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  1. I really want to support UNT but I'm to the point that I no longer want to reward bad behavior. I'm still going to go to games but I am not going deal with the lack of attention to detail that is costing this program money.
  2. I have reached my limit. After 19 consecutive years of football season tickets, I have chosen not to renew this year. Not due to the team but due to the ticket office - I just can't deal with this any more. After problems with my seats last year and then the bowl game, this year has been even worse. My wife and I normally get seats next to some friends who have been season ticket holders for five years. This year, he has not received any communication via email or mail regarding the season ticket renewals. He contacted the ticket office and was told to login and check his email address. He never did get access to his account and all they would ever tell him is to confirm his email online. He finally did get the last minute text about renewing tickets. He asked about his account issues and no one was aware of any issues he was having. Back in January after the bowl game, I called and requested to talk with someone regarding the issue that I had with my bowl tickets. I was promised a call. Never did receive a call. I did receive a call about season tickets and I asked about the bowl game ticket issue again. There was no note on my account about requesting a call. I asked to speak to someone and was told by the ticket sales staff the sales method was explained but I probably just didn't understand the ticket policy. They could not find anyone to forward me to at the time. I asked to speak to someone else regarding the issue. Never received a call. Today in the mail, I received the MGSF flyer declaring the goal of getting 5,000 donors for UNT Athletics. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it will never happen the way this staff performs. I am still going to attend games but I will be buying single game tickets. I will buy any road game tickets via the team we are playing. I'm just not going to support this level of service any longer.
  3. BIG 12 Bowlsby on SMU Bowlsby explains they wanted the 'best athletes'. Appears that was the only criteria. I'm not a fan of SMU but a think they should feel a little better about the fact that this was a money only process not concerned about student athletes.
  4. I did hear the Sunbelt was recruiting...
  5. 2022 The Return to the Southland Conference!
  6. I don't care who you blame but if something does not change, I will not renew my season tickets next year. This is my 18th straight year to have season tickets but no more if I don't see some reason for hope. My wife enjoys football but has only lasted through the band halftime show - no reason to stay any longer with the poor discipline and lack of effort. I had lunch today with two other season ticket holders and they are pretty much of the same opinion - no point in paying to support this mess.
  7. SL is a Smatresk hire. He has a lot to do with this situation as well as our conference status.
  8. Just asking after talking to the ticket office three times in the last two weeks. Their phones don't connect - you call and they call you back. They contacted me because I apparently wasn't correctly charged from last years tickets and they have no idea why - but they needed more money. On that call, the contacted me without having my account information pulled up so I had to wait while they attempted to locate my records. If we average 10 points a game, the edge will go to the offense. This is not how to grow a program off the field.
  9. So how many schools are going to get their first win if the season against us?
  10. I would blame poor tackling but we aren't touching anybody with the ball.
  11. I think Houston would have beat us if the mascot played the entire game as QB. Our DBs would have been confused by trying to watch the eyes.
  12. My wife summed it up perfectly at the game last night: "This team has less discipline than my preschool classroom." Bad penalties, sloppy tackling, and no ability to cover receivers.
  13. I thought it was odd choice but she didn't really care about my opinion.
  14. I think there is alink to it on this page: http://www.espn.com/30for30/film/_/page/pony-excess
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