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    Does that mean they are thinking about upping it or prolonging it already? It was a decent improvement this season, but given the recruiting that seems a bit early. I would much rather they discuss the contract of Benfords successor. On the other hand, I am happy the track thing seems to be moving along.
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    I like this one. He was Ruffin's DL coach and Ruffin knows the DL.
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    MGB: Discussion of budget and scope of new track venue also on agenda http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/02/unt-regents-to-discuss-littrells-contract.html/
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    man. you grown. you gotta proofread, brah.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the color/lighting profile on this image is darker than it should be. @TheWestie can confirm.
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    what does it matter anymore. WB wasted this year dithering and evaluating, might as let the dumpster fire finish off now, just do not complain when the crowds do not return for the next year even with a new coach. UNT Administration showed they were absolutely fine with letting Benford completely destroy MBB.
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    SMU receiving the death penalty...again
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    Like the hire. Welcome to Denton and UNT Coach Yellock.
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    So basically: I'm just glad he's alive, let alone able to play football!
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    Similar to the smash n grab jobs from the coaches we've hired?
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    Only clue found at the scene was an extra large suit. Appears to be unworn.
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    This game again shows, that there is talent and the team isn-t actually as bad as the record. If it had a coach that knew how to teach it how to finish, win in tight situations and close out teams, it could actually have a decentish record.
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    DD recruited better than those that came after him but lets not act like he was a good recruiter. He just sucked the least.
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    I think Griffin could be a nice addition as a WR, but I hope they use him as a gadget guy as well, like a wild-cat QB at times and that. 2 guys to watch should be Lawerence and Duhon, both played in the spread and were talented guys that were PWOs. Smiley did come on, and I think we are better in terms of depth but we have more ?s at the top of the chart in terms of production. We lost TT,Goree, Buyers, Robinson all solid guys(in terms of production/what they brought to the field).. Guyton hasn't played D1 yet, Rico and Wilson had flashes(and looked great in the HoD), Smiley did come on the last 2/3 games of the year but didn't do much the other games of the year.. Not saying we expected a lot from the guys lost, but the guys stepping in should be better because of flashes/skills we just haven't seen it yet, after the spring-ball ill be more confident. I do think the kid White from GA in this class could be a great pick up as well. I think someone had said it was either a shoulder or something like a hip/hamstring/knee thing.. I know that doesn't help much
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    Think we would take Gottfried in a heartbeat, of course that means UNT would need to find some serious $$$, so not going to happen
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    Agree, that is a huge part of learning how to close out games, and 43% is just ridiculous. Women win. That is a monkey of the back: UNT womens BBall had never won in El Paso before. Now on a 4 game win streak. Schedule toughens from here on out again. UTSA on saturday might still be doable though.
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    How does a division 1 team shoot below 50% from the FT line?
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    That's irrelevant because the quote from Vito wasn't, "There are some stubborn old timers who hate to admit it, but Dickey has has more conference championships and bowl appearances than any coach UNT has had since returning to the FBS level and he had less to work with than anyone." It was, " There are some stubborn old timers who hate to admit it, but Dickey brought in more highly rated and regarded talent than any coach UNT has had since returning to the FBS level and he had less to work with than anyone." Vito is presenting his opinion as fact when the independent rating services say otherwise. I even recall when Riley Dodge signed with us he was touted (at the time) as the highest rated recruit to ever sign with North Texas. Again, the issue raised by Vtto is about the rating of talent brought in (which is done on/around signing day). The issue isn't about getting results from that talent.
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