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    #11 is Williams. Roberts is #87. Renfro is #1. He is right behind Coach Littrell. Roberts is to right of Renfro. Burke wasn’t there due to a track meet. This is a pic of boys hanging out at the top of #NewDenton
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    Odus Mitchell was national coach of the year in 1966, had seven consecutive winning seasons, and won ten conference championships. I think it is fair to say he belongs.
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    Getting a new OC should prove itself to be a game changer. We needed it.
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    Passed by the stadium today and they have started on the Mean Green sign on the outside of the IPF. It’s channel signage and will light up at night. They only had one letter up when I passed by. #GMG
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    He doesn’t want to sit behind Fine this year.
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    Good looking group of almost all of the 2020 commits on campus yesterday.
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    I have a feeling that some of y'all weren't in the student section the first two times that UTSA played at Apogee. If you were, you'd probably better understand why I, and many people I know, do circle that game on the calendar. Polling regular visitors of GMG.com isn't exactly a conclusive sample size for determining who our rival is or is not.
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    I am always so amused when people shit on the Dickey years as if they weren’t among the best in the history of THIS program. If I asked a college football historian to point out the high water marks for this program, Dickey’s run gets brought up real damn quick. We aren’t counting Heismans around here, or New Year’s Day bowl appearances. And, outside of Mean Green land, nobody says “Damn, those Hayden Fry years were just the bee’s knees!” We are talking about OUR hall of fame, not USC’s. And, just to be clear, this was a SL thread before it was hijacked into another Dickey revisionist history session.
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    This post makes me happy. It means a new generation of green bloods is growing. Rick
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    http://footballscoop.com/news/19-important-assistant-coaching-hires-2019-season-no-14-bodie-reeder-north-texas/ Pretty good read. "Reeder doesn’t consider himself an Air Raid guy, which will bring some welcomed variety to the North Texas attack. The three- and four-wide sets will stay, but they’ll be complimented by sets with multiple tight ends and multiple running backs. The stuff UNT already did well won’t change — Reeder is adapting to the existing terminology — but Reeder’s new ideas will push the offense in new, creative directions."
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    Fine #37 and only G5 player on the list. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-2019-season-Tua-Tagovailoa-Trevor-Lawrence-Jonathan-Taylor-133963699/
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    I love our “fans” First it’s, “We aren’t winning” Then it’s “Yeah, we’re winning but the other teams are horrible and we can’t string winning seasons together” Then it’s “We’re winning, and have consecutive seasons of 9 victories, but we ALMOST lost games!”
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    I remember the huge Mean Green Eagle on Fouts that faced I-35 for decades. I also remember how sad it was when I saw the dismantled eagle components sticking out of the construction dumpster during renovation. I wish I had at least kept the head for prosperity's sake. Oh wait, I did.
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    True. Mississippi State was ranked 16 at the time and we lost the game by only two points 17-15. The only other game we lost that year was to 20th ranked Florida State. The other point to make is that there were 11 games in those days rather than the 12 played today.
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    this question of "who is our rival" comes up a lot. No UTSA is not our rival. If a school that's only been around a few year is our rival...that's sad. Rivals have to develop naturally over time. I'll say this....it seems the past few years, our game vs La Tech has had conference implications....that is a recipe for a developing rivalry. This season should be no different
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    Some gullible fans on here were goaded into hatred of them based on some of their moronic fans coming on gmg.com and talking nonsensical trash. Then, they happened to beat us in 2013, which was a punch to the gut for a great NT team that was cruising towards a Western Division title that year. THE DRIVE happened to occur against them too. I wouldn't call Rice a "rival" because of THE STAND though. That's it. That's the history between these two teams and our "rivalry". There's nothing else.
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    And here we have the next big Roadrunner football fan campaign!!! At Least We Are Trying. We Guess.
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    Big West Conference (before we joined the Belt) record 5-11. OOC record 8-42 Victories over teams with a .500 or better record during “legendary” 4 year bowl run? 4
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    In the last 70 years there have been 3 head football coaches with winning career records at North Texas. Odus Mitchell, Hayden Fry, and Seth Littrell. No way he doesn’t get in.
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    NT put DD in the HOF. Standards are definitely not high, when a coach with a soso record and a propensity to criticize his own school is honored. At this point, Littrell has not won a conference championship or bowl game. If he can add those two accolades to his resume, than he is a shoo-in.
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    If fans have to ask who their team's rivals are, they don't have any.
