating up on children.
  2. So should we start with realignment, uniforms, band griping, hating on SMU and UTSA, critiquing architectural drawings, or something else this year?
  3. I'ma just frame this and send it to SMU's booster. He'll love it #CJK5H
  4. Legend500

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    Wait I just remembered it’s not 2004 and we’re supposed to be excited about playing Utah State. Sorry I forgot which decade.
  5. Legend500

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    Mountain West? They’re not gonna get into the MWC. That’d be like Utah joining the PAC10. WAC will replace UTEP with them when Big East steals from the CUSA. Of course, by then UNT will be in the Big East. Who they gonna take? They’re not desperate enough to take low end schools like Tulane, Tulsa or SMU. That’s almost as silly as saying they’d take Wichita State for basketball.
  6. Legend500

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    All I know is that I'm definitely taking the over. My guess, however, is that the defense shows up, but the offense forgets how to football in the 2nd half again. Utah State is one of the better teams in the Sun Belt, and they would know our offensive problems in the second half. 48-28 Utah State. Please don't hate, your words can grate. Now I must go or I'll be late.
  7. Legend500

    TXSportsLife: TX FBS Power Rankings

    My group of friends have been doing a ranking of all (now 20) Division 1 teams in Texas for 10 years now, and it was pretty evident - this is the worst year the state as a whole has had in quite a while. Im very aware and try to avoid homerism, but this list pretty much matches up with ours, with the exception of Houston, who we ranked significantly lower. The case for any team not Texas or A&M this year is rough, and after the first 3-4, which were easy, the next 16 were terribly difficult, Such a year favors us significantly
  8. Legend500

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    i like this a lot. motherfuckingeagles.com now redirects to it. very nice.
  9. Legend500

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Who are they gonna hire to be the OC for the other 3 quarters?
  10. From what I understand, in the recent past, people would go outside in the morning, cut down and skin a tree, and then hire a "news-man" to come over and write the news on the dead tree. Barbaric.
  11. Legend500

    good news

    EVEN BETTER! Not only has there been no flights between Manhattan (KMHK) and Denton (KDTO)... there's an incredibly important private plane flight to Denton right now! It left from College Station, which means Jimbo to UNT CONFIRMED!!! Seriously we need to slow down. Coaching speculation usually starts in March. If we start now, we'll hit "351 reasons why the Alamodome is a party tent for a party that never happened" by February, and "Inside Sources: Big XII is going to 16 and taking UNT, Hawaii, 日体大, Buffalo, UMass-Boston and Starfleet Academy!" by June.
  12. Legend500

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I like Manhattan, KS, as I like most places - but it was the sort of place that reminded me that towns like Omaha, Wichita, or Tulsa actually have tourism ad campaigns that aren't ironic. I knew I had to get out of Omaha quickly when I saw my first "Des Moines! Catch the Excitement!" TV ad.
  13. Legend500

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I think we're all missing the obvious play here. Put Sean Snyder at the top of the list.
  14. Legend500

    9 Wins and disappointing

    Agreed. What happened against LaTech and UAB is absolutely understandable - when the best teams in the division play, someone has to lose, and it usually comes down to mistakes or outstanding play. It's what happened at ODU, and what nearly happened against the sub-basement UTs which is a problem. UT-New Mexico and UT-Incarnate Word should not have been anywhere near close.
  15. Legend500

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    I was there for 1-11. I sat through 7 overtimes against FIU because both teams were so terrible and it got funny. I remember beating Baylor and SMU at Fouts for the first time, and losing to Portland State. Everything is great and there is much to be proud of. As my husband went to nutsack, I will absolutely be there. Caw and such, and yes, there is a word between "U-N-T" and "Eagleeees."