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  1. Longshots for OC replacements but I think Kenny Guiton and Cody Crill should be given a look
  2. I've been reading through this thread a bit and saw baby Briles brought up a few times about a potential replacement. Is there any consideration for Art?
  3. The image in the video looks like the Super Pit.
  4. Trying to stay positive so maybe the lack of preparation for Quinn from La Tech will be a blessing in disguise.
  5. This makes logical sense. HOWEVER, if you watched that CSU/Arkansas game closely there were tons of times that it would have made sense to just run the ball on CSU and Arkansas still chose to pass. For whatever reason, they're calling pass plays even when everything indicates that it won't work.
  6. That's kind of what I was thinking but I'm in an optimistic mood tonight so I was considering draft profiles at the end of the year.
  7. Arkansas is about to lose to Colorado State pending a miracle This has to be seen as a negative thing for us, right? SOS doesn't look as good and now Arkansas will have an extra layer of motivation to not get upset two weeks in a row.
  8. I thought I read earlier this week that his injury was minimal but that doesn’t seem to be the case this week. Anyone have an update?
  9. I know we're jumping ahead a few weeks here but I just saw that UAB has us as their homecoming game this year. We put a lot of emphasis on the SMU/UTSA games because of the rivalry and La Tech seems to be getting a lot of the West attention but I think UAB is coming to make a statement this year. I'm sure we're circled on their calendars.
  10. Seth has obviously exceeded many expectations and I would hate to see him go but I think Graham is the big picture here. Seth leaving is logical if he has another great season and at that point we need to do everything to keep Graham or I think we lose most of this recruiting class.
  11. This brings up an interesting point for me. Littrell has proved to be a fantastic hire for us. Likewise, Wilson has done some good things at UTSA. But even with Littrell outperforming Wilson in terms of on the field production, is Wilson considered the better applicant if they both are going for the same job?
  12. I'm watching the combine right now and realized that I didn't see Wilson run a 40 at all. Anyone know if he chose not to run it or was suffering from an injury?
  13. The move would make sense though if he thought that Kingsbury would be gone after this season and Littrell would be the HC there.
  14. It's a really smart move for anyone who opposes it though. They probably knew the election board couldn't meet which would delay the results and now that means an increase can't go into effect until Fall 2018 if it even gets approved by the election board. If the board decides that there needs to be a special election to revote then it won't look good for the referendum because as anyone who's been apart of a runoff knows (2013/2014 SGA VP), it's much harder to get students to vote twice for something that you already got them to vote for.
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