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Rumor from inside LATech locker room


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I am so upset at this disgraceful act.

Where is the CLASS.

The state of Louisiana is filled with tradition, learned people who know the value of a hard days work. I can't imagine that the great men and women of Louisiana fought and died would appreciate the sad state of affairs that is the University of Louisiana Technical School Fighting DogBulls would stoop to such base talk!!

That is really shameful and low class behavior. I really doubt that Coach Skip at Tech endorsed such actions!

Crappy way to speak...sorry for them...low class actions...very low class! (PS LOW) If this happened, and I have no reason to doubt the source of the information, Coach Skip needs to be made aware of this so he can make sure it stops!

Because it was very low!

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Really... You think these guys give two craps if these 2 year olds are talking about "their mom"?? This has got to be a joke right??

I can't believe you would doubt me. I'd PM you the email of my LATech friend, but he won't answer because he's in the hospital now. When he told me what those guys were saying, I was so outraged, I went Antonio Brown on his face:


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