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  1. You guys are making a terrible mistake!!! You will rue the day you let Seth go. I hope this decision haunts your program for many years to come.
  2. My advise? You better get on the phone with Seth right now, hat in hand and get him locked up before Wren decides to lure him to the mountains!
  3. This man deserves an extension. He has gotten you into another conference championship and overcome some terrible injuries and yet this team is together like never before! Just do the right damn thing and give this guy what he has coming to him. What he has earned.
  4. When Seth was hired he had tons of other options but chose to be the HC at UNT because he loved the place and saw the potential here. He still does and there is not a job he would rather have in the world. Which is why he turned down K-State when they came calling. Let that sink in for a minute, we have a coach that loves being here. He does not see this as a stepping stone like Dodge did or a retirement package like McCarney did. And unlike Dickey, he has never said a bad thing about UNT, including the administration as well as the fans. He's never proclaimed things are "tough at North Texas" as many of his predecessors have. So I think some, not all of you need to be extremely careful about your bloodlust to run Seth out of town and put such a black mark on his career. Part of the problem is everyone on here seems to think UNT can do better than Seth. Most others would disagree and would say be careful what you wish for. When Seth arrived, this place was an absolute mess. UNT had just lost to a D III squad by 59 points, the biggest FCS win over an FBS team in history! Seth immediately turned a hapless program into a proud bowl team in HIS FIRST SEASON IN THE JOB FOLKS! After this season he will have led UNT to 6 bowls in 7 years. Think about that. That is a phenomenal record at a place like UNT. He is the only coach since Hayden Fry to beat a top 25 team and he has taken the program to more bowls than Fry or any other coach in the history of UNT. And this season, he very well may win the conference! He has always run a very clean program with no NCAA infractions and he also has some of the highest GPA scores of any regime in the history of UNT. On top of all this, the players love Seth. If he leaves I would anticipate major defections will occur. Firing Seth would set this program back years especially as it heads to a new conference. There would have never been a Mason Fine if it had not been for Seth's ability to identify talent. The players want to play for him. I beg you, please keep an open mind and give Seth an extension that in line with what he deserves. The grass is not always greener on the other side. This program needs stability, and patience. There are brighter days ahead for all of you if you will give Seth a chance to finish the job he started.
  5. I know a lot of you seem down about things but there are a lot of us out here really excited about this team and especially this coaching staff and all of the experience they bring to the table. The new offensive line coach Randy Clement is considered one of the top line coaches in the nation. He will bring a lot of discipline and toughness to the offense. Mike Bloesch is a young and bright offensive coordinator and QB coach. Ask around, and you will find he is highly respected as a coach and man. Phil Bennett is possibly one of the top defensive minds in the country right now. Patrick Cobb is a rising star in the coaching ranks and his affiliation with UNT is a plus. But the biggest piece to all this is of course Seth Littrell. Do you understand that in just 6 seasons, Seth Littrell has taken UNT to 5 bowl games? That is almost a 100% bowl record folks! That has to give him the highest winning percentage in the history of the program. Littrell inherited Mcarney's 1-11 team back in 2016 and immediately took that team to a bowl game. POssibly one of the greatest turnarounds in UNT history. He's broken many ceilings for UNT in his time here, beating an SEC team on the road, recruiting future Hall of Famer Mason Fine to become a 4-year starter and breaking all kinds of records. He is loved by his players as evidenced just recently as KD Davis returned to play for him despite being wooed by UT and A&M and wheel barrels of cash. Littrell has never broken any rules and has never spoken a bad word about UNT as many past coaches like McCarney, Dickey and others have. Littrell was offered the job at a Big 12 school and opted to stay at UNT even though all of his closest advisors thought he was crazy not to take it. People say his recruiting has gone down, but the fact is he has not received the support he needs from the AD to be more successful. He has not received an extension that he deserves and other teams we recruit against know this and use it against us. With that he still managed to recruit some very good talent including QB Gunnell who may be a starter from day 1. I see some of the negative posts on here and my message to all of you is be careful what you wish for. You have a very good coach that is loyal and would like to stay here for a very long time. How about we give him 100% support this year and tell the rest of the world he's our guy.
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