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    "You got that sh*t right..."  NSFW
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/unt-s-fine-named-to-watchlist-for-walter-camp-award/article_08aa4209-5976-5aa0-992b-97e396e22604.html
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    Daingerfield state park is very pretty, especially in fall. But the lake is fantastic for swimming and non-motorized boating too. One of our favorites. Eisenhower SP on Texoma is a good one, particularly if you like climbing. Boulder climbing there is a big thing.
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    Telegraph Avenue is the main strip but there are many options right near campus. If you want more upscale, there are restaurants and bars on the Northside of campus in an area called the “Gourmet Ghetto”. Berkeley has world class dining and no shortage of places with endless variety. The two must go places for me are Chez Panisse, the birthplace of the American farm to table movement and one of the most influential restaurants in the US (make a reservation way in advance. I prefer the more casual and a la carte upstairs cafe to the more formal, set menu downstairs restaurant) and Top Dog. Simply, some of the best hot dogs and sausages you’ll ever have. Top Dog is where every student for 50 years has eaten and is iconic. I dream of the place. New York hot dogs leave me hugely unsatisfied.
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    First of all, North Texas needs a rivalry. That's how you maintain some semblance of interest in the Football season from year to year. I used to say that I don't really care who our rivalry is with, just as long as we have one, but that's not true.......anymore. If we can continue to develop a rivalry with La Tech, that would be great! It's a manageable day drive down there. It's a very pleasant drive. And the La Tech fans are great! After our last home game there, FFR and I went to the La Tech fans favorite Bar in downtown Ruston, and were treated like real guests.
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    Fine has already broken pretty much every record...in three seasons
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    Sounds like UTSA is getting you riled up right now...
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    It is technically correct that the ten game winning season included a forfeit. However, this was a very close game and certainly could have been swayed by the use of one or more ineligible players. It is not like Miss State steamrolled NT and the only way NT could have won is by forfeit. This was a SEC team, NT played away that was as dirty as they come. As I remember they put Walter Chapman out of two of the games using crack back blocks.
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    nutsak wouldn't know a rival if it bit them in the ass.
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    I wore a North Texas hoodie to the 2017 Iron Bowl in Auburn... Someone asked if I was lost.
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    Yep, if Dickey gets in at 42-65 the next dorm near Joe Greene Hall is Seth Hall across the street from the new Derek Thompson Ave.
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    That's a great take. Frankly I couldn't agree more.
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    https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/19/espns-college-gameday-returns-fort-worths-sundance-square-open-college-football-season/ Planning on being in the crowd with a battle flag on top of a big stick.
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    The thread is about College Game Day, which is a TV show that airs every Saturday morning (8am - 11am Central, I believe) during football season. No one is saying stay for the game instead of showing up at Apogee. The beauty of asking people to go to College Game Day and fly a green Battle Flag or something is that millions of people will see it, and then they can drive back up to Apogee in plenty of time to tailgate before the game starts at 6:30pm.
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    I’m really excited for this hire. I liked Graham but felt like the offense was lacking in creativity, the running game, and making adjustments. I think that Reeder will bring in a new scheme that will pile up the points
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    How do you beat Fine. Pressure up the middle and contain on the edges. How do you beat that D? Tight ends on quick in and outs and a hurry up! This will be a great year for Fine and UNT.
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    Pessimisticism is ok, but don't made up your own facts. Fine went out in the first quarter, and played most of it injured
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    I think in some regard it's a good thing we got a new OC for this reason. The new stuff that Reeder is introducing will hopefully be different enough to confuse our opponents after their film study.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/torrey-named-to-watch-list-for-hornung-award/article_cf94413a-81ba-541d-89ef-df4b06c3922d.html
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    It isn’t ideal for sure, but it does get the kids out of the direct sun and shelters from lightning, both of which can help the team stay on the practice field under harsh conditions. At least they are trying I guess.
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    His record out of conference was awful because those were the games that were scheduled to finance the program during his time here. Thankfully, Coach Littrell only has 1 of those per year (balanced out by a paid win VS FCS). Coach Dickey had 3 or 4 per year.
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    Unfortunately, DD WON FOUR CONFERENCE TITLES and a BOWL WIN. Someone please tell me who has done the same or better. Those were good times and it was fun. SL will make it in.
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    If those 10 wins don’t include a bowl win, absolutely not. If yes, maybe. If a conference championship + bowl win, absolutely.
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    I hope they intend on dressing up that sea of asphalt with trees or something. The only thing worse than a lack of parking is a big ugly multiacre patch of cheap asphalt.

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