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  1. I think Houston would have beat us if the mascot played the entire game as QB. Our DBs would have been confused by trying to watch the eyes.
  2. My wife summed it up perfectly at the game last night: "This team has less discipline than my preschool classroom." Bad penalties, sloppy tackling, and no ability to cover receivers.
  3. I thought it was odd choice but she didn't really care about my opinion.
  4. I think there is alink to it on this page: http://www.espn.com/30for30/film/_/page/pony-excess
  5. With the NFL playoffs starting this week and the BCS wrapping up whatever it does, I thought I would write out a thought I had over the weekend of what the NFL Playoffs would look like if they followed the model used by the NCAA and the BCS. =========================================== First of all,. the playoffs would only be represented by the NFC EAST, the NFC North, the NFC West, and the AFC West. These are the automatic qualifier conferences. The other conferences just don't get enough TV time to be considered competitive so they are out. The Patriots, Steelers, and Saints mig
  6. Well, Kansas State is breathing a sigh of relief.
  7. Glad to hear SEAN Littrell was our coach in the second half.
  8. It's hard to believe that we lost to a school that has a video production team that consists of four guys with Sony Handycams, a single tripod, and a video splitter. I'm just not dealing with that very well and I get nauseous everytime I try to watch the video replays.
  9. Anyone know where I can buy a UNT hockey jersey? Even used is good.
  10. The latest CBS Sports mock draft has two Conference USA players in the first round. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-cardinals-trade-up-to-take-fourth-quarterback-in-top-10/ 20. Detroit Lions - Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA. 24. Carolina Panthers - Will Hernandez, G, UTEP. Yeah I know it's a mock draft but still nice to see the conference getting some respect from a talent standpoint.
  11. So I just talked to the ticket office. Here is the breakdown: The tickets in sections 105, 206, and 207 are now $400 each - $200 for the ticket and $200 for the scholarship fund. The tickets in 103, 104, 106, 107, 205, and 208 go up to $325 each - $175 for the ticket and $150 for the scholarship fund. The Scholarship Red Zone tickets are $150 each - $125 for the ticket plus $25 for the scholarship fund. The remainder of the seats for face value. For me. that would be about a 50% increase over last year. Getting our butts kicked in Nawlins was expensive experience!
  12. Only one way to make this better. Give him the CUSA trophy and a bowl trophy to lift.
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