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  1. Apologies if this was already posted.... Make the tournament, can't get our name right, North Texas State? 🤦‍♂️
  2. Scott Hall? He was later. Can't remember who the qb was during this era
  3. Every year I tell my wife, "why, oh why, must football come but once a year?" I may get my wish and have it twice! Woohoo!
  4. So he's chosen to believe unproven allegations and used douchebag in reference to him, when many conservatives like him, then accuses others of getting political....? A little hypocritical
  5. Your post is still there? You might try removing it again
  6. I'm curious to know what THE independent is thinking, Notre Dame? They don't have conference affiliation in football, what's their take on playing...
  7. Anyone who is analytical will tell you that there are lot of questions that need to be answered before that list is to be taken as gospel. Not to say there's not risk in doing some of those things. Good to know I can go to a church service with 499 people safely lol
  8. Who would pay for it though? Any one who cares just gets the scoop from his main source (gmg.com)
  9. Guess we didn't learn from last year? How many games did we start to blow them out early only to let them back in the game (games we ultimately lost)
  10. Great discussion guys. Now what about the tradition of "cawing like a crow" in our fight song? (ducks)
  11. Tcu...leap frog....I see what you did there. Really jumped out the way you wrote it
  12. And a high flying offense is not going to work with a B- oline. I really hope they get in sync early
  13. Oh awesome, now we'll have to hear about the drought from Vito for another year (said with thick sarcasm)
  14. Hey, it never hurts to stay and get that double minor either
